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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1974, Page 19

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday september 26, 1674 6b stuff chops with fruit smiling faces will be the reaction when you serve fruit stuffed pork chops for dinner. The traditional combination of fruit and pork is especially tasty when mixed dried fruits and bread cubes Are tucked inside the tender lean pork chops. For easiest preparation choose rib chops about i a inches thick. Careful selection and expert grading Are the reasons behind consistently lean and tender pork with Superb flavor. Nutritional value is another plus since pork is a very Rich food source of thiamine and also contains High Quality Complete proteins. Best of All a lean portion of cooked pork contains no More fat than similar portions of beef veal or Lamb. To maintain the maximum flavor Quality prepackaged self service tender lean pork should be promptly refrigerated and used within 3 Days. Pork that is wrapped in Market paper at the service counter should be unwrapped and covered loosely to allow some circulation of air. When serving the pork chops with fruit stuffing Complete the menu with buttered carrots coleslaw Rolls and for dessert Peppermint Chiffon pie. Tender lean pork chops with fruit stuffing yield 6 Servings 6 rib pork chops Cut i a inches thick 2 Tablespoons butter or Margarine a cup finely chopped onion it cup finely chopped celery i Tablespoon chopped Parsley a Teaspoon Pepper ii Teaspoon Salt a Teaspoon Marjoram 1 cup unseasoned bread cubes it cup chopped mixed dried fruit 1/3 cup water 2 Tablespoons melted fat Salt Pepper i cup Chicken Bouillon thickened with 2 Teaspoons cornstarch melt butter in Skillet. Cook onion and celery until slightly soft. Add Parsley Pepper Salt and Marjoram. Toss with bread cubes in Large bowl. Combine dried fruit and water in Saucepan. Heat to boiling. Add to bread mixture. Using a Sharp knife Slit a pocket in each pork chop and fill with stuffing. Brown pork chops in melted fat. Season with Salt and Pepper. Pour thickened Bouillon Over stuffed pork chops. Cover and simmer i hour and 45 minutes or until Fork tender. Serve different foods for breakfast tasty combination fruit and pork Are combined to make a Tasy dish. Complete the menu with buttered carrots coleslaw Rolls and for dessert add Peppermint Chiffon pie. Not Only is this a Hearty meal but ifs also very nutritional. Control fungus by spraying q. My Muscadine grapes fall off the Vine before they Ripen. My neighbor tells me i need to spread Lime around the vines. How much should i use i notice also the grapes look Rusty and the skin feels rough. C. P., Greenville a. A soil test is the Best Way to Tell if your grapes need Lime. However from the description you give the grapes Are probably infected with a disease called powdery mildew this fungus can be controlled by spraying with be late or similar fungicide every to Days from just before Bloom until two week prior to Harvest. Start next Spring. It s too late this year. Joe Brooks Extension Horticulturist q. I never had whiteflies until two years ago. They started on eggplants went to Squash and finally to tomatoes. How can i control them a. A. Chapel Hill a. Whiteflies Are most difficult to control. Try malathion. If it does t work try Cygon it Dimet Hoate. Follow Label directions. Scientists with the . Agricultural Experiment station Are trying to find a better control for whiteflies. Lets Hope they Are successful. H. E. Scott Extension entomologist q. When do you Plant asparagus mrs. G. P., Siler City a. Anytime during the dormant season preferably after Jan. 1. You should get started this fall however by having a soil analysis made. Then you will have time to apply the necessary Lime and fertilizer to bring your soil to a High state of Fertility. I would suggest that you set crowns not Plant seeds to information for brides for sunday publication pictures of brides and brides elect Are required to be in the office of the women a department of the Enterprise by noon on monday. Only Friday and saturday weddings Are published in the sunday edition. All other weddings Are published As soon As possible following the wedding. A Black and White Glossy print at least five by seven inches is required. The full name of the Bride not Maiden name must be written on the Back. The same Rule applies to engagements. Pictures Are no longer kept on file and therefore will not be available after publication. The women a staff reserves the right to edit copy determine picture size and placement of wedding and engagement announcements in the Section. Blanks for wedding and engagement information Are available in the women a department of the Enterprise. The Blanks Are mailed Only if a stamped self addressed return envelope is included with the request. The Blanks Are to be filled out completely and accompanied with a local Telephone number in order that additional information May be obtained. If the announcement involves persons from out of town and there Are local connections the names of these persons should be Given. A full Calendar month is required Between the Date of the engagement announcement and the Date of the wedding if two pictures Are to be published. No pictures Are published with a wedding Story after two weeks. The Enterprise does not provide Blanks for final wedding party stories. Details of these events briefly described must be written and submitted not later than wednesday of the week that they Are to be published on sunday. Bridal Shower pictures Are no longer published in the Enterprise. Party stories Are printed if details Are submitted to the women a department not later than two Days following the event. These details must include the Date of the event and the Telephone number of the hostess. 11 iwo Robo car Wash 7 Doys q week a 24 hours a Day a with attendant on duty from 9 am to 6 pm . Sun i to a pm Robo s 5 locations get you asparagus bed started. Seeds will take an extra year. George Hughes Extension Horticulturist q. My compost pile smells. Is there anyway that i can avoid this j. K., Stedman a. Yes. Place it on the Side of a Hill or in a place that it will Drain Well. Also turn it every couple of months with a pair of pitchforks. Your compost Post smells because of anaerobic decay organisms or those organisms that work primarily in the absence of free oxygen. Keep the compost pile drained and aerated and you la have primarily aerobic organisms working for you and they Are less Likely to smell. George Hughes Extension Horticulturist q. Swarms of Blue or Black wasps appear Over my Lawn about this time each year. What Are they h. Mcharlotte a. Friends. Done to harm them. They Are Blue winged wasps. Or we Call them a Asco Liidi wasps because they have no official name. The adults feed on the nectar and pollen of Flowers. They Are not aggressive. They Seldom sting people. The females work their Way through the upper layer of soil and find grub Worms. She stings the grub worm and lays an egg in it. The egg hatches into a larva which feeds on and kills the grub worm. Therefore the Blue winged Wasp is beneficial. H. E. Scott Extension entomologist coverup when trying to cover dark circles under eyes avoid White coverups. They Only look unnatural and draw More attention to circles. Choose a color a Shade lighter than your skin and blend it under the eyes carefully. By Laurence m. Hursh my. Here san idea for breakfast your teenagers might like. You can buy Frozen breaded fillet of sole like those that Are so popular in a Bun at the drive ins. Or fish Sticks in a Bun. Either one takes Little time to pantry for breakfast in butter. Or deep Fry or Broil them and pop them in a Bun. Vitamins weren t even known in 1900. We knew our food contained proteins fats carbohydrates minerals and water. But when mixtures of just these nutrients were fed to animals they died so scientists concluded that there had to be unidentified factors in food that were essential to life. These factors turned out to be vitamins. Leftovers Are Fine food a convenience and they help out on the food budget. You should know though that even under refrigeration cooked vegetables for example do lose some of their Vitamin c. Then re heating takes an additional toll. So plan As wisely As you can and avoid having leftover cooked vegetables if you can. Medical research has shown that the great majority of babies in excellent or Good condition at birth Are babies of mothers whose diets Are excellent or Good. The mothers too enjoyed better health and had fewer complications in pregnancy. This is Why mothers to be should know and practice Good nutrition. Snacks should be nourishing and they should help meet your daily need for nutrients. There is Little to be gained if snacks Are simply Candy and soft drinks. Make your snacks Small portion Servings of meat eggs fish or poultry fruits and vegetables breads and cereals and milk and other Dairy foods this time of year especially one relishes the thought of cheese in dips in hot delicacies such As cheese Fondue on cheese trays and As a meat substitute. Ounce for ounce cheese will give you the same High Quality protein As meat poultry or fish. Three ounces of cheese will give you the same protein As three eggs. A a clip and save Cox exc n Zaire a Ltd the Oil amount storm 11 iring this Couron Ano 99c to receive your Choice of a 1 it. Simulated Diamond or Urt Stone ring i set in tarnish Roor wonder Metal from Germany. Sale ends september 28, saturday 3 Days Only thursday Friday saturday simulated t o Simula to Zzz la with written qua rant la 1 sir in on it Jin diamonds Tecsi rings Quot Mav Cost Doo to 1300 come in com far Mth your on inc Oum Onos Sec if you can Tiu Tim ome of acc total of Surh Huo Olla Gutco Ano Amalfo Many or the we Al my of orm map Thor of Al camis t it. .99 Ladik r it. 9.99 iamk�?Tciusmaa.99 rom 9.99 a us Hurdt diamonds in the vault Ano Mcaa the so. No orc can till. Omi Mon. Tow sat. To Aja. Toll pm. Zaire 2200 Westchester or. High Point Ayr shopping Center Bibb Fri 8x10 color portraits by Dixieland studio Only High Point 2109 English to. Gre Isioro 1040 i. Is Simar i 7343 ranch Man a a Burlington 7300 s. Church ii 7417 n. Church it no handling charge any age. Thursday Friday saturday september 26-27-28 hours daily la till 6_ 2 minutes All automatic Rob Utomi warm water soft detergent and High Proi Turo for a Quality Wash. No Brut hat to scratch your car. Will Wash Van pick up trucks. A Haw River fabric shop 906 e. Groan or. High Point . Tai 882-4356 Zales fifty Golden years and we be Only just begun. Hie most special girl in the world deserves Avery special Diamond solitaire. Choose f rom a dazzling selection of styles. Listed below Are just a few examples. See our entire selection. 889-7867 to report All drug pushers Call Day or night. J report any facts to help identify a Pusher. You Don t have to identify yourself and Calls cannot be traced. High Coni c Kim i i Gal my i frug Ltd a a a i. Ladies 14 it. Gold 3r Carat Diamond solitaire ladies 14 it. Gold 14 Carat Diamond solitaire 350 s275 Zales or Wurm our people make us number one revolving c Harge a tale unum charge a Bank ame Rimrod matter urge a american express a diner club a cart Blanche a layaway Westchester mall phone 883-1640 i int May vary according to Man Diamond a night ilium. A enlarged a open Sun. 1-6 _ 5 Day Sale thurs. Thru monday anniversary and inventory reduction Sale oct. I begins our new fiscal year free goldfish to every child not no free acc pups to of Givin Ash 2 pups valued at 95 amp 125 i Friday at 8 00 i sat at 4 00 Teddy Bear Hamster Oster dog shampoos % off easy on eyes jiersrar850 protein jagr$tt80c Creme rinse rag. Siss 85c fish specials mixed cupids. 8 for $1.00 mixed sword tails 4 tor $1.00 red Guppy i4 for $1.00 zebras 4 for i 1.00 mixed plays 4 for $1.00 Gold Tetra. 4 for $1.00 a fish discounted for Sale to Gal. Meta Frame All Glass aquarium Mil j a a Reg. $4.49 so 20 Gal. Stainless steel$gg8 tanks menagerie Over 10,000 paper Back books All Are pet shop amp paperback Corral inc. Mai i Ella at Lichi i in the Zayuri shopping Canter 2200 Westchester drive Cau 8�5-is$ y in open Sun. 1-6

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