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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina So High Point Enterprise thursday september 19, 1974russian immigrants prospering in Alaska by w. Robert Weller associated press writer Nikolaevsk Alaska apr they be travelled almost around the world in search of a place to practice their religion in peace. And Here Only 650 Miles from their Mother Russia about 300 Quot old believers believe they be found what they be been looking for. Quot life up Here is not easy but people can make out and make out very says Carl Martushev smiling from behind a scraggly Beard. The Village they be carved out of the wilderness in t on any map. It s 12 Miles up a Dusty gravel Road on Alaska s Kenai Peninsula. 200 Miles Southwest of Anchorage. Before turning up the Road at Anchor Point you be reached the westernmost Point accessible by car on the North american continent. Here on the villages dirty streets lined with picket fences fair skinned youngsters play a stick throwing game called Quot clock a while playmates shout encouragement in russian and Here they practice the russian orthodox Faith As it existed in the 16th Century before liturgical reforms were made. They worship in a simple woo Frame building not much different from the Village houses except for its onion top Spires Martushev says his people Don t get too fancy in Church buildings because their roots must remain shallow. Quot if something goes wrong with our Church we will leave and we Don t give a Damn whether we leave a House behind. A a he said. But the rootless Ness has reached full Circle Quot of we can t stay Here there s no place to go. Except Back to Russia and we be been he said. The Long journey of the old believers began when they split with the Czar Over religious reforms they first moved to Siberia living there until they could no longer handle the excesses of communism. They moved to China and i fared Little better and in the 1950s they left tor Brant. After living briefly in j Brazil they gained admittance to the United states under an agreement worked out with president Kennedy. They were allowed to move to communities in Oregon As Long As they stayed off the welfare Rolls. There s no problem of welfare Rolls in Alaska ear from it in seven years 1 on the Peninsula they be become the envy of homesteaders and fishermen who be lived on the Kenai since world War la or longer. Their fibreglass boats made at the a russian Marine factory Quot in the Village outperform most local boats. And although they had no commercial fishing experience they be managed to gain a Good share of the local catch. Some of the Village men work for local contractors and others work at a Village run Sawmill. Most Peninsula residents have welcomed the russians although there have been exceptions. One hardware store owner in nearby Homer has j ret used to sell to them and won t let them in his shop. One Young russian girl said Quot they say russians go Home but we say russians were Here before russians first came to the Kenai in the 1700s and 1800w before settling Here the Bergman tells of love affair with Rossellini new Youk a in and Bergman says her controversial and torrid love affair 25 years ago with italian film director Roberto Rossellini began before she Ever met him. In a Mccall s Magazine article she says Quot it All started because i was bored. I had everything a woman could expect in life but suddenly i realized there was no excitement any More. To keep alive i had to do something. I was exploding inside. A that prompted the successful Hollywood actress and wife of or Peter Lydstrom. To write a love letter to Rossellini she says group s elders showed up at a Borough meeting to announce their intentions and to make it Clear they weren t setting up a commune they bought land at auction for about $14,000. Some say that was much More than it was Worth. They leased additional grazing land. Hard Luck knocked soon. A tent fire claimed one life and their cattle began dying shortly after arrival. But nearby ranchers helped them nurse the Herd Back to health. They built a new Village in a Virgin Spruce Forest. Most of the Homes have washers dryers and other modern appliances and several Homes have saunas. But there Are no radio or television sets in the Village. Quot it s against our religion Quot says Carpenter Peter Basargin 21. Still they know what a going on. Some have read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn a works. The Village elders recently visited a neighbor retired a my Brig. Gen b. H. Talley their closest Friend. Tot ask a do you think the government will fall because of watergate we can t stay Here if it become Talley says the old believers left Oregon because they Felt their religion was threatened when some of their children began smoking marijuana he said they encourage Village Young people to marry Early to avoid contacts with the outside a decision to set up a separate school in the Village has helped shield the children hut a neighbor said Quot lots of see the russian kids a we Call them the russian hoods a roaring Down the Road with radios blasting and potato chips flying out the although some of the men speak russian. Chinese portuguese and English none Speaks English Well enough to pass citizenship tests. The Village adults plan to hire a teacher to help them pass citizenship so six Ocsie Assn islam your Home of you re like most americans it s the largest single investment you la Ever make. Investing in a Home is a Good solid investment most americans feel is Well Worth making. 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