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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Two years after Boston High schools still tense Boston apr the two years and three weeks that have passed since Boston began its Experiment in school integration have soothed apprehensions at the City a elementary and Middle schools most officials agree but at some High schools the mixture of poor Black and poor White teen agers still can explode without warning. At High schools in which the products of Bostons toughest neighbourhoods Are thrown together racial hostilities remain open and vicious. On Friday those tensions erupted in the most violent Day since classes began sept. 8 for the third year of court ordered integration in the Boston school system. Elsewhere in the nation where school integration has been ordered by Federal court judges classes have been desegregated peacefully for the most part the biggest problem in some cities under integration orders for the first time this year a such As Omaha neb., and Dayton Ohio a has been a shortage of Drivers or buses to take pupils to and from their new schools. In some cities where integration programs Are continuing a such As Louisville Brand Oklahoma City a racial tensions have been generally replaced with Calm and financing has come to the fore of school officials concerns. But in Boston a member of the Boston school committee predicts it will take two to three More years for classroom integration in City High schools to be accepted without spurts of violence a there is still tension misunderstanding and a certain amount of Lack of communication that erupts into racial problems a says David Finnegan a moderate member of the committee which supervises the operation of City schools a it s almost impossible to detect when it will turn into on the front Steps of Hyde Park High school on Friday 800 students a half of them White and half Black a shouted racial insults at each other As police moved in Between them. When fist fights and Rock throwing ended nine people had been Hurt and nine others arrested classes ended before they began. The same Day across the City at South Boston High school five White students were suspended for fighting disorderly conduct and uttering racial slurs. Thirty Blacks were sent Home for refusing to leave the school cafeteria at Charlestown High it was a quiet Day but there is sometimes fighting there As Well. All three schools Are in working class White neighbourhoods. All were once nearly completely White All have had trouble since integration began. Finnegan says one Way of bringing about change is to Start Frank open discussions in the schools about the problems of integration. We should Tell them that these problems Are not the fault of someone whose skin is a different color let them know that we have to get along with each other let them know that they Aren t being used As pawns a he says. For the first time the predicted makeup of the City s student population is less than half White 47 per cent of a projected enrolment this year of 78,000. The rest Are Black or nonwhite groups such As chinese and hispanic. High Point Enterprise sunday september 26, 1976 11a Nkomo returns to Rhodesia Joshua Nkomo Salisbury Rhodesia apr Black Leader Joshua Nkomo considered a possible prime minister after Rhodesia a White rulers turn Power Over to the Black majority returned Home saturday to take part in talks on an interim biracial government. Nkomo is head of a main faction of the divided african National Council he arrived in Salisbury just hours after prime minister Ian Smith announced Rhodesia s 278,-ooo Whites would yield to International pressure and turn the country Over to its 6.4 million Blacks although . Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger s diplomatic Campaign As irreversible trends catch up with Smith an a news analysis by Arthur l. Gavsh0n associated press writer Washington apr a closely coordinated squeeze play by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger and South africans John Vorster has emerged among the chief factors that forced rhodesian White leaders to yield Power to the Black majority. The Secretary of state and the South african prime minister also made deliberate use of several facts of life in a skillful exercise to bring about the surrender of the Independence Premier fan Smith s regime defiantly claimed la years ago these conditions according to . Officials who travelled with Kissinger on his 12-Day peace safari through sub saharan Africa included a the Ever escalating guerrilla Campaign mounted by Black rhodesian nationalists who have been Irrma by the russians and ire being trained by cuban instructors in neighbouring Mozambique. The eve present likelihood that 10.000 cuban fighting troops still in Angola could intervene if any White rhodesian counter offensive made things too hot for the Zimbabwe rhodesian,1 Peoples army known As zip a. A the unanimous intelligence assessment by american British South african French and moderate Black african authorities that Smith without outside help could not break through the tightening ring of forces Clos John Vorster my in on his landlocked country this assessment was passed on to him by Vorster in the weeks and months preceding Kissinger s shuttle a the Promise of a big International Trust fund of up to $2 billion to reconcile Black ambitions with White fears for the future of Rhodesia essentially it Aims to Avert a White exodus. A state department official stressed saturday that in setting out to work with Vorster for a rhodesian settlement Kissinger made it amply Clear this in no Way would prejudice the american right to disavow and assail South Africa s racial policies Kissinger has said publicly several times these policies Are unjust and unfair and should be changed. Nevertheless he has for the time being set aside any serious attempt to press Vorster to make major changes one possible explanation is that Vorster May be planning this anyway and is using the time he has bought for himself by helping to stabilize the rhodesian situation. The k Kissinger Vorster squeeze play on Smith the Secretary himself indicated to reporters in London Friday could not have worked without British help he stressed it also required the closest possible coordination with the presidents of those four nearby african states which have concerned themselves most with Rhodesia the four Are Zambia Tanzania Mozambique and Botswana. A fifth Angola has been displaying hardly any interest in Rhodesia but has focused mainly on the namibian South West african it problem Kissinger through Vorster and backed by the South african since he visited the subcontinent last March has conveyed a number of truths to Smith essentially they amounted to a simple but Stark message a the game is up a he explained Why a the Angola affair showed Russia s capacity with Cuba s help to leapfrog seas and continents in order to establish a stronghold of communism right in the Center of Africa. Moscow he Henry kissing suggested was not about to limit its influence and activity to Angola alone but inevitably would look southward where continued turbulence would offer new openings for intervention. A in the Wake of the Vietnam venture Smith should not mislead himself into t h inking any . Administration could Send an expeditionary Force to bail out the White rhodesian if they were to find themselves targets for bloody massacres by guerrillas determined to eliminate the last vestiges of White Mastery in fact no Western nation and not even South Africa remembering its failed intervention in Angola would take on the awesome Challenge of involving itself in military action to defend a comparative handful 270,000, of White settlers who had lived too Long and too easily in a state of rebellion. Vorster according to South african and . Informants augmented Kissinger s messages with arguments of his own. With his own country gripped by rising racial tensions internally the South african wanted to keep his Northern salient As free As possible from turning into a scene of turmoil. For More than a decade South Africa had cushioned the rhodesian against the worst effects of the United nations economic blockade. It also had provided paramilitary forces to help beat off Black guerrillas when they first began to attack. But now it was enough Vorster insisted. And he translated that policy decision into action during the summer. All South african paramilitary combatants were withdrawn helicopter pilots on loan to Smith were called Home. Imports to and exports from Rhodesia by Way of South Africa s Railroad system began slowing on the excuse that a Large scale congestion of traffic was building up and South Africa had to look after its own interests first these were eloquent enough warnings to Smith that the Days of South african support were numbered. Smith then was faced by two fearful realities the first was that the superpower he thought he could count on to help him hold Back what he called the Onrush of communist influence simply was not going to become entangled in Lusaka last March Kissinger had spelled out the elements of a new . Policy in Africa which Laid Down total backing for Black majority Rule and which demanded a dismantling of South Africa s Structure of apartheid or the separate development of races. Need help god answers our prayer we will Pray for you no strings attached it is our Way of serving the lord no one will Contact you unless you specially request it just do this phone 454 4511 a recorder will respond. You Don t need to give your Nome just state your need and we will Pray Tor you then watch your life for the hand of god to move phone 454-45 i i or write prayers answered p o. Box 154, Jamestown 27282 re be credited for Smith s capitulation Nkomo told a news conference on his arrival that further american involvement in Rhodesia should be limited Quot i made it perfectly Clear that they american efforts have a function Quot during recent talks with Kissinger in Zambia Nkomo said a Quot that function starts somewhere and ends somewhere. From there on it is the people of this country who must through their leaders work out the future shape of the african National Council is a coalition of Black nationalist rhodesian groups formed in 1974 with the help of the presidents of the neighbouring a front line Black african states a Kenneth Ruanda of Zambia. Samora Machel of Mozambique Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and sir Seretse Khama of Botswana citizens for Christian action Hilly . Sunday october 3 first Baptist Church 405 North main Street 6 High Point . When you re hot you re hot. Vann York Pontiac notice closed today open tomorrow to . To 5 . Open daily 10 00 . To 5 . Sundays i to 5 direct furniture warehouse 321 South Road phone 885-0416 May we put our Label on your prescriptions Calhoun drug store inc. My arts cd pit o n s 200 Westwood. Phone 883-4119 fret delivery open Mon. Him set 1 304 30 Quot not just to then drug store Quot ask perpetual about Ira Ira. Great Way to a Happy future. 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