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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 6a High Point Enterprise thursday sept. 21, 1972 just a different style Agnew denies there is a new Agnew an a news special by Walter r. Mears a political writer Columbus. Ohio a Spiro t. Agnew Speaks no longer of the Tongue twisting political demonology he created two years ago not As he tells it because there is a new Agnew but because this is a new Campaign. A it s a question of emphasis and style Quot the vice president said in describing his change in Campaign tactics. A a it a not a question of changing my principles it s not a question of walking away from what i said two Days into his new look Campaign Agnew told a news conference a i like it i like the Way ifs being received its very comfortable to essentially Agnew is conducting now what most politicians Wold consider simply a Standard Campaign. For him compared with what has gone before it is different. He is not avoiding controversy nor has he turned soft on the opposition. Agnew told Spiro Agnew with his con Tain disagree the theme of the 1970 Agnew the Ohio Republican convention Campaign was a nonstop attack wednesday night that sen. Against the democrats and on George Mcgovern a positions republicans a who he called a Are so far to the left some a Radical liberals accusing times they re almost out of them of advocating far out tons and then trying to depict but the flamboyant rhetoric themselves As moderates at of his earlier campaigns is tem election time Perez now and Agnew says he in the old Agnew style is a Nore attuned to issues less Mcgovern would have been a to personalities. Prime candidate for the a Vradi a a in a trying this year to adopt a new style a style that will not bring about these mis constructions in my intent Quot Agnew said. A a in a also trying to place the emphasis in this Campaign on very Well established and logical and substantiated positions. Quot but within minutes of that analysis Agnew was saying that he has a personal theory a a wild fancy Quot that the men accused of raiding and attempting to wiretap democratic Headquarters were encouraged by someone who purposely blew the lid to Embarrass the Republican party. Mcgovern called that a cheap shot. Agnew retorted that Mcgovern was being silly. He said Mcgovern was not impervious to cheap shot charges himself then quickly added that he made no such accusations. One inevitable question is whether Agnew s new approach is part of an image overhaul through which he Hopes to position himself for a 1976 presidential Campaign. His answer whatever the intent the political fact is that the new look is better tuned to a presidential Campaign future. Agnew said he does no to intend to get Tough in his 1970 style even if polls indicate the Republican margin is shrinking. A i Don t think there is any Chance that it would be necessary for me to employ the tactics that i did when i was trying to shake up All of the me too ers who were hanging on my Campaign coattails As i went around the country in 1970,&Quot Agnew said. Indeed part of the Republican Campaign game plan is to encourage democrats to do just that to turn away from Mcgovern and vote for the Gap ticket. Unlike the 1968 and 1970 Agnew campaigns this one is being conducted at least at the outset with no White House Liaison Man aboard. A special a 8 of. Chopped sirloin Steak a steaming baked potato with melted butter a Crisp Green salad Choice of dressing tasty Texas Toast thursday night is kiddie Nite. Every child under 12 will receive a free treat ask cashier 11 30 . Til 4 00 . Buckaroo Steak Famey Barbecue Barbecue for 4 Barbecue Slaw hush puppies All for s2.60 tax included take out Only Stamey s Barbecue 908 s. Main High Point 885-5625 ranch in High Point a 1711 North main St read the want ads ebb Quot Label. In the new the democratic nominee is criticized for his views but not denounced. Gone Are the other villains of Agnew said he decided even before consulting president Nixon that such a change would make him a More effective campaigner for the Republican ticket. A the agreed Quot Agnew 1970, the a troglodyte leftists a a said. The a nattering nabobs of Nega and so on his first full scale the a vicars of Vacil Campaign swing Agnew has lation Quot and the a hopeless a suggested in a St. Louis helpless hypochondriac of his speech that his audience of rotary club members should according to Agnew any listen to the democratic Side of flaws in the old campaigning the Campaign argument too. Were in the eyes of his behold said he likes it better now Ders not in his performance. A i that he Isnit cast As the prime make no apology for anything i critic of the press. A i done to said in any of those Cam think you Fellows Are so bad be said. A i regret that he added. Some of the things were Misun a said that he is not going to de stood perhaps and i regret address his Campaign to demo that connotations were placed critic problems but to the and around some of the More color ministration record a because Ful rhetoric i May have used Well be trying to Appeal to in. Dependents and democrats Quot in-1 Stead of knocking the other1 Side in noted in Assai Ling Mcgovern s defense budget proposals that he does no to question the sincerity of the democratic nominee although a i to since 1924quality cleaning # on it conditioning. A stat cranes Launor Wem u70 Katf Lynli re id. Is 7101 ii ii held Ove re our gala showing of 1973 airstream Argosy Anil Nomad travel trailers of you minted thin thou inn week plan note to attend today i mph a it it. Mars a i an airstream is More than just a Fine trave trailer. 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