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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2d High Point Enterprise sunday september 22, 1974interior officials seek to preserve Island Paradise by Dave Riley associated press writer Assa Teague Island. . Apr the hand of Man May have Laid its last linger on at least part of this Island Paradise of deserted White beaches and Bird a tested marshes. Despite the crowded Public Parks at each end of the 33-mile-Long Pencil shaped Island Oft the Maryland Virginia coast most of the land still is inhabited Only by wild Deer and ponies Birds and hordes of Mosquito. It remains much As it was when the first explorers lowered their sails in the new world. Since it was first settled in the 1600s, ass Teague Island has been the site of numerous villages farms and Remote estates but nature has worked tirelessly to erase most traces of Man s habitation. Except tor some Federal officials no one lives on the Island now. Only a few weary buildings deserted coast guard stations and a Lighthouse remain As a reminder of past occupations. Roads Are maintained Only in the Park areas at the North and South ends of the Island. The rest of ass Teague is under the guard of the Federal government and the care of nature which for centuries has been unhindered in making its alterations to Sand dunes marshes and pitifully temporary manmade structures. After recognizing ass Teague As a National seashore the Federal government is seeking to keep a Small part of this Island which officials describe As the last untouched coastline on the United states Atlantic Shore a Monument to what America was. The department of the Interior is preparing to recommend to Congress that 12 Miles in the Center of the Island be declared a wilderness area to forever bar Man s interference with this unique natural setting. A a we re reasonably certain the proposal will be made to Congress this fall a a said j c. Appel who administers the fish and wildlife Agency s game Refuge at the South end of the Island. A then it will be up to Congress to decide if it meets the idea of what a wilderness area ought to part of ass Teague is Well known to the tourists who annually swarm across the Bridges at each end of the Island for hiking fishing crabbing clamming and for the foaming surf that pounds incessantly on White beaches at the foot of towering Sand dunes. The state Park at the Maryland end of the Island not far from the Jumble of Ocean City and the National wildlife Refuge at the Southern end adjacent to the Little town of Chincoteague va., Are packed each summer Day by sunburned tourists who Battle each other and the Mosquito for space under the Sun. But in the Center of the Island where the wilderness area is proposed for about six Miles North and six Miles South of the Virgira Maryland state line Only the hardiest of hikers experience the Tranquility of walking the 30-foot-High dunes. Campers who believe in the primitive can pitch their tents where they wish spending Long Days with sights and sounds of nature that exist in few other parts of 1970s America. Ocean City md., used to be a part of this Island which once stretched from Virginia to Delaware. A 1933 storm carved a Small Inlet Between Ocean City and what is now the Northern tip of ass Teague. Many of those who Back the idea of a wilderness area Point to the crowded resorts of Ocean City As their idea of the ultimate evil that can befall any place situated on the Ocean when Man moves in with his bulldozers his motels and his Neon signs. Some of those who live in the Little town of Chincoteague voice concern that their town could become an Ocean City. All traffic moving onto the Southern end of ass Teague Island has to travel Down the narrow main Street of Chincoteague. The town s motels Are packed and its campgrounds Are jammed. There is some ill feeling among those Chincoteague residents not closely associated with the tourist Trade. The worst of it seems to come at Pony penning time each july when Chincoteague fire department embarks on its annual Roundup of wild ass Teague ponies. Ass Teague is Home to a Herd of wild ponies that legend says were the survivors of a Galleon that Sank in a storm off the coast untold years ago. The Roundup is followed by swimming the ponies across the sound to Chincoteague where they Are sold. The Pony penning has become a tradition immortalized in books and a motion picture. The event now swells Chincoteague s population from about 4.000 to some 35,-000 for one week each year. J Birds Wade tranquilly in the marshy areas of ass Teague Island during the festival the streets of the Little town Are overwhelmed by tourist traffic motels rent every available room and the campers seem thicker than the Mosquito that prey on them mercilessly. Quot we Don t want More motels or condominiums Quot says wheatly Watson Chincoteague s new mayor and a Motel owner. A we just want to keep what we be Watson who took office in August says the Little town can t take any More tax Burden imposed because of the needs of the Ever growing tourist crowd. He says those who inhabit the campgrounds Are worst because they need town services but they done to spend any Money. But Watson s views face considerable opposition from other town businessmen who As Motel owner Russell Everett put it Quot Are Happy with things As they Everett views the wilderness proposal As an Effort to put a a big old Federal padlock Quot on ass Teague Island. He notes that if the proposal passes a Highway could never be built the length of ass Teague and just such a Highway might some Day be needed for Chincoteague s tourist Trade. Quot that Section would be off limits forever Quot Everett said attributing support for the wilderness plan to nonresidents and conservation groups based elsewhere. Over on ass Teague Island a in the Federal wildlife Refuge at the Southern end a cars drive slowly past White egrets that ignore the gawking faces and the binoculars aimed at them. One Bird glances at a halt eaten Sandwich thrown toward him. Nearby tourists Are preparing to take a wilderness Trail that allows them to wind through the marshes in the air conditioned Comfort of their cars. A Man from new York is signing up his family for an evening cruise around the marshes. And in his Little House in the heart of Chincoteague cluttered with photos maps and charts of ass Teague As it was. As it still is in its wild heartland. Nat Stedman unofficial Island historian wonders aloud about the Chance of preserving at least a part of the Island. A there Aren t Many places you can go any More where you can find a place that in t just thick with people a he said. Quot i can t help but think that you need to have areas that Aren t so getting to Anc from airports increasingly difficult new problems anticipated for airline passengers by Howard Benedict associated press writer airline passengers can zip from new York to Chicago in two hours and coast to coast in five. But As any seasoned traveler knows getting to and from and through most major airports can be an annoying. Choking sensation. Approach roads Are jammed. Taxi rides frequently Are Long and expensive. Parking lots Are full. Ticket lines can be lengthy. Long walks to a departure Gate or Between terminals Are common it sometimes seems an eternity before baggage arrives. The Swift and reliable Jet airliners especially the wide bodied jumbo jets Are attracting millions of new passengers each year. That adds to the Airport saturation problem Many cities Are trying to solve with new modern airports or expanded facilities. Scheduled . Airlines carried 202 million passengers in 1973. The air transport association forecasts More than 300 million passengers in 1980 and More than 700 million by the year 2000. Automated a people movers a resembling miniature transit systems now carry passengers around a few of the new airports but the people movers Haven t always worked properly. In. The drive to modernize and expand Airport capacity computers have been installed in some places to handle baggage but with mixed results. Five cities a Dalias fort Worth Houston Kansas City Tampa and Washington a have built new modern airports in recent years incorporating the latest technology other cities have tried but have been blocked by environmentalists by cutbacks in airline Landing tees by noise problems and by financing troubles. Some cities have settled on the a interim step of enlarging existing facilities postponing the construction of new airports until the 1980s or 1990s through a surcharge of 43 cents on each airline ticket airlines have reimbursed the airports tor the Cost of Security to prevent hijackings and bombings. But the civil aeronautics Board is re examining the surcharges became some Small airports contend that the reimbursement does t cover their costs. The newest largest and elderly passenger grabs baggage at la Guardia spiff Iest . Airport is the. Ultramodern facility that opened last january Halfway Between the rival Texas cities of Dallas and fort Worth. Larger than the Island of Manhattan the 17,000-acre, $800 million Complex features the latest in computer controlled people movers and baggage handlers. Designed to accommodate eight million or More passengers in its first year it eventually can be expanded to take care of 50 million annually. The computers unfortunately have not always worked especially in the Early months. The result was chewed up baggage missed planes frayed nerves. Major passenger complaints were aimed at air trans a 13-mile automated system of electrically powered trams intended to transport passengers Between terminals and Remote parking lots. Often the trams skipped stations doors tailed to open or they stopped Between stations. Two airlines at Daltas fort Worth operate an automatic baggage system called Quot Doutel a a 4,000-foot Complex of rails and cars resembling a miniature Veiler coaster. The computers that drive tile system frequently guided bags to wrong bins or off the Edge of the Beltway or sent Carrier cars crashing into suitcases with devastating results. Ernest e. Dean Airport executive director says experts gradually Are working the bugs out of air trans and Doutel and a they Are now operating at about 95 per cent efficiency and we re getting better daily. But we still have a few problems that occasionally inconvenience another sticking Point is the distance to the Airport 15 Miles from Dallas or fort Worth a $14 cab ride distance from downtown 19 Miles is a sore Point too at the new Kansas City International which opened two years ago As the world s first Airport featuring a a drive to your Gate processing system. Passengers and their baggage arriving at any of three circular terminals Are never More than 200 feet from their aircraft. A the world s shortest walk to Fly a proclaim Airport brochures. A Fleet of minibuses efficiently whisks people Between terminals and parking lots. A we have no people movers or other automation Here like Dallas fort Worth a said Howard Willoughby Kansas City International a Deputy director. Quot when we designed the Airport we looked at various systems. The costs were horrendous nothing really worked and nothing impressed us. So we designed the drive to your Gate concept to avoid such things As people the concept has been so successful he said that other airports in the United states Europe and South America Are studying it. The $250 million facility is built on 5,000 acres and the Airport is seeking to double its land area to handle expansion through the 1990s traffic is expected to be a Little Over 4 million passengers this year Well below capacity. Alter the Kansas City Airport opened there was a drop in traffic from Hie 4 million people in the first year of operation. But this has been reversed the Airport operators Council International says. Houston a new International Airport opened in 1969, is nearing its first stage capacity of six million passengers annually and is ready for expansion there Are two operating terminals and a third is being considered. The Airport had Many Early problems with an automated underground electric train system which carried passengers Between terminals. Two years ago it installed a second generation system tor increased reliability and Comfort. Tampa s new $100 million International Airport employs tour computer driven people mover shuttles to take passengers from the Central terminal to four satellite boarding areas. Maximum walking distance from ground transportation to a boarding Gate is 700 feet since the Airport opened three years ago the shuttles have ferried 40 million people with Only two persons injured in a Freak Accident caused by human error. The modern terminal has six floors. Tile first level is tor baggage second tor ticketing third for shops restaurants hotel and shuttles and the top three tor parking 1.800 cars. The Airport is handling about 52 million people a year and has a capacity for 20 million. A was far As we re concerned the Airport has exceeded our expectations Quot reports Paul macalester of the Hillsborough county aviation authority. The oldest of tile new airports Dulles International opened in 1963, hopefully to relieve congestion at Washington National Airport. But its location 27 Miles from the nation s capital earned it a reputation As a lonely Taj mahal in the Virginia Countryside. Both airports Are run by the Federal aviation administration and thus Are subject to the whims of Congress whose members prefer flying from close in National. Thus. Airlines were slow in scheduling hights into Dulles. In 1965, two years after it opened. Dulles logged Only 827.000 passengers and Many called it a White elephant. But gradually it has come into its own As Washington area and International traffic has increased. The barring of jumbo jets from National and the restriction on takeoffs and landings Between to . And 7 . Helped Dulles raise its passenger Load to 2 6 million in 1973. Washington National too. Has continued to raise its traffic in its crowded confines along the Potomac registering 11.7 million passengers last year. To take care of the increase National has enlarged at the same time creating passenger inconveniences in parking Airport officials currently Are working on modernization of the air terminals a better ground traffic pattern and improved baggage handling. Residents in the area objecting to noise and pollution have tried to have Many National flights shifted to Dulles or to Baltimore Washington Airport. Their Campaign succeeded in having jets flying into National fitted with devices to make engines smokeless and with soundproofing material to reduce noise. They also forced the Curlew on aircraft operations after to . Other cities have not been so successful in coping with environmentalists. Protests Over noise pollution or land desecration have blocked attempts by Minneapolis new York los Angeles and Miami to build new airports and they have stalled a $333 million expansion plan tor san Francisco International Miami for example wanted to build a new Jetport in the Everglades and los Angeles at Palmdale in the Mojave desert 60 Miles North of the City. Minneapolis new York s Laguardia and Kennedy los Angeles and Miami have enlarged or Are expanding facilities. Also being expanded Are airports in new Orleans. Chicago. Seattle Philadelphia Pittsburgh Orlando. Cincinnati Newark and Boston. Nearly All these cities say they will need new airports to handle the crush of traffic anticipated in the 1980s and 1990s. New York served by Kennedy Laguardia and Newark has considered a fourth Jetport at Stewart Airport. 65 Miles Northwest of Manhattan. The Field is used by private fliers airline Charters and training flights. However recent analyses indicate a new Jetport won t be needed for some time. Earlier studies failed to anticipate several factors that have relieved pressures on the existing airports. One Factor is the debut of the bigger jets. Which Cut Down on the number of flights. Another is improved air traffic control technology. A third is the slackening of the explosive growth rate of commercial aviation that followed the introduction of Jet airliners. In 1959 new York port authority planners expected Kennedy to be saturated at 20 million passengers a year. It passed that Milestone five years ago and experts predict Kennedy will be Able to handle 35 million annually a decade from now although Road and terminal congestion probably will be severe. To ease ground traffic congestion a $260 million High Speed rail line is planned to link Manhattan with Kennedy carrying passengers Between the two Points in 15 to 20 minutes. Under Ideal traffic conditions a bus trip Over the same route takes 40 minutes no Date has been set to Start construction expected to take a years Chicago s of Hare the world s busiest Airport accommodated 33.4 million passengers in 1973. Walter a Rush operations officer at the of Hare control Tower said one new runway and better navigational aids have been installed to reduce congestion in the air. At o Hart As at Many airports noise has been alleviated by the jumbo jets with their quieter engines and by lilting Many older air Craft with engine soundproofing nevertheless los Angeles has spent about $300 million to a a eradicate 1.994 private Homes near its Airport to Deal with noise protesters. The City purchased the Homes some with Tine sea views and swimming pools at prices ranging from $28,-000 to $115,000 and either demolished them or resold them for movement elsewhere. It bought one Home for $97,000 and paid a wrecking Crew $360 to destroy it. St. Louts has a special problem. Opinion on the location of a major Airport is sharply divided Between two groups. One favors expansion of Lambert St. Louis International Airport. The other is pushing a proposed new Airport site in Illinois 30 Miles Southeast of the Missouri City. The differences largely follow geographic lines with Missouri officials favouring expansion of Lambert and Illinois politicians the new site. Environmentalists Are not the Only Block to Airport construction or expansion sometimes it is financing airlines normally produce As much As 50 per cent of a Large Airport s Revenue mostly through Landing Lees an economic downturn and the higher Cost of fuel resulting from the recent Energy crisis have Cut into airline profits and have forced major cutbacks in spending by Airport users. In some communities new issues of general obligation Bonds tor the funding of Airport projects Are being put aside to permit financing of politically More popular measures such As school construction or Urban development. A big problem facing City operated Philadelphia International Airport is a Legal Battle Over a Large hike in Landing hangar and other tees. In May the Airport raised the figure it collects from 12 airlines from $4.2 million to $16 8 million per year. The airlines tiled suit and in july a Federal judge lowered the figure to $10.8 million. The airlines contend their projections of increased passenger volume Are lower than the City a and they say one of the two new terminals proposed in a $150 million expansion is not needed so soon Airport officials agreed to build one of the new terminals As Only a Quot Shell Quot with Interior fittings to be added la and when needed

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