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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - September 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina T the of ugh Point Enterprise wednesday afternoon september 251974 s1ection b judge to decide question of safeguards in hearings is crucial at the opening of Republican Headquarters Becca Osborne Dale Montgomery Coolidge Murrow Steve Ritchie mrs Kay Patseavouras or of state photo by Art Richardson Stevens backs health plan Campaign 74 by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer a National health insurance plan which would provide Access to health care financing through a system of tax credits was proposed by William Stevens today the Republican candidate in Nort Carolina for the us Senate Stevens said his planned Calls for comprehensive health care benefits including the costs of Preven Tive and primary care Protection against catastrophic costs of prolonged illnesses and financial assistance provided according to need he said the patients right to choose his physician and method of care would be maintained he does not favor making National health insurance mandatory Stevens emphasized he announced his proposal in a news conference at the Albert pick Motel near the regional Airport at noon today under Stevens proposal each person or family is allowed a tax credit for sub scribing to a National health insurance plan the credit Van service for elderly will begin Welcome the Davidson county Council on aging has named a coordinator for its elderly transportation program according to Council aging director Pat Pressley Connie Powell Davis a Lexington native began work this week to prepare the councils transportation program would be based on a persons income Low income families would receive a voucher instead of a tax credit to enable them to participate in the plan for the tax credits or the vouchers to be applied to an insurance plan Stevens said the plan must meet minimum standards of comprehensive insurance for Ordinary and catastrophic expenses of illnesses and for care in the doctors office As Well As the Hospital of primary importance to any National health insurance plan is the method of Finan cing Stevens said i have suggested several proposals which would phase in the plan in what i believe to be the least inflationary Way possible if the plan were phased in Over a five year period Stevens said it would avoid a sudden Rise in costs to Federal Revenue and would allow Congress to implement the program within a balanced budget the tax credit method of financing provides for the least federalized health care or socialized Medicine he said the plan proposed by Stevens would also provide dental care for children under age 18 As Well As baby care and other preventive measures High Point republicans opened their Campaign head quarters at 161 s main st tuesday night with All their candidates on hand mrs Kay Patseavouras chairman of the gop in High Point estimated that at least 150 persons attended the opening All of the Republican candidates in Guilford county were pre sent or represented As Well As representatives for Stevens the gop Senate candidate and James car son the Republican candidate for attorney general mayor Paul Clapp welcomed the candidates and the party workers he spoke As a Republican As Well As the mayor mrs Patseavouras said refreshments for the open ing of the Headquarters were prepared by the High Point Republican women the Headquarters will be open daily at 10 am mrs Patseavouras said by Forrest Gates Enterprise staff writer the judge wants to examine the procedural safeguards which the High Point City Council has devised for Public hearings into alleged wrongdoings within the police department the rather Brief rules of procedure adopted by the Council for the hearings into a five month investigation of the police department have few provisions which might be considered safeguards the one significant safeguard which provides that persons who Are incriminated by testimony at the hearings May appear in rebuttal is highly controversial in fact it apparently stirred the six Black members of the police department into seeking an injunction which has stopped the hearings the Council is under orders to appear before Superior court judge Julius Rousseau or at 10 am monday to show cause Why the temporary injunction should be lifted Superior court judge Sam Mie chess signed the restraining order monday naming Rousseau to hear the pleadings of the defendants the City Council to keep the court from making the restraining order permanent thus prohibiting resumption of the hearings the Council must show that procedures have proper safeguards the word safeguards is not explained in the order signed by chess but apparently refers to civil rights of persons involved in the hearings the Rule which allows incriminated persons the right of rebuttal has been widely assailed by members of the police department and has caused a split among councilmen a newly formed policemen league and attorneys for others contend that the hearings should provide for Cross examination of witnesses As in a court of Law opponents contend that the hearings Are legislative not judicial in nature and that Cross examination would create a spectacle of the hearings the rules of procedure adopted by a 54 vote of the Council make this provision for those who might be incriminated by testimony if any person is adversely affected by evidence or testimony that person shall have the right to appear and testify and subject to the discretion of the Council to obtain the issuance of subpoenas for witnesses documents and other evidence in his or her defense the rules further provide that a rebuttal witness May elect to be interrogated by his own attorney while testifying the six officers who initiated the injunction action contend that is not enough Protection they claim that information which will be presented at the hearings would be defamatory and degrading and possibly incriminating the decision to serve the restraining order apparently was made after the Council refused to change the rules again on a split vote to in clude Cross examinations at the opening of the hearings monday Luke Wright a Greensboro attorney hired by the City Council last april to conduct the investigation will argue for the Council at the monday hearing the Council apparently does not plan to change the procedures before going before the judge we will ask him to take a look and Hope that he finds that we have acted properly commented coun Cilman Roy Culler chairman of a special Council com Mittee which has been Handl ing the investigation our actions must be guided by what directions we get from the court he stated it appears unlikely however that the hearings can be resumed before the end of next week even if the see question on 3b chess explains decision on granting injunction by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer judge Sarmie chess or of High Point is presiding Over a term of Superior court in Davidson county this week he was in his office in the Cit county building in High Point late monday afternoon however when a request for a restraining order against City Council in its investigation of the police department was presented to him the request asked that Public hearings which had begun that afternoon in the third floor courtroom in the Cit county building be restrained unless and until procedural safeguards Are submitted in writing and approved asking for the restraining order were six members of the police department capt 0 h leak it w t Amaker Benjamin Brockman Robert Gooden Lewis Nelson and Charles Ramseur All of them Black they claimed that information now in the hands of the defendants City Council and their agents is unsure of role in hearings by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer neither City Council nor special investigator Luke Wright has ventured a forecast of what Impact Public hearings into an investigation of the High Point police department will have on the department one Hundred and nine persons have been subpoenaed to testify at the hearings and approximately 30 persons have been notified that their names will be mentioned during testimony Wright has said that because a per sons name is mentioned during testimony it does not necessarily mean that the person named will be incriminated in any Way several officers at the police depart ment have expressed confusion about Why they have been subpoenaed or Why their names will come up during testimony perhaps the most confused Over their role in the five month investigation and the current hearings Are those police officers who have joined the depart ment since May 28 1972 it was on that Date that police chief Laurie Pritchett announced that a theft ring composed of officers had been Dis covered in his department within a few weeks six officers had been criminally charged and six More had been dismissed because they allegedly had knowledge of illegal activities within the department and did not report them the Call for an investigation of the police department came from several sources More than a year passed before any Type of investigation was arranged Ait then it was n Vestiga Tiomi of nov possible1 illegal activities by police officers the International Assn of chiefs of police was hired to make an evaluation the department to Grade its efficiency and to make suggestions on How to improve operating procedures but the Call for a criminal investigation was still heard from several areas of the City and attorney Luke Wright of Greensboro was hired to gather evidence of any criminal activities by local policemen finally the investigation is Climax ing but More than two years have passed since the theft ring scandal in those years the department has experienced a larger rate of turnover than would normally have happened standing As a silent witness of the sex the department in 1972 the collection of photographs which were taken prior to May 28 hangs on the Wall of the office outside Pritchetts office of the 138 ranking officers plainclothes detectives and uniformed officers pictured about 63 Are no longer with the department the department now has a total of 137 sworn police officers meaning that Only 74 of the patrolmen and officers in the department were working prior to the discovery of the theft ring and Only those 74 were on duty during those earlier civil service hearings when accusations were made against Many More officers than the 12 who were dismissed or indicted defamatory degrading and if True incriminating and that they Are Likely to suffer irreparable harm if said hearings Are held chess the first Black to serve on the Superior court Bench in North Carolina signed the order it was served on Council at pm bringing the hearings to a halt judge chess in signing the order scheduled a hearing before judge Julius a Rousseau or at 10 am sept 30 in Greensboro to deter mine if a preliminary injunction against Council should be granted judge Rousseau is con ducting a term of Superior court in Guilford county he signed the restraining Allega t i Dris in the corp fat t judge chess said tuesday such a recourse is a right we have he explained no judge has the right not to sign a restraining order with proper a 1 legation a restraining order makes no judgment As to the right or wrong of the allegations the restraining order recognizes the possibility of the existence of the allegations a hearing is then scheduled to determine the truth of the allegations judge chess said he was not aware before he was called that the restraining order would be presented to him i had an instinct that see chess on5b new headmaster to use environment in learning by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer John s Iversonjr believes in using the Environ ment in which his students live and play As the main Laboratory for learning As he goes about the business of teaching youngsters Iverson the new head master at Westchester Academy this fall is expanding the Laboratory of that school to include not Only the immediate surroundings of the school but hopefully most of the state already in the works is a weekend excursion to the North Carolina outer Banks for two science classes and plans Are being made for groups to go to the mountains the outer Banks trip is aimed at firsthand scrutiny of How the outer Banks were formed from the Energy of wind and Waves we do a lot of exploration of theories in the regular classroom but unless the students is Able to relate these theories to the world out there in which he has to live the theories Are not very meaningful he said i feel very strongly that the classroom ought to be extended not Only to the Woods and streams but to your own town As Well firsthand study reveals Liat City government does not consist of All Good Guys and bad Guys but for the most part of hardworking Earnest people trying to find answers to difficult questions which they could not always do that is the real world he said Iverson comes to Westchester from five years As headmaster at a Small school on Catalina Island Calif i decided that i had enough of the isolated live on the Small Island he said and this offered an interesting Opportunity to come into a Community where family life is stable i take great interest in the children Here who Are excited about athletics Are Are hot burned out at the age of 14 he said Iverson succeeds fran Cois Vaillant As headmaster at Westchester Vaillant has reportedly taken a similar Post at a school i Pensacola Fla Westchester is now in its eight year and has an enrol ment of about 290 students most of whom Are in primary and elementary they Are about 80 students in grades 9 through 12 Iverson said reportedly dissatisfaction by the Board of trustees Over the enrolment Stagna Tion in the upper grades was a major Factor in Vaillante resignation but Iverson indicated that Only modest increases in enrolment could be accommodated by the facilities now see headmaster on 38 4 charged in 1970 raid arrests at Rac n Cue recalled in hearings John s Iverson foreperson firemen go Way of horse and buggy the Day of the fireman in High Point is past henceforth those who combat blazes in the cites Homes and businesses officially will be known As firefighters High Point fire chief ii l Thompson said the trend toward changing the title from fireman to firefighter began approximately two years ago nationally one of the reasons for the change is that the firefight Long profession is not now the prerogative of the male some departments now have women smok eaters along Side the males also chief Thompson noted that for the first time in the past several months the High Point fire dept has full comple ment of firefighters but the chief continued this wont hold True for Long effective nov i there will be 1z additional positions open in the department on that Date the department will Cut its work week for firefighters to 60 hours from the current 66 hours this is in keep ing with Federal wage and hour requirements that take effect on that Date in connection with the 12 new Job openings chief Thompson said persons in terms cd in applying for a Post with the fire department May do so either at his office on s Elm Street or at the civil service commission office the positions will be filled through regular civil service examinations by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer High Point police chief Laurie Pritchett said several times monday in sworn testimony that to his knowledge there have never been any arrests for illegal gambling activities at the Rac n Cue at 2904 n main st there have been four Pritchetts comments were made in a Public hear ing before City Council in its investigation of the High Point police department alleged relationships of Pritchett with illegal Gambl ing in High Point and with Perry t Hatcher owner and operator of the Rac n Cue Are major concerns of the investigation in his testimony monday Pritchett was questioned about a cancelled Check which figured in civil ser vice commission hearings two years ago into the Dis Missal of six officers from the police Force he also gave testimony about rumours of efforts by him to Bug mayor Paul Clapp four persons were arrested in a raid on the Rac n Cue on nov 27 1070 according to Enterprise news reports about the raid it occurred about 9 Oclock on a Friday night and was made by High Point police officers and Guilford county sheriffs deputies there Are indications however that the chief and other police supervisors did not know of the raid until it was in Progress a news Story on dec 1 1970 reported officer t w Haas signed the warrants against the four persons who were arrested those arrested and the charges brought against them were Hatcher Adver Tising lotteries and dealing in lotteries his wife dealing in lotteries James Worshing dealing in lotteries and Reed Charles Langoon Deal ing in lotteries and Langoon were said to be employees at the Rac n Cue Pritchett testified monday that he did not know of the raid until the next morning a saturday when asked by investigator Luke Wright if he normally was in his office on saturdays Pritchett replied that he was occasionally it could have been a Day or two later when i was in formed of the raid he added Pritchett said that he asked that Haas and another officer who apparently participated in the raid be brought to the lieutenants office i congratulated them on making the raid Pritchett said then i pointed out a mistake they did not notify a Captain or anyone in com Mand that night if anything had happened the officer in charge would not have known about it Pritchett testified that he Learned a warrant had been taken out that afternoon for the raid on the race Cut but that none of the command officers in the department had been informed implied in Wrights questioning was the Point that a command officer was not informed because of a belief that the raid would then have been called off Pritchett disputed the implication officer Haas told me he charged this up to in experience does the Rac n Cue continue to operate to this Day Wright asked yes Pritchett said subsequent to the 1970 arrests in District court Hatcher entered a plea of nolo contender to the two charges that had been brought against him he was ordered to pay costs and prayer for judgment was continued prayer for judgment was also continued for mrs Hatcher and Worshing they were directed to pay costs the charge against Langoon was nol pressed with leave Haas is to longer with the police department later in his questioning monday Wright presented Pritchett a photocopy of a cancelled Check and asked if he recognized it 1 i Don recall this Check per be Pritchett replied had athletic teams and we got donations to buy uniforms i instructed the men to go to credible people for these funds these checks were made out to the High Point police dept i had to endorse the checks for Deposit to pay the Bills Wright pointed out that the Check had been endorsed by Pritchett and then stamped for Deposit to the account of foys garage one Man received Cash one Man in the police depart ment used some of the Money Pritchett said he was fired Pritchett was questioned about the same Check apparently during the civil service commission hearings in the summer of 1972 the hearings were held to consider the appeals of six officers who had been Dis missed from the Force by Pritchett for their alleged arrests on so

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