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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 2d High Point Enterprise sunday sept. 24, 1972 Community general strives to serve or Hinter. R. . I do Yates Electrocardiogram machine Treadmill sum photo by von Quot a Treadmill is key in heart studies by Ven Carver in Arrisa staff writer Thomasville Community general Hospital has created a whole new department around a Angle piece of equipment a Treadmill one usually experts to find treadmills in gymnasiums. Nit one of the devices lesser known functions is diagnosis of heart disease it is actually used in conjunction with another More orthodox piece of Hospital gear the Electrocardiogram machine. Contributions from t h e woman s Hospital Guild the Treadmill Cost 4.500 and the other machine. $8,9on. Paid for Hunter the internist in charge of the new Electrocardiogram department. By pressing buttons you can avoid certain segments of it. Basically Sou Don t have to mess mph the buttons and you can put a person on it the Treadmill until he has either completed it or developed symptoms with the master s test there was no electronic method to determine whether symptoms of heart disease had developed. The Electrocardiogram was used after the work test was Over. The new system however permits a constant Check on the patients heart activity since electrode sensors Are connected to his body both j during the exercises and after when he is resting _ by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville a Little Over a year ago. Community general Hospital Here on old Lexington Road began admitting patients. At the same time the obsolete Hospital on Pine Street was closed essentially three changes have taken place in Thomas Villers medical service since that Transfer. Perhaps the most important improvement has r e s u 11 e d from the increased space. In the Pine Street location there were Only 87 Beds and the Hospital was operating at too per cent of capacity. Authorities say that a patient Load greater than 80 per cent of capacity will cause medical care to suffer. Now with an average patient Load of to. The new Hospital is operating at than two thirds capacity. There Are in Beds in the new building and the number of patients has never exceeded 148 at any Given time to the average citizen the greater capacity of the new building Means there is Little Chance he will have to seek hospitalization outside o f Thomasville. This advantage is More significant than one might think since Many Thomasville doctors have staff positions at Community general using outside facilities would he inconvenient for both the patient and his physician attendant to the increased number of patients is the influx of new Hospital personnel. Administrator Perry Jones estimates that too additional people have been added in All categories including nurse dietary and maintenance personnel. Also. A new assistant administrator. Jack Bovender of King. Has joined the staff. Having assumed his duties Here in Mav. To Vendor took charge of half of the Hospital s i departments thus cutting Jones responsibilities. To improve medical service Here the Hospital has added two new departments since moving into the new building. One of them physical therapy was included in the original Community general Hospital has served chair City for one year a by a ten plans for the Hospital and was ready for service when the building first was occupied. The Electrocardiogram department however has been established for less than a month. Its history and function is explained i n greater detail in an adjoining Story since moving into the new quarters the Hospital has established a nurses training program in conjunction with Davidson county Community College and Lexington memorial Hospital the students take academic courses at the College Ani acquire clinical experience in the two medical centers. This program benefits Community general in More was than one by training nurses the Hospital naturally gets first crack at the new Talent emerging from each class. Exist Spring. 19 Young women graduated from the Community colleges nursing studies department. Half of them came to work Here in Thomasville. Two of the graduates mrs. Aloma Crenshaw and mrs Rebecca Leonard cited personal reasons for finding employment in Community general Hospital but both praised the staff Here and said it is a a Friendly place to not surprisingly Jones feels the entire staff is Happy m the new working environment. Quot they re very pleased with the physical facilities a he said. There s More equipment available and its a much More comfortable place to work the building is not As crowded and it s a much More pleasant place in general As far As lighting and decor Are laying particular emphasis on the Quot Community portion of the Hospital s title. Jones emphasized that the Money raised during the two contribution campaigns came from Ordinary people some 1.490 local citizens made donations and. As Jones said Quot there Aren t that Many Rich people in the building finally Cost $4 3 million about $1.5 million of it secured from local sources. Despite its Ultra modern facilities and design the Hospital May not always have the equipment to provide the service a particular patient requires. Such instances Are . Jones said since referrals Here generally average less than three per month. Quot it s the same situation you a have in High Point a the administrator explained Quot of somebody needed to go on the Rice diet at Duke medical Center i believe that s the Only place that offers it. A lot of these referrals probably Are psychiatric cases who go to another facility for a few Days possibly As part of some other should the Hospital Ever need to expand no additional property will Likely be required. At present the building stands on a 80-acre site divided by a picturesque Lake plans for an apartment development for Hospital personnel have been scuttled because the Hospital authority has Given greater priority to improving health care facilities. Jones said any expansion plans Are in the Distant future. Need for further construction would hinge on two considerations he explained the number of new physicians attracted to the Community and expansion decisions made by Lexington memorial Hospital. Before the most tentative plans about adding to the present facility can begin there is still some unfinished j business that must be cleared up the transition from the old Hospital to the new was taken care of months ago. But the old building remains As a reminder of the primitive conditions that previously existed. What is More the Hospital authority still owns the old building and really does t know How to dispose of it suggestions have been made that it could become a convalescent or old age Home according to outliers the Auh Ortity should raze the Structure and sell the vacant land. Aside from these minor distractions. Jones thinks the first year in the new Hospital has been highly successful. Quot we be been most pleased with the co operation of everyone we be had to Deal with and i Don t mean the construction but the Early operation of the Hospital. Quot we re pleased to see about what we expected in the increased patient Load. We re particularly pleased to see that we Haven t gotten into any serious financial difficulty so far. We be been very a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a we Are Here Al Al hours each Day 882-8121 i As close As the Telephone of Vlf he m Xix i ii ass or. Retailer we d like to invite you to a Beautiful this equipment. A Eifort acquisition of the it xxx v , a &<.v-Xvy,w new testing devices the Hospital lab had an Electrocardiogram machine at its disposal but there was really no Standard method of examining a person suspected of heart disease. In order to determine capacity for work the patient mounted a Block with two Steps on it repeating the action several times the Steps were a Standard size since the test had been designed by a cardiologist. In fact it bears his name the masters two step test despite t h e precautions taken for standardizing the work test there is still sizable margin for variation. For instance. It is impossible to control the rate of Speed a patient climbs the Steps accurately enough to measure Bis capacity. With the Treadmill which is connected to a special computer there is virtually no margin for error. By varying the Speed and the Grade of the moving surface the patient can be tested by a prescribed formula Quot you have a i computerized programmed format you can run said or. James double ring Sale Thara s on going on a vary Day in the clarified sad Ion of tha Iata Prisa. Of that youngster is ready for the trumpet trombone clarinet or Drums for the music course in school you la want to see today s want ads. And if you want to a a part of the big Sale piece your and today by calling �15-2177. A is p in in p in in in a cd i it s a simple ceremony. Short inexpensive and unpretentious. But it s a Happy mutually beneficial experience. 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