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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina After the Battle Jim Mattocks Center of High Point proudly displays this seven foot 10-Inch Sailfish after he and the fish had a Battle Royal off the North Carolina coast near Morehead City. The fish tipped the Scales at 60 pounds. The other two people in the picture Are the boat Captain and the mate. 9-mile horseback ride for super Trout fishing by Steve Moore associated press writer Ramshorn Lake Mont. Apr perched High in the Montana mountains above the Gallatin Canyon is a jewel of a Trout Pond filled with the colourful cutthroat fish native to this rugged Region. Almost within sight is the Northern Border of Yellowstone National Park. Nearby is the Gallatin petrified Forest. The Lake is a fragile piece of real estate Remote but accessible used but not yet badly abused. The nine mile horseback ride to get Here started far Down the Mountain slopes at a Lodge along the Gallatin River. The Trail up rambled through part of an Elk wintering pasture past cow Flats and along trickling Buffalo Horn Creek. A a that a where we re headed a said Bill Hake a Canyon businessman who organized the trip. He pointed to approaching fortress Mountain and 10,300-feet High Ramshorn Peak two mountains that form part of the dividing line Between the Yellowstone and Gallatin River drainage. A Over there is part of the petrified Forest Quot said Hake pointing to the Southeast. The last mile seemed straight up. The horses tired Saddle sores would be a topic of morning conversation. The three acre Lake is 8,440 feet above sea level and sur rounded by timbered country Clear with the water taking on the greenish Hue of polished Jade. The horses were relieved of their loads addled and picketed to Graze. Camp went together quickly. Fortunately Only the milk Carton leaked along the Way. Everything else was intact. The conversation quickly entered on conservation of the natural resources still available. A this is too much to save for a half dozen people but 2,-000 a year would ruin it Quot Hake said. A i done to know How it will Ever happen but i would like to see this country get the maximum amount of use without ruining As the Spring water mixed with an end of the Trail dash of Bourbon a shale slide rumbled Down nearby fortress Mountain raising a Cloud of dust against the Clear sky. Norman Olson who Cut Short a vacation trip to accept a second invitation to visit this Lake commented on the refuse left by careless campers before us a a smattering of wire cans and other junk. A some people just done to give a Damn a he said stacking some of the trash before Camp was even Complete. Every bit of refuse nearby and a few cans from around the Lake found their Way Back to a trash bin behind the Lodge. The fishing was slow at first. The recommended Green or Black woolly Worms break the mid afternoon doldrums. That evening was another Story. The fish fed heartily. At times it was a strike on every cast. A Small Brown Nymph Fly near the surface see nine mile on 5c Lunker Large Mouth theldred Wood of High Point displays this Lunker Large Mouth Bass of eight and a half pounds he caught recently at Badin Lake on a plastic worm. By Jim Dean during the past half dozen years or so careers with an environmental flavor have looked irresistible to an increasing number of High school and College kids. Its not hard to understand the attraction. More than Ever before students want work that is enjoyable and the idea of working outdoors close to nature is also appealing and a career As a wildlife biologist ecologist game Warden or Forest Ranger seems perfect. But there Are some problems. Most critical is the is the one concerning the availability of jobs. Colleges Are now graduating far More trained ecologists and wildlife biologists than there Are jobs to go around. For example five years ago the . Wildlife resources commission occasionally hired biologists who did not have advanced degree. But now there Are so Many biologists available with masters and doctorates in wildlife management that you Haven to got much of a Chance at a biologists position unless you be got something beyond a four year College degree. The same is generally True of All the highly technical positions in the environmental Field. There Arentt Many jobs available and Only the most highly trained people get them. To some extent the same is True of other related jobs in the Field a even jobs that do not require a College education or advanced degrees. For example a game Warden in North Carolina they re called wildlife protectors is basically a Law officer whose beat is the Woods and Fields rather than the sidewalks. But the qualifications for being a game Warden Are growing increasingly tougher also because there Are More men applying for these jobs than there Are jobs to go around. A we can be More selective than Ever before a explains Don Curtis chief of the division of Protection for the wildlife commission. Don Baker chief of the division of Inland fisheries agrees. A a we be got men serving As biologist technicians a or assistants a who might have qualified As full fledged biologists a few Yeai ago a says Baker. A the Job Market in the environmental Field is very very tight. Many people Are now overqualified for their present at the outset it looks discouraging for the Young Man or woman who sincerely wants to get into this Type of work. But its still possible to plan a career in environmental work. The secret is specialization and education especially for the technical Fields of for example you want to be a wildlife biologist badly enough you should Point your education in that direction fairly Early and plan on having to achieve at least a master s degree to be competitive in the Job Market. While you re in the first two years of undergraduate see wildlife on so excellent for Crappie by Benny Phillips associate sports editor the season opens at noon on oct. 9 and continues through oct. 12. Then it opens again nov. 27, and runs through Jan. 16. Outdoor notes want some fast fishing action the Only Type shooting that can be expected in the Well if you will hurry and get there before they quit Piedmont area during this Early season will be for Wood biting then a Good bet is High Rock Lake. Last weekend and through tuesday of this week the Crappie fishing has been something else. Nearly everybody on the Lake last weekend with a Cane pole and a few minnows caught about All the Crappie they wanted. The water level in High Rock was Down about five feet tuesday and ducks and we just done to seem to have an excellent crop of them this year. And As is the general Rule this time of year the phone rings often As to when such and such a Hunting season opens. Here generally they Are Deer a oct. 14-Jan. I Eastern counties nov. 25-dec. 7 Western Mountain counties nov. 25-30 Northwestern Mountain counties nov. 25-dec. 21 an could be Down More by now. Maybe son Montgomery and stanly counties and parts of ran Phillips because nobody ifs the Cool weather but whatever the fall run is Early and fast. About All one has to do is find a Brush Lap and fish six to eight feet deep. At least that a the Way it was earlier this week. Bass fishing is slow but maybe it s is spending a lot of time after the Large Mouth the Way Crappie have been hitting. Dolph Davidson and Rowan nov. 25-Jan. I North Central counties. Bear a oct. 14-nov. 16 and dec. 16-Jan. I. Squirrels a oct. 14-feb. I. Rabbits a nov. 23-feb. 8. Quail a nov. 23-March i. Dove a present through oct. 12, dec. 14-Jan. La. Geese a nov. 28-Jan. 16. Also a Complete set of the rules that apply is easily Badin Lake is nearly full and like High Rock is fairly attainable by simply asking any License agent for a Clear. For some reason according to reports the crap Hunting regulation pamphlet. They Are free. Pie fishing in Badin Hasni to been what it has at High Rock a for the past week. The Mercury athletic club is getting into the fishing anyway by the time you get there they will probably tournament business. The club will sponsor a Tournai have quit altogether. Ment at Oak hollow saturday oct. 5. The tourney will allow two participants to the boat the first part of that split Duck season in our state and those fishing must be 16 years of age or older opens for three and a half Days in a couple of weeks but there is an entry fee and the affair begins at 7 . So what there Arentt Many ducks around. And closes at 6 . Boating by Stan Davies a Load of fish Jack Venable of High Point has a Load of fish All in one. Holding up about All he cares to handle at one time is a 51-Pound cobra he caught last weekend while fishing off Little River in South Carolina. The big fellow hit a deep running spoon. Record sea Mouth expected predictions High for Lake Joc Assee by Tom Higgins As most of you Are undoubtedly Well aware when a Fisherman makes a prediction he usually leaves himself an they May be cleverly concealed but words like a Ajo Cassee is Only four years old and i know a lot of people Are going to scoff and say it in t possible for Small Mouth to have a growth rate to surpass five four in so Short a time a Greene continued. A but this Lake is something special and fish grow a probably a or a possibly a or a could a or a maybe a or faster in it than any other in be Ever done any fishing on a a perhaps Are invariably contained in the or otherwise had any association with. Why in a not suspect that the extreme cleanliness of the prognostication. Hubert Greene the Well known Rutherford county Marine dealer and Angler acknowledges with a chuckle that he a has been As guilty of such hedging As any Fisherman he knows. But when it comes to Lake Joc Assee a As it did in a discussion last week a Greene a conversation contains no such conditional terms. A i think it s going to be one of the top two or three hottest Bass fishing spots in the Southeast beginning next Spring a if not the hottest a he said matter of factly with nary an Over the shoulder glance to Check the stability of the limb he was climbing out on a and Iti just Flat out predict that Joc Assee is going to produce a state record Small Mouth. Probably by Way Over a Pound or More a that would be the South Carolina state record for those not keenly versed in their geography since Cocasse is a relatively new Duke Power impoundment in the rugged Northwestern Section of that state narrow fingers of the Lake extend into North Carolina near the Transylvania and Jackson county line. The s. C. Small Mouth record is five pounds four ounces sure but i water has something to do with it. The Lake is fed by to away River which flows off the flanks of some practically wilderness Mountain territory and its pollution level is almost Greene has awesome proot of the apparently amazing Joc Assee growth rate stored in a Freezer in his Spindale boat and motor Center a an la Pound seven ounce Large Mouth which he pulled from the picturesque Reservoir in mid August. A on the same trip i got a Large Mouth that scaled nine pounds and a he paused slightly for effect a. I had two More fish on that broke my line. A on every recent trip to this Lake someone in our party has brought Back a Bass exceeding seven pounds. That May sound unlikely but its additionally Joc Assee being a relatively a a cold Lake it has a Good population of Trout. The . Wildlife department has indicated that muskies and Walleye will be stocked there too. Fishery biologists feel certain these species will survive and thrive there a because a As a wildlife department spokesman puts it a the water is cold when it enters the Lake and it slavs relatively cold because of to Casseen a Joc Assee is indeed deep. The 7,565 acre Lake a Small As Carolina Power reservoirs go a is backed by a dam that a 385 feet from top to Bottom ranking the Structure As one of the highest in the Southeast. The Lake which lies Northwest of Pickens can Best be reached by taking . La across to Casseen a sister impoundment Keowee then turning right on old . La toward it. Carmel Church Community. Duke Power has provided several excellent Access areas off that route. There Are no marinas on the Lake so fishermen planning an Outing there should take All the Gas and other supplies they re Likely to need. A i guess a lot of fishermen will think in a crazy for telling these tales about Joc Assee a cause not a great Many people realize How Well its producing yet and it Hasni to been very heavily fished a Greene conceded chuckling again. A a in a certainly not looking for lots of Competition. But i feel i owe it to my customers and fishermen who have Given me tips for a Long Long time to share it with them a explained Greene a Long time fixture at the sportsmen a show of the Carolinas in Charlotte. A i Tell you How strongly i feel about the Lake. In a entered in a tournament wednesday through Friday at Clark Hill Reservoir and i almost wish i Wasny to going so i could fish at Joc Assee instead. I know this much the first free Day i have after the tourney Iti be fishing no possibly probably perhaps or any other equivocation about it. Most automobile Drivers think of driving their cars around the Block unless they were insured against possible damage or injury for which they could be liable. Almost everybody seems very conscious of having a enough car insurance. But Many of the same reasonable people have no insurance on their boats. If you mention it they say something vague like a the whole Rig is Only Worth a couple of Hundred Bucks a and Dis dismiss the need to insure such an insignificant item. But a $100 boat can damage a $50,000 boat beyond repair. It can cause injuries to its passengers which some jury might decide Are Worth $500,-000 to the victims. And there is a disturbing tendency to Lump the owner of a $100 boat in the same millionaire class As the Man with the $50,000 boat. And judgments often Are handed out accordingly. The Only Protection whether your boat is in the $100 class or the $50,000 bracket is to be adequately covered by insurance. And the word a a adequate is very important whether your insurance is an a a outboard policy or a a a yacht policy. There is no Blanket Marine insurance. Be sure that All possible risks Are covered. Marine policies usually pay off on losses Only As they Are specified in the contract. Here Are probably the two most important areas in which you should be covered a As an owner you Are responsible for the damage or personal injury caused by your boat not Only when you Are aboard but also if it is operated by a member of your family or by anyone else with your knowledge and consent. B you Are responsible for the safety of passengers on your boat. You must warn a passenger about a potentially dangerous condition aboard. Of a passenger is Hurt and you Are negligent he can sue and most Likely will collect. There is a wry saying among Marine and admiralty lawyers a a today a guest is tomorrows plaintiff a Many facets of boat insurance baffle boaters As these questions demonstrate today a guest May be tomorrows plaintiff get adequate boat 28. Insurance q. How important is insurance on ones boat a. Just As important As insurance on your car. And its conceded that anyone who does no to have car insurance is either witless or irresponsible. A a q. Is my trailer covered in my boat insurance a. Generally speaking your boat trailer can be covered More easily by a rider or endorsement to your automobile policy. Check with your agent to make Lur q does boat insurance apply All year round a a. Its a matter of what you buy. Generally coverage is provided Only Between specified dates written into the policy. A a q. How much personal injury and property damage liability insurance should i carry a. Just about what you carry on your car. Juries Are awarding Large sums in damage claims. A a a q. Is there a Standard form of insurance contract a. Positively not. Boat insurance varies to great extremes in coverage and Cost. You have to shop around. Talk to a reliable insurance broker. A a a q. Are a a group rates available in boat insurance. A. Yes. Write boat owners association of the . Boat-.1028 Connecticut ave., Washington. . 20036. Ask for the a Marine insurance group rates do save Money. Q. If i a a finance a boat with a Bank or finance company what about insurance a. In a sure the lending institution will insist on insurance covering perils to the Hull to protect its interest in your boat. But ifs not Likely to ask for other types of insurance because the Bank or finance company can to be expected to care whether you get sued. A a a q. How can boat insurance be As important As car insurance a. Well Arentt the hazards comparable it must be admitted that a boat will not travel As Many Miles As a car or be exposed to hazards for As Long a period. But during the period the boat is in operation wind weather Waves alone increase the Hazard. Of Heck see a statistician a a a q is there passenger insurance a very definitely and you should get it. A passenger on your boat is your responsibility. Specialized Early fishing run been in High Point Enterprise thursday september 26, 1974 wildlife All outdoors

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