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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 22, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Ltd High Point Enterprise wednesday september 22, 1976 joblessness is selective in Chile Argentina cracks Down on sect by we am r Long associated press writer Santiago Chile it a it in Chile a legions of jobless Many of the hardest hit Are victims of political vendetta and their future looks Bleak they Are the communists socialists or members of other now outlawed parties that supported overthrown marxist president Salvador Allende others Are members of the Large Christian democratic party which while it opposed Allende has also been in con filet with the ruling military regime this past Winter has seen the greatest unemployment since the armed forces seized Power in september 1973. The government s Institute of statistics figured that 19 i per cent a nearly one in five of All workers in greater Santiago were jobless at the end of june along with the first blossoms of Spring there is nope that better times Are coming for a los Besant est the Idle ones. But More available jobs will not necessarily mean better prospects for the unknown percentage who were Quot selected out a of work because of their political past the latest statistics trom a special Survey made by the University of Chile in july. Showed that the jobless rate had dropped to 16 3 per cent in Santiago. The metropolitan area is the Home of about one third of Chile s to million people pulitzer prizes new Vork api the 61st annual pulitzer prizes will but awarded in april. 1977 the prizes Are awarded annually by Columbia i diversity on the recommendation of the advisory Board on the Juliner prizes. Jacoby on bridge1 Gerber keeps it Ungar bled by Oswald amp James Jacoby in its Basic form the Gerber convention invented by John Gerber of Houston uses All four club bids made in a Strong bidding sequence to ask for aces today a expert uses it when four no Trump does not ask for aces to take its place the simple Way to play Gerber is to provide that any jump to four clubs directly Over partner s bid of one or two no Trump is a request for aces the response to a Gerber four clubs Are four diamonds a Zero or four aces four hearts one Ace. Four Spades a two aces and tour not Rump a three aces. Today a hand shows Gerber Over no Trump at its Best when South bids four diamonds to show four aces North bids seven no Trump with Complete certainty of Success Black Wood would also have worked with this hand but suppose that souths opening no Truing had included Only two aces something like a Blackwood four no Trump would have gotten North and South a trick too High while the Gerber four clubs would let them play either four no Trump or five diamonds North a 4 a 8 a k q j 8 7 6 4 k v j fat West a k j 5 a a j 10 7 4 a 10 3 a 10 6 2 East a q 9 8 3 2 a k 652 a 9 a 9 4 3 South i a a 10 7 6 a a 9 3 a a 5 2-a a 8 7 both vulnerable hem North East 4 a 7 n t pass pass pass opening Lead pass pass South i n t 4 a pass q a unemployment rates in the provinces generally Are estimated to be somewhat lower but Many Rural workers Are underemployed averaging Only a few hours of work a week in the degrade before the 1973 coup unemployment of 4 per cent was considered Normal in Chile. After the coup the rate began to Rise rapidly As the government Cut Public payrolls and the private sector fell into economic depression authorities say the government cutbacks were necessary to reduce deficit spending administration. They say the depression is a result of damage done to the Economy by chaos and irresponsibility under Allende no one doubts that a great majority of the cuts in Public and private employment were made for economic reasons. But some analysts contend that political considerations have been most important in deciding who should be sacked. Labor sources say that after the coup blacklists of employees with political or Union records were used in cutting Back Public and private payrolls. The sources say Job candidates still Are screened with help trom intelligence agencies once a worker is dismissed Tor political reasons he has Little Hope of finding another Job the Union sources say. Some of the Idle ones lost their jobs after being detained by authorities in roundups i of suspected leftist resistors. More than 7,000 persons have been detained under the state of siege in effect since the coup Summit a it Mitchell s Mobil j by Alfonso Chardy associated press writer Buenos Aires Argentina apr a recent military government order Banning activities of the Jehovah s witnesses religious sect in Argentina follows a surge of terrorist attacks in the last few months against jews and roman Catholic priests president Jorge Videla a 51-year-old army general who led a bloodless coup that toppled Isabel Heron last March signed the decree Banning the Jehovah s witnesses the first ban of a religious group in Argentina since National Independence in 1810 police closed the sects Headquarters in Buenos Aires and All its temples in the country the actions followed recent arrests of sect members and expulsions of sect children in several schools the reason Given by the government for the ban was that the sect s activities went against the principles of nationhood because members refuse to join the army Salute the Flag or sing the National Anthem. About 120 sect members have been reported arrested this year and Are serving 32-year terms in military prisons Tor refusing to enter the army according to sect officials. The sect president for Argentina Charles Eisenhower of Sugarloaf. Asaid he understood the ban was instigated by what he called a Ultra rightist Catholic elements close to the government who have no religious a Jehovah a witnesses have been in Argentina for More than 20 years a Eisenhower said in an interview. So the ban is obviously instigated by a sector that does t like us. Quot he said some military officials told him the ban was imposed because the government feared the sect May have been infiltrated by leftist guerrillas or attracted men who did not want to enter the army there has been no violence against Jehovah s witnesses after the ban but Eisenhower said that last August a bomb exploded at a sect Temple in Medinos 300 Miles to the South causing damage but no victims a sect spokesman explained that Jehovah a witnesses do not recognize any governmental authority because we Only worship god Quot the sect is a form of fundamentalist christianity with three million members in the world. 35.000 of them in Argentina. There Are to american preachers Here the Jehovah s witnesses have had difficulties in a number of african countries because of their refusal to give allegiance to governing parties or make patriotic gestures but the sect has reportedly been subjected to harsh persecution in Malawi where it is banned As an Quot unlawful society. Earlier this year members of the sect claimed that 5,000 witnesses were being held in prisons and prison Camps in Malawi victims of a Campaign of beating rape and torture for refusing to join president Amuzu Banda s Malawi Congress party no set goal people who have no definite in their life s work Are actually lost before they Start portrait special dog itching cuts scrapes Quot i use the vets Medicine that kills dog germs checks scratching helps heal a Catfish Quot Hunter f a pert Pitcher t dog breeder Cut ii a Quot raises dons on his in sin the Coroniti anti he known Lions like he knots baseball vets wit Tings have thinner skin than its and special dog germs. In Flodene kills dog get is Ilietus the lung. Helps heal fast. La nets for open son s. Flits St apes. Infections it s like ii first ant Medicine for dogs skin problems.1 Iii veterinarian tests St t Rodenk proved remarkably effective in v out of to cases. Use St i Fordene shampoo medicated to help keep Kin healthy. 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