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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 8a High Point Enterprise thursday sept. 21, 1972 no americans double tragedy takes family of five lose lives in Vietnam More to violence Saigon apr for the first time in More than seven years weekly casualty figures for the Vietnam War listed no americans killed in action. But the . Command in announcing today the figures for last week said five americans died from no hostile causes seven were wounded and four were missing or captured. It was the lowest combined casualty count since the command began keeping records on Jan. I 1965, and the first time there had been no american combat deaths since March i. 1961. Current . Troop strength in Vietnam is about 36.000. Compared to 29.100 in March 1965. I there Are no . Infantry units engaged in combat in Vietnam but there Are still american advisers attached to South vietnamese combat troops. South vietnamese casualties were put at 409 killed and 1,710i wounded a result of Hanoi s continuing offensive in South Vietnam which has lasted More than i1 a months. The Saigon command claimed 4.622 enemy troops were killed last week a significant increase Over the previous week s 3,449 enemy dead. Clinton. Iowa a United in death by tragedy the Utroska family comes Home for burial today. David Utroska a 30-year-old father of three died tuesday night an apparent suicide authorities said. His wife and children were killed sunday when Utroska a plane crashed in Lake Michigan shortly after Takeoff from Chicago a Meigs Field. A pistol and a note were found near Utroska a body in the family s new Home near Davenport Iowa. Police said he died of a single .22 Caliper Bullet through the heart. A it was my fault a the note said. A a. Sandra can t take care of the children alone. I know need Utroska his wife Sandra 30 and their children Kimberly la Kenneth. To and Kandice 6, will be buried in their family plot at Clinton memorial Park. The crash came at the end of a weekend pleasure trip for the family of the one time Clinton High school football Star. The family had stopped in Clinton saturday so Kenneth could celebrate his birthday with his great grandparents or. And mrs. De Utroska. Sunday morning they left for Chicago to visit the Lincoln Park zoo. A David was a devoted Young father completely wrapped up in his family a said Mae Bentley a Niece. I Utroska owner and manager of Midwest aviation in Davenport had flown planes for a i dozen years friends said. Utroska said after the crash on sunday that he tried the Takeoff while severe thunderstorms gathered because he did t want the children to be late for school the next Day. A shift in the wind caught the plane and it slammed into Lake Michigan too Yards off i Shore. Utroska escaped with Fa-1 Cial cuts. In the ambulance that took him to mercy Hospital he kept saying a a i could see Sandra and the kids trapped in attention he marital aids the simulators Quot is an a rated film. Die to its explicit sexual Content positively no one under the age of 21 will be admitted. Never before has a movie this bold been shown in this area. This movie is definitely adult entertainment saturday night Only 11 30 . A $400 doors open seats a 11 of . Rio led no one under 21 proof of age required movie ratings Fok parents Ino y0un6 people the a a of gtd Al the of Impi ii i alarm a a a Kauf aka to Maya Ian aah far a Ian Rirs of of a fair All Agys admitted 0�raral aw4ian<at Rcd All Ages admitted it a a a a a a Danca Wiff Attar Afan some Moreno May not be a a i Obe Lof pre teenager a Quot it Ric d a a Quot ur<4ar i 7 it a i it Ai Ai Vanaart a Barani a. Adair guardian pm r of no oni Utoft i t to Mitio i i aaa Lim May a a a i Nab. / in attain Arabi i p in m a i in o a a a a ski Chi a Mirac Munda the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise ii urn tim task on in Otis i Crisp succulent Crunchy pick up some delicious Golden Skillet Fried Chicken today. At our Westchester Moll store. Open weekdays from 11 co to 8 pm sunday noon to pm you never Hod it so Good new i 6 Fried shrimp of Tarter sauce Roll 12 Fried shrimp of Tarter sauce Roll 6 Fried oysters of Tarter sauce Roll 12 Fried oysters of Torter sauce Rolf 1.25 2.00 1.50 2.50 they Are Here. The race proven tr-6 the sleek Gt-6 the Ever popular spitfire Triumph gt6 Good selection of colors and equipment to suit any sports Cor enthusiast. 2 new shipments just arrived Meredith Auto sales 819 n. Main phone 883-1216 half a million in Cash was missing Elmr shh Rny thet wanted they a spill blood to get it they had they a do anything to keep it Bonnier a kids thank cod she Only Hod two n-0-w shows at 7 08-9 11 by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York apr two television series that emphasize violence Are Back with us this fall. Viewers May protest but the shows also appear to emphasize deceit Aerial thievery and the thrill of the Chase. Both arrived Here sunday afternoon for what the announcers called the Start of the 1972 regular season. On Abc. The show was a the jets is. The at lbs it was a the giants is. The similar shows were seen elsewhere in the nation. The lbs show. Broadcast live from Detroit began with a brisk rendition of a the Star spangled Banner a performed in 57 seconds by a 180-piece marching band. Then it got Down to business. The plot went this Way a Man in a Blue Jersey flanked by to identically dressed men ran up to a Ball that resembled a big leather egg with stitches. He kicked this caught the attention of la other men id White. They ran at each other and formed a big pile on something one of the narrators. Ray Scott called the 31. Then they got up and talked to each other and decided to form a big pile again. A few scenes later As they took sides. Scott said a a let a see if the Lions decide to Blitz Snead in what looks like a passing he referred to Norm Snead a Star in sundays show. Blitz must mean hurl to the ground and jump upon because that a what the Lions did to Snead. A few minutes later the giants did the same to Greg Landry a lion Star. As the drama unfolded someone in a striped shirt threw Down his handkerchief As if in anger and Scott said a we have our firs Marker of the game. against the giants.�?�. After this other men in striped shins showed no reluctance to hurl Down their handkerchiefs too. Scott explained this was because of things like illegal motion Ann offensive interference among the players. The shows Strong Point was t dialogue. Laandre and Snead spent most of the Day in a Crouch muttering a shut hut huf and silently fleeing for their lives when Given the balk on the positive Side the action was fast and furious. Viewers who adjourned for a Beer during the better parts did no to lose out lbs replayed the dramatic highpoint 37 times Ann in slow motion at that. And at the end it gave the ratings for each cast. The Lions got a 30 rating and the giants a 16. The entire show lasted about three hours a five for those who switched Over to the no drama in which the new York jets got a 41 rating to the Buffalo Bills 24. All things considered both shows Are fun and will do Well in neighbourhood saloons and household basements this fall. They wont do Well in Homes where the average viewer is a be whiskered bum who upon assuming the prone position on the sofa. Is immediately told by his wife to get up and let her vacuum it before it mounts. Television log 8 00 the mod squad 9 00 premiere the men James Wainwright in a a Jigsaw ugh pts an 5 a my Greensboro c3 a Btu Charlotte a Wunch University station do Wols Roanoke cd a Gap High Point Elj Wujs Winston Salem go soc Charlotte open 7 15 . 1st show at 7 45 she Only wants to help fill the generation Gap t its a family affair color by my r Uno ii requires Parent Alterm Rey a loan Anter Sefl Pius 1st run feature no. 2 at 9 30 they took what Why wanted anywhere any dime today 4 00 . 33 Channel 2 news 3d news 3 evening edition d Abc news 3 eyewitness news in 6 of clock news 4 30 . 3 3 news 3 soc. Of education $ anything you can gds a Abc new 7 00 . 3 Andy Griffith 3d news a boy truth or consequences do go to Tell the truth h news 7 30 . 3d dragnet a theater three go govt. Management by survival go Arthur Smith a to Tell the truth a Green acres 8 00 . 3 the Waltons a Jean Shepherd of mod squad a a a flip Wilson a 30 . A . People a Voo . 3 3 lbs movie a Hollywood to theater a the men gds a Ironside 10 00 . A we orld press j Owen Marshall a a a Dean Martin 10 30 . 4 30 minutes with. 11 00 . 3 3 news a news go news final to news amp news sports and weather 11 30 . 3 3 late movie a Dick Cavett a a a Johnny Carson 5 00 pm Ponderosa 6 00 pm what a my line 7 30 pm to Tell the truth Wujs of 4 00 . 2j summer semester 4 30 . 3 Good morning show a on the farm 7 00 . 3 lbs news 8 University of Michigan 5 a a today 7 30 . 3 morning scene a romper room 1 00 . 3x3d capt. Kangaroo to Southern exposure 9 00 . 3 old rebel 3i Merv Griffin 4 Earth science 8 dealing for dollars movie go Mike Douglas io1 Phil Donahue a a today at Home 9 30 . 3 Merv Griffin a physical science 10 00 . 3 the jokers wild 4 sesame Street a a Dinah a place 10 30 . 3 3 new Price is right a Joje concentration 11 00 . 3 3 gambit a Granny a password a a Khz Sale of the Century 11 30 . X 3 love of Lite a bewitched �j0"� Hollywood squares 12 00 noon 3 where the heart is 3 scene at noon a news go new to a jeopardy 12 30 . 331 search for tomorrow a electric co. 81 split second to news a a who. What where game 1 00 . 3 today a woman Judy Walker 3 Betty Feezor a Ripples cd All my children j jeopardy Ion Somerset 1 30 . 33 As the world turns 4 physical science 8 lets make a Deal a 101� three on a match 2 00 . 2 3 guiding Light 4 math a newlywed game �10� Days of our lives 2 30 . 3 3 Edge of night a meet the arts a dating game a a a the doctors 3.00 . 33j Gove is a Many spleen bored tiling a general Hospital co a another world 3 30 . 2 3 secret storm a one life to live go the Flintstones 10 a return to Peyton i. 4 00 . 2j family affair 3 truth or consequences 4 Mist Erogers cd love american St in go Gilligan a Island to Merv Griffin 11 the munsters 4 30 . 3 Gomer Pyle 3 Ponderosa 4j sesame Street 81 that girl 9 Beverly Hillbillies a Gilligan a Island 5 00 . 2j big Valley 8jjeannie a Andy Griffith 12 Ponderosa 5 30 . 3 i dream of Jeannie 4 electric co. 8 news 9 Dick Van Dyke to what a my line capsule views of today s evening programs under la it Evirtt porn it coming to the tar Heel in the next few weeks. Quot the Mother Quot brians song Quot preacher Man Quot Quot sin of Adam amp eve Quot 12 7 . 2 Andy Griffith Gomer tries his hand at making a citizens arrest on Deputy Barney Fife. 8 . 8 mod squad Bobby Sherman guest stars As a youth who joins a motorcycle gang and plots to Rob his tycoon father s construction Job payroll As a jokes but the gang has other ideas. Flip Wilson guests include the 5th dimension and tim Conway. 9 . 2 lbs movie the starring Burt Lancaster. Lee Marvin Robert Ryan and Claudia Cardinale. A taut adventure drama set in Mexico after the 1971 revolution. 8 the men debut an a c t i o n a a venture drama starring James Wainwright As police it. Frank Dain of the state missing persons Bureau. In this first episode t h e mysterious disappearance of a Young writer takes it. Dain on a dangerous Mission to a Small midwestern town. 12 a Ironside a Ironside takes a course in professional dog training when previously efficient guard dogs fail to attack jewel robbers on the premises they Are supposed to be protecting. To . 8 Owen Marshall a Marshall defends a College professor accused of the murder of a student with whom she was having an affair. 12 Dean Martin guests include Lloyd Bridges. Barbara Feldon and Anna Moffo

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