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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 19, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 14c. High poin Enterprise sunday september 19, 1976 to improve patient care awareness of doctors fall Davi endings Book Quot the life givers Quot reminds us of the incredible possibilities of modern Medicine. Capsule reviews prepared by the american Library Assn a _ by Carol Felsenthal not until we realize that doctors Are fallible will patient care and the doctor patient relationship improve three new books hit Home this fact by describing doctors who make both stupid mistakes and Brilliant discoveries. Julia Cook was a vigorous woman of 46 when she developed heart problems Julia s Story by Fred j. Cook Holt Rinehart and Winston 179 pages $7 95 a coronary event by Michael Halberstam. M d and Stephan Lesher Lippincott 208 pages $8.95. The life givers by David Hendy Morrow 260 pages $8 95 Singer strives for clarity seventeen years later follow my spectacularly successful open heart surgery she died the result of an incredible series of medical blunders. Her husband journalist Fred Cook tells a Julia s Story to indict the american medical system a system so overburdened so chaotic so fragmented that life Eddeath details become lost in the Maze a he tells it also to warn others that they a better question every decision their doctor makes. Finally though he tells the Story of Julia a needless death to assuage his guilt at not having Quot raised hell and stamped my feet much earlier in his wife a mistreatment Quot the great doctor Quot As Cook facetiously labels the famous cardiologist who treats his wife is an ego maniac. Quot he strode the Halls of his Hospital like a Demigod when he ordered something nurses flew when he walked into a staff conference an awed hush fell Over the room As lesser mortals waited for his words a the doctors treatment of his patient is so callous and careless that one wonders Why the Cooks did t fire him Long before his fatal foul up a his failure to order regular blood tests absolutely Essen tial because of a blood thin Ning drug Julia is taking. The result her blood thins out too much seeps into her brain and kills her a a coronary events is indeed an event in the annals of medical writing for it cures the weakness of most recent personal accounts of sickness including Quot Julia a Story Quot a the too Black and White dichotomy Between physician As villain and patient As victim. In alternating chapters coauthors Stephan Lesher the heart attack victim and Michael Halberstam. The Doc needed emphysema victims who refuse to Stop smoking and Lesher who refuses to just relax and Stop Quot exhausting himself and me during times when doctors Tor Tell Quot their sides of the Story. Lesher a 38-year-old Quot Newsweek reporter was no Model patient just two Days after his heart attack he. Was doing push in his Arp commonly depicted As room and researching an Arti takers the life Iver a Cie on heart attacks having particularly refreshing boo found some evidence in his medical writer and syn research that neither nicotine dilated columnist David i e nor cholesterol were harmful Din interviewed six he continued his heavy intake physicians All men whose is 0f coteries have directly or in just out of the directly helped nearly jogged along the Edge of Lively chapters Hen first Din charts the struggles and what americans Are Reading passions. By Isaac Bash Evis Singer. Farrar Strauss amp Giroux. 312 pages. $8 96 in his introduction to this collection of 20 of his stories Isaac Bash Evis Singer writes Quot while obscurity in Content and style May now be the fashion clarity remains the ambition of this quite Correct most of the time but there Are times when Singer slips and obscures the meaning of a Story Quot Hanka a for example is a rather rambling narration about an authors lecture trip to South America he meets a strange woman who has is Rita Hayworth sues former lawyer los Angeles a actress Rita Hayworth is suing her former business manager and lawyer Jack m Ostrow for More than $1 million for allegedly leading her into a series of bad business dealings. Miss Hayworth said in the suit filed in los Angeles Superior court that on Ostrows advice she had signed a series of promissory notes and purchased securities through a company called California certificates fund inc caped from the nazi terror in Europe but while she has escaped with her life she has lost her passion for living she flits in and out of the authors life disappears then reappears or Doe of she9 even the writer in t sure. In Quot a pair Quot Singer deals with mad poet who Quot ran away from Hitler and managed to reach american but rather than coming to a definite end the Story seems to go in circles and end with a question Mark in the Reader s mind the Story does show however. Singer s great gift for pungent humorous dialogue containing such lines As Quot if you wont give me something to eat and a Glass of Tea. I will die in your House and you la have to pay for the Singer however does hit the Mark More times than he misses. His Quot old love is a bittersweet telling of a wealthy old Man who has isolated himself from the world but then meets a younger woman Falls in love with her and in the Contact has his will to return again to the world of men restored Quot die admirer Quot is a wildly funny yet touching tale about an amiable writer and the rather mad Young woman who takes advantage of his kindness to disrupt his household. Singer May not be successful in All his stories but when he is. Which is quite often he is very very Good. Non fiction this last weeks week week on list 1.the final Daysi 20 by Woodward amp Bernstein Simon a schuster $12 50 2. Doris Day her own Story 2 32 by a e Hotchner Morrow. $8 95 3.passages, 3 7 by Gail Sheehy Dutton $10 95 4. A Man called intrepid the secret 6 13 War. By William Stevenson Harcourt Brace. Jovanovich $12 95. 5.the russians 4 25 by Hedrick Smith quadrangle $12 50 o born again 5 13 by Charles Colson chosen books. $8 95 7. Year of health a Beauty a 7 by Vidal Sassoon Simon amp schuster $9 95 Johnson a the american 10 2. Dream by Doris Kearns Harper amp Row $12 50 under the knife. 1 by William a Nolen Coward $8 95 10.loretta Lynn Coal Miner s daughter a i by Lorena Lynn regnery $7 95 your Horoscope monday september 20 your birthday monday this is your year to study metaphysical and psychic Phenomena. A major series of personal developments impel you to face real limitations learn to live with them and move up to a higher level of consciousness your individuality is stronger and More readily accepted by others As your self esteem rises certain relationships last for a Long time today s natives Are industrious can spin a Story to prove a Point those born this year Are perennial scholars capable of reaching extremes in abstract thought. Sunday crossword Puzzle edited by Margaret Farrar Aries March 21 april 19 use familiar people As sounding boards before you Spring your ideas on the outside world you have three Days to achieve some definite act of service Taurus april 20-May 2ft helpful people make Opportunity available. By concentrating on the positive Side of work. You automatically leave behind some erroneous method. Gemini May 21-june 20 while you pursue obvious responsibilities make sure nobody in your Circle of friends goes too Long without recognition listen Tor useful information by Altin mire across i Chalcedony 6 simians a to choreographers concern 14 snap unit in revealed 19 one of Jacob s wives 20 fable 21 Tara s locale 22 extend 23 River of be Spain 24 it Capon in Saint Cyr 25 upper 26 Milne 30 gymnasium figure 32 Soprano inst 3.3 hebrew Lyre 35 political lineup 36 grinding tools 40 Quot capital Quot 42 harvests 44 hedge shrubs 45 curbed 47 convert into Money 51 Mosquito Ienus Ai 5.3 Creek Peak 54 eight in Valencia 55 Pritchett 59 mine car v is situated 61 sea movement 66 Relief 69 Quot letter to my love phrase 72 part of an act 73 German article 74 wealth 76 russian sea 77 Quot sempre Quot now and always 7k Lawrence 85 Jerome of in usic 86 smelly 89 historic periods literary great q 92 German River 93 mrs Johnson 95 deductive 97 Good to eat 99 collection 100 copies 101 buckets 104 Quot thank Quot 106 support 107 diffusion process 109 see 90 across 117 Jacobs twin 118 a Thomas 120 director Nichols 121 of a Pelvic Bone 122 Wise men 12.3 famous waterway 124 German denial 125 associate with 126 Singer de 127 one who gazes 128 hostels 129 spartan serf Down i Tel Highlander 3 wild Buffalo i Rock n Roll fan. Usually 5 Cummings 6 actress Smith 7 Small arms dido 8 become entitled to 9 wearing hoots 10 celebrities 11 Middle 12 main Street sights 13 equal 14 forester 15 sphere of action 16 movement prefix 17 a Nous 27 court a i British local tribunal 28 goes ast Ray 29 Comfort 31 Viper 34 scraps 36 Wallaby 37 official Docu ment abbr 38 laugh. Ital Ian style 39 with or. 40 attract 41 desiccated 43 Nabokov title 45 Chicken a Kiev 46 kind of Boom 48 bitter 49 umbrage 50 Aaron specially 52 org 56 Seine tri but Ary 57 scottish enclosures 58 either banners Lebrew dry measures 63 regarding 64 close 65 Chesterton 66 without a Sou 67 broadcast 68 throw a a a into 70 kind of Bear 7 1 Rule a generally 75 Mencken 79 Streak 80 babylonian War of 81 mom s part Ner 82 Lamb 83 uprising 84 ripped 86 aquatic Salamander 87 monastery of a Lype 88 pastoral poem 91 Quot the season to be silly. Antish spa 95 word after Quot Amo Quot 96 British a origin e 98 naval Mono ram May Wright Henrik and family 101 italian epic verse 102 Shillong s state 103 reflection 105 alternative his understand my words lift Aii prefix 111 aspect 112 related 113 Quot i cannot Tell a Quot 114 Leader of Canada s red River rebel lion 1869 70 or Western Alliance 116 Burns for one 119 Cravat cancer june 21-Julv 22 you can close a i reasonable Deal review your financial situation make new decisions and resolutions More in line with current goals Leo july 23-aug. 22 you re at Peak of a personal Cycle ofter plans in terms others can understand travel produces Chance encounters of potential importance Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 go ahead on your own initiative w Ith a new Job. Or try recapturing the spirit of a fresh Start facts acquired now turkish a priceless education Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 Lear up financial questions so you can move on bring together a Good team on the Spur of the moment to perform a needed but temporary task Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 forget the past insofar As likes and dislikes Are concerned coax new personalities or reluctant individuals to take on a larger share of the workload Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 official sources open and provide beneficial information use it to take advantage of coming trends. Search your files for neglected contacts. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 associates Are More Active than you find comfortable. Split the Job up so they can Roll on ahead Check your resources insurance and earnings. Aquarius Jan 20-feb. Do decisions Are seemingly easy. But you a better Check with those directly involved feelings spill Forth relations intensify. Pisces feb. 19-March 2ft estimate what you can do and Promise nothing beyond that looking after your own Best interests is your Best bet lava less though an erupting Volcano brings to mind pictures of flowing Rivers of boiling lava not All Active volcanoes Emit lava mount Taal in the Philippines with a history of death and destruction has spewed Forth noxious gases steaming mud and Ash and White hot rocks a but never lava last weeks week on list 23 fiction this week 1.trinity, by Leon Uris Doubleday. $10 of 2. Lonely lady by Harold Robbins Simon amp schuster $9 95. 3. Dolores by Jacqueline Susann Morrow. $6 96 4. Agent in place by Helen Macinnes Harcourt. Brace Jovanovich. $8.95. 5.touch not the cat by Mary Stewart Morrow $8 95. A crowned Heads by Thomas Tryon Knopf $8.95. 7.the deep by Peter Benchley Doubleday $7 95 in the Mirror. By Sidney Sheldon Morrow $8 95. A. 1878, by Gore Vidal random House $10.0 10. Golden Unicorn by Phyllis a Whitney Doubleday $7 95 Channel converter 10 5 14 3 7 12 14 24 3 into reporting the mushroom my watergate scandal. Halberstam admires Lesher a reporting skills. But admiration turns to aversion when Lesher applies those skills to his own Case a Houn Ding Halberstam with questions. Quot a Man should never Trust a politician or a doctor Quot Lesher writes. Quot they Tell you As Little As they can and still end up with your Quot of patients listened More a Halberstam counters Quot doctors would explain Mere Quot he rails 3t Quot pig fat Quot men who refuse to lose weight. Successes of these pioneers in everything from polio treatment to open heart surgery. And he does so without getting bogged Down in technical detail or medical jargon in 1916 More than 27.000 people were strike by polio a 6.-000 died thousands More mostly children a were crippled in 1958. Half the . Population under 40 had been vaccinated with a vaccine developed by Jonas Salk the incidence of polio had plunged 86 per cent Salk was soon swamped with Public adoption and appreciation new season turn to tvs 8 Channel station High Point Cable Davidson county Cable 2 Wpm a Greensboro 9 2 3 a Btu Charlotte a 3 4 Wunch Chopel Hill 4 4 5 a tag washing ton 5 a i 8 a Gap High Point 13 7 9 soc Charlotte a 9 12 a Xii Winston Salem to 12 20 wac a washing ton 11 _ 36 Wret Charlotte 7 to program schedules listed in to schedule Are furnished by the television stations and networks and Are subject to change without notice. Network addresses network Unkn svs or muted below Tor to x ski hic Reader who want to write directly to the networks or questions criticism or program ticket requests Vhill i Vee Al Oner ices new York \ v it i i is Al it k2nd Siree new York n y iuu19 Mil to he Kleiler Clara new York n v Hothi pulse pounding action and adventure As squad 51s firefighters and paramedics Rush to tonight s emergency one Robert Fuller Julie London Bobby Troup Randolph Mantooth Keum Tighe Vividn Iutin re Vin Tyne weekdays 5 00 pm req television schedule am a my cd. 2 Greensboro a Btu cd 3 Charlotte Wuntch. 4 Chapel Hill a tag cd. 5 Washington a Gap cd. 8 High Point soc cd. 9 Charlotte Xii cd. 12 w. Salem Edca cd. 20 Washington whet cd 36 Charlotte 7 8 9 Roll 12 i a 2 3 4 5 no programs sunday Chapel Day of discovery Oral Roberts Rex Bumbard it is written Light unto my path Good news face the nation Bill Dooley show nil football Seattle is Washington Story Light unto my path gospel a singing whistle Stop far out space nuts Hudson Brothers look up and live Campaign s face the nation Fred Kirby s rascals the nil today nil football Seama is. Washington . Open Tennis championship . Open Tennis championship no programs no programs Leonard Bernstein at Harvard Book beat Victory Garden consumer survival kit Wall Street week Christopher close up Oral Roberts won Derama film stones movie the burning Hills movie to be or not to be movie Les girls movie Barretts of Wompole Street no programs chaplain of Bourbon St. Gospel expo Jerry Falwell Jimmy Swaggart hour of Power help yourself Public affairs issues and answers Media to rein Tea movie under Capricorn Bonanza Star trek Tarzan Jerry Falwell flames of revival Day of discovery Jamas Robison Oral Roberts quest Rex Humbard first presbyterian Church meet the press grandstand nil football Miami is. New England patriots thrills exers movie the vanishing land Rev Repass flames of revival gospel songs Johnny Mack Brown Western pathway Baptist Church meet the press grandstand nil football is. New England patriots Chuck Mills football the Green acres gospel hour Rex Humbard Baptist Church Oral Roberts hour of Power Lancelot link Valley 0 the dinosaurs movie Tarzan and the she Devil orioles baseball Baltimore is Cleveland movie thunderhead son of flick movie fantastic voyage no programs your future Peop e to people Bod Harrington Rev Thea of Jonas Leroy Jenkins film stones Speed racer Abbott and costello movie Black legion of Tiby s workshop movie that lady movie sincerely yours open up pm a my cd 2 Greensboro a Btu cd. 3 Charlotte Wuntch 4 Chapel Hill a tag cd. 5 Washington a Gap cd 8 High Point soc cd. 9 Charlotte Xii cd 12 w Salem Edca cd 20 Washington whet cd. 36 Charlotte 6 7 800 3 j the Johnny Cash show 9 Roll 12 football Contd news it s time to Pray America explorers news lbs news Cannon football Contd 60 minutes the Johnny Cash show Kojak Cannon news lbs news Bill Dooley show College football notre Dame is n c people world press piano sessions first civil War evening at the pods masterpiece theatre Moonstone great performances rules of the game sign off movie cont d Julie and Jackie Lawrence walk Tarzan wild kingdom cos six million Dollar Man Hee Haw news Dolly love american style David suss my Abc sunday night movie sky terror news Abc news movie Denver and the Rio Grande movie cont d Abc news wonderful world of Disney Abc sunday night movie Hercules unchained Ellery Queen news Jack Hudson presents the f b i closeup Abc news wonderful world of Disney Abc sunday night movie Hercules unchained Ironside notre Dame playback i spy movie cont d runaways Sord of life 700 club Tea Jimmy Swaggart god s Good news voice of Victory sign off program cont d to rein Rev Thea f. Jones Jimmy snagged the King is coming cry in the wilderness moment of truth Praise the lord club sign off

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