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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather possible rain warmer Mere data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 315 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon september 21, 1972 44 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c 3 tied to welfare Reform social Security hikes okayed by committee for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every , coming up q. Why can t we have a Mailbox in Hickory Chapel Woods because we have to go so far to mail a letter. Anon. A. A collection Box will be placed at the end of Kroll Lane which intersects with Habersham Road says postmaster i. D. Crissman. The Carrier serving Hickory Chapel Woods will collect mail deposited Here at la . Daily except sundays and holidays. A collection Box is presently located at 1734 Kivett drive and mail there is collected at 4 50 . If a later collection is needed by patrons in the area. A a a Worms in the peas q. Could you find out what to do to Black eyed peas to keep the Little White Worms out. I picked to freeze and they Are full of Worms or bugs. Also what to do for Damson Plum Trees. They have Black knots on them and kill the Trees. Would like to know about the peas As soon As possible. Mrs. Is. A. Agricultural Extension agent John Carroll sent you All the information Only to have it All returned stamped a unknown on it. 4,�?� so he asked that we try to reach you. If you la mail us a card or envelope with your name and address Well Forward the material to you. In Case anyone else has Worms in their peas Carroll says the insect is probably Cowpea Caricu Lio larvae. It is controlled by dusting or spraying with Sevin every four or five Days Between Blossom and Harvest. There is nothing you can do for those already infested but if you have younger peas that Are just Blooming you can treat these. The Black knot disease of plums and cherries can be controlled by a pruning and spraying program outlines in agricultural Extension service publications. A a a when s it official q. When is a child considered born during births after it has come out or after the Cord has been Cut or. K. A As soon As it is delivered i.e., when the trunk and feet Clear the birth canal. Defective foodstuff o i bought several cans of Corn and they were full of Corn Silks and other stuff. We could t eat them. Who do i write to a the head of the store that Sells them or the Canning company anon. A. Any time a food drug or cosmetic product is obviously below Par in purity or safety the person who bought it should write a description giving any identifying code on the product Label and Sec id it to the food ii drug administration. The nearest office is in Greensboro 324 w. Market St. Keep the in Case they want to pick it up. The Eda tries to locate intact samples in warehouses end then they go to the manufacturer or processor if it is warranted. Is warranted. It would be Wise to let the manager of the store know about your findings too. They Don t want to sell defective or substandard products any More than you want to buy them. It s Legal q. I need in answer quickly. Is inter racial marriage against the Law in North Carolina anon. A. No. A Holographic wills q. Could you Tell me if a will which was copied after a Legal will wording but Only notarized and signed by a notary Public and no other witness is Legal in the state of North Carolina i would greatly appreciate an answer. Anon. A. If the will is entirely in your own land writing it May be Legal As a Holographic will. Sound off we need help. Last year the elementary school Volunteer program had 113 volunteers. This year Here Are 237 elementary teachers who May want Volunteer help. What do the volunteers do they help individual children with Reading Pelling or math usually Ona one to one basis. We now have a Reading lab in each of our eleven elementary schools. Help is needed in these labs and also with the Macmillan tutorial system. How can you sign up Call your principal or get in touch with your school a a coordinator. For Tomlinson Brentwood and Mon lieu the coordinator is mrs. Darrell Stout 883-9510. For Oak View Kirkman Park and Parkview All mrs. John Ray 882-4454. Northwoods and Fairview a coordinator is mrs. Phillip Mowrey 882-6907. Oak Hill Johnson and Shady Rook have mrs. D. Parrish 885-6604. We can use you even if you done to have children i the Public school system. Please Call one of the above or mrs. Bill Linthi Lim 882-4044. Thank you. Washington Apt a Senate finance committee has approved a $6-billion package of social Security increases and higher payroll deductions to finance them. Today the panel tries to wrap up work on the joint social Security welfare re form Bill. The social Security boosts were approved wednesday As the committee neared the end of its deliberations on the House passed legislation. Under the social Security tax hike approved by the committee a person making $10,800 next year would pay $648. Compared with $468 this year. The employer pays a Matching amount. The measure also contains far reaching provisions affecting welfare families with dependent children the aged Blind and disabled on the welfare Rolls and the two big government health programs medicare and medicaid. Finance has voted to junk president Nixon a family assist Ance plan for welfare Reform Law scholar killed on . Streets new York a a 16-year-old boy was arrested today and charged with murder in the Daylight stabbing of a Columbia University International Law scholar during an attempted mugging. Picked up at his Home in the death of 65-year-old Wolfgang Friedmann wednesday was Daniel Mungues of Manhattan. Police said he admitted taking part in the mugging but denied wielding the knife. Friedmann was stabbed when three youths attacked him and struggled to get his Wristwatch. Police said the youth was arrested on information received from witnesses to the attack on Friedmann known to his colleagues As a humanist and opponent of International violence. Authorities said they know the identities of the other two assailants and that they were being sought. Police said the teacher was walking a few blocks from the Campus when three youths 14-to 17-Ycars-old stopped him and wrested a Wallet from his pocket. When they tried to pull his Wristwatch from his he resisted and was stabbed once in the Chest police said. And substitute its own workfare version with much stronger work requirements for welfare recipients. The new social Security benefits approved would include $3.5 billion in Cash payments and $2.4 billion in medicare. The committee also voted so Cial Security tax increases totalling $6 billion to finance the new benefits. Last june while the committee was reviewing this Bill Congress passed and Nixon signed into Law a 20 per cent general social Security boost attached to another Bill. The 20-per-cent increase which took effect sept. I would be extended temporarily to one million Railroad retirement beneficiaries under another Bill passed by the House and sent to Nixon wednesday. Railroad workers Are covered see social on Page 2a Mcgovern displays anti personnel bombs at Philadelphia dinner a wire photo Mcgovern repeats attack on War acts Philadelphia a returning with vigor to the subject about which he Speaks most strongly sen. George Mcgovern says the Vietnam War does no to Honor America but is More than Ever a an assault on the decency and self respect of this great his speech wednesday night was the first he has devoted exclusively to the War since he won the democratic presidential nomination last july. It brought a dinner audience of several Hundred Campaign contributors to its feet for two standing ovations. Earlier wednesday Mcgovern joined forces with a former rival sen. Edmund s. Muskie. The candidate also toured a factory in Ohio and made Campaign stops in new Jersey. Today he planned More appearances in new Jersey and in new York City. In his address wednesday he repeated some familiar attacks on president Nixon a failure to end the War and his resumption Nixon s military budget attacked Washington a George Mcgovern s defense advisers today accused president Nixon of speeding toward a $ i 0 0-billion-a-year military budget that threatens to spiral the arms race and a bankrupt our ability to provide a decent life for our people at without repeating the democratic presidential candidate s proposal for a $30-billion Cut to put the defense budget at $58 4 billion by 1975, the advisory panel claimed Mcgovern would give the country a realistic defense balanced with meeting Domestic priorities. A we need More than just engines of War if we Are to be truly secure a said the panel co chaired by former defense Secretary Clark m. Clifford. Nixon a Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird dismissed the panels report As what he called a desperate attempt by Mcgovern a to escape the consequences of his own defense the Mcgovern panel said a a shift from the current overblown defense establishment to a leaner tougher system geared to today a needs and today a realities should be made gradually so As not to be disruptive internationally or a Home. It said Nixon a defense policy a has been marked by failures to end the Vietnam War to slow the arms race end wasteful spending for military weapons and to use expensive military manpower effectively. A even worse a it said a billions Are squandered on weapons systems we should know to be useless with the feeble excuse that these will be valuable a bargaining the Mcgovern pan-1 said such new . Weapons As the Trident submarine and by bomber jeopardize arms control by upsetting the nuclear balance and by a appearing As a threat to soviet forces and As a . Escalation of the arms the panel quoted the Brookings institution As saying continued funding and expansion of present programs would bring a $100-billion defense budget by 1977. A if the costs of our weapons our troops and our wars Are allowed to bankrupt our ability to provide a decent life for our people at the panel said a then we have military Power without National of Large scale bombing of North Vietnam As . Ground troops have been withdrawn from the South. The candidate recalled the Impromptu debate he had engaged in earlier wednesday with workers at a Western electric Plant in Columbus Obi. They had accused Mcgovern of offering amnesty to a a traitors who evaded the draft and of proposing a a surrender by promising to end the War 90 Days after taking office. And they said Nixon a bombing of North Vietnam would bring about release of american prisoners of War. A Why a Mcgovern asked. A to show them we have Power Over Here and Are not just a Flunky second rate country a one worker responded. In his speech wednesday night Mcgovern said 550 us pilots have been taken prisoners or have become missing in action since Nixon renewed the bombing and he said the War has stained americans Honor. A the War now More than at any stage since we be been involved in Southeast Asia has now become an assault on the decency and self respect of this great country a he said. A what we now present to the world is the spectacle of the richest and most powerful country in All the world standing off at a Safe distance and raining Down our see Mcgovern on Page 2a presidential car collides with Bike Washington a president Nixon a new five ton Armor plated limousine has come out second Best in a collision with a 10-Speed bicycle. But the Bike rider got a ticket. President Nixon was not in his car at the time. After the collision wednesday bicycle owner Orville Jackson 32, of Washington reported no damage while police said Nixon a Lincoln Continental limousine was damaged on tile left rear fender and doors. Police put total damage at Over $100. Cost of the car has been estimated at $500,000 Jackson a student at Washington technical Institute was shaken up and examined at a Hospital but apparently was not seriously Hurt. The mishap occurred As both car and bicycle were turning into a service station. Police later went to the Hospital to give Jackson a ticket for failure to keep in his proper Lane of traffic but Jackson says he a going to fight it in court. Jackson said he was stunned by the Impact but quickly realized the car was occupied by secret service agents. A you he said a that car had four radios and these Guys had guns sticking out of their he said five policemen later appeared at the Hospital to give him the ticket. Nixon May veto safety measure by Carl c. Craft associated press writer Washington apr House Republican sources claim president Nixon will veto a Compromise Bill on household product safety if it looks too much like the Senate a sweeping version. A if they want a Bill have to accept the House Bill essentially As it is a a senior gof1 congressman said wednesday. A the House Bill is More acceptable but hell veto the Senate Republican sources in the House said they abandoned the Nixon administration s substitute measure after Gap congressmen won an understanding that democratic handlers of the Bill would stick by key portions of the House approved version during Compromise talks with the Senate. This Means the concept of Independent status for a proposed regulatory group survived a crucial organizational Battle the administration favored vesting product safety authority under the food and drug administration within the health education and welfare department. Under the legislation passed 318 to 50 by the House wednesday a new Federal commission would he created with Power to set mandatory safety standards or ban a product from the marketplace. This Independent panels authority would extend to a wide Range of everyday products from washing machines to football helmets. The House Bill specifically excludes food drugs cosmetics motor vehicles tobacco pesticides weapons and ammunition. The House shouted Down an attempt to add guns to a list of products that could he regulated by the commission. The commissions work would be aimed at protecting the consumer from unsafe products used around the Home or schools. The Senate passed Bill contains similar provisions along the Independent Agency Avenue but also would abolish Fra in the process. The Senate measure would create a food drug and consumer product Agency empowered to take unsafe items off the shelf and to ban the manufacture of any carrying an unreasonable risk of death or injury. The House accepted a key amendment by rep. David w. Dennis r in allowing Federal court citizen suits by anyone Hurt by a product covered under the Bill Only if damage is at least $10,000 originally the legislation allowed suits against any manufacturer distributor or retailer without regard to the amount in controversy. Mailed bomb plot spreads to Africa by the associated press the plot to kill israelis with Booby trapped mail parcels spread to Africa today after intensive police searches turned up bombs in North America and across Europe. Israeli officials also reported they Are getting Tough with a sons trying to inflict their own personal vengeance on Arab terrorists. The israeli foreign ministry said three of the envelopes containing the bombs were found today addressed to embassy officials in Kinshasa the capital of Zaire the former belgian con ii. They were discovered in the embassy a postal delivery Box bore any went off. A spokesman said the bombs were similar to those found earlier this what s inside amusement. 8 9a Bridge 10b classified ads. 3 Iid comics 9c crossword. 10b editorials. 4a financial 2a obituaries Ioc sports. My television a women s news i 9b weather 3a week in Paris i Inion Brussels. Geneva Vienna. Tel Aviv Montreal and new York. One of them killed a Diplomat in i i Don but the others were found before they were detonated meanwhile israeli police cracked Down to prevent jewish vengeance attacks in Europe a we Are not planning any illegal operations a one it a Fricia said. Israelis state radio reported that police were holding a former israeli underground fighters on suspicion of trying to ship arms to Europe for attacks on Arab terrorists or Arab interests. The radio identified him As Mihai of a again. Once operations commander of the Airgun terrorist movement. The Airgun fought against the British army before Israel won Independence. Two Days ago the militant jewish defense league announced that one of its members also was arrested for trying to smuggle weapons abroad or counter terrorist operations following the Munich olympic murders. As the letter bomb scare mounted in Israel police said 14 of the explosive Laden envelopes had been found in the country. Lake All of the others they were mailed rom Amsterdam officials said. Just about to give up boy survives trip in Culvert / John Schropfer Duluth Minn. Apr everything was so dark and i thought there was no end to it at All a says Young John Schropfer of the harrowing minutes he spent in a world of swirling roaring water. For an estimated 3 to 4 minutes the 12-year-old youth fought for air and against the Rushing water wednesday As he was carried the length of a two Block Long Culvert into which he fell. The near tragedy began when school recessed Early after a deluge of nearly four inches of rain the third downpour to Hammer the Duluth area in six weeks. John and a pal 13-year-old Steve Chapman Rode their bikes to a nearby restaurant. At the rear of the building they watched As Runoff water poured into the Concrete Culvert which ranges in size from 2 to 12 feet. A a Man stood there taking pictures like mad of the Rushing water a John said. A then he asked us to lift up the boards covering the Culvert saying the water would go in the two boys managed to remove the boards. Then suddenly John lost his footing and Slid Down into the torrent. A i swam i fought i held my breath a John recalled. A i was pulled and bounced and tumbled just like i was a a Strong swimmer John said that at several Points he went Down a very deep and hardly hold my breath any but each time he surfaced just in time snatched a breath of air and then swam or was dragged on. The current Tore the shoe and socks from his feet. A i was just about to give up when i thought i saw a Light so i fought the water harder a the boy said. The Light was the other end of the Culvert. He crawled out dazed and stumbled into a nearby store. A clerk called police. The boy was taken to a Hospital for treatment of bruises a Cut on the head and a sprained wrist and then was sent Home to rest. John the son of or. And mrs. John Schropfer reminded his Mother that he be Able to go to school thursday. She Only smiled and said a heaven did no to need a Good Little inv

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