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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear warmer More data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 319 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A monday afternoon september 25, 1972 24 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25csosh for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every recipients q. I Don t want to give my name. I live in Clara Cox. I want to Tell you something about these women living Here and drawing welfare checks and getting surplus food and working too and have a Man with them too. They seem to be getting Rich off of the welfare and the people of High Point that Are giving to the cause i think something should be done about it. The welfare is not checking in behind the people enough. They throw that surplus food out and they Don t even need All of it. They just throw it out and get More and somebody like me i can t even get it and we could use it. I think this should be stopped these people drawing these welfare checks and getting that food and working too and got a Man working with them. I Hope you can get the welfare to Check in behind these people. Thank you. A. You might have read in the paper that on monday sept. 18, the county Board of commissioners and social services Board announced that three investigators will be hired whose Job it will be to uncover fraud on the part of welfare recipients to collect evidence for prosecution and periodically review eligibility on a Sample basis a to insure Quality control and reduce also to be added to toe staff Are eight eligibility specialists and a program coordinator who will act As a Liason Between the two boards and the department. They Hope to maintain taxpayer Confidence by strict eligibility determination so that Only those with justifiable need receive Aid and to those recipients they will emphasize services that will Lead them to self sufficiency. If you will Call the department of social services and give the names of those you believe Are fraudulently receiving Public assistance they can make an investigation. A a death was exaggerated q. Why was there never anything printed in the paper about the child that got killed at the fair on saturday at the High Point fair before it doted on saturday night i never did tee anything in the paper about it and just wondered. A. A Rumor about a death was false according to Frank Smith of the sheriffs department. It May have originated from an Accident a Little girl had on one of the rides resulting in a Small Cut on her head and a Bruise on her leg. She was taken to the first Aid station at the Fairgrounds then by ambulance to the High Point memorial Hospital for a few stitches on the Cut. A a a what makes a Jaycee o. I a j interested in my husband becoming a Jaycee and was wondering if you could give me the qualifications for becoming a Jaycee and what he has to do to become a Jaycee mrs. Anon. A. We Trust your husband is As interested in becoming a Jaycee As you Are in his becoming one. Now if he called to say i am interested in my wife a becoming a Bird watchers a and you did no to like to watch Birds you could t care less what the qualifications were even if you had 20-20 vision and the finest pair of binoculars in town. But enough of this nonsense. Members must be of Good character Between the Ages of 21 and 35, with a yen for taking part in Community service projects. They provide leadership training and promote civic consciousness to make members More useful citizens. The h p Jaycee office is open weekday afternoons if you want More information. E a a Jaybird Southpaw q. I am a left handed student at Allen Jay High and was wondering Why none of the classes have desks for a person who is left handed. Each room should have at least three desks for the left handed so we would have an Arm rest just like the ones that Are right handed you May think your Arm does t get tired writing tw0 pages and holding your Arm up at the same time try it. So a. Your principal says he feels sure he can find a left handed desk for you around the school o storerooms so by All Means go see him and identify yourself As the girl with the tired left Arm. A school desk supplier tells us that new schools getting All new equipment normally get ten per cent in left handed units. A sound off q this is the second distress Call from the Emerywood Baptist Church in reference to minibike riders. Some time ago in sound off we appealed to them to keep off the grass area which they did for a while. Now they Are on the grounds again doing considerable damage. If mini bikes Are not confined to the paved area we will have to declare All the property off limits. Also those who play Ball on the Church grounds Are asked to pick up the litter before they leave thank you. H. C. Re action q. In action line somebody wrote in and said. A i made some grape wine and got it too Sweet. My father is a great wine maker and my Mother accidental got some too Sweet and he did not do anything to it just let it age and it was the Best wine that he Ever made but he started putting More sugar in it. Thank you. Anon. . Issues Appeal for . Action i against terrorism Tanaka l greeted by Hou in Lai at peking Airport today a wire photo red chinese open talks with Japan by John Roderick associated press writer peking a the rising Sun Flag of Japan flew at peking for the first time in 27 years today As prime ministers Chou in Lai and Kakuei Tanaka opened talks that will begin a new Era in chinese japanese relations negotiations Between the premiers of the new China and the new Japan began around a Horseshoe shaped table in peking a great Hall of the people shortly after Chou greeted Tanaka at a sparsely attended but cordial Airport ceremony. Tanaka and 51 aides including foreign minister Masayoshi Ohira arrived by special Jet for a six Day visit during which they will formally recognize the Peoples Republic. This is expected to precipitate a break in Japan s Long time relations with nationalist China on Taiwan. The japanese arrival reminiscent of . President Richard Nixon s Summit visit last february was under a Bright autumn sky. The chinese raised the japanese Flag on an Airport flagpole half an hour before Tanaka a plane touched own the rising Sun hag was pulled Down in peking by the japanese at the japanese sur Render in 1945 Tanaka stepped out of the plane hesitated for moment then walked Down the Steps to shake hands with Chou. After Brief formalities the two prime ministers faced the military band at attention while it played Kim Gayo the japanese National Anthem and the chinese National Anthem. They then reviewed an Honor guard of 360 army air Force and Navy men a exactly the same number turned out for Nixon s visit almost the Only difference Between the two Summit arrivals was the Wea Toner. It was Winter when the american president came to peking. Fewer Security men were along the 18-mile, tree lined route to peking than during the Nixon visit. Some knots of people were gathered at Street Corners in the Central part of the City. By Lew s Gulick associated press writer United nations by. Apr declaring the need is urgent the United states called today for a global conference Early next year to adopt a treaty cracking Down on International terrorism. Secretary of state William p. Rogers presented a proposed Antiterrorist treaty and asked the United nations to Convene the special diplomatic conference As part of a nine Point a a decisive action program to Clamp Down on terrorist deeds crossing National boundaries. The treaty proposed by the United states would Deal with murder kidnapping or other serious crimes against civilians which Are committed for political purposes by foreigners in a country which is not their political target. A these actions would Mark a major Advance in the struggle against International terrorism a Rogers told the 132-nation . General Assembly As it opened 2 2 weeks of general debate. A surely it is in the collective interest of every nation represented in this Hall to arrest the growing assault on International order with which we Are All faced. Auto thief Opportunity Mont. Apr the would be thief who attempted to steal an automobile Here last weekend apparently needs some instruction in the Workings of electrical systems. Authorities report he crossed the wrong wires while trying to Start the vehicle with the result that he a hot wired the Horn instead of the starter. The noise awakened the owner and the neighbourhood while the prowler fled the scene. Rogers cited seven specific recent examples of what he termed a demented acts of terrorism which Are disrupting International society. They ranged from the killing of israeli athletes at the Munich olympics by Arab extremists to the murder by mail Campaign against israeli diplomats and the hijacking of a commercial Airliner in Sweden by croatian nationalists. As defined under the . Proposal terrorism would apply to such deeds As the Munich massacre but not to terrorism within countries aimed against Home governments. The United states framed the wording this Way to get around Arab african and asian object i 0 n s that almost kept terrorism off this year s 92-item . Agenda altogether. Diplomats from Many of these countries contend the prop used crackdown against terrorism is really aimed at liberation and ant colonial causes. Nixon presses for Money Reform Washington a president Nixon called today for thorough going Reform of the world monetary system to Clear the path for the healthy Competition of the in an unusual appearance tie fore the annual meeting of the world Bank and the International monetary fund Nixon pledged that the United states would a not turn inward and he asked a similar pledge from other nations As he said that monetary Reform must embrace International economic affairs including Trade and investment Opportunity As Well. Nixon told the representatives of 124 member nations that Quot As the danger of armed conflict Between major Powers is reduced the potential for economic conflict is Nixon s appearance diverted some of the attention from a growing debate Over the future leadership of the if As it starts the Long process of shaping a new financial system. Us Treasury Secretary George i Shultz added new fuel to the debate sunday telling newsmen that the United states opposes re election of if managing director Pierre Paul Schweitzer because it wants a a fresh outlooks and a younger person in the Job. Schweitzer a 60-year-old Frenchman who has headed the if since 1963, said Only a Day earlier that he wants to remain in his Post despite . Opposition. Unless he is named to another five year term by september 1973, he must step Down. As finance ministers and Central Bankers and their aides gathered at the Sheraton Park hotel Here they were met with some of the tightest Security in the history of if meetings Nixon administration spokesmen said the extra Security was ordered by Nixon to protect the government officials from any possible terrorist acts. For Nixon today s will be the first meeting with the official who directed the monetary order he struck Down in August of 1971 by suspending the . Guarantee to redeem dollars for children included Jet hits ice Cream parlor 22 dead by Doug Willis associated press writer Sacramento Calif. Apr a it took one Wall where the 17 kids were and just pushed it a one witness gasped after a burning plane slashed into an ice Cream parlor jammed with children and their parents killing 22 persons. Authorities said one entire family of four died in the crash sunday along with at least in children. Twenty six others a mostly children a were injured when the private plane catapulted across a Highway shortly after Takeoff and hit Farrell s ice Cream parlor. The Pilot of the korean War Vintage Jet fighter survived and was quoted As saying a to sorry in a sorry a As he was pulled from the wreckage describing the scent at the Wall where the 17 youngsters had been sitting Dave Thorton said a they were All in a big pile it just pushed he big names used to serve democratic party Unity by Gregg Herrington associated press writer George Mcgovern has been getting some help from became democrats in recent weeks but they apparently have served More to symbolize party Unity than to draw big crowds for the Mcgovern presidential Campaign. Despite the attention attracted by the size of crowds at series of rallies co hosted by sen. Edward m Kennedy two it weeks ago Mcgovern generally has been Able to draw Good sized audiences on his own. Today sen. Hubert h Humphrey of Minnesota was to join Mcgovern a Campaign Road show in san Francisco for a stint As special guest Star. Humphrey like Maine sen. Edmund s. Muskie last week was one of Mcgovern a principal opponents in the contest for the democratic presidential nomination. Kennedy and Muskie delivered rousing attacks on president Nixon and ringing endorsements of Mcgovern As they introduced the democratic candidate at rallies and receptions. Their styles contrasted with and complemented a Mcgovern s the Best example might have been in Philadelphia last wednesday night when Pennsylvania gov. Milton Shapp and Muskie warmed up a dinner audience of Campaign contributors. A if Muskie had been tha Good All Spring he would have won the nomination instead of Mcgovern Quot one top Mcgovern aide quipped later. Mcgovern a 25-minute speech that night dealt entirely with the Vietnam War and was widely considered his Best address on the subject in months. Some women diners were moved to tears according to a Philadelphia newspaper. But despite the apparent Appeal of the Kennedy Mcgovern and Muskie Mcgovern performances there was Little evidence the crowds came to hear anyone but Mcgovern. With Kennedy especially newsmen roamed throughout rally audiences in Minneapolis Chicago Pittsburgh Phila Delphia. Cleveland Detroit and Waterbury. Conn., talking to spectators. They were told that Mcgovern not Kennedy was the attraction for them. While it was in the presence of Kenned that Mcgovern has appeared before his largest string of crowds in any three Day period he also has never scheduled a similar series coming As they did in Northern. Big City rallies where democrats Are traditionally Strong Large crowds would not have been unusual for the party s presidential candidate even without a Kennedy on the card. Kennedy a role As a party unifier May have been Best illustrated in Chicago there mayor Richard j. Daley a Long time close political ally of the Kennedy family was until recently openly Cool to Mcgovern. But in Kennedy a presence Daley delivered his strongest endorsement of Mcgovern yet and worked to ensure a Large turnout at the rally. A week later when Mcgovern went to Chicago without Kennedy Daley did t show up. 1 an to the crash area from a nearby Bowling Alley. A 12-year-old girl in the shop crowded with about too persons said she thought it was a a gimmick Quot to accompany the serving of a special ice Cream sundae. Quot then everyone started screaming and running Don Mcclusky a management trainee working at the store said a birthday party group of 17 persons was seated at tile table at the front window and had just been served wit ii ice Cream Candy and favors when the plane crashed through the Wall beside them. Most of the dead Weer found in that part of the store the crash occurred As the f86 Sabre Jet was taking of from Sacramento a executive Airport after participating in an air show. The plane had been converted to civilian use. Witnesses said the plan appeared to lose Power in the Takeoff. It crashed on an old levee Barrier at the end of the runway and hurtled across a four Lane Highway. The Craft burst into flames about the time it hit three autos picked by the front Entrance to the ice Ream parlor. Two of the autos were rammed with the burning plane through the front of the building Twenty of the dead Weie tentatively identified As customers in the store two others had been seated in one of the autos crushed by the Jet. Coroner George Nielsen said some identifications might be delayed because the fingerprints of children usually Arentt on file. He said i had few Calls from parents possibly because some of the parents were among the hospitalized. The Pilot was identified As Richard Bingham 36 of Novato Calif., general manager of spectrum air. Bingham was lifted in Satis factory condition with fractures at Sacramento medical Center. A witness said a Man with a pair of wire cutters ran to the Blue and Gold Jet a risking the flames a and Cut the Pilot Loose. The witness told newsmen the Pilot was crying and saying Over and Over again a a in a sorry in a sorry a heat from the crash charred paint on parked automobiles 60 feet away the Impact knocked Over mannequins in windows at i see Jet on Page 2 a government holds 53 vip filipino what s inside amusements 10a Bridge 12a classified ads 6 11b comics a crossword 12a editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 6b sports. 3-5b Tel i Ion 9a women s news 6 8a weather 3a Manila it a it a fifty three prominent filipinos including two provincial governors six me in Liers of Congress and seven newspapermen have been Ai rested in the Manila Region since martial Law was proclaimed Over the weekend the presidential Palace announced today. Press Secretary Francisco Tatad provided the first official confirmation of the arrests Over the single television Channel still operating. All but selected Media outlets have been closed and news being sent abroad is censored. Tatad spoke As the Island nation awaited details of far-1 caching reforms planned a president Ferdinand e. Marcos government to create what it described As a a new Marcos said he was assuming martial Law Powers and reorganizing his government to Block an insurrection threatened by Mao oriented communists and to improve conditions for the masses who live in acute poverty. In his announcement Tatad said four of the prominent persons detained had subsequently been released among those still under detention were sen. Bemigno Aquino jr., a Leader of the opposition Liberal party an outspoken critic of Marcos and a possible candidate for the presidency in 1973 elections sen. Jose Diokno member of the civil liberties Union and sen. Ramon Mitra another prominent member of the opposition. A Palace official said the announced arrests covered Only the greater Manila area suggesting that More have been made in the provinces. Announcement of the detentions confirmed speculation that had been sweeping Manila during a news blackout that followed proclamation of martial Law. In lightning moves Marcos closed Down All but one of Manila a 15 daily newspapers shut six of the City a seven television stations and nine of the major radio stations

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