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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Carnival watched a for wanted couple girl reads news Story of death a Ashford Ala. A police and sheriffs officers Are main Taining a stakeout at a travelling carnival today in Hopes of capturing a Young Man accused of trading his 3-month-old son for a used car in Florida. Well keep men at the carnival for the rest of the week. Or until he shows up somewhere else a an Ashford police department spokesman said about the search for Eugene fire about 23. The carnival watch began sunday after the show moved Here from Union Springs Ala., some 50 Miles to the Northwest. Bloodhounds Hunting for fire kept following trails Back to the carnival police said. Officers said fire escaped into a dense wooded area after his wife was arrested at the carnival saturday. At Dothan a Houston county sheriffs department spokesman Harvey Woodham said. A we believe he a still with the carnival. We searched last night about nine hours and the dogs weren table to get at Union Springs police spokesman Jimmy Martin said Bullock county deputies still were looking for fire but police had stopped Hunting. The Ashford officer who asked that his name not be used quoted the carnival owner As saying he did not know if i hire was among the Booths and trucks but might come Back to get his clothing and paycheck. A tip from a carnival worker led to the arrest of fires wife. Jennifer Sharon Sims alias Jennifer fire also about 23. She was working at a sideshow in the carnival near Union Springs in Southeast Alabama. I Collier county fla., authorities have charged the couple i under a Seldom used felony statute with a Selling a child for payment or something of they allegedly traded their infant son for a used car last week. Officer Martin said juvenile authorities have taken custody of two youngsters a boy about 2v2 and a girl about i min who accompanied the fires from Immokalee. Fla., to Alabama. Authorities in Florida Learned of the alleged Trade after the infant was taken to Naples Community Hospital in Collier county wednesday. A Hospital spokesman said the child was in satisfactory condition suffering from malnutrition. Dehydration and broken ribs. Ashford is in the extreme Southeast Corner of Alabama near both the Georgia and Florida lines by William v. Donovan associated press writer Chicago a it was a like having a new daughter born a said the father of a runaway girl who contacted police after her parents mistakenly identified her As one of two teen agers found slain in a Park. Rosemarie Pilewicz. 17, said she read a newspaper report of her death and thought a How can the world say this i m her parents had reported her missing aug. To. Her return left police with the bodies of two nameless girls each shot once in the Back of the head with a 32-caliber pistol and left lying face up in Washington Park on the City a South Side. They were found Early saturday by a Jogger six other women and an infant girl have been found dead in unsolved homicides in Chicago and its suburbs since june. Asked How she mistakenly identified one of the dead girls As her daughter. Violet Pilewicz said. A the girl was just like a twin. Even the earrings were the Richard Pilewicz who had viewed the body after his wife had come out of the morgue j i weeping told reporters a i went Al and my eyes were fog Jay and i was shaking and it looked exactly like a family Friend. Sigmun a Lansing Mich. A an president elect or. Ramey Taj theorized that when police Anatomy text with a sexy said a the Book was obviously called and said they had a body touch coauthored by a Midi intended to make a lot of Mon that might be Rosemarie a the Igan stale University professor. By fingering up a rather has drawn the Wrath of a be Dull subject with the fun and it was an emotional male professor. Games of prurient photographs a a the anatomical basis of of leering naked women in be Funera medical practice a contain. Dut Tive poses. Range ments and spent a grief photos of nude women splash or. Ramey said the writing stricken sleepless night before ing in the surf and posing be in the Book was a sexist a give Rosemarie read that she had duct ively on swings. But r. Ing this quote As an example been identified As a victim and Frederick Becker a professor a we Are sorry that we cannot then contacted police. Rose of biomechanics at mus. Insists make available the addresses Marie said she had been living he intended Only to a liven up a of the Young ladies who Grace female friends. After the pretty deadly our pages. Our wives burned eur on 5_ Rover a i certainly done to think we our Little address books a were trying to exploit any a Becker called her objections body a sexuality or anything a we set out to like that a said the mus in write with a Breezy literary Struc tor. He wrote the Book style a he said adding that his with two other teachers while students a really enjoyed the All three were teaching at Duke writing. University. Sexy Anatomy text brings Down Wrath Rosemarie returns a wire photo run away Pilewicz said a i done to know. Maybe my Type of life is different from mrs. Pilewicz said the girl left primarily because of differences Over her social hours. Irish rivals meet to seek solution Belfast. Northern Ireland apr fresh guerrilla violence hit Northern Ireland As some of the province s rival political leaders gathered today to seek a solution to three years of sectarian strife. William Whitelaw. Britain a chief minister for Ulster issued the invitation for the meeting at a closely guarded hotel in Darlington. Northern England. It represented a major attempt to solve politically the strife Between the roman Catholic minority demanding Union with the Irish Republic and the protestants calling for continued British Rule. But observers said prospects for real Progress were dim because of the absence of the main political voice of the catholics the social democratic and labor party a dipl and the protestant based democratic unionist party. The Selp refused to attend until internment of suspected guerrillas is ended and All detainees Are released. The protestant democratic unionist party led by the Rev. Ian Paisley. Refused the invitation be cause an official inquiry has not been made into the killing of two protestants by soldiers during a Belfast riot. The most important delegation at the meeting was the unionist party headed by former prime minister Brian Faulkner who governed until last March when Britain took Over direct Rule. High Point Enterprise monday sept. 25, 1972 5a poll shows Nixon ahead even among democrats new York apr a new poll conducted jointly for time Magazine and the new York times shows president Nixon leading democratic presidential candidate George Mcgovern by 39 Points a 62 to 23 per cent. Moreover the president has overtaken Mcgovern even among registered democrats. 43 to 40 per cent according to the Survey released sunday. It was conducted by Daniel Yankelovich inc., Between aug. 25 and sept. 12. The 39-Point Over All margin represents an la percentage Point increase Over a parallel Yankelovich Survey taken a month earlier which showed Nixon ahead by 28 Points a 56 to 28 per cent. Meanwhile Mcgovern aides disclosed the results of a private National poll showing the democratic contender had whittled the Nixon Lead from 34 Points to 22 Points in the past few weeks Mcgovern Campaign director Frank Mankiewicz said sunday that the poll was based on Telephone conversations with i,->00 persons nationwide All of whom had been interviewed in depth earlier. The times said there was an indication in the Yankelovich Survey that Mcgovern May have narrowed Nixon a Lead during Early september but the shift was so Small that it could have been accounted for by sampling error. In the time times poll 2.329 registered voters in the 16 largest states were interviewed by Telephone. The states account for two thirds of the total electoral vote. Over All the poll showed Nixon ahead among virtually All age groups social classes income Levels nationalities and regions. He led by 34 Points among roman catholics 51 Points among protestants. 38 Points among independents 43 Points among Middle income voters. 47 Points among italian Ameri cans and 54 Points in the South. The most dramatic finding was the presidents Lead among democrats in the previous Yankelovich poll. Mcgovern led among All democratic voters 45 to 37 per cent. Both the Yankelovich poll and another conducted by the Gallup organization for Newsweek Magazine showed Nixon ahead nationally among Young voters. The Gallup poll gave Nixon a 52-43 per cent Lead among 18-to-24-year-old voters because of an a a enormous Lead among Southern youth. But it said Mcgovern was leading Amon the Young in the East and i West and neck and neck among Young voters in the West. Yankelovich found College youth favored Mcgovern by 53 to 40 per rent while no College youth preferred Nixon by 49 to 34 per cent. Because there Are twice As Many in the no College group Nixon held an Overall margin of 3 percentage Points. Man finds Way to relieve burning itch of Hemor Hoidal tissues for hours n Many cases medication gives prompt temporary Relief from pain itching in sin ii i issues. And itching in Hemor Hoidal tissues. It also actually helps shrink painful swelling of such tissues caused by inflammation and infection. There a no other formula like doctor tested preparation la. And no prescription is needed it. Wayne i and. M r. Jack Prebola of this City states a preparation ii does my itching Good and it sure stopped the itch for note i toe tors have proved preparation ii in Many cases gives Relief for hours from pain nobody gives you a better time to los Angeles. Unites afternoon direct flight. Night at a juvenile Home. Asked Why his daughter had done to fight your problems in life a work to find a solution. But or. Estelle Ramey a professor of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University a school of Medicine says the Book is an a obscene denigration of women. A lascivious approach to the study of in a letter to the 1.000-member association of women in science a Isof which she is denture invention for people with a a uppers and a a Lowers the nearest thing to having your own Teeth is possible now with a plastic Cream discovery that actually holds both a a uppers and a a Lowers As never before possible. It s a discovery called fix Dent for daily Home use . Pat. #3,003.988 and it has revolutionized denture wearing. Fix oct forms an elastic membrane that helps absorb the shocks of biting and chewing. With fix oct Many denture wearers May eat. Speak laugh with Little worry of dentures coming Loose. One application May last for hours. Dentures that fit Are essential to health. See your dentist regularly. Get easy to use fix oct denture adhesive Cream. I got this Beautiful a. 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