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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile i. A. Cadick of High Point by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer except for the years he served in the air Force during the second world War d. E. Cadick has been a member of the Myca since he was la years old. Early this month he became the new president of they a men s club. For the next year he will be leading the club in its program of support and service for the Myca. A the yes menus club will do everything it can to Back the Myca and its program a Cadick said. A we have put in time and service at the Myca in High Point at Camp Cheerio and at Camp Pioneer. We intend to continue doing the same in the next Cadick who lives with his wife Hazel at 807 Westwood first joined the Myca when he was a boy in Grandview. Ind. His parents were divorced shortly after his birth and he found in the Myca an outlet for his boyhood interests. Not surprisingly in Basket Ball oriented Indiana. Cadick began playing basketball in the Myca. It was his basketball ability that brought him to North Carolina. During the War Cadick was a Waist gunner on a b-24 with the 8th air Force in England. He flew 29 missions Over Germany and occupied Europe. When the War was Over lie returned to Indiana and studied for a year at Evansville College. He then came to Lees Mcrae College at Banner Elk where he played basketball for two years. He also studied at appalachian state University for one year. It was at Lees Mcrae that Cadick met Hazel Zimmerman of High Point. They were married in february. 1950. Mrs. Cadick is the daughter of or. And mrs. L. H. Zimmerman who live at 810 Westwood. The Ladicks Are the parents of two children. Wayne is a freshman a t appalachian. I. E. Where he Hopes to play basketball. Gail was married in August to tim Yates. She works at High Point Bank and Trust co. Until last year Cadick was an architectural representative with the . Plywood corp. On Jan. I 1972, he became associated with comm Nicon inc., a new company at 142 Church St. Which deals in production of such audio visual products As slides film strips and movies aimed for use in sales training programs and programs dealing with safety and pollution controls in Industry. Cadick is an account executive and sales manager with communion. Cadick stiff Chola by Art Richardton the Ladicks Are members of first United methodist Church. He is also a member o. The masons and the elks club and is a former member and director of the High Point Jaycees. The yes menus club is already planning for its annual Christmas tree sales from which it raises most of its funds for the year. The duo also works with the midget league program at the Myca. A one thing we hoped to see culminated is a new Myca for High cad cd said. A we Are so crowded at the present facility. We can t handle More than 24 teams in the midget league program. With a new Myca we can expand the league As Well As other an editor s notebook people Oil the dump by Jenkin Lloyd Jones Jon rep. Edward Koch . Has proposed that the United states admit 5.000 Uganda citizens of East Asiatic descent. This seems like such an alluring humanitarian proposal. All non lacks in Uganda Are in trouble but t h e asiatics Are in the worst Jam. Ten years ago when Uganda gained its Independence 50,000 asiatics who applied were granted British passports. London bitterly regrets this decision for president Idi big daddy Amin has now declared that they must go a a Home a to the United kingdom. In addition As congressman Koch Points out those 23,000 asiatics who hold ugandan citizenship a know they have no future in that country and will constantly be on the verge of expulsion m general Amin who is behaving like of Neil a a emperor Jones initially ordered his Asiatic citizens out too charging a sabotage a then he backed off with the proviso that they could stay if their papers were in order. Since every country is its own judge of citizenship it will be interesting to see How Many papers will be out of order. So congressman Koch a modest proposal that the United states admit Only 5.000 seems so reasonable. After All the natural increase of american population is about 5.000 a Day. Collectively the Asiatic ugandans have committed no crime. They came not like Many europeans loaded with capital to gobble the Best land and Start themselves out As Bosses. They were brought in As a matter of fact about the beginning of the Century As coolie labourers to build the railroads. But they worked harder studied More and danced less than the natives. They came to dominate retailing and Small industries. They have been big if such things in Uganda can be considered big in Law Medicine and teaching a big daddy has accused them of Sharp practice. That you remember was Hitler s rationale for obliterating German jews East asians Are a Large and unpopular minority among the Black majorities in Kenya. Tanzania. Trinidad and Guyana. Would we take them people of chinese descent dominate Trade in much of Malaysia and Indonesia. There has always been a soldering move for their expulsion. Shall we encourage it sen. George Mcgovern in one of his less Lucid moments has acknowledged that if the communists took Over South Vietnam a a few a of that country a military leaders might need Asylum in the United states and we should Grant it a few it would be fascinating to see the senator make his selections out of a few million. America is not the empty country that it was in the 19th Century when Emma Lazarus said of the statue of Liberty a give me your tired your poor your huddled much of it is now uncomfortably crowded. The time has passed for mass immigration of the oppressed and Downtrodden. And if we admit even 5,000 caucasian ugandans just because a big daddy wants to shuck them what shall we say to the victims of the next attempt at expulsion by race its a cruel world. Many of the most unstable nations in the world Are desperately crowded and contain unpopular minorities. Is the United states to become the world s dumping ground in a cynical game of throw out and confiscate Congress had better think carefully before it makes things East for a a big daddy a Carmichael i Ca t a Elp it in a just Ator Melv shy ending woodshed discipline by or. Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance new York a to paddle or not to paddle is a question being raised in hundreds of communities and schools throughout the country. Hie practice of hitting a student As punishment is being challenged in the courts on the grounds that the school an Agency of the state May not constitutionally violate any persons Liberty without due process. Far from teaching self discipline physical punishment develops aggressive hostility in school children according to a task Force on Corporal punishment set up by the National education Assn. The use of Force the Nea study reports is a Clear object lesson for students that physical violence is a n acceptable Way to resolve differences or enforce demands. Infliction of pain is an inefficient Way to maintain order a hindrance to learning and a dehumanizing process that May cause lasting psychological damage. The Nea task Force Calls for its elimination from the nations schools during the current school year. Made up of teachers administrators Ary student the task Force based its findings on the body of research on effects of Corporal punishment and on nationwide on site investigations. Most of the comments favouring Corporal punishment the study group discovered. Fall into three categories its necessary to protect teachers and maintain a functioning learning environment its Good for students the schools clients favor it. One of the most damning arguments against physical punishment As an effective deterrent is that it is commonly used again and again on the same student. In fact both the students punished and those who witness the act May increase their disruptive behaviour. As far As being a a Good for students not Only Dors evidence show that children a hostile feelings Are intensified by pain and humiliation but several studies indicate that learning is impeded because children begin to associate it with a in. The Nea study also found that in practice physical punishment is often discriminatory with disadvantaged and minority students getting the Brunt of the paddling. Although some parents say they favor the woodshed method of discipline in the schools the Nea believes it is Likely that Thev Are unaware of or do not want to be inconvenienced by involvement in More Complex methods of discipline. When students themselves prefer being hit. The underlying reasons May be even More disturbing. They Mav he trying to prove their toughness. Find Relief from hidden guilty or justify their own violence. The rationalization t h a a school children Are struck infrequently and As a last resort is also squelched by the task Force which declares that a Little of a useless and often harmful act is no More Justi i Able than a great Deal of it. Of whacks actually cause lasting improvement in behaviour Why Aren t they a Good first resort0 temporary measures recommended in the report for maintaining discipline without use of physical punishment include student teacher agreement on immediate alternatives teams of school staff and volunteers including parents to work with disruptive students and with educators who have a ached the frustration Point outside professional help for both students and teachers and alternate educational experience such As Independent projects or work study for unreceptive students. In the Long run however society must realign us thinking on the Basic rights of children and youth and their role in a world dominated by adults. It is necessary to involve students in All areas of school decision making whether discipline policy or instructional programs As an important component of a learning environment free of the conditions that have led to physical punishment. It is time to get woodshed discipline out of our schools. High Point Enterprise sunday sept. 24, 1972 5a purpose of the Constitution by Robert Marks some thoughts from Constitution week the Constitution has always been close to the american people. Whether a proposal or a deed is constitutional is a question that often has been crucial in our history. The Constitution has touched directly on the daily lives of the american people Over the past 18 years. Supreme court decisions against racial segregation in the Public schools its rulings on the rights of defendants in criminal charges its ruling against prescribed prayer in the Public schools and its requirement for a one Man. One vote Standard have had tremendous Impact on the habits and customs of the people. Many people Are upset at these widening affirmations of constitutional rights for individuals. There have been campaigns to impeach justices of the supreme court. Public officials have expressed Defiance of the Law and of court interpretations of the Constitution polls have shown an ignorance among the Public of the Bill of rights and a desire to restrict these rights or alter them. There is discernible a Public feeling for a so called a a strict construction of the Constitution. We Are in a crisis of misunderstanding of the Constitution and fear As to the direction in which the Constitution moves when applied fully. We Are involved in a deeper constitutional crisis in which the heart of our democratic Republican form of government As established by he Constitution is Al stake. This is the crisis resulting from the growing Power of the executive Branch of the Federal government. The separation of Powers Between Hie legislative tile judiciary and the executive government is badly out of line. All of the weight is increasingly on the executive Side of the scale. The Congress is in a decline the judiciary is in a period of hesitancy and transition tile executive is in a continuing Ascendancy. The office of the president has come to be something More than that of the chief executive of the people it has come to he a Center unto itself. We Are concerned now with the Power of the president the prestige of the president the Honor of the president. We speak of the Oft ice As being the most powerful in the world. Congress still has the Power to make Laws to Levy taxes to declare War. But the president has the Power to spend or not to spend to appoint or not to appoint. The president wages War. The president has the police Power. Tho Constitution is a viable document. It has changed. The makers provided a method to change it. The Constitution has been changed by judicial decisions and by usage. How resilient it has been yet. How firm also. The Bedrock separation of Powers set Forth in the Constitution is still there. It is our Challenge now to reaffirm this separation of Powers define the limits of the executive and bring the three branches of the government Back into balance. It is fortunate for us. As individuals that the rights guaranteed each citizen in the Constitution have been at times so strongly restated. With these rights we can stand up to the government to its encroachments to its Power. We should remember the preamble when we think of the Constitution. We the people of the United states in order to form a More perfect Union establish Justice insure Domestic Tranquility provide for the common defense promote the general welfare and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United states of the Constitution is not just for a few of the people or a particular group or a certain class. It is for we the people you and i. This is what the Constitution is about. Davidson dateline question of responsibility i by Ven Carver Thomasville Judi Iii by the action of the county commissioners two weeks ago land use planning in Davidson county will not be inaugurated for a Long time possibly rot until it is too late. Only under the gun of High Point did the commissioners take any kind of affirmative action. Three months ago. The Guilford county City took advantage of a new state statue and zoned areas one mile beyond its corporate limits irrespective of what county the territory was in. Some of the newly zoned territory lies in Randolph county and some of it Here in Davidson county. Thus tar. Davidson has been the Only one to attempt to remove the influence of the external encroachment. The Efficacy of the commissioners action is still in question though since no agreement Between the county and High Point has yet been announced. Rut assuming that High Point officials do As they have indicated and rescind their zoning pre emotions exactly what will be accomplished in a word nothing nothing progressive that is the county will return to the approximate status quo before the problems with High Point occurred. The Only real difference will in stricter controls in the area zoned by the commission. Other parts of the county will remain As they Are. Unregulated and unprotected. It is True that people living in Rural sections generally oppose efforts to restrict the use of their property. They believe that any restraints on their Freedom violate tile precepts of the Constitution they Are probably right but it must he remembered that the Constitution was written 200 years ago when the population of the country was less than a tenth what it is today. Most people have resigned themselves to the fact that some Freedom must lie surrendered in order to promote the general Good. A it King is a Case in joint. A Man can build a $40,000 House in a restricted neighbourhood in most cities without fear of his next door neighbor Selling out to a Lunk dealer. Up until now. The people of Davidson county have not seen it that Way. They have looked upon moves to have their property zoned As a Basic infringement on their rights regardless of the beneficial Protection that might result. Hie county residents in Abbott Creek and Hasty the two sections just zoned have apparently taken a More progressive View at least since the troubles with High Point arose. The Rev. Lynwood Hubbard representing Hasty actually attempted to have the entire Thomasville township North of i 85 placed under zoning jurisdiction he had to Settle for somewhat less. Despite the fact he had a petition with nearly 700 names. Iii Abbott. Creek Richard Smith said his citizens committee would remain intact and that it would work toward expansion of zoning Protection. Unless prodded by the citizenry however the county commissioners refuse to take any step toward initiating zoning. Obviously the farthest thing from their minds is a Long Range plan for land use. Now is the time for them to begin such a plan before the county is inundated by a Hodgepodge of suburban developments and commercial sprawl. Regarding future decisions the members of the commission should hear in mind that they were elected to govern not to sit passively and accept. In North Carolina concerned Willi people problems by Bryan Haislip attn of afternoon doilies Raleigh tackling society sold problems Calls for new expertise and fresh approaches. Alcoholism mental illness and prisons have been around a Long time. Agencies dealing with them caught up in Day to Day operations often find their vision fixed on the Trees and missing the Forest while costs and number of people involved soar. What is needed is the in put of outside experts grounded in research and skilled i n sophisticated problem solving techniques. The Institute of human ecology Kihei came into being to meet that need its staff is a cadre of professionals largely drawn Par time from area universities broadly trained in a variety of Fields. The name implies a concern with a a people problems a explained or. Jerome Hallam executive director. A the relationship of people to one another is Basic to the human service agencies a he said. What they do for people not administrative charts tells How effective they function. An example of a people problem is the Public drunk Long a pathetic figure on the social fringe decent citizens can shield their eyes but they can to escape the Burden of costs. The Cost of jail versus treatment will be compared in a study uhe will conduct under a $61,392 Grant from the Federal department of health. Education and welfare. The research project will he a tale of two cities. Atlanta and Baltimore will be a he focus said or. Harold Holder. A North Carolina state University professor and project director. Georgia holds to the traditional concept of Public drunkenness As a crime sending offenders off to jail. Maryland has a new Law doing away with criminal penalties and substituting centers and programs for treatment and rehabilitation. Or. Holder said the study will attempt to compare total costs of the two approaches. It will cover police time court costs jail and prison overhead As Well As estimate the Cost of the individual in terms of lost jobs broken Homes and poor health. Models for rehabilitative programs which can be measured for their financial costs also will be a part of the project. This kind of study would be difficult to carry out within an Agency hut fits tile Institute s capability observed i r. Halian. A the Structure of organization and available specialized talents make it hard for an Agency to look beyond its immediate problems a he said. The idea for the tute occurred to a group with experience in a state government department a Little More than two years ago. He said. It was formed As a private nonprofit corporation with a Board of trustees representing a wide Range of interests. The Rev. W a Finlator of Raleigh serves As president of the Board. Other members include a couple of state legislators businessmen and College professors and women. Although it has kept a Low Public profile Tihe has grown rapidly. Last year it handled projects amounting to some $140,000 this year the total will move beyond $200,000 approximately 60 per cent of income is derived from Federal Grants while 40 per cent comes from state and private sources. Some examples of its work it constructed a five year simulation of Public costs for handling Public intoxication for the committee on Law and order a study which served As the stimulus for legislation in the 1971 legislature. It prepared a plan to develop and implement Community programs aimed to prepare inmates for a return to Community life for the state corrections department another project for the corrections department provided the program design and program evaluation for handling drug offenders also in the Field of drug abuse the Institute prepared a systems approach to drug problems for the state Bureau of investigation education migrant workers health care and mental health Are other Fields involved in the Institute s activities. Staff members find the Institute a Way to involve their expertise in real world problems or. Halian said. A it lets us do work we really want to do and help those who really need he said. A it s the Best of both the ultimate goal i s pragmatic and has an Impact for the average citizen. Better deployment of resources by human service agencies of government he said can save tax dollars and meet a larger degree of social needs

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