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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 72c High Point Enterprise sunday sept. 24, 1972j do causes deep and bitter controversy. By Richard e. Meyer associated press writer new York a Israel Landau is 5 feet 2. He weighs 135 pounds has Large quiet eyes and wears Gold rimmed glasses. He attends Yeshiva sneaks with an hasidic accent and wears a Black and White knit Yarmulke to keep his head covered in the sight of god. But Izzy Landau is an animal. Muscles of Barzel a jewish steel a Ripple under his red Polo shirt unbuttoned Over a Parrel Chest matted with curly Brown hair. He is a Marksman proficient a t karate and a Good Boxer but his favorite weapon is the sawed off leg of a straight Back chair. Softly muting the threat he says a a in a proud to be a Chaya. I done to like violence but i protect jews. I d give my life for any jew Quot Chaya a a animal Quot i i hebrew a is what the jewish defense league Calls with affection its toughest members. Izzy Landau. 20, is on the cutting Edge of an organization that champions itself to be the most violent jewish group in the United states a the closest thing american jewry has to the Black september Arab guerrillas who attacked the israeli olympic team i n Munich earlier this month. Yet paradoxically t h e jewish defense league disavows the most violent act scribed to it the firebombing of soviet Talent importer sol Hurok a new York office which killed one and injured several. The jul claims at least 15.000 members but says its Core of dependably militant members numbers no More than 20. It exhorts jews to make Aliyah emigrate t o Israel but Premier Golda Meir says the jewish defense league is a doing great harm to our from his International Headquarters in Jerusalem its rabbi Leader. Meir Karhanek talks o f spreading a worldwide Young jewish revolution but in the United states the jewish defense league is in the throes of internal i reorganization and has had to close its Only training Camp for Lack of Money. On friendlier terms with Joseph Colombo italian american civil rights league than it is with its fellow organizations in the american jewish Community the jewish defense league has caused a deep and bitter controversy Over How to be a a Nice jewish the debate centers on what jul does or is suspected of doing. To american nazis a beating and clubbing party members in Berwyn 111., and warning nazi speeches have been and Are a prelude to murder of jews. There is no measure too militant in dealing with to the Kun flux Elan a marching in Hightstown n.j., to protest Cross burnings chanting a tomorrow it May be you a and threatening that if the police cannot handle the Elan a they will be taken care of by to austrians a hanging a nazi Flag and a sign a a done to visit nazi Austria a on their Washington embassy to protest the acquittal of a former nazi officer by an austrian court and slugging it out with their ambassador and his staff. To the communist chinese a ripping the Peoples Republic of China Flag from its staff in new York calling the communist chinese government a a tyranny a and announcing that a tearing Down the Flag is Only the beginning 99 two arabs a raiding the Palestine liberation organization in new York overturning desks dumping papers and beating an official invading the on american Arab r relations attacking two officials with clubs and shattering the Palestine liberation organization office with a bomb. But mostly to russians a pushing and shoving and shouting at their diplomats on the streets of Washington and new York a a Svoboda be Reyam a Freedom f o r jews following them into stores a give the russian whatever he wants give the russian everything he has coming to him taunting their wives a posh i do pop a go Home following their cars Yelling a a pig and what a spokesman for the soviet Mission to the United nations Calls a the dirtiest four leter word in the russian language picketing their Homes telephoning their apartments and pounding on their doors to deliver insults calling them again and again at their offices and triggering More Calls by posting stickers in Public rest rooms bus stations and bars advertising a Massage parlor and listing the embassy Telephone number. A singing chanting and marching in front of their Washington embassy loosing a biblical plague of 50 frogs in the new York office of Aeroflot the soviet airline and 50 White mice in the office of amt org the soviet Trade Agency chaining a Goat to the door of Tass the soviet press Agency with a sign a i am a Scapegoat please save me a spraying the Aeroflot office with Black paint and breading a Mirror and a window shouting and pounding on desks at amt org roughing up its president and threatening his Secretary with a piece of pipe crashing a Washington reception pouring a quart of human blood Over tin head of an attending soviet counsel and screaming a murderer free the jewish prisoners no tokenism exodus now a a trying to bomb a ukrainian dance concert in los Angeles sniping with a High powered Rifle through three windows of an Lith floor apartment at the soviet . Mission where a couple and their four children were watching television and finally bombing amt org Aeroflot the Washington embassy and the new York offices of Columbia artists and sol Hurok impresario whose acts have included some of russians greatest performing artists. The bombing killed Hurok a receptionist and injured Hurok and a half dozen others. Their actions have won jul members countless arrests. They have been charged with disorderly conduct harassment criminal trespass criminal mischief malicious destruction o f property violating gun control Laws rioting resisting arrest and making receiving and possessing explosives. Seven members Are pending trial in the amt org bombing. Another four Are under indictment in the Hurok bombing. Kahane himself has been arrested More times than his attorney can count. He has pleaded guilty to the most serious bombs. He was placed on five years probation with permission to emigrate to Israel and fined $5,000. Court costs for the jul totalled $30,000 last year alone. And the jul has won unqualified hatred from its targets. A fascists a growls Palestine liberation organization representative Sadat Hassan beaten by the invaders in his office. A we have our fanatics too. If these people want to bring Middle East tension to the streets of new York we can do the five thousand dollars Are available from the action committee on Arab american relations f o r information leading to the arrest of any jewish defense league member convicted of bombing the Palestine liberation organization. A storm . A ,. A a plugs a snarl the soviets. Kun flux Elan during the height of a dlr a anti soviet harassment the russian retaliated. The . Embassy in Moscow got threatening phone Calls. There was a bomb scare. One Diplomat had his Windshield broken another his tires slashed and his Tail lights shattered. An american news correspondent had his car windows broken another his tires punctured. One correspondent found a note on his car seat a watch out reptile. Next time it will be in new York russians who spoke yiddish reportedly donned mod clothing phony beards and curly sideburns took up anti russian placards and mingled with jul demonstrators to find out what they would do next. Soviet diplomats forbade ther children to bicycle in Central Park. Natalya Grigoryev wife of a Counselor at the . Mission says she and others hesitated to leave the building alone. She says she was followed jeered and insulted. A you believe the language they used. Sacii words and used by girls As Well As but the bitterest reaction to the jewish defense league has come from jews themselves. Unique in american jewry the jul has caused what its general counsel Bertram Zweibon. Acknowledges to be the deepest split in the . Jewish Community in recent history. A squads a waxes rabbi Maurice n. Eisendrath who As president of the Union of american hebrew congregations representing All congregations of Reform jews in the Western hemisphere reported to its Board of governors a the so called jewish defense league violates every ethic and tradition of Judaism and every concept of civil liberties and democratic process in american president Philip e. Hoffman of the american jewish committee says jul activities a clearly violate the Laws of the City state and the lives of innocent citizens to harm those very causes which jul purports to rabbi Joseph k a r a s i c k. President of the Union of congregations of America Calls jul a a destructive and a a irresponsible and says its violence a does not represent any jewish consensus nor any major responsible american jewish the american jewish Congress barred Kahane from its biennial meeting i n Cleveland. A we have nothing Lelyveld. Jews from 3 8 nations banned Kahane from a three Day Congress in Brussels on the plight of soviet jewry and Belgium expelled him from the country. A the jul is a tragedy a says israeli prime minister Golda Meir. A i imagine some Young people think they Are doing what a right but they Are absolutely wrong and doing great harm to our cause. No Small group can take on itself that it knows better than the organized jewish world. Violence is against our principles. By using such methods they play into the hands of our the jewish defense league was born on a peaceful sunny Day in june of 1968 at Young Israel of Laurelton synagogue in Queens. 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