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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Over How to be a Nice jewish boy. Prom Page 12c from new York University. After several months in Israel As a rabbi on a Kibbutz he returned and got involved in a secular Endeavor to mobilize Campus support for the Vietnam War. For this he secularized his name to Michael King and co authored a Book called a the jewish stake in now he was married the father of four slight at 5 feet7 but handsome with soft dark features and a habit of Kuckling his left Cheek when he was tense. He was writing for an ethnic new York weekly called the jewish press and he was worried. He asked Zweibon and Dolinsky to return Early for the afternoon service took them aside and told them his concern was caused by mail he had been getting at the jewish press. From the mail he said it was apparent that jewish life was becoming More and More difficult in the United states and could become dangerous. He would write about his concern in a Book called a never published last year. From his conversation with Zweibon and Dolinsky the Book and Zweibon a sub sequent elaboration emerged a manifesto for jewish Militancy. According to the manifesto 1. When jews gained affluence in America they fled the Williamsburg and Crown Heights and Brownsville of new York and the Mattapan Dorchester of Boston and fair faxes of los Angeles for the gilded ghettos of Scarsdale Shaker Heights and Beverly Hills leaving behind thousands of fellow jews orthodox and hasidic families with houses full of children and Small incomes. More than 800.000 of these jews most of them in the inner City live below the Federal poverty level. They live in terror of crime and violence. And they Are the victims of anti semitic hatred fanned by Blacks and puerto Picans who moved in when the wealthier jews moved out. 2. Anti semitism generally is increasing from the usual nazi sources Black militants the Radical right and from a new and Subtle source liberals who seek Opportunity quotas for minority groups in schools and jobs. A a quota system for Blacks and puerto Picans and Chicano guarantees t h e exclusion of a certain Numor of qualified for a people that makes up Only 3per cent of the american population quotas would be a political economic and social 3 moral and spiritual decay has infected the country and j worse a the relationship Between the people and its country and its cause the belief in America has been destroyed of the Radical left has t been successful at anything else it has destroyed the belief of people i n 4 torn by poverty crime racial hatred and spiritual and moral decay americans will look for a Scapegoat. A who will be blamed surely the he will he blamed even for Vietnam. A when Germany started persecuting the jews she had undergone a humiliating defeat just As we have. We will yet pay for our Jerry Rubins and a b b i e hoffmans. Done to underestimate the patriotism of the american people. They la see Rubin and Sec the to Kahanic this spelled trouble. A we could have pogroms Here like those of pastern Europe perhaps indeed in the end All will be Well. Rut in the marrow of my Bones. I feel that a disaster racial tension the social anger and bitterness the political and military frustration and insecurities gnawing and galloping inflation compounded b y worsening economic recession All the zealousness and envy of people directed at the eternal Scapegoat the jew the dark Cloud becomes a familiar one we see Here the beginnings of the 1929s in prewar Germany. A i believe that a holocaust is coming to Bert Zweibon remembers turning to rabbi Meir Kahane on that sunny saturday at the Young Israel of Laurelton synagogue in Queens and asking a Okay what d0 you want to do a form. Kahane replied the jewish defense league. He advertised in the jewish press for members and with a nucleus of initial supporters picketed new York University for hiring a Black he accused of writing anti semitic articles. The infant jewish defense league stood guard on halloween night at a jewish cemetery where hundreds of tombstones were toppled and broken the year before. It marched at a new York radio station to protest the broadcast of what Kahane called a a viciously anti semitic and it stood guard at Temple fat Nanuel on fifth Avenue to keep Black activist James Forman from demanding reparations. A we knew he was t Zweibon said a but we went ahead with the demonstration because we wanted to and the press to carry the pictures of jews standing in front of a House of worship with chains bats and clubs to defend it. To deter Forman and All the other James formans White and Black to Tell them there s a new the jul organized dusk to Dawn foot and car patrols armed with hats chains and guns in Brooklyn and the lower East Side it picketed for an hour and a half in front of Black Panther Headquarters in Harlem after Kahane toured the building posing As a representative of the american jewish Congress to make sure there were no guns inside. It confronted police and its members were arrested first because of its activities in the Black jewish ghettos and then with regularity As it included soviet jews whom it viewed As victims of cultural genocide among those it would defend a we must break every Kahane said a to save three a million soviet jul adopted a uniform Blue shirt dark pants and a Blue Beret. The Beret. Zweibon says makes it easier for jul to identify its own during demonstrations. It adopted an insignia a clenched fist in the Star of David a newspaper Hon jul to shirts buttons and Yarmulke. Zweibon says it is designing jul wrist watches. A never again became the jul motto. A never again Quot would jews go to Gas ovens undefended. It costs the jewish defense league $100,000 a year to operate Zweibon says. A dlr a National coordinator who asked to he identified Only by his hebrew name. Baruch Oil tical. Co. And Quot mod Quot is a must with the now generation. And Galeski has it in the widest selection of mod Frame styling Ever Westchester mall phone 883-4315 r to save ass now men s polyester double knit a suits spor Coats a Slacks at discount prices double knit suits from $4450 Compart at 65&Quot double knit sport Coats f,.m 2995 Compart at 49�?T come visit our new enlarged men s double knit department we now Stock Long Rise Slacks we also carry boy sizes 14 to 20 state distributing carpet Center located on the Greensboro re. At Sedgefield just before Pilot life open week nights Iii 9 p. A saturday 9-6 p. A sunday i -6 p. Simcha say the Money comes from dues normally $18 a year hut $25 in some chapters by local options and from contributions fund raising parties and sidewalk soliciting. Funds Zweibon says Are often Short. Members elected an executive Board. In addition to Kahane and Zweibon. 11 includes an exterminator a collection Agency employee the manager of a hotel for the elderly a psychologist and an Engineer. Zweibon says general membership increased to a Peak of about 20 too in the Spring of last year. But an official of the anti defamation league of r Nai by Rith which actively opposes the jul. Scoffs at the figure. A they Only had about 5.non members at that time a he says. A and they Are Down to 3.000 Zweibon concedes a membership drop since 1971. But he say the decline levelled out at 12.000 members and that membership is increasing again Simcha says jul has Between 15.000 and 18,000 members at present Kahane went to Israel in june to run jul International established in Jerusalem last year. Before leaving h e announced an internal shakeup in the jewish defense league in the United states. Zweibon says the shakeup consolidated Domestic chapters to make the organization easier to control. Forty jul units in the new York area for example. Were consolidated into 25. The jul youth movement was incorporated into the adult organization. And Young members were put in leadership positions. Jul s hard cores those whom Kahane can count on consistently in the face of physical danger and arrests is surprisingly Small. The anti defamation league puts it at so to too members. Zweibon says it numbers about 20 rut most of the hard Core members Are Young. He says and thoroughly dedicated. In the jewish defense league dedication Means learning How to fight and shoot. For the past three nears. Jul operated a summer training Camp in the Catskill mountains where instructors taught karate and riflery. The Quot Camp closed this year. Zweibon says the main reason was Lack of Money. Karate has been assigned to local chapters. And members who heed Kahanu s advice. A for every jew a 22.&Quot Are shooting at local Rifle ranges. The epitome of jul dedication however Are the Chaya. A Thev says Simcha. A a different kind of jew. Like Izev Landau most Are Young Tough and graduates of inner City schools of Street fighting the Marquis of Queensbury did no to attend they Wear army fatigue with army patches and stripes a lieutenant who identifies himself As shalom Ben Israel says Chaya Advance along an army Chain of command in some squads regular Issue includes red and Blue motorcycle helmets Simcha save Chaya supplement their karate and firearms marksmanship with knives. Bottles pipes strangling wires chains and what they Call karate Sticks two pieces of Bamboo tied to the ends of a leather thong Thev meet As often As twice a week. He Sass. To train and exercise. At a jul school i n Jerusalem Kahane plans to teach Young jews How to be revolutionaries. A a they la take courses learning How to organize groups How to organize demonstrations How to speak. How to debate. Each of them will have a commitment to us for two years to go Back to the country from which he came. Hell be paid by a dlr but live on campuses and in schools. To a Mark Rudd for the jews. That s what we re going to have. A revolution for jewish 00 car Wash a Roso car Wash a Roco car Wash a Roto car Wash professional dog grooming All Breeds poodles a specially by appointment Only Call Don Telephone 883-2497 High Point . Rated ism for mature audiences. Rank cards we come a Maya was Wal come a a 71 19 71

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