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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper collision course Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Page 4-a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor sunday self. 24, 1972 of truth amp Justice truth is a fragile item. The same May be said of its younger companion Justice. When she talks of truth and Justice the Hon. Elreta Alexander uses no High flown oratory. She uses Short words Short sentences. The ideas Are pretty Basic. Presiding during a series of trials of police officers this summer judge Alexander on More than one occasion declared that a the truth will make you in one of her perforations on Justice she promised to see that a Justice walks Down both sides of the now Here we Are in autumn. The truths have been severely limited and justices travels on either Side of the Street have been lamely accomplished. Consider this series of occurrences in the Light of truth and Justice when efforts to prove that several police officers had been negligent and unequal to their responsibilities began to stall during hearings before the civil service commission there were statements to the effect that it was not possible to open All the records to Tell All the facts because there were criminal indictments pending which might be compromised by a too free disclosure. And so the commission had to find that there was not sufficient evidence to uphold dismissals. Then when the first five defendants came to trial the Gross inadequacies of the cases against them were excused in part because yet to come was the trial of the a key figure a the Man in whose Home police said they found so Many stolen goods. It was not possible to tip the whole hand in the smaller cases if it endangered the big Case. So the court had no Choice but to dismiss charges even though the judge said on several occasions she was convinced that there was some measure of guilt going unpunished. Finally came the Case that All had been waiting for that had required so much careful Hus banding of evidence. The state viewed its evidence with perplexity and announced to the court that it had no Case. The a a big defendant walked out of court with a nol pros and comfortable Odds that no More would be heard from it. At every turn truth was thwarted. And the kind of Justice that walked the Street was a strange apparition indeed. It is possible however to seek out the truth while momentarily setting aside the companion concern of obtaining Justice. Yet we watch astounded As most of the men who sit in judgment Over the operations of All arms of City government demonstrate repeatedly that they want no truths that the most blatant untruths Are acceptable. There is tortured rhetoric Over the differences Between evaluation and investigation disagreement Over who made a motion and when and what it said and every variety of parliamentary wrangling. Truth remains blanketed As Subtle but steely pressure is applied to assure that it not be found. And As Long As truth is unknown Justice walks neither Side of the Street. Transit Victory it is not Likely that in the foreseeable future there will be sufficient demand to finance a subway from Oakview to the Southwest Industrial sector but this Urban area should still take some Comfort from the . Senate a recognition of transit facts of life. For the first time at such a High level of government decision making. There seems to be recognition that More ribbons of Concrete or Asphalt Are not going to perpetually solve the nations traffic moving woes. The Senate faced Down the powerful forces which have battled successfully to deny Road tax moneys from alternative uses to Highway construction. Its action this week would allow the expenditure of up to $800 million a year for subways rapid rail transits and other systems of Public transportation. That is no great amount in View of the huge needs nor is it a very Large share of the $6 or $7 billion collected annually in the Highway Trust fund. But it is a step in the right direction. One of the major reasons that the nation has arrived at its present level of vehicular traffic congestion is the Power of Highway interests which have resisted the use of this Money for anything beyond the right of Way lines on highways. It is after All. The Peoples Money and if the Peoples interests Are better served in some Way other than trying to Blacktop the whole world then its Money should be so spent. The big Highway lob a will now go to work on the House to Block concurrence with the Senate decision. Those who recognize that Piedmont North Carolina will be better served by planning alternative ways to trs and 1-40 traffic jams should let themselves be heard in this precedent setting legislative intercession Quot forgive their tin if not blot to out of thy exodus 32, 32. In this notable incident at the foot of mount Sinai we have the finest form of praying. Moses has been on the holy Mountain listening to the voice of Jehovah and receiving the ten Laws of the Decalo the immortal moral Law of the infinite god. As he descends to the Plain where the people of Israel Are gathered and waiting he hears loud and raucous shouting screaming with pandemonium everywhere. What did All this noise mean Moses soon realized that his people had turned from their worship of the god of Abraham to the Pagan idolatry of the Golden calf a shocking scene to the Eye and heart of the Leader of gods chosen race. On beholding this return to egyptian gods Moses fell on his face and went to god in prayer and what a prayer it was intercession of the highest form yes the finest kind of praying Ever known in the world. Not for himself but for those misguided and stubborn people whom he was trying to Lead to Freedom from slavery. A forgive their sin 0 lord if not blot me out of thy my what a petition on the lips and from the heart of this mighty Man in simple words he Besought the lord god to forgive this Gross and colossal backsliding on the part of Israel but he went farther than that a a if not wipe me out of thy remembrance let me be a Zero hereafter and for All time. Erase my name from the annals of time and remember me no More forever. How intense was this petition How unselfish was this prayer How sacrificial was Moses As he lifted his great voice to the infinite father on behalf of those sinning israelite. A destroy me 0 god but let my people live was the meaning of his grand words that Day at the foot of Sinai. Can any Man go farther in his request than that Seldom in the records of faithful men has there Ever been such an asking As Moses gave that memorable Day for others. We never really learn to Pray until we have bowed ourselves in intercession for other people even our enemies. Tiny tim in Dickens famous Story made the Sweet and simple prayer a god bless us every but that is too vague and indefinite. It spreads too far afield and leaves too much unsaid. Its like the common pastoral prayer that some ministers Are always praying a bless 0 lord All sorts and conditions of men that is like shooting an old fashioned Blunderbuss instead of a Winchester repeating Rifle. We must come Down and be More definite in our petitions. The Mother of St. Augustine Monica prayed daily hourly for her sinning son when he was a Wastrel irreverent adulterous Antichrist an in every act of his Youthful manhood. She never let up in her petitions to god for her boys salvation. Constant continual and continuously on her Knees for the wretched Young fellow. At last her intercession was answered and answered most graciously by god in the conversion of the wild and wayward youth. He became one of the greatest of the Early Church leaders reformers. Theologians and Bishops. No doubt you have seen As i have praying at All times and seasons for the worst of husbands or sons and at last Walls were broken Down and men turned to god because of intercessory prayer. Yes it is Good to Pray for oneself and ones own Good but those who Stop there never go far in their spiritual Power. In Johns gospel Chap. 17 we find Jesus on his Knees in intercession for his disciples that they fail not that they go on to victorious living that their lives count for far reaching results in the kingdoms Progress in All the hard years ahead after he had gone from them. Some Call it the High priestly prayer of our lord and that is a proper name for it. Christ even today is pleading for his Church on Earth even for you and me and All the others of Mankind. His prayer from the bitter Cross at Calvary was not for himself but for those who nailed him there the enemies that drove the nails and pierced his Side. What a prayer of forgiveness and intercession. A father forgive them forgive and so he died with in Erces Rion coming from his bleeding heart. Ceh by Capus Waynick there is an insanity in the human family that defies understanding. I refer to the optimism with which we pursue the collision course with disaster. The exhaustion of Basic resources of this planet on which we live proceeds making newspaper headlines but inspiring endangered billions of present and future inhabitants with a denouement worse than that Anatole framed pictured As the Fate of the last Man. Frances a last Man a was portrayed As a dim witted beastly creature awaiting a Frozen death in a Cave in a blighted and dying world. We seem Bent upon burning up essential fuels and jamming Earth with More people than it can feed keep warm and transport. Indeed the fundamental problems of Man and his environment Are so obvious and pressing As to make fighting on the battlefields the diversion of madmen. As millions of internal combustion engines pollute the air almost beyond toleration we talk of the rapid ebbing of what seemed to be almost inexhaustible new products for making gasoline. In Many quarters wars Are instigated by rivalry for Possession of the remaining supplies the wars themselves increasing the Drain on these supplies. Little almost nothing is being done to put use of vital natural resources under control a fact that suggests that insanity is not too harsh a word to describe our behaviour. It is Well to rate High the resourcefulness of Man As he contrives to utilize the Energy of the Sun the sea and the incalculable Supply of electrical Energy but it remains alarming to see a population increasingly stupefied by the fumes of this reckless destructiveness playing with deadly toys As he moves towards his destiny. This is a pessimistic note from a pen ordinarily warm with optimism and Faith in the Good will and Basic fineness of the human race but it is alarmed by the failure of that race to produce a statesmanship our circumstances requires. Man often rallies most nobly and effectively in great crises. Surely he will realize Short of that collision to which i referred that unselfish cooperation is a vital necessity if we Are to put under control forces and policy which make the Forward look somewhat repellent. Will we find the leadership needed to get us out of danger or will we continue working As though we were a team Bent on self destruction Many a spirit is inclined to Rise in Hope above his troubles and there is no Charisma in Jeremiah constantly predicting disaster but we do need to work together to save the old Homestead and All it represents. Any other course is betrayal of responsibility. The physicist assures us that no particle of matter is Ever destroyed. Even though it be burned and converted to smoke and ashes it remains in existence a consoling fact that inspires Hope but it should not discourage frugality in the use of matter already in feasible and serviceable form. A nah but or. Nixon. You can Tell your voters that no americans Are dying a arabs amp Ruskys Washington a intelligence reports claim that the soviets Are conspiring with syrians president Hafez Assad to Block Egypt a president Anwar Sadat from achieving a Middle East peace settlement. By expelling soviet forces from Egypt Sadat mane Vered into position to get some concessions from Israel. Indeed there were signals from Tel Aviv that Israel would be generous about returning captured territory. The israelis made it Clear however that they intended to keep the strategic Golan Heights which they seized from Syria. The syrians therefore would have nothing to gain from a peace settlement. Egypt and Syria Are partners with Libya in an Arab confederation. But the Central intelligence Agency in secret reports from Damascus has quoted president Assad As making derogatory remarks about the egyptians. Not Long after the expulsion of the soviets from Egypt the Kremlin sent an urgent Han carried message to Assad the message according to the Cia warned that Syria afford to follow Egypt s example and strip the country of soviet Protection. This would leave Syria vulnerable to an israeli attack the message reportedly declared. Not Only did Assad heed the message and keep his soviet advisers but he agreed to bring More soviet military equipment and technicians into the country. Kremlin blocks peace the intelligence reports suggest that the Kremlin seeks to Block an egyptian israeli Accord because it could Only be arranged by . Mediation. This would increase american influence in the area and leave the soviets out in the cold. The soviet overtures to Syria incidentally have also had a Side effect upon syrian american relations. Previously the syrians had shown signs of wishing to improve their relations with the United states. An intelligence report tells for example by Jack Anderson How the syrians a in july 1969, communicated with the . Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs Budd agents in Beirut through an italian Diplomat that they would agree to a resumption of cooperation with the . On narcotics subsequently according to the classified document a two visits to Damascus by Budd agents were conducted cordially and an Exchange of information was american diplomats from Lebanon and Jordan were also allowed to travel in Syria. But suddenly on september 9, maj. Richard Barrett an assistant . Military attache in Jordan was arrested As he was driving through the syrian Countryside. And David Mcclintoch chief of the political Section at the . Embassy in Jordan was manhandled by syrian Border guards when he tried to Cross the Border. He was turned Back and had to be driven out of Syria in an italian embassy car. Castro a denial we recently quoted cubans prime minister Fidel Castro As saying that Chile a president Salvador Allende was a physically spent and that other chilean leaders a live too this has brought a roaring denial from Castro whose private opinions of Allende weren to intended for outside ears the two leaders after All Are supposed to be marxist comrades.g00<lmorning by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Rothenburg on the Tauber West Germany Luther h. Hodges and the late Robert m. Hanes the . Team commissioned to get we est Germany Back on its feet industrially and thus made a viable state did their work so Well that one travelling through the country these Days is moved to wonder who really won world War ii anyhow. We got the same idea touring Japan where new Industry is so burgeoning As to be displacing american goods in markets once our own. When we were Here last six years ago there were evidences that new electronics plants springing up outside the Walls of this 12th-Century fortress Center of hohenstaufen Rule 1138-1152 would change the course and nature of the place. Now there Are some 2,000 persons employed in the several Busy plants on the perimeter of Rothenburg but the flavor of this old franconian stronghold is not affecting the flow of tourists who continue finding it situated As charming As Ever on the Edge of a Limestone plateau overlooking the deep Valley of the Tauber River which arises some Miles to the North and flows into the main near Wertheim. Our Long time guide and Driver Ai Van Den dries delights in finding for us Lovely and interesting spots off the beaten paths travelled by conventional tourists. In this old world town of High gabled houses and winding streets with its More than 800 years of eventful history he wheeled us Back to the Eisenhut the Iron hat where they be stopped the clock at a hostelry which is an institution with All the traditions of personal attention that seem to have been sacrificed elsewhere to commercialism and the hectic Chase of profits. The history of Rothenburg itself goes Back to prehistoric times. Documents Tell us about a Strong fortress and a powerful Frankish family about 800 a a. This family of franconian counts were also the lords of the Homburg near Schweibish Hall. In the Middle of the Lith Century the fortress of Rothenburg passed on to the hohenstaufen. At that time it was greatly enlarged. King Konrad Iii 1138-1152 made the fortress the Centre of hohenstaufen Rule. His son Frederic adopted the title Duke of Rothenburg. In the immediate Vicinity of this fortress a of which the franconian constructed the rear portion the Salinas and hohenstaufen the front part a the first settlement was formed in the Beautiful Tauber Valley. Emperor Frederic i. Barbarossa ll52-1190 in 1172 gave the Community special municipal Laws. Hie Habsburg emperor Rudolph 1273-1291 put the finishing touch to the phase of municipal expansion by granting Rothenburg the privilege of becoming a free town of the Empire. Therewith Rothenburg obtained All the privileges which made the town almost a City state subject to none but the emperor a a authority. The 14th and 15th centuries were the period of greatest wealth and Power. Then lord mayor Heinrich Toppler d. 14081 stands Mit As a dominating figure of the period. During his time of government the town and its District reached the final stage of development and took on its present Day appearance. Rothenburg held a leading position amongst the closely associated cities of Swabia and Southern Germany. From the period of gothic architecture and Art. Rothenburg has survived As a Gem of the Middle Ages. Many High pointers have been charmed by its delightful old world flavor in recent years since our discovery of it and we Hope More will come to see How civic Devotion can make an institution of even so old a City. In the Majestic Church of St. Jakob Florian Geyer in 1525 put his oath upon the Alliance Between the Farmers and the City for the purpose of realizing Freedom and human rights. Now important Industry has moved into the area keeping Clear of the old town itself without seemingly interfering with its old world Charm and attractiveness. In the thirty years War 1618-1648 Rothenburg exemplified a free town of the Empire converted to the protestant cause. Accordingly in 1631 she suffered the hard Fate of being Defeated in Battle by the Imperial general count Tscherkas Tilly. However Christian signs and landmarks have since proliferated All Over the Countryside. That terrible War ended with All its tragic consequences through the peace treaty of Osna Brueck in 1648, breaking the influence wealth and Power of this free town of the Empire. Rothenburg has t regained its political significance but it is on its Way to greater economic Power than Ever before thanks to the industrialization that is sapping none of its attractiveness. We told you earlier of How old hotels Are having their problems with High labor costs taxes and Competition from sleek economically operated new motels. The prosperous Days of the grands the palaces and others with High ceiling Public and private rooms Well groomed and Quality service personnel appear doomed because labor costs Are becoming prohibitive. But the Eisenhut Here is one that Isnit run just to turn a profit. Of course its owner mrs. George Pinter Isnit one to spurn a profit that comes after maintained service but since the Days it was her girlhood Home she has been More interested in maintaining its glories and traditions than in making Money. Since George Pimer a death in 1959. Her aim has been to keep the Eisenhut a Bright spot on the rom Tische a the romantic Highway which skirts the bavarian Countryside a As it has been for the past 400 years. If it does to she still wants and is willing to pay for it to keep right on being the pleasant and hospitable place it has been across the centuries. Mrs. Pirner is the owner and the moving spirit of an elegant hostelry Worth and body a veering course to include on an itinerary. She knows that its thresholds have been hallowed by emperors knights patricians burghers and now an occasional industrialist with plants in the area. The site of the original Eisenhut unit was that of a Chapel dedicated to St. Nichoals and built around the year Hoo. The heavy gothic door with pointed Arch still leads off the main Hall. It is where St. Nicholas blessed the armed riders when they ventured on their perilous journeys. But times were to change for Rothenburg in the 16th Century embraced the new protestant Faith proclaimed by Martin Luther. Rothenburg has stood through the centuries its ancient Chapel converted into a hostelry which reflects the glorious living of its Early history a place determined to preserve the old world Charm even if it Isnit attracting hotel Competition in this quiet Little town by the Tauber. A dozen plants around its perimeter have transformed its Community into an Industrial Center As Rothenburg moves on while life inside the walled City goes on in much the same spirit of a hotel which is the Center of Village life of weddings and of civic events. It

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