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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy warmer r Mora data on Paga 14a 88th year a no. 318 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. sunday morning september 24, 1972 104 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores Stanford. To Duke. 6 unc .34 state. .33 Tennessee .45 Wake Forest. 6 West Virginia .48 Virginia to Wilf be Jato causes . To tackle terrorism Issue i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. By William n. Oatis associated press writer United nations n y. Apr Secretary general Hurt Waldheim won his Battle saturday night to have the United nations tackle the problem of terrorism and seek preventive measures. The general Assembly put the Issue on its Agenda after adopting jamaican and saudi arabian amendments to focus the debate on International terrorism and also to cover the underlying causes of such acts. The vote on including the item on the Agenda was 66 for 27 against and 33 abstaining. The outcome saved the prestige of the Secretary general who had been threatened with a humiliating defeat. Earlier in the Day the Assembly postponed debate on Korea until next year shelving a Resolution backed by China and the soviet Union to get . Troops out of South Korea. The vote of 70-35 with 21 abstentions ratified a steering committee recommendation. By general consent the Assembly also put on its Agenda an item proposed by Yugoslavia As a step toward urging the Security Council to reconsider the the . Membership bid of Bangladesh. Chinese ambassador Huang Hua who vetoed the Bangladesh application aug. 25. Reiterated that China a cannot agree to the admission sickle cell anaemia o. I am not Sura but think i Hava sickle cell anaemia. I am a White girl and if you would put it in Tho paper where i could sea if i Hava it a i know there is some place in High Point and have lost the address. . A. The sickle cell anaemia project of Model cities is open now at 402 Harrison Street. The Telephone number is 886-7436. Anyone who wants of the test is asked to go there first for a referral the terrorism Issue reached slip to the Center on Elizabeth Street where the the full Assembly on a recon tests Are Given. Mentation made by its steering the disease is not confined exclusively to Blacks committee Friday when but can occur in people whose ancestry includes ambassador George Bush nationalities of countries around the med strongly supported Waldheim Terrane an the Caribbean and latin America. We wont list the symptoms or everybody will think they have it. Those in charge of the project soon Hope to have an educational film on the subject for the Public a enlighten to. A a old pass keys 0. Does anyone have an old pass key which is thinner and lighter than the present Stock which is made of brass and much thicker and heavier. The old one we Are using is marked the newer ones sold won t even go into the key Hole of our old storage closet and we need another one that will work. Thank you. G. A. The Locksmith suggested you bring the key you have and a duplicate can probably be made by filing Down one from the thicker Stock. A a and said the Issue was a a possible turning Point in the history of the United Waldheim a initiative had aroused Strong opposition from african and Arab countries fearful that it would curb liberation movements in Africa or evacuation is termed impossible Camp Clampdown q. I Hava noticed that John Oslay Camp has put in Alac tric receptacles plumbing and sewer by Fred Coleman associated priss writer London a Britain a lines just like a regular camping area and they a Olsn Secretary said saturday. If to rut la in i in<�w11% it would be a totally impossible to meet Uganda a 48-hour deadline for airlifting 8,000 expelled asians to Britain. Before leaving for new York sir Alec Douglas Home said he spoke with Uganda a High commissioner in London to seek clarification of president Idi amines ultimatum Friday and Havo four trailers Over Thoro right now. I did not think that trailers Wert allowed in the City limits and i was just wondering hew they could have trailers in Tho City limits of High Point. This is on Futrille drive. Anon. A. That a right now was Back on june 30 and in the meantime the travel trailers have been moved from this location. They were there during the revival at this Camp site says building inspector Hill and were used by the visiting to urge an Extension. The 48 ministers. However this use was not approved by hour deadline applied to those his office says Hill. They were unaware of this asians already cleared for de during this two week period in june and they have parture. Advised those responsible that this cannot be done the foreign Secretary told in this manner in the future. Newsmen that if All available a a when to move the body q. My family has had the experience of going through an untimely death a few months ago and when they went to the Coroner they said it would be a few minutes before he would be there and it was 50 minutes before he arrived and a very Long time i think. How does a police officer know when a person is dead and would t it be better if the person was taken to a Hospital and the Hospital pronounced him dead i can t seem to get Over this and i would like an answer As soon As possible. D. H. A. Det. Capt. George Leverett said that when they get a Call concerning a body it usually comes from ambulance attendants who have been called to the scene first. He said that both ambulance attendants and the police officers Check for vital life signs and if there is any Chance life remains the they were sabotaging the econ person is sent immediately to the Hospital. On the omy. Other hand if it is determined the person is dead the British government has it is just As imperative that the body not be moved dispatched a special envoy. Be until checked by the medical examiner. If death ter Scott to Kampala to deter was due to anything other than natural causes important evidence could be destroyed if the body is moved. Since the medical examiner is a practising physician he cannot always come immediately As he May be examining other patients at the time. A a sound off would you please remind parents and children Tebbe. To get their tickets to the children a Carousel and the British also Are con venture theatre series on Sale at All elementary corned about the safety of 7,000 schools and kindergartens tuesday september 26 White britons working in to tuesday oct. 3. Thank you. Mrs. Whitesides. Uganda. Aircraft in the East african Community of Kenya Tanzania and Uganda were used for the exodus a it would be totally impossible to Airlift these 8.000 or More people a Douglas Home said he would urge the . General Assembly on wednesday to press Amin on two Points a extend the deadline for when ugandan asians must be cleared and secondly allow passengers to bring their possessions with Amin has ordered an estimated 50.000 asians holding British passports to leave Uganda by nov 8. He claimed resistance to israeli occupation of Arab lands. The Secretary general titled the item a measures to prevent terror and other forms of violence which endanger or take innocent human lives or jeopardize fundamental Jamaica a amendment specified that the measures should be to prevent a a International terrorism and eliminated the reference to a other forms of violence a a it was approved by a vote of 55 in favor 27 against and 38 abstaining. Saudi arabians amendment added to Waldheim a title a and study the underlying causes of those forms of terrorism and Reform promised acts of violence which lie in misery frustration grievance and despair and which cause some people to sacrifice human lives including their own in an attempt to effect Radical it was adopted by a vote of 42 in favor 35 against and 44 abstaining. The saudi amendment was lifted bodily from a Public statement Waldheim had made to allay doubts about his move. The effect of the amendments was to refine and qualify the Secretary general a original title. Rebellion fears prompted Marcos of Gil Santos associated Prest writer Manila apr president Ferdinand e. Marcos declared saturday night he imposed martial Law in the Philippines to save the Republic from a communist rebellion and to Reform society. The presidents remarks in a nationwide radio and to broadcast came at the end of a period of about 12 hours in which the nation of 7,100 islands in the Western Pacific had been Cut off from the world by a government ordered communications blackout. Marcos said an escalating threat of armed insurrection had prompted him to take a this extra constitutional Power to protect the he ordered martial Law Friday night after gunmen fired into the car of the Secretary of defense in what the government called an assassination attempt. The official was unhurt. Scores of political arrests were reported to have followed. His is Marcos emphasized in broadcast that martial Law not a military takeover of the civilian government but a measure to a Send the present National a Midnight to 4 a m. Curfew went into effect immediately Marcos said. Elements of the metropolitan police command or metro com set up checkpoints in the greater Manila area to enforce the curfew. Results of the martial Law decree were peaceful. The four million or so residents of the greater Manila area went about their Normal weekend activities. There was the usual Light saturday traffic throughout the City and people went to the movies and the supermarkets. The population missed the usual daily radio newscasts and newspapers however As metro com troops closed the City a eight major English language daily newspapers and about a dozen radio and television stations. Former pos take cover Navy Pilot it. Mark Gartley recently released from a North vietnamese prison crouches with his Mother second from right and other North vietnamese civilians As . Jets Fly overhead on a bombing Mission. Standing in the background Are the other two pos freed recently i to r maj. Edward Elias and it. Norris Charles and Charles wife. The men and their relatives were touring bomb damaged areas South of Hanoi when the Alert was sounded. Map wire photo delay in return of pos disappointing to families inside head Iii a Contact and crisis. Page id Thomasville Hospital. Page 2d Cates fixer upper. Page 2a 4.\ women a b c ish entertainment. Pages 17-19b obituaries. Page 4d classified. Pages 4-201 by the associated press stateside relatives of three american pilots released from North vietnamese prison Camps reacted to a delay in their return saturday with disappointment and resentment a most of it directed at Hanoi but some at Washington. The three men were not aboard a flight from Hanoi to Vientiane Laos As had been expected and american Antiwar activists who obtained the release of the men issued a statement that the delay was apparently caused by fear that the released prisoners would be taken into Cuk Ody by american military authorities. Gerald Gartley 68. Of Greenville Maine and father of Navy it. Markham Gartley. Blamed the delay on interference by the . Government and said the a Nixon administration should keep its nose out of this mrs. Barney Elias Mother of air Force maj. Edward Elias said she and her husband a Are very upset Over the apparent imposition by Hanoi of conditions for the release of the men including a guarantee that they would do nothing to further the american War Effort in Indochina. Mrs. Elias of Jacksonville Iii said she had thought there would be a no conditions except that they ask for their in Tampa fla., Herbert Charles 65, and his wife had packed their suitcases in anticipate of a trip to new York to Greet their son Navy it. Norris Charles. A phone Call from the Navy saturday morning told them of the delay. A we were so disappointed a mrs. Charles said. A we had been looking Forward to seeing him. I done to know what to do now. I done to know what could have happened. I Hope he Bur Between Tanzania combat reports conflict mine How to Deal with the new problem. He will meet with the British High commissioner in Uganda later in Hopes of determining whether to begin extra flights and to see what can be done about assuring the safety of asians travelling to Uganda a International Airport at in by the associated press the state of the week old ugandan tanzanian conflict was veiled in claim and counterclaim saturday with a ugandan military spokesman reporting a very hot fighting and a tanzanian military spokesman reporting All quiet. Government controlled radio Uganda confirmed that troops and airmen from Libya Are in Uganda to Aid in Battle while diplomats from other african countries sought peace. And great Britain sent a special envoy to Kampala to figure Cut How to get 8,000 British asians out Al Uganda by monday to comply with new directives from president Idi Amin. A plan Load of 186 asians was scheduled to touch Down in Britain on sunday. The ugandan military spokesman said saturdays fighting was in the tanzanian Village of Mutu Kula at the Border with Uganda. He said a former ugandan official had been captured and claimed Tanzania suffered heavy losses. Tanzania a spokesman declared the Border command reported everything quiet in Mutu Kula. The ugandan spokesman in a message broadcast by radio Uganda said Joshua Wak holi former minister of Public service and Cabinet affairs in the government of ousted president Milton Obote had been taken prisoner severely wounded. The spokesman also reported that a medical card belonging to it. David Coyite Jook had been found near Mutu Kula and a it is Likely that Jook was killed during the Coyite Jook who fled to Tan Snia after Obote was overthrown by Gen. Amin was thought to have been commanding the guerrilla Force which is believed to have crossed into Uganda last sunday. The spokesman said Uganda would not bomb the area in the interest of a innocent lives a and appealed to Tanzania to withdraw. According to the London Institute for strategic studies Uganda a army has 12.000 men compared to Tanzania a 10,000. Uganda has a 600-Man air Force with 21 combat planes. Tanzania a 500-Man air Force has Only transports and trainers. Uganda a forces have been swelled by a libyan donation of 400 troops and airmen plus weapons. Radio Uganda reported saturday that Amin briefed the libyan Force which earlier this week was turned Back at Khartoum by sudanese president Jaafar Al Numair who wants to keep foreign armies out of the dispute. Saturday radio Uganda broadcast a message from Amin welcoming and briefing the libyan fighters. Amin also said of had a no intention of attacking Tanzania a but that if tanzanian troops fighting ugandan army units tried to Cross into Uganda he would order them bombed. Ries and comes . Ambassador g. Mcmurtie Godley and other officials were on hand at the Vientiane Airport saturday to Greet a russian Aeroflot Airliner from Hanoi. It was t until the plane landed that Godley Learned the american pilots were not on Board. Godley had earlier told newsmen he intended to Board the plane to offer the freed prisoners whatever assistance he could give them. He denied that he intended to inform them that they were still under military orders. A in Washington Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said Friday a i certainly would recommend that these men turn themselves Over As soon As possible to their military previously released prisoners were quickly placed under military supervision prompting protests from Hanoi. Radio Hanoi on Friday charged that . Military officials were a flying in wait at Vientiane Airport in the Hope of a taking Possession of the three released pilots and returning them to . Military the broadcast stated that in order to avoid jeopardizing future prisoner releases the men should be allowed to Fly on civilian aircraft Given a 30-Day leave Given a Complete medical examination at the Hospital of their Choice and to do nothing to further the american War Effort in Indochina. Marianne Hamilton a passenger on the russian plane brought along a statement from the american anti War activists confirming the a expectations of the North vietnamese mrs. Hamilton a member of the roman Catholic International Assembly of christians said she Felt the pilots and their escorts would be on their Way Home soon whether Washington replies favourably to the statement or not

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