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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly Clear cooler Moro data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 313 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon september 19, 1972 24 pages Call us circulation. 882-1717 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily inc sunday 25c a so for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. What about the books o. This is very important. There has been so much written about concerned parents for and against schools. There is one thing i would like to know. School has been open since August and part of the children in the 8th Grade do not have All of their books. How do they expect a child to learn and make their grades without books this same thing happened last year in the 7th Grade. I try to see that my children attend school and to obey All the rules. The children Don t understand and neither do i. This hurts a child because they believe the books that were on hand were Given to special children. I wish this could be looked into and the children that have been without books should be Given enough attention so they could catch up with other rooms. Anon. A. Unfortunately you forgot to mention which school and with no address or name on your letter there a no Way we can look into it Short of Clung All Junior highs in three counties. Have you asked the children s teacher or the school principal the cause of the delay. Tile school administration office of the City or county could also help you find out the reason and when they Are expected. Or a different eyesore q. In action line there was a request to have three old motor vehicles moved from a residence on Eastchester and i know that would improve the looks of the neighbourhood but right next to the property in question is an old out building which is More of an eyesore than the old cars Are. Please go a Little farther and ask the owners to clean this building up. We would appreciate it if something could be done. Thank you. Anon. A. Would you please Call the building inspections office at City Hail and give them the exact location of this. They will take a look to see if there is any violation of City codes and then Contact the owner if necessary. Or sign language q. At what time in the fall will Jerry Potter be teaching sign language classes on Channel 4? thank you. Anon. A. The University television network series called a you the deaf begins Friday september 22 at 7 00 p. In. And will be seen each Friday at the same time according to Frances Pressman of audience services for Wunch to. Channel 4. Animal cemetery o. Whir is the nearest pet or dog cemetery in the area girl. A. There is one located on the right Side of the superhighway next to the Piedmont Motel Between Thomasville and Lexington operated by the Piedmont veterinary Hospital. A or shy body builder 0. Is there any place in High Point where a male can to and get individualized body building training without the embarrassment of going to a Public place such As the Myca thank you. Anon. A. They a director Max Cooke says he does no to know of any private health clubs in High Point there Are a few in Greensboro but suggests you come Down and talk it Over with them. Thev May be Able to arrange times when it would be unlikely others would be around or assign you to an accomplished body building expert working with weights and muscle building equipment. They re aware of the feelings of beginners especially if they re physical wrecks and will do their Best to put you at ease. A a out of town numbers 0. Where can you find a Winston Salem phone Book because i have been trying to find this number in Winston and each time i get the wrong number they said i would not be charged with it but i Don t know and want to know where i could find a phone Book from Winston Salem m. D. A. The North state Telephone company has quite a number of Telephone directories for cities in and outside of the state. The Public is Welcome to use them. A stamp collectors 0. Please try to find out if there is any Law Jov a rement Agency of official or any Way to orca the King Korn stamp company 6001 North Clark St., Chicago Iii. 60626 to redeem the Stamps that were Given to customers by High Point merchants. I m sure this would be of interest to Many people. Mrs. M. P. A. Ralph Cambron of the Guilford county better business Bureau says complainants should write better business Bureau of metropolitan Chicago inc., 430 n. Michigan Avenue Chicago. Illinois 60611. A a re action the person who recently called about apparent carelessness in filling or Labelling prescriptions by her druggist will be interested to know that several druggists have called the Enterprise to see if it was their store. They wanted to investigate the complaint themselves if it involved theirs. If you will personally Contact the owner of your drugstore and give him More facts to work on it would be a help to him. A Flower and a message democratic presidential candidate sen. George Mcgovern holds a Flower and reads a message presented to him by a supporter in a wheelchair at the Airport in Carbondale Illinois monday night. A wire photo Mcgovern endorses private school Aid Chicago it apr a declaring a we will not abandon these valuable schools a sen. George Mcgovern today endorsed proposals to Aid parents of students in private and parochial schools by lowering their Federal income tax. The democratic presidential nominee aimed his endorsement of tuition tax credits at the millions of roman Catholic voters concentrated in some of the Large states Mcgovern few is Are crucial to his bid for the White House. He spoke before students and faculty of Gordon technical High school which has 2.680 pupils making it the largest Catholic school in Chicago the largest archdiocese in the United states. Mcgovern praised parochial schools As places where sound moral Virtues Are taught am said they contribute to a healthy diversity in american life. Mcgovern said in the nations 20 largest cities two of Ive children Are enrolled in parochial or religiously oriented schools. In Chicago the proportion is 27 per cent he said in Philadelphia and Buffalo 33 per cent and in St. Paul 30 per cent. A let me say Here today we cannot abandon these schools and we will not abandon these valuable schools a he said. The remarks Drew an ovation lasting half a minute. Under the Type of plan endorsed by Mcgovern parents could subtract some tuition costs from their Federal income tax bul. He made no detailed proposal himself but said any of a number of pending legislative proposals in Congress would substantially ease the tuition Burden on parochial school parents president Nixon has made two major addresses on the same subject but without getting into specific details. However administration officials have testified on behalf of pending tax credit legislation. None of these measures is Given much Chance of passage this year. Mcgovern has said previously he was looking for ways to Aid Church schools without violating the . Constitution s ban against excessive entanglement Between religion and government. Today a statement was More specific and presented with More drama and emphasis than his earlier stand. Monday. Mcgovern put in a 17-hour Day on the Campaign Trail in West Virginia Coal country Ohio a Industrial Southwest and the Rural Southern tip of Illinois. But the nominee spent barely five hours of that time campaigning. The rest of the time was spent fighting twisting Mountain roads and City traffic jams so that by late afternoon a highly placed travelling staffer was muttering a dumb dumb dumb a Mcgovern was described As extremely irritated after arriving in Cincinnati two hours behind schedule and so late that his interviews with local television newsmen missed the afternoon broadcasts. One station cancelled its interview altogether. He got himself Back on schedule by forfeiting a couple of hours of personal time he had planned in Cincinnati. His Day perked up when he addressed an applauding cheering Airport crowd estimated by local authorities at Between 2.-000 and 4.000. Uganda detains americans by the associated press eight or nine americans and about 50 British nationals were reported detained today in Uganda on grounds that the country a is in a War situation with forces invading from Tanzania. A diplomatic source in London said the americans being held in Kampala during Ugan Dan Tanzania fighting Are peace corps workers missionaries and an associated press correspondent. The britons detained include at least to newsmen. Uganda reported the invading forces have been routed in two Days of fighting and were retreating to the Border. Tanzania which denied that its troops invaded Uganda was reported moving a 1,000-Man Force northward to defend the Frontier against any incursion by Uganda. Reports reaching London said ugandan president Idi Amin might order his armies to pursue their enemies across the Border and spark new conflict with his East african neighbor. One thousand tanzanian soldiers with chinese supplied tanks and artillery were reported massing at the Kagera River. Behind the Border with orders from president Julius Nyere to destroy any ugandan forces entering Tanzania. Tanzania and Uganda clashed last year in the swampy Border zone West of Lake Victoria with the tanzanians apparently getting the better of an artillery Duel. The latest fighting was originally described by Uganda As an invasion by 1,000 tanzanian troops. But later statements by radio Uganda and Amin identified the attackers As a mixture of 1,500 tanzanian soldiers and ugandan rebel guerrillas aided by a British and israeli the ugandan rebels Are supporters of former president Milton Obote whom Amin overthrew in a january 1971 coup the president told african diplomats monday in Kampala his capital. Amin said 200 invaders were killed and 50 captured in the two Days of fighting near Lake Victoria s Western Shore. Government troops recaptured three towns lost to the invaders and ugandan warplanes destroyed an enemy base in Tanzania Kampala announced. Radio Uganda said the guerrillas expected help from Britain and aimed at restoring Obote to Power. It was assumed Obote would reverse amines controversial expulsion order against 50,000 to 60,000 asians living ii Uganda with British passports a captive identified As former ugandan army capt. Wyile was quoted Assa my Wyile was believed to be Obote s Cousin. Israeli embassy explosion leaves i dead in London London apr a Boob trapped package exploded in the israeli embassy today and Scotland Yard said the Man who opened it was killed and another Man was injured and hospitalized. The British foreign office identified the dead Man As agriculture attache or. Ami Shachory. The injured Man was not immediately named. A spokesman said that police reports disclosed the package was mailed to the embassy from Amsterdam. Israeli embassy sources said Shachory in his Early 40s, had just completed his four year term in London and was waiting to return to Israel. His wife and children had already left London. First reports indicated the package bomb had been addressed to him. But embassy officials said they could not be certain. Initial reports of the blast were confused As fire engines and dozens of police cars converged on the embassy in the exclusive Kensington District. An embassy spokesman first said the stricken Many it was not Clear whether he was a Diplomat was not badly wounded but merely suffered Shock. Soon after he said it was thought he had a stomach wound. Scotland Yard then said the embassy reported the Man was dead by the time an ambulance got awol three years him to a Hospital about two Miles from the embassy. The explosion occurred on the first floor of the main embassy building on Palace Green. The Street houses Many embassies including the soviet japanese romanian and norwegian. Police quickly cordoned off the private Road. Squads of uniformed officers refused to allow any members of the Public or press through. Outside the embassy five fire engines were parked. An israeli spokesman said however the blast caused Little damage and there was no fire. Scotland Yard has been on the Alert for an incident like this since the Munich massacre of la members of the israeli olympic squad sept. 5 and subsequent israeli reprisals against Arab guerrillas. Scotland Yard sent explosives experts to the embassy while at Headquarters sources said special dossiers on anti israeli militants were being studied. The sources said extra emphasis was being Laid on Black september sympathizers. That was the Arab group which attacked the israelis at Munich. The foreign office described the explosion As a a terrible incident Quot and said foreign Secretary sir Alec Douglas Home had already sent his deepest condolences. Marine who gave up on to goes on trial Camp Lejeune no. Apr the general court martial of Tom Michaud a 23-year-old Marine private who has been a Over the Hill for nearly three years and who surrendered to authorities on the floor of us democratic National convention in july was scheduled to begin at this military installation today. Michaud of Chester Conn. Was an enlisted Man from no vember 1968 to May 30, 1969 when he became a a self retired v Vietnam Veteran a Ile turned himself in on National television at the democratic convention. Michaud is represented by two civilian attorneys Thomas Ensign of new York City and Thomas to film Iii of Durham n.c., and capt. Richard Snier what s inside amusements Bridge classified ads comics cuss word editorials financial obituaries sports television women s news weather 6b 6b a lift a 6b 4a2a 2b 3 so. 10a 7-i a 3a son. A military lawyer appointed for him. Officials at Camp let Une scheduled the court martial for a larger trial room after Ensign threatened a Boycott if the proceedings were held in a room he said was enough for Only to persons. The new courtroom h is room for about 20 persons Snierson said. Michaud s trial on charges of an alleged violation of article 86 of the uniform code of military Justice unauthorized absence is similar to trials constantly held at this base. But the trial of Michaud is the first trial Here of a military Man who has articulated upon the reasons Why he placed himself in a a self retired Veteran Michaud who has a ninth Grade education said in a reef it interview he had no general feelings of opposition Abou the Vietnam War when he went into the marines., after More than a dozen patrol and combat in Vietnam he said he left a but my own free will. A i do not wish to participate in the killing of any human being. I do not think the same As the service about my god. A mainly i left because it in it the right thing tor me to do at least in my own crime victims rescuers get help Washington it a it the Senate has approved legislation t compensate victims of crime and the a Good Samaritans who go to their Rescue. The amendment was attached to an omnibus crime Bill which passed the Senate by a 74-0 vote monday. The Bill also would make it a Federal crime to kill a policeman or fireman. The Bill now goes to a Senate House conference to resolve differences. Arguing for adoption of his proposal Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said government for too Long has neglected the victims of violent crimes and others injured while trying to Aid them. In an unusual parliamentary tactic Mansfield a $15-million plan was passed twice the first time on its merits and the second time attached to the House passed omnibus crime measure. Mansfield said to hoped by this Man Euver to get his proposed compensation Bill before House Senate conferees for pos sible passage this Congress. The House has taken no action on the compensation plan. The Bill would pay victims for medical and burial expenses. Loss of earnings and support therapeutic costs and child care expenses to enable one Parent to work victims would not be repaid for property losses but intervenor so the so called Good Samaritans would be the administration reportedly opposes the Bill As being premature. Economy climbing Federal reports say Washington a the nations Economy still on a Strong upward path May top the Nixon administrations official forecast made in january government reports indicate. The Federal Reserve Board supplied evidence of continuing economic expansion monday reporting that its Index of Industrial production Rose 0.5 per cent in August after a 0.3-per-cent gain a month earlier. The Index is regarded As one of the most sensitive indicators of the Economy. Chi Capitol Hill Treasury Secretary George p. Shultz disclosed that the administration had revised upward its 1972 economic forecast. Gross National product the output of the nation s goods and services is expected to grow $7 billion higher than forecast in january Shultz said. If so this Means that Gnu the broadest measure of the Economy will grow by More than $100 billion this year and make 1972 one of the Best years for the Economy. Shultz s report said that Gnu is expected to average $1,152 trillion this year compared with $1,145 trillion estimated in january. As for Industrial production the Board said its Index moved up 8.2 per cent higher than a year earlier to 114.3 per cent of the 1967 average. The production Gam was strongest in the manufacture of durable goods but output in the mining and utilities industries showed some decline. The boards report also showed that the Central Bank is continuing its policy of expanding the nation s Money Supply to accommodate the economic growth. In August the Money Supply increased at an annual rate of 6 per cent slower than the july rate but still a fairly Strong growth. In july the Board disclosed Only monday the Federal reserves open Market committee decided to influence the Money Market enough to keep Short term interest rates from falling too sharply because of International developments. This was in response to a Money crisis overseas precipitated by a Large accumulation of dollars by foreign Central Banks. Sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., in c., said it would further Burden the taxpayer who he said a is innocent in this too a another amendment to the omnibus crime package would make it a Federal crime to kill injure or assault a policeman fireman or judicial officer because of his official position. The vote was 46 to 23 in favor of the proposal by sen. Richard s. Schweiker a a. Another provision would establish a federally subsidized group life insurance plan for state and local policemen firemen and other Public safety officers. The Cost was put at $22 million annually. Sen. Roman l. Hruska r-neb., also won passage of an amendment to extend until june 30, 1974, the omnibus crime control act of 1968, at an estimated Cost of $1.74 billion for the extra year. Two other crime Bills passed by the Senate sept. 5 were wrapped into the omnibus Bill. One would authorize a $50,000 payment to dependents of policemen firemen and other Law enforcement officers slain on duty. The other would make available antitrust Type civil remedies to victims of theft and racketeering allowing them for instance to sue for treble damages. Unauthorized bomb raids investigated Denver apr senators probing unauthorized . Bombing raids against North Vietnam Fly to Denver today to question a second general implicated in the Case. Armed services committee chairman John s t e n n i a d-miss., and Sens. Harold Hughes. I mow a and Peter Dominick r-colo., were due to arrive at mid morning to question maj. Gen. Alton slay former 7th air Force Deputy chief of staff for operations and now head of the special training command at Lien very a Lowry air Force base slay was said to be recovering from a hernia operation at Fitzsimmons Hospital. He served As Deputy to Gen. John d. Lavelle the 7th air Force commander who was fired after higher officials Learned that he had ordered unauthorized raids. According to Stennis. Slay was implicated in testimony Friday by col Charles Gabriel commander of the 342nd reconnaissance Wing at a Kirn Thailand during the raids last november through March. Twenty eight raids involving 147 aircraft hit North vietnamese targets under the Guise of a protective reaction Quot before renewed heavy bombing of the North was ordered by the White House the committee is probing the circumstances of the raids As Well As the broader question of civilian control of the military. Gabriel said Stennis testified behind closed doors that a the targets were to be hit whether or not there was reaction from the North vietnamese As he understood Gabriel a testimony Stennis said the raids a were planned in Advance hostile fire or the equivalent or not and he was to make reports As if they met this hostile Gabriel was quoted As saying he received those orders from slay via Telephone. Air War rules in effect at the time banned . Strikes against the North unless american planes were fired upon or there was Strong evidence they were about to be attacked. Angelo Davis travels take her to Bulgaria Moscow a Angela Davis has arrived in Sofia Bulgaria to a Welcome of a red carnations and Friendly smiles a Tass reported. The official soviet news Agency a dispatch from Sofia said miss Davis a member of the american communist party was invited there by the Central committee of the bulgarian communist party

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