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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly sunny mild More data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 270 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon september 26, 1972 28 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or get in acknowledge every fair sked o. Could you Tell me where i could get a schedule of All event at the state fair thank you. Anon. Q. When does the state fair begin and the Date you have to have your arts and crafts Down there to be on exhibit e. H. A. October 13 a 24 Are the dates of the state fair. For a Complete schedule of events or information for exhibitors you can write n. C. State fair p. 0. Box 5565, Raleigh n. C. 27607, or Telephone 919 883-3942 a. October 13 21 Are the dates of the state or Telephone 919 883-3942. We have a Calendar of events in the newsroom if anyone wants to look it Over. The judging for handicrafts and hobbies is scheduled for to a m., oct. 13. A a use restraint anyway 0. It is vary important that i find out by sunday or monday if a Bill has been parsed saying you must Waar safety bolts or you might to stopped by Tho police and Given a ticket a. The Highway patrol office had t heard of it. A humane society limited 0 Tho other Day i called the Guilford county humane society to pick up a stray Don that was injured and they said they could t. What is the society for if not to pick up these animals anon. A mrs. Hannah Adams first vice president of the Guilford county humane society would like to clarify what the society does or can do. A we have no shelter or place to House and care for All the animals that Are picked she says. A the Only places we have Are our Homes and each of us can take Only so Many animals. Even that becomes a Strain on our space and pocket books. A How we wish we had All of the facilities to pick up these animals care for them Durine recovery and find a Good Home for them. And the finances to operate them. However the humane society is supported Only by Public contributions we receive no state county or City funds. Our main purpose according to our charter is to prevent cruelty to animals the county does maintain a shelter on red Road and the City of High Point has two dog wardens on Call. All of this is supported by your taxes and our police department is very cooperative when called to assist. The humane society helps whenever we can As a Public service on a Volunteer basis. A we appreciate that most people think we own the shelter and see no reason that we can to pick up animals Day and night alas this is not the Case a a danger on 62 0. I would Liko for you to too if you could plotto Sot something done about Highway 62 East since there Are so Many accidents on this Road. Tho Road it too narrow to begin with and the shoulders Are too Low. It was a hazardous condition to Ore Tho end of Tho school year and now that schools Are open again Tho Road is still in a hazardous condition. This should to declared an emergency. Resident who travels this Road each Day. A. There Are no plans at present to Widen no 62 according to C. Adams the division Engineer but the Low shoulder problem has been brought to the attention of the maintenance office. Coliseum skating 0. When will Public ice skating begin at Greensboro coliseum and is there an instructor to teach at night or weekends a. Public ice skating will open on oct. 21 and 22 from 2 p. In. Until 4 30 p. In these will be the Only sessions during the month because of other scheduled events but the coliseum will publish in the newspapers future dates for the remainder of the year. Operations assistant George Hale says they do have a teacher for private lessons. She is mrs. Betty Salter. 4114 Redwine drive. Greensboro. N. C. Telephone 299-0273. A a warfare taxable q. Of a maid is Given car fart is this subject to social Security tax T. A. Yes because the tax applies to the total Cash paid to a Domestic employee even though some is paid for transportation. Anyone who has paid $50 or More in a Calendar Quarter to a household employee for services must file a form 942 employers quarterly tax return for household employees. A sound off q this is monday evening. September 18th, and i have just passed the synagogue where they Are holding services for one of their most holy Days. Would you believe that six boys were Riding their very noisy motorbikes Back and Forth in front of the synagogue and How can their parents be so thoughtless. I am a Gentile but try to respect All religions. Thank you. Mrs. W. To arrive in u thursday freed prisoners reach peking by the associated press three american servicemen released by Hanoi arrived in peking today one step closer to their expected arrival in new York City thursday. Seven of their fellow americans still being held in North vietnamese prison Camps met monday with the Antiwar activists escorting the freed men Home and called for an end to the War. In the United states it was unclear where the released menus first responsibilities lie a to their civilian or military sides. The three men Navy us. Markham Gartley and Norris Charles and air Force maj. Edward Elias wore civilian clothes As they stepped off the chinese plane that flew from Hanoi to peking with touchdowns at Nanning and Changsha in Hunan province. Newsmen were prevented from speaking with the men. David Dellinger head of the american peace group escorting the men Home said he did t know when they would be leaving. But they Are expected to depart wednesday for either Copenhagen or Paris. With the men on the trip Home Are Charles wife Olga. Gartley s Mother Minnie . And the other Antiwar activists a Cora Weiss the Rev. William Sloane coffin and prof. Richard Falk. U. S. Presents far reaching monetary plan before leaving Hanoi the peace group talked with seven captured american pilots who were not going Home. The pilots were capt. David Hoffman of san Diego Calif. Capt. George Allan Rose of Fayetteville Ark u. Donald Karl Logan of Northridge. Calif. Cmdr. Eugene Wilbur of Columbia Crossroads. A. La Richard Fulton of Mesa Ari. It. Greg Hanson of thousand i Oaks. Calif. And it. Peter Callahan of Bellmore . Meanwhile democratic presid e n t i a i nominee George Mcgovern accused the Nixon administration of interfering with the return of the three freed men. He said they had asked for a Chance to choose civilian medical care and wanted 30 Days leave. A i believe the president is afraid these prisoners will Tell Washington a the United states unveiled a far reaching proposal today for revamping the world monetary system including Tough new measures to Force currency Cna Tiges and an end to the once special role of the Dollar. Under the proposal More flexibility would be built into the system to prevent recurring monetary crises. This would be done by allowing All currencies including the Dollar to fluctuate widely from their fixed values. The United states would intervene in Money Exchange markets just like any other country does buying and Selling currencies to define the value of the Dollar. Gold would be eliminated As an International Reserve asset. All currencies in the 124 nation monetary system would eventually be valued in terms of special drawing rights or a paper the invisible re serve asset valued by Mutual agreement. And sir is now Worth $1 08. Treasury Secretary George p. Shultz gave details of the american plan at the annual meeting of the International monetary fund. It was the first specific monetary proposal to be offered. The United states refrained from giving All the details on How penalties could be triggered. Shultz implied the proposals Are subject to debate and possible Compromise. In practice the Dollar Over the years became the main Reserve asset of most countries meaning that it was widely used to Settle International debts. But with chronic deficits in the . Balance of payments Faith in the Dollar began rapidly declining. The United states in deciding to state its position on monetary Reform blunted much of the criticism that it has dragged its feet in helping to shape a new system. In peking today Elias mrs. Harles Harles Falk coffin a wire photo final four hours in Hanoi hectic chinese japanese talks get to basics peking map a with Basic agreement already apparently reached on the major issues the chinese japanese Summit got Down today to the business of fleshing out the Bare Bones of a new relationship Between peking and Tokyo. Japanese foreign minister Masayoshi Ohira began talks with his opposite number China s Chi Peng Fei entering around the nuts and bolts problems involved in the establishment of diplomatic relations with the chinese Mainland after a lapse of More than three decades. In the afternoon prime minister Kakuei Tanaka picks up the thread of the conversations he began with Premier Chou in Lai soon after his arrival Here monday on a six Day state visit. In their first two talks the two prime ministers apparently agreed to agree a substantial step Forward in any Summit encounter. Chou and Tanaka gave the measure of their Early Success in toasts monday night at a peking Duck banquet hosted by Chou in the vast main dining Hall of the great Hall of the people. A we expect our talks will achieve Complete Success a said Chou. He recalled 2.000 years of cultural contacts and 50 years of a tremendous disasters a visited on China by japanese militarists since 1894. But in the new mood of Chi Nese japanese euphoria. Chou 74. Who was educated in Japan was in a forgiving mood a the past not forgotten is a guide for the future a he said. A we should firmly Bear the experience and the lesson in in his remarks at the banquet. Tanaka used the term a profound self examination to express regret and repentance for his country a past aggression against China. By Peter Arnett a special correspondent peking a the Sun was setting Over the dim Bien Phu Valley and its glow was bathing the Cabin of the Turboprop plane in Gold. The voice Over the intercom was saying a no poisons firearms or explosives permitted on Board. Please give these to the As we looked Down at the fast receding Paddy Field terrain where bomb craters were etched in Sharp Relief because of the lengthening shadows . Navy it. Mark Gartley Shook his head in wonder. A i used to sit in my cell and think about How i would eventually get out. I would talk about it with my buddies and we came up with some fantastic ideas. But i never in my wildest dreams imagined that it would be this his Mother. Minnie i be in the seat beside him. Smiled broadly and squeezed his hand Gartley was on the final leg of a journey that had first taken him Over North Vietnam s skies four years ago. That time he was shot Down and captured and up to the time his Mother came to Haoni to get him eight Days ago he was a prisoner of War. With Gartley on the chinese Turboprop plane monday on this unprecedented journey was another Navy Pilot it. . Norris Charles. As the plane began climbing Over the Northern Tonkinese Hills bound for the chinese Border City of Nanning. Charles clutched the hand of his wife Olga who had flown from san Diego Calif to bring him Home. The third released Pilot on the plane was air Force maj. Jedward Elias. His wife was unable to make the trip but an escort delegation of Antiwar activists Cora Weiss David Dellinger the Rev. William Sloane coffin and prof. Richard Falk a provided company. Tile final four hours in Hanoi be final on Page 7 a withdrawal demanded what s inside amusements 12b Bridge. 12b classified ads 7-11b comics 6b crossword 12b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 3-5 b television 5a women s news 4-7a weather 3a United nations by. Apr the soviet Union called on the United states today to a Stop the aggressive War in Vietnam cease the bombing the mining the blockade and pull out All its troops. Foreign minister Andre a. Gromyko told the general Assembly that North Vietnam s a staunch Ness will not be Gromyko condemned As criminal the palestinian commandos Munich massacre of israeli athletes but he supported a a the just struggle of the Arab people of Palestine for the restoration of their inalienable he submitted a Resolution to have the Assembly declare a the renunciation of the use of Force and the permanent prohibition of nuclear weapons a on behalf of All 132 members the Resolution would also have the Security Council mandate All . Members to respect the declaration. On Indochina the soviet Diplomat said a one can Only wonder Why the one and Only Correct conclusion has still not been drawn namely that the vietnamese people cannot be Gromyko said a Way out could be found a Only through serious negotiations for which a constructive basis bad been provided by this month s Paris peace proposals of North Vietnam and the Viet Cong a no matter How Many assurances Are Given to the effect that there is no desire to Settle for the vietnamese people their internal affairs a he said. A in reality a policy is being pursued which is aimed at eliminating the provisional revolutionary government of the Republic of South Vietnam and the people s armed forces of liberation and at preserving the puppet Saigon administration As the sole legitimate authority in South Vietnam a Gromyko said that for a a lasting and just settlement in the Middle East. Israeli troops must be withdrawn from All the Arab territories occupied in 1967.�?� Gromyko did not mention Secretary of state William p. Rogers proposal to the Assembly for a conference next year to adopt a convention that would bind ratifying governments to prosecute or extradite terrorists. But he was reported to have commented favourably to to Gers monday night. $60 phone installation fee debated Roston aim the president of american Telephone amp Telegraph co. Claims the Cost of installing the average Telephone is $60 and he says the giant Utility is thinking about charging Consumers about that much for the service. Robert i of hey said monday that at amp to is studying the possibility of raising rates for installing and moving telephones to bring charges in line with costs. Those charges should of borne principally by the consumer. Lilley said the current installation Cost is $5 to $10. He said Lille Drew immediate sup port from at amp to Board chair Man John i Debutts who told a meeting of Boston Security analysts that Telephone customers in great Britain pay Between 25 and 35 pounds <$60 to $80 for phone installation. While in Japan the Price of a phone is $360 ill of who appeared with de Butts and other top at amp to officials at the meeting said the company is also seeking to impose a charge for directory assistance service As a Means of stopping Consumers from burdening information operators the number of Calls to directory assistance is increasing almost twice As fast As the number of new telephones he said. And a recent study in new York City indicates that 50 per cent of those Calls Are made by 5 per cent of the customers therefore. Lilley Aid. At amp to is studying the possibility of a monthly limit of five directory assistance Calls per customer. The awful truth about the War a that it is the bombing that keeps them in prison a he said. A Pentagon official told a newsman in Washington that the Pentagon regards the freed prisoners As Active duty military officers responsible for turning themselves Over to . Authorities at the first Opportunity. But he added a your main in Erest is in reuniting them with their families and seeing that they re Given the proper medical officials say that once the three arrive in new York . Officials Are expected to Board the plane immediately on Landing and advise them of their military responsibilities. Arrangements have been made for medical examination Arri treatment at military hospitals. Presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler declared a absolutely not when asked monday if any charges Are being considered against either of the three for anything that might have happened in the prison Camps. And. A Pentagon spokesman added a we re not even concerning ourselves with what they have been saying since their release from Captivity. A your concern is with the release of All our although no Legal action is contemplated against these men or future returned prisoners who might have made broadcasts or signed Antiwar statements during Captivity charges could be brought if information develops that they committed a crime against their fellow prisoners. Under the uniform code of military Justice a Serviceman returning from enemy Captivity can prefer charges against a fellow prisoner for something that happened in Camp. During their Hospital stay Ellas. Gartley and Charles will be allowed visits with their families and probably will be permitted to meet with the press. Special intelligence teams can be expected to question them about their experience and treatment in Captivity Ami their knowledge of either prisoners and men still listed As missing. Deceptive commercials prohibited Washington Ari oui fielder Lou Brock of the St. Liuis cardinals won t be telling Hie nation s kids Over television anymore that he gets his base stealing Speed by eating the Candy Holloway milk duds. Beatrice foods co. Of Chicago has been prohibited from using deceptive endorsements by athletes and athletic organizations for any of its bakery or confectionery products under terms of a consent order provisionally accepted by the Federal Trade commission it was Anno Umed today. The it cd a complaint alleges that Beatrices advertising creates the false impression that eating candies such As Holloway milk duds is necessary to instill improve and maintain athletic ability and performance. The complaint also says the ads create the false impression that such a product is endorsed for use by athletes and their organizations including the major league baseball players association because of its contributions to their ability and performance. Senate votes on pullout Washington a the Senate votes today for the third time this year on a proposal to require total . Troop withdrawal from Indochina the test comes on an amendment by chairman John c. Stennis of the Senate armed services committee to eliminate the end the War rider from a $1.5-billion foreign military Aid authorization Bill. The rider approved by the Senate foreign relations committee would Cut off funds for All military actions in Indochina except troop withdrawal and require removal of All it . Ground naval and air forces from Vietnam Lac and Cambodia in four months contingent upon release of All american prisoners of War by North Vietnam and accounting for All Cis missing in action the Senate adopted an identical position by a 49-47 vote aug. 2 As an amendment to the military procurement authorization Bill. Upon House insistence the amendment was stricken in a House Senate conference. A similar amendment was adopted by the Senate 50 to 44, on july 24 As part of a $1.7 billion foreign military Aid Bill that subsequently was killed by a 48-42 vote. Moving toward a final vote the Senate monday adopted amendments condemning a repressive acts of the regime of president Nguyen Van Thieu in South Vietnam and cracking Down on narcotics smuggling in Southeast Asia. The Senate adopted by voice vote an amendment by sen. Adlai e. Stevenson Mil declaring a a that the purpose of United states military involvement in South Vietnam self det Ermma skin for the people of that nation has Beeti frustrated by actions of the Thieu regime including the abolition of Hamlet elections newspaper censorship and the arrest and torture of president Thieu s political opponents a a that continued United states military and economic assistance to the Thieu regime coupled with the United states failure to condemn the repressive acts of that regime creates the impression that the United states supports the forcible imposition of totalitarian Rule in South

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