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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 19, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 12c High Point Enterprise sunday september 19, 1976 Here s the answer House of the week by Andy Lang a new features q a there is a Largo tree in our backyard which was paved with Concrete Many years ago although there is a Circle of dirt around the tree. So that no Concrete is within three feet of it. The paved portion has begun to crack and Rise a Little on one Side this apparently is due to a part of the tree Root growing at or above ground level at that Point my plan is to break up the Concrete in that area Cut off the part of the Root that is above ground and then repave the damaged Section it seemed like a Good idea until one of my friends told me he thought cutting out a Peice of the Root would kill the tree is this true0 a 1 11 answer that by telling you of my own experience in a similar situation. The roots of a tree in our front year began to emerge in the Center of a Lawn it became impossible to run the Lawn Mower Over that portion of the Lawn without having the Blades hit the roots i chopped out two sections of the roots each about 5 feet Long then reseeded the area the grass grew there and the tree has thrived that was four years ago q in putting Down floor boards in an attic which is More Likely to Warp a wide boards or narrow ones9 we live in a Damp area. A narrow boards Are less Likely to give you trouble q. A the last time i used a paint roller to do the Walls of one of the rooms in our House there were places where the paint seemed to be heavier than in others i used Latex paint since i have a similar Job to do soon i d like to avoid this trouble. Can you Tell me what i did wrong a a it sounds very much As if you violated the principle of painting a that you should Start a new stroke in a dry area and then move to the Section already painted with a roller dip it into the tray. Then Roll it Over the corrugated part to remove excess paint begin rolling on the part of the Wall next to where you were previously painting then gradually move towards the painted area blending in the gaps. If you begin in the wet Section. You will be putting too much paint there and this will cause the problem you encountered also Don t Roll too fast and Don t spin the roller at the end of a stroke. Q. A i made a Patch in our Concrete Patio with a mixture of Sand Cement and gravel. It looked All right for a week or two. But now has begun to Flake a bit. What caused this a. A one of the primary causes of flaking in a new Concrete Patch Job is the failure to Quot cure the Patch properly. This Means wetting Down the repaired area a couple of times a Day for several Days. Or place a piece of wet Burlap Over the Patch and re moisten it occasionally. The latter method is especially Good when the Patch will be in direct sunlight during the Day. Q. A you told someone a few weeks ago that the sweating on his inside windows might be caused by ill fitting storm Sash permitting cold air to get past it to the inside since several of the inside windows on my House were bothered by sweating even though i have storm Sash. I decided to refit All the storm windows. It worked on All but two of the windows on these two. There is still sweating on the inside windows what do you think can be causing this9 the storm Sash has wooden frames. A. There is no doubt that air must still be getting past the storm Sash of those two windows even though the openings might not be visible get some of that Putty weatherstripping that comes in Rolls apply it All around the outside of the Sash pushing it firmly into the joints where the Wood and the Frame meet meanwhile consider another possibility a that the Putty around the edges of the Glass in the storm Sash is in need of repair or replacement and is permitting air to infiltrate q a i just took the finish off a Cabinet with a varnish remover i now find that the surface is All fuzzy. What caused this and How can i eliminate it a. A some types of varnish removers occasionally raise the Grain of the Wood which is what happened in this Case. Sanding the surface will take off the fuzz. Sand with the Grain using a Fine Grade of paper q i Don t have a question but i would like to make a complaint it s about people who hire a Handyman and then hold him off on the payment or in some cases. Don t pay him at All when they hire a regular plumber or electrician or Carpenter. They pay him immediately. I am retired but do Handyman jobs to add to my fixed income. Many times i have finished a Job Only to be told a Check will be sent to me. Sometimes i have to Call four or five times to get it and every once in a while i Don t get it at All please please Don t hire somebody to do work for you unless you pay him on the spot or at least within a week or two. A. A lets Hope your no question does some Good. Q a i have never seemed to get straight the difference Between Cement and Concrete is there a difference and. If so what a a Cement is a term loosely used to mean a mixture of Portland Cement and Sand mixed with water. It is also called a Sand mix Concrete is a mixture of Portland Cement Sand and gravel with water added the term Portland Cement by the Way. Is often regarded As a Brand name but it Isnit. It s a Type of Cement originally found in Portland. England Many companies sell it for either of Andy Lang s booklets. Quot Wood finishing in the Home Quot or Quot make simple plumbing repairs Quot Send 30 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to know How to. Box 477. Huntington n y. 11743. Questions can not be answered personally grow and grow sleepless nights have a Way of magnifying trifling doubts into insurmountable obstacles. By Andy Lang a new features q. A our House is on a Concrete slab in one of the building a vacation Home there a no better Way to make your selection than from among the a frames and other vacation Homes in this Booklet Twenty four choices Are available All picked from the popular House of the week series. Get a copy by sending $1 50 to this newspaper the High Point Enterprise . Box 1009 High Point 27261 or frames amp other vacation Homes i the High Point Enterprise . Box 1009. High Point . 27261 enclosed is $ j Send me copies j of a frames amp other vacation Homes. Name address City state _ zip make checks payable to the High Point Enterprise rooms a the Utility room a there is no floor covering there seems to be a Fine powdery substance there As though the Concrete is disintegrating. A neighbor who once had the same problem says that the condition can be corrected by using a solution it sodium silicate he says he had a Handyman do it several years ago. Bul that he does t remember exactly How much water was in the solution can you help me a a yes but with a precaution. If you later intend to paint the floor you May find that the paint won t hold Well to a sodium silicate finish of you decide to go ahead with the Job. The mixture is one part of sodium silicate to three parts of water it you plan to paint the Hoer use one of the commercial Concrete sealers while most will not interfere with a later paint Job. Read the Label first to be sure q what s the difference bet Ween Interior and exterior plywood As far As the Quality of the Wood is concerned9 a the main difference is that the adhesive used Between the plies of the exterior Type is Waterproof whereas the other adhesive is merely water resistant. In some cases the Wood layers in the exterior plywood Are better suited to outdoor exposure q Fence. In making a picket is there any Rule of thumb on How far apart the pickets should be9 a. The simplest Way to handle the matter is to use one of the pickets As a spacer q i have been told to size a Wall before hanging wallpaper what s the purpose of sizing a. A sizing is a Glutinous material which fills the pores in surface and makes the paper hang better some wallpaper pastes contain sizing and thus do away with a separate coating operation q can you give me instructions on adding a bathroom to our house9 a a not even if this column occupied the entire Page it s an involved process that requires skill not merely knowledge. You d have to install water pipes drains and vents among other things. Even if you could handle it. You d probably find that it would be a violation of a local ordinance for anyone but a licensed plumber to undertake the Job q within a Short time. I expect to have a roofer put Asphalt shingles on our House which now has wooden shingles can the Asphalt be installed Over the Wood a a yes a certain amount of preparatory work must be done a replacing Loose nails nailing Down curled ends Etc the roofer will know what to do Cape by Andy Lang a combination of the Best elements of the ranch and the two Story House is evident in this charming Cape cod. The plan makes the House Ideal for finishing in stages since there is a master bedroom on the first floor sufficient if the House is to be occupied Only by a couple. The upstairs two bedrooms could be finished later if required if the Choice should be to Complete the second floor at the outset the first floor suite it includes a dressing area and a private bathroom could serve As a Home office Den or whatever desired. Wood siding and shuttered a Multi paned windows on the outside Are in the Early american tradition along with such details As roof line dormers and a Coppola atop the garage. Two porches front the living dining Central Section of the House one is a covered entry porch combines styles Cape cod combines Best features of ranch and two Story the other a porch enclosed on three sides and easily modifiable to become a Glass or screen enclosed living area. The rear of the House has also been geared by architect Lester Cohen for indoor outdoor living with a Large Patio featuring a Barbecue Corner beneath the Graceful Arches of the entry porch the front door opens onto a full View of the living room to one Side and rising stairs to the other Side there is a partial realty transfers August 26,1976 for Beauty and durability Brick High Point township Bertha s Bailey to Ulishua Bailey lot Brocket farm Robert p Reddickjr 8 wife to Donald d Giltrap Loti time subdivision o h Osborne amp wife to Robert p Reddickjr 8 wife lots. Use subdivision Winfred l Douglas to Eileen h Douglas lots Hood system Bank property Arthur a Mangaru 8. Wife to Steve w Coldron amp wife. Lot. Fieldstone subdivision Dexter we born Etal to John w Carter i wife lots Lowe amp Hauser subdivision amp lots Hauser 8 Lowe subdivision Travis h Boone 8. Wife to Donald r Lister 8 wife lot Colony Park Tyson t per tee Etal. To James w Fowler 8 wife lot Roland Park Richard e Warr 8 wife to Donald r Proctor 8 wife lots mrs w h Dameier property Maude Irving to Elizabeth i Leonard lot Zimri a Burns estate Effie r Weaver Etal to Samet construction co inc lots Woodland development Larlie d Keeling or 8 wife to Steven n Andrews 8 we tots Staley Bros 8 Harmon 02 property we born r Malpass 8 wife to Sam l Dale or 8 wife lot Woody shores Cove Paul d Price 8 wife to Sammie chess or. Property Mon lieu ave Jamestown township Leroy s Adams 8 wife to Douglas housework 8 Wile. Lot Forestdale North Arthur a Mangano 8 wife to Steve w Coldron 8 wife lot f Tidstone Archie b t11 let 8 wife to Clayton b Morgan 8 wife lot Elsie Wood subdivision wife lot High Point development co property Carson Sellers amp wife to Wade s Lewis 8 Wile lot Woodcrest Park w c Vail 8 wife to h Jack Austin 8 wife lot Franklin St Jamestown township l a Sullivan to Nancy s Hubbard i acres River Road deep River township Darlene w Roberson Etal to John h Aderholt 8 wife lots Roy Clift subdivision August 31, 1976 John i Rich 8 wife to Ronnie l Tucker 8 wife lots or w l Jackson property Charles r Carrm chel 8 wife to Robert r Winslow or 8 wife lot Short Leaf drive Larry l Conway 8 wife to Jerry h Fuqua 8 wife lot Camelot estates deep River township c e Jordan 8 wife to John q Jordan property Coburn Road c e Jordan 8 wife to Carol c Jordan property Coburn Road c e Jordan 8 wife to Robert r Jordan property Penny Road View of the family room straight ahead with a profile of the fireplace visible from the front door the living room is a rectangular space architecturally defined by narrow turns on the two longer sides. At the far end an archway opens to the dining room with most of the front Wall open through Glass doors to the privacy of the dining porch at the rear the family room has the fireplace at one end and a snack counter at the other end. Creating separation from the Kitchen As Well As valuable space for informal meals the rest of the counter space in the Kitchen is Good too and there is room for a Dinette at the other end of the room a laundry and mudroom adjoin the Kitchen. This service area also provides Access to garage and backyard and there is an adjacent lavatory a two car garage has bulk storage space including room for Patio furniture reached from a backyard door. Two bedrooms and a full bathroom comprise the up stairs of this plan each bedroom includes a floor Extension a perfect for Knickknacks or toys a created by the Dormer windows. Closet space is excellent and in addition to the Linen closet in the Hall there is a Large attic storage area plans include a full basement with a Large recreation room and refreshment bar. A lavatory a Hobby room and a Cedar closet. August 27, 1976 Jamestown township 1 hos w Sprinkle trustee Eta to High Point Bank 8 Trust co. Lot Wiley Park Freeler sex p Byerly 8 wife to Agnes w Altman of ranch drive Meadow vex inc of Greensboro to John c b re or 8 wife lot Forestdale fas Sharon k Frahm to Donald e Lineberry j in i 624 acres Alamance re deep River township Mcguire construction coins to Charlie Hyson 8 wife lot Eltoro Villa High Point township Clyde n Rem 2nd 8 Wile to Susah m Rhem lot Fiji Crest subdivision Ernest d Bali 8 wife to David r Sawyer 8 wife lot. Fieldstone subdivision Julius c Smith sub trustee Etal to administrator of veterans affairs lots j l Newton lands Walter n Johnson 8 wife of Johnny a key 8 wife lot Cloverda e is James r Smith to Dorothy c Smith lot Andrews Home builders property August 30,1976 High Point township Roscoe j Wrightjr 8 i e to Michael e Seamon 8 wife lot Beau rest court Opal b Conrad to Forrest e Peters 8 used his feet los Angeles a according to at least one police officer in los Angeles Jaywalker must be the most imaginative offenders of the Law when the officer arrested one Man for jaywalking the straight faced offender insisted he thought the Quot Don t walk Quot sign was an advertisement for the bus company. High Point township j v Morgan 8 Wile to Joseph s Manning 8 wife property Greenway drive e e Mendenhall Etal to Mencin Hau Moore realtors lots Lane Ridge sub division e e Mendenhall 3rd. Etal to Mendenh Aii Moore realtors lot Lake Ridge subdivision Iver d Fewell to John l Bridges 8 wife. I 807 acres old Mil re i loft w Mel Amo 8 wife to Loftin w Mclamb jr., propety Ingram Road purity Rabon 8 wife to James w Wall 8 wife lots i Lee Meredith 8 Staley Bros Jamestown township Robert k Shirley 8 wife to Vernon c Turnerjr 8 wife 4 acres old Freeman Mill re David w Johnson 8 wife to Edwin g Cox 8 wife lot Cedarwood subdivision Robert l Lackey 8 wife to Oscar l Lackey or 8 wife lots Forestdale development deep River township Johnnie Evans Etal to Maggie l East 4 25 acres Frances p s Ashby to Tabernacle farm co 4 St acres september 1,1976 High Point township William d Johnston 8 wife to Gene c fester 8 we lot Emerywood Wachovia Bank 8 Trust co Etal to Stephen m Ellis property Willis St Mary b Beverly to Henry Shavitz 8 wife. Lots own a Home property 01 i Calvary Baptist Church inc to Rooney w Charles lot. Woodridge sub division 02 Donald c Creech to j. De Heath lot j m Hedgecock lands e Lien w King to Marvin l sizemore8 w be lot Sherwood Park plat i Michael d Joyce to Michael d Joyce 8 wife lot Emerywood Forest North Anne k Doty to Howard j Kanoy 8 wife lot. E c Cridlebaugh or property Joe f Lambeth 8 others to Anne f Young 8 husband lots j e Hedgecock property Jamestown township Frances j Van Liere to Marcille v Dean eta1 lot Cedarwood subdivision w h Stott 8 wife to John m Stott 8 wife lot w h Stott 8 John m Stott property David r Carroll 8 wife to Dennis c Mccandless 8 Wile lot Wiley Park Jerry m Shoat 8 wife. To w w Page be 8 wife 0 924 acres Mollie y Hiatt to Larry m Sechrest 8 wife lots or w c Jackson property september 2,1976 High Point township Coy o Willard or 8 wife to Charles g Pusey 8 wife lot Emerywood Opal b Conrad to Roy s Clinard 8 wife lot Park St w h Grady or to Emerywood Forest North co property High Point Willie Lacy 8 wife to Elwood Shipman 8 wife. Lot Ellwood Heights Harry l Sample 8 wife to Darnel e Callahan 8 wife lot North Park subdivision Michael t Steele 8 wife to Richard e Williams 8 wife. Lot Hayworth property James i Barnes to Richard n Barnes 8 wife lot Eastview subdivision dozen Bowers 8 wife to Salem brass inc 2 tracts Jamestown township Glenn e Paige 8 wife to Roger c Nance 8 Wile property Kersey re Clarence a be at 8 wife to George Monk 8 wit. Lot Penny Byrn lands if. I ii i it in in Ion woe Lucu i Psi n it Xvi Opalk j j of Iii. I t i i. I iou i i i i a 0 Chis tint Fiona Tim Young America contests the National Junior horticultural Assn sponsors Garden contests annually youths May compete in gardening. Plant propagation environmental beautification and experimental horticulture there Are four age groups from 8 and younger. To the 15-17 years. Participation is free. For an enrolment card write to National Junior horticultural Assn co american horticultural society. It Vernon. A. 22121 there Are also projects for Young adults up to 21 sure Winner cheerfulness and hard work Are a combination that always drives the blues away. Faith disgrace lies in distrusting one s friends a rather in being deceived by them the House of the week name of newspaper City Ano state enclosed is $1 each for foe Sinno r-186 i baby Blue prints enclosed is $150 for ranch Homes Booklet. Enclosed is $1 50 for your Home Booklet. Enclosed is $1 so for practical Home repairs enclosed is $1 50 for vacation Homes Booklet name Sumi City Ulm stat zip j Enetai remodel 111 free estimates phone 882-0722 Marsh kitchens. Inc a Gerald Allen Morgan Greensboro . Since 1944 a installed fencing Bank financing a locally owned amp operated Hoyle Morgan High Point . Since 1955 get Sarrett make something out of it making masonry projects is easy with Sak Rete mortar mix. Just add water and you re ready to build beautifully with Brick Block or Stone. Also great for Low Cost masonry repair. Economical and simple to use. Sak Rete mortar mix puts fun Back into do it yourself projects. Ask us for your free Sak Rete project Book. Southland Supply co. 711 Greensboro re. Tei. Sb5-014i maj

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