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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Quot Jane Fonda left something for you explosive Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor Page 4-a monday sept. 25, 1972 next time around maybe it is traceable to the Lack of blazing enthusiasm for this years candidates but there does seem to be an inordinate amount of concern these Days with the elections of the future. Ever since Teddy Kennedy said a a not loud enough for anybody to hear it Back in the Spring there has been much attention Given to whether he a really running for 1976. Then in August in Miami Beach with Nixon a nomination a foregone conclusion much of the party Reform talk was linked up with whether Spiro Agnew is pointing himself for the no. I Slot four years from now. And now even with the late heat up of the Helms Galifianakis Battle the political pundits Are scanning the 1974 horizons for what May happen in the states Senate line up. Sam Ervin is celebrating his 76th birthday this week. When his present term ends he will be 78. The betting is that he will not ask the voters for another six year term. Spare the Rod so now according to an interpretation of the Law. If a kid is about to be expelled from school he is entitled to have a lawyer. Coupled with another recent ruling the state will have to furnish and pay for the lawyer if he is not financially prepared to hire one. Reckon Junior can demand Legal advice the next time he a sent to stand in the Corner if Ervin does no to run who will As sixth District congressman Richardson Preyer has chalked up a distinguished record in the House. He has exhibited the traits of statesmanship that make him a natural to move into the senior body. Back Home in North Carolina Robert Morgan fooled people by not making the race for governor but choosing instead to ask re election As attorney general. He is quite obviously a political careerist with his sights set on higher Public service. Governor Robert Scott has insisted that he wants nothing More than to return to private life in Alamance county. Two years from now the u. S. Senate could look mighty attractive to him. It would appear doubtful now that Jim Gardner would want to risk again the personal indignity he suffered when the republicans turned him Down for the gubernatorial nomination. But Jim Gardner has done stranger things and he is not an unlikely sweepstakes entry. His consideration along with that of other leading republicans would obviously be swayed by the fortunes of Jesse Helms who puts it on the line Cir weeks hence to be North Carolinas fire modern Dav Republican senator. Sam Ervin has not. Of course opened the Way for All the hopefuls by signing off nor will he do so anytime soon. He told a questioner last week. A i never plan things two years in and i Quot a or a of Felt or Hooft ninth. Of i Don t know the answer to your question i Iosim others new York s loss guess who is coming Back to Washington. Margaret Truman that a who. As millions of other american wives and mothers do so often the daughter of former president Harry s. Truman is uprooting her family to go with her husband in his new Job. Clifton Daniel associate editor of the new York times is going to Washington Early next year to become chief of his papers Bureau in the capital. Since their marriage in 1956. Margaret and her husband who is from Zebulon have lived in a Park Avenue duplex. They have four sons and Daniel says that Margaret is a a very Loyal wife who left the decision in the matter a Over the move to Washington up to him. Margaret is Best re Mem projecting the news Breed for the umbrage her father took from the White House to what a music critic wrote about his daughters voice. The critic was apparently right however for Margaret has Long since abandoned her efforts for a career As a Singer. She is something More than just a housewife and Mother nevertheless. She is a radio commentator and she has written a Book about her experiences in the White House another about pets in the White House and is completing work on a biography of her father which is entitled simply a Harry s. with that Margaret May give Washington More to talk about than she did when she was trying to sing. About Ulster London a As the Slaughter of soldiers and civilians continues in Northern Ireland a constitutional conference on Ulster a future started today near Darlington in Northern England. Although billed As an a Al party conference of groups represented in the suspended Ulster parliament no delegates from the Republic of Ireland will be present and the predominantly Catholic leadership of the social democratic and labor party Selp says it will not attend As Long As internment of political prisoners remains in Force. A sept. La meeting Between prime minister Edward Heath and six Selp members of parliament failed to produce any agreement on release of the internees. The British position is that Many of those held without trial represent a hard Core of lawbreakers whose release might endanger the safety of occupation troops Gerry Bitt. An Selp Leader retorted Thot it is a neither reasonable nor acceptable a for catholics to attend the conference unless Britain a policy changes. Extremist William Craig who has United the three most militant protestant organizations in Northern Ireland the Vanguard movement the Ulster defense association and the loyalist association of worker believes that Britain plans a stalemated conference. If that happens Craig argues Heath will impose his own solution. Irish protestants fear that such an outcome might include a Deal with the Irish Republic which would threaten the present constitutional status of Ulster. All sides agree that the Success or failure of the conference will depend on what happens on Belfast Street Corners. Tile guardian wrote that a the history not Only of the Campaign but of previous Anglo Irish negotiations suggests that the Man who is prepared to talk is quickly replaced by the Man who wants to a pub keeper told this correspondent a what Ulster needs is a Good English general not a bureaucratic with protestant As Well As Catholic snipers attacking British soldiers the Ulster crisis appears to have come full Circle. Now it is the protestant Community that is up in arms against the Security forces along Belfast a Shankill Road William Whitelaw the English Secretary of state for Northern Ireland has pointed to the irony of protestant extremists shooting at British paratroopers while proclaiming their allegiance to the Queen. The protestants Are planning a huge sept. 30 rally in Belfast at which Heath and Ulster unionist Leader Bryan Faulkner have been invited to speak. What the protestants want is a larger Northern Ireland parliament with More representation for minority voices. But this proposal stands Little Chance of meeting with either British or Catholic approval. Whitelaw it is widely believed Here will find peace beyond his reach unless it becomes Clear that the Irish Republican army will be Defeated. So far though the i r a. Gives no indication of throwing in the Towel. Robert Fisk asserted in the times that it could function almost indefinitely with the support of As Little Asio per cent of the population. The guardian summed up prevailing opinion when it stated that a a betting Man would be reluctant to accept even the longest Odds on the Success of or. We hotel awl a impasse like violence has become a Way of life in Ulster. Sen. Soaper automotive designers placed emphasis on front bumpers that will stand up under a collision at five Miles an hour. More important for someone who drives five Miles an hour is a Strong rear bumper. The watergate caper does no to seem to have caught the attention of the voters. We Are still an unsophisticated people who like our scandals simple it is Nice to hear that the old time family doctor is making a comeback maybe there s a Cloice the old time family will do the same. Hotline analysis Washington a the heroin hotline which president Nixon personally inaugurated with huge fanfare on april 7, has turned out to be a total Flop. It was supposed to be used by informers to tip off Federal authorities where to find smuggled heroin. Yet it has helped agents to uncover Only a few pinches of dangerous drugs. As la a As july 24. The president assured a Gullible Public that the fight against drugs had advanced from the 10-Yard line to the 50-Yard line. A we have the Ball now a cried football fan Nixon. A a let a go a the cheer leading was echoed by Myles Ambrose the hotline Honcho who said that a effective information had been developed from some 5.000 hotline Calls. A secret report by the general accounting office however disputes these claims. Through june 30th, declares the report the heroin hotline recorded 28.341 Calls. But All except 4.363 were totally worthless nut Calls obscene Calls and harassing Calls. These 4.363 Calls led to the seizure of a grand total of three Grams of marijuana in los Angeles two revolvers a and Small quantities of miscellaneous dangerous drugs in new York City and �?o3.300 dosage units of is do in san Francisco. Up to june 30, in other words the heroin hotline did no to produce a single sniff of heroin. The marijuana seizures were so inconsequential that they had to be measured in Grams instead of pounds or kilograms which narcotics agents usually use to describe their confiscated Booty. Except for the Ltd. Almost any High school principal could turn up More drugs in a single locker sweep. Small Fry All told. The hotline netted seven Small Fri suspects Between the grand opening and june 30th yet the hotline system had offices in 23 major cities and tied up narcotics agents who were taken away from More vital work. Representative Lester Wolff. D-n.y., who ordered the Gao report confirmed to my associate los Whitten that he had received the secrets Udy. Wolff refused however to divulge the final totals. His staff is still studying them he said hut his preliminary assessment indicates Little improvement in a he hotline after june 30th. In Short the heroin hotline was a Public a relations contraption that produced More hot air than heroin. Indeed even As the president praised it. The hotline was being quietly dismantled. Its Long distance lines were reduced from 41 in april to five by the end of june and the 27 narcotics people who were borrowed by the hotline system were Cut Back to a Mere seven. Footnote so fouled up was the hotline operation. According to the Gao report that even those Calls described by Ambrose As a a effective were often never assigned to be checked out. Classified trash the air Force with a straight face and High level approval has solemnly adopted an elaborately expensive new procedure to keep foreign agents out of its trash cans. Everyone who works in the civil engineering Section must Deposit All their daily trash into red striped a classified disposal these Are stored each evening in classified containers which Are lugged to the Pentagon basement once a week to be destroyed. Thus some secretaries unclassified shorthand notes wind up with the joint chiefs top secrets in the Mountain of classified Pentagon waste that is processed into industrialized pulp. Merry go round by Jack Anderson this special handling of unclassified trash of course costs the taxpayers a bundle. But the air Force is taking no chances that a crumpled bit of secretarial scrap paper might jeopardize the nations Security. There s nothing secret of course about most air Force construction. But on occasion the air forces civil engineers build a facility that they done to want to advertise. With this in mind presumably the directorate of civil engineering on August 18th issued new Security regulations which declare sternly a scrap office paper will be treated As classified waste and deposited Only in containers specifically designated for disposal of classified at least used cigarette packs and empty Coffee cups done to have to be treated As top secret. The new regulations direct however that a unclassified waste cans will be limited to an absolute minimum a these can be used for a Only obviously unclassified waste such As tobacco products pipe cleaners Coffee cups Glass plastic or Metal containers paper clips Pencil stubs tissue paper paper napkins Etc. A the air forces intrepid Security men. Meanwhile Are Given Stern orders not to let a classified scrap escape their scrutiny. Thev Are required to Check a fall places such As under calculating machines typewriters Glass covers on desk tops safes and desks where classified materials might become inadvertently footnote colonel Joseph d. Cooper who Drew up the new Security regulations for the generals explained to us that the unclassified trash is kept with the classified waste so the Security men wont have to poke through the garbage and read All the discarded waste paper to determine whether it should be classified. Aft Affioti v it j1 Salt. Ltd t by Henry j. Taylor United feature Syndicate the pot now boiling in Yugoslavia dramatized by the plane that dissenters hijacked to Spain is a great Deal hotter than appears on the surface. Now 80, bloody listed Josip Broz Given the communist underground alias of Tito when fighting on the red Side in the Spanish civil War is literally fighting for his life. As the Irish say a the time is Rotten when Tito was in Washington i heard him say oct. 30, 1971 to the press a there is democracy for All in Yugoslavia. As for destructive elements we try not to make democracy available to that s Tito for you. He said this without batting an Eye. He has a massive head a big paunch Gray Blue eyes that stare piercingly disconcertingly through thick bifocals like those of the emperor of Japan. He has worn for 20 years an immense glittering Diamond bigger than a Nickel on the third Finger of his left hand. Tito explains a the Village lord where i was raised had one. I resolved that one Day i would too. And he lives in enormous grandeur and extravagance never before displayed by even the wildest Balkan King. Greece is the Only Balkan country not behind the Iron curtain. Yugoslavia in turn is the largest country in the Balkans larger than new York and Pennsylvania combined. For his own preservation on seizing Power Tito divided the country into six a Independent the overlapping masses of communist party Are the Herre Volk there. The rest of the yugoslavs Are second class citizens in perpetuity. Yugoslavia a 20.5 million people Are a mixture of 8.6 million serbs. 4.7 million croats Tito is a croat1.8 million slovenes 1-1 million macedonians and 560.000 montenegrin so plus some three million albanians hungarians turks and people of other ethnic groups. This mixture has grown highly combustible. The chickens Are coming Home to Roost in Tito s struggle against breakaway elements inside his country. For example the serbs Are the majority. Tito has submerged them. But the serbs Are great fighters and great haters and the memory of a serb hero whom Tito killed off in a red mock trial is now elevated anew. The hero is Gen. Drama Milhailo Vitch. Who. With his old testament Beard and incongruous steel rimmed spectacles was hailed As the greatest world War ii underground fighter in All of Europe. This valiant serb fought against the austrians when he was 15. Against the turks when he was 17, against the bulgarians when he was 18, against the nazi occupiers always and against Tito a communist until Tito contrived to kill him. Serbian and other pressures forced Tito to make an impassioned. Defensive speech to the communist second Congress of self managers of Yugoslavia at Sarajevo on May 8 last year. And a week ago Tito roared against the economic criticisms blasted a retired generals who All have cars and pensions but who Gripe in Coffee houses against me and lashed at the regional rivalries in his self serving six Republic Multi National Structure. Behind the scenes Tito has tossed out two names As a successor. He is giving lip service to the serb separatists by proposing a serb who was a wartime guerrilla a a general Roca Popovic. But even this is backfiring for Popovic was a red who merely Rode Tito a coattails against Mikhailovich and not the serbian aspirations. I Learned in Belgrade when there recently that Tito s real Choice is slovenian teacher and revolutionary Edward Kardelis. He is Yugoslavia a leading red theorist and has been Tito a closest Friend and aide for Many years. And. Further infuriating the serbs. Kardels was the first Mentor of the woman wartime communist guerrilla fighter alias Jovanka. Who is now Tito s wife. Tito controls the army the dreaded us a secret police and the food Supply a the three classic needs of dictatorship. And he will now need them All to hang on in Yugoslavia. Letters to the editor movie editorials and movie ads to the editor i have just finished Reading the editorial concerning the movie rating system. In your article you referred to the movie a a clockwork you stated that the movie would be withdrawn and two scenes Cut out and in sixty Days the film would be Back in the Heaters under the new rating r rather than the old rating x. You commenced the article criticizing the hypocrisy of the motion picture rating system. Who Are you trying to kid in the same paper you have two pages of very suggestive movie advertisements. You re no better for advertising the sorry mess than the sick people who turn out the stuff. The Only difference i can see is they re after the ticket office Dollar and you re after the advertising Dollar. Same crowd if you re against the sex and violence shown in these films quit advertising them. Done to think for one minute that in a for the movie Industry. I would rather read a Good Book than waste time and Money on the tilth Hollywood is turning out. Why done to you go Back a few years and compare some of the old editions of the Enterprise with what you Are printing now. It might open your eyes. I can remember when the Enterprise dare print the glaring scenes of forthcoming movies with All the implications of sex violence perversion Etc., nor would the Public stand for it. The editorial was Good and Well written but you put it in the wrong paper. What in a trying to say is a a done to condemn it on one Page and promote it on another. Bob Nelson 719 Hendrix St. Some commentary on world s ills to the editor what a happening in the world today theres More wrong than i it. I feel if the old and Young would standup for right and in their minds leave out wrong the whole world would be better. Now listen one thing about us is that we done to Stop to think everything that looks Good is not Good and everything that looks wrong is not wrong. Now if we go for a Good Job they say they re All filled up. Why just because our face done to look right. Do you know that god made us All Why Are we too Black to go to the same schools but not too Black to Cook your food sleep in your Beds kiss your babies hug them feed them until they Are six. Tatien we get too Black to hug their Little necks. Done to you think by now we should Stop and look at each other and say a you Are made from the dust i am made from. And i am made from the same dust everybody is made from the dust of the god did t say anything about two colors. He just said a you Are All my we Are All Brothers and Sisters. What the world needs is to ask god to keep us and take care of us All. So Why not Start now and lets be friends we re just As Good As you if we weren to. God would not have made you just like he did me. Just like me Lillian Harris a i work on the Model City commission. Now the people i work with a you can to find better people. But Are All of them the same no. Because they have different opinions and jobs. But they never get Nasty with anyone. After More than four years working with it i enjoy it More every Day. Can everybody say that about who they work with no. I have made up my mind to one thing i am going to stick with it As Long As there is a Model City commission. I am like Jesus said stay with it to the end a that s when you know it All. Lillian Harris 607 Mangum St

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