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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 19, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 20b High Point Enterprise sunday. September 19, i97#i 1960 television encounter remembered Block i Whit portable to Sylvania Biow need help god ant Evert our Proy it we will Pray Tor you no strings attached it it our Way of term a the lord no on will concoct you unless you specially request it just do this phone 454 4511 a recorder will ret Pond Voy Don t need to give your name just state your need and we will Pray Tor you then watch your lit Tor the hand of god to Mon phone 454 4511 or writ prayers answered to bos 154, Jamestown no 27282nixon came to debate Kennedy to project image editor s note in 1960, it proved a turning Point will history repeat a Saul Pelt who covered the first presidential debates Lei years ago and will be there in Philadelphia thursday herein reflects on both by Sai l Pett a special correspondent in the moments before the first of their great debates in i960 John Kennedy and Richard Nixon met briefly Shook hands and chatted neither Man had a natural Talent for Small talk but the difference Between them was that Kennedy did not feel obliged to try. While Nixon usually Felt an irresistible compulsion to fill and Lull so he talked about the weather the Campaign crowds the motorcade the fact that candidates got More Tan from the wind than the Sun Kennedy was civil but said Little he just kept look my at his opponent watching them in the Chi Cago to studio that night one was reminded of Joe i Juis before the Bell As he and the other fighter listened to the referee s instructions in the Center of the ring it was usually the condemned Man who fidgeted grimaced smiled or hammed up some show of bravado old jot1 just stared not a twitch anywhere and then went out and flattened the other Guy Kennedy did not flatten Nixon in the debate of sept 26. 1960 Nixon was not knocked out but the severe damage done to his Campaign that night Fie did to himself he was the favorite he was the vice president he was the Man who had a debated Quot Nikita Khrushchev he was the Star of the a checkers Quot show who had mastered the medium of television but this night he could not master something inside of Richard Nixon whatever it was could not escape the voracious Eye of the to camera. And 70 million people watching a candidate for president saw occasional bul Baleful glimpses of a Man off balance nervous perspiring. Eyes darting left and right smiling erratically. The problem was not the five of clock Shadow or the Haggard look of a Man lately ill it was the Man the lessons of 1960 surely Are not lost on the protagonists of 1976 neither Herald Ford nor Jimmy Carter is a Nixon or for that matter a Kennedy both now prepare mightily for combat thursday night in Philadelphia both will renumber the first presided tial debates Nixon s great mistake was that he had come to debate. To make debaters Points he talked to Kennedy Kennedy talked Over and beyond him to the country he had divined the medium he came to project an image and he did. Of knowledge Confidence and poise Nixon projected knowledge and a debater s skills but More importantly. He projected a picture of a Man who seemed unsure of what he wanted to seem it was not a new problem with him on this night he appeared determined to convince everyone he was being fair several times he told the audience he sincerely believed that Kennedy was sincere the old gut fighter wanted to make it absolutely Clear he was it impugning the other Man s motives. Some Days later. Kennedy was talking with a Friend about fatigue in the Campaign he said it was a problem but that it was worse for ins opponent Why said Kennedy in what might have been a classic insight i know who i am and i Don t have to worry about adapting and hanging All i have to do at each Stop is to be myself but Nixon does t know who he is. And so each time he makes a speech he has to decide which Nixon he is and that is very Nixon went on the attack in the next three debates and seeming More comfortable in that posture did better i but the damage was done in j the first debate the under dog senator from Massachusetts climbed immediately in the polls his crowds grew larger and there were jumpers and screamers issues0 they were almost As difficult to remember the morning after As they Are now 16 years later something about those offshore islands. Quemoy and Matsu something about getting the country moving again about providing help Tor the poor and the aged but where would the Money come from9 issues Are lost vignettes remain in the fourth debate. Nixon accused Kennedy of weakening the country with his criticism Kennedy shul Back Quot i really Don t need or Nixon to Tell me about what my responsibilities Are As a citizen i be served this country for 14 years in the Congress and before that in the service what i downgrade. Or Nixon is the leadership the country is getting not the country Quot parents our Luzer piano 0r for beginners Only Kell Ceile to 273 907 Greensboro 75-1730 a Melon Solem month k staffing my a to Viator 3ax�on y music co. A 224 n. Elm St. Greensboro Hanes mall Winston Salem a coot place for office supplies since 1902 Jarrett stationery co. I or w Reno St. Phone Khz 2 Ibi he a Catkin pickets a a i t causing in Vii i Cork a in Krona .4 six re or Cit Cert ilk Sam Iii Hoji of Slot a member of the to panel questioning the debaters sought their views on Harry Truman s use of profanity in Hie Campaign. Kennedy smiling a i real in Don t think there is anything i can say to president Truman that s going to cause him to change his particular manner perhaps mrs Truman can but i Don t think i can Quot Nixon solemnly Quot one thing i have noted As i have travelled around the country Are the tremendous number of children who come out to see the presidential candidates. Mothers holding their babies up v it makes you realize that whoever is president is going to be a Man that All the children of America will either look up to or will look Down to and i Only Hope that should i expletives deleted would come later As in 1960, the presidential debates this year Are Likely to be a Battle of image More than issues As in 1960, we can expect that both protagonists will be Well briefed their answers Are Likely to Rome quickly in machine gun style because each will be filled to the brim with facts and figures yearning to be unleashed which is too bad. Because it would be refreshing. Maybe even reassuring for in Ancans to watch a candidate for president in the process of thought not talk each of the debaters this year has his image needs Ford needs to be presidential. No bumbling and As Crisp and combative As he was in his nomination acceptance speech. Carter needs to be positive Clear and unequivocal in the process of trying to avoid the negative image each has been tagged with it is just possible that one or both might say too much. Their mental styles differ. Fords thinking appears to be More simple and direct. He is not Given to subtlety or nuance. His sense of humor is better than his wit Carter s mind seems capable of operating on several Levels at once. Ask him a question and. Even before you finish the asking. He is answering the direct Point the implications and the possible Side effects of the question he May be a Man with More wit than humor in his Stern self discipline and single mindedness. He has allowed neither to surface much in the Campaign so far the debates May decide and prove absolutely nothing but before they arc Over it is highly Likely Well know something More about the mind the reactions the style of Herald Rudolph Ford and James Earl Carterjr As it proved in 1960. 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