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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 10a High Point Enterprise a mesday september 17, 1974 Jacoby on Bridge old ladies do it again by Oswald amp James Jacoby a three no Trump contract is preferable to four hearts but Little old ladies like to raise one another. So do some other players. So when today a hand was played in a Swiss team both the Lols and their opponents reached four hearts. The three of diamonds was led at both tables and East a King fell to South s Ace. The Ace of hearts was led and both East players dropped the Queen. This did t disturb the lol Declarer. Little old lady technique pays no attention to possible bad Trump Breaks. She continued by cashing the King and shortly thereafter had chalked up plus 420 after losing a Spade a heart and a Diamond. The other Declarer studied North a 652 v 1074 a j94 a ak52 West 4 j 83 a 63 a q8532 q108 South d 4 a k 7 v ak852 a a 106 64 17 East 4 q to 9 4 qj9 a k7 j 9 7 3 that Queen play for a Long time. He had heard about safety plays and maybe that Queen was a genuine Singelton. He led a Low Trump toward Dummy. East took his Jack of Trumps and led Back a Diamond. A third Diamond was ruffed and thus South had lost his contract his temper and his partners Confidence. West pass pass neither vulnerable North East 2y pass South i pass 4? pass variety opening lead�?34 answer to previous Puzzle across i Thailand s adjoin 9 brow n 12 Ivetic 13 masculine nickname 14 Frozen water 15 Craft pm 17 cry 18 Escargot 19 sways 21 Promontory 23 was seated 24 Couch 27 stratum 29 indonesian Island 32 Mountain crests 34 meteorological line 36 heckle 37 chinese labourer 38 former russian ruler 39 at All times 41 bitter vetch 42 Lydiah lab it 44 Shoshone an indians 46 Hel met in 49 pilfer 53 sea eaglet Val 54 drowsiness 56 chemical sum in 57 erect 58 italian coins 59 Bushy clump 60 Iii i s nickname tel 61 dutch City and others Down 1 soap Ira me bar 2 Persia 3 continent 4 Lyric 5 time past 6 cud Geler 7 preposition 8 trials 9 schedule 10 menu sol Maples 11 tidings la censures 20 forbidden 22 antiquated 24 thai Coin 25 epochs 26 decided legally 28 la Gal 30 Den 31 angers 33 Ankles .15 most painful 40 roman god of metalworking 43 Oak nut 45 Nim fresh 46 flesh toed 47 italian Stream 48 on the briny 50 Cera into a w Ife 51 land measure 52 la Xiv turns 55 tax group Tab it i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 toll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 a ,9 20 21 22 a 23 24 k 26 a 27 i 29 30 31 32 33 a 34 35 36 37 38 a 39 a 47 42 a 45 46 47 48 a 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 56 66 61 17 Julie subs for Walters new York a Julie Nixon Eisenhower will fill in for one week As a Moderator of the syndicated television series a not for women Only while Host Barbara Walters takes a three week vacation. The topic for the one week of programs mrs. Eisenhower will moderate is a Public people private the programs will be shown late next month on the Early morning program. Singer Polly Bergen and comedian Jerry Lewis will also moderate the program for one week apiece while miss Walters who also hosts Abc tvs a a today show is on vacation. Whitehead gets my Job Cambridge mass. A Clay t. Whitehead former director of the White House office of telecommunications policy will become a research associate at Massachusetts Institute of technology Scenter for International studies. Whitehead 35, will also become a fellow at the Harvard Institute of politics dividing his time Between the two universities. Lose ugly fat Start toting a a Ign today or Nonoy Bock Monad x i o tiny to blot and Booty to tat Monad x wid bold curb your door for a a food lot lot a weigh lot. Contain no Dongo rout Drogt Ond with not Molto you nor Vout. No Itro Tuout Oao Cito. Congo your Lifa. ,. Tort today Mon and x Coit s3 of for o 30 Day to pity Largo Economy Tao i s3 of Alto try a of at Aas Tho work Rontty to my you Loco to tor bloat Aqua. Tass a Quot water psf Quot Thor work a $3 00 so the guaranteed end told by id-17-4 medical arts pharmacy 404 Randolph a Thomasville a Lidar drug for Marly Hoffman drug High paint a Moil orders filled highland�?o1975 Cadillac new car showing thursday 19th etim to your Good health pressurized oxygen for senility by George Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson a National Magazine published an article about the use of a sort of pressurized oxygen treatment for senility. My Mother is 82, has lost All of her memory and has Little control of bladder and bowels. Other members of the family Are applying intense pressure on me As her guardian to get this treatment for her. I am against it because i believe in a senility with dignity As Well As a death with could you please discuss this treatment a . Let me discuss this from two standpoints. First is it a practical one. That sort of treatment requires a Hyber Baric oxygen chamber an airtight chamber in which both the pressure and the composition of the atmosphere in it can be kept under precise control. There Arentt Many of them around and they require skilled personnel to operate and they Are expensive. Likewise this is largely an experimental technique rather than As for most things a proven method of treatment. Such treatment would require taking your Mother to a Center with such equipment. It would be an expensive gesture for what would be at Best Only a temporary improvement. If i express doubt of the practicality of such a step As i do in your Case it does not mean that i disapprove of the research being done with these hyperbaric Chambers. We Are learning things from that work and we will learn More. But i see no just purpose a temporary improvement or perhaps i should say a connect unable improvement for a patient who has failed to the extent you describe. Senility a the deterioration with age a is not an All or nothing condition. It begins with a slowing Down of the mental processes. It progresses to destruction of them with the two phases gradually overlapping. It is one thing to he Able to invigorate these mental processes even by such complicated methods As the hyperbaric Chambers. It is another to assume that the brain can be rejuvenated after it has been damaged by the ravages of time and age. Dear or. Thosteson please Tell me if it will Hurt a Man with angina one coronary artery is blocked to smoke some cigarettes. I take Medicine every Day and As Long As i take the Medicine the cigarettes do not seem to bother me. A j. M. The cigarettes done to bother you if you take your Medicine a but they do bother you if you done to take it a is that right Ettoree. Ii a cleaners launderers i i Oto Inrush tums hoi 9x4 Rny in baby soft. Bush Hill Lodge no. 732 a f amp a m emergent communication tuesday sept. 17th, 1974 7 30 . Entered appt in to degree Robert i. Winfriy Metter Dan Kert Secretary revival Archdale Church of the Nazarene 116 Juhan ave. Sept. 17�?22 7 30 . Sunday la amp 7 speaker Rev. Max s. Murphy pastor of Pineville Church of the Nazarene pastor Rev. Paul Wiggins what about your youngsters future open a savings account for your youngster so hell gain Early experience in the wonderful lesson of handling Money. A lesson that will help prepare him for the role of Parent provider and citizen in the years ahead. With his own savings account your child will come to know the Security and Confidence of having a guaranteed Safe Money to lean Back on. Why not bring your youngster to perpetual where four generations of High pointers Are saving to insure their futures. Well help your child s savings grow with 5%% annual dividends compounded daily. Its the highest passbook dividend rate the Law allows. Rate maturity annual yield Type savings 6%% 21/? years a turn hmm 6.98% certificate 6vfe% 2 years Ltd mme. 6.72% certificate 6�4% i year is m hmm in 6.45% certificate 5v4% anytime a Tim Kymm 5.39% passbook ii my mtg and did ont an Lait to compound Over a m Yaar on that rut a higher rata cart Thratt to f Fedor. Fugue ton Faquir a1 financial in Mutton to to Vodka a 90day Oriel turn of a among if withdrawn pot to Maunty and the taming on the withdrawal revert Loha Fallback rat perpetual savings scouting today a a lot More than you thin. Highland motors in 8h.&Quot> v Fuin is. Iii acid Poilu. . Iii Illus and loan association High Point s oldest financial institution 645 n. Main in High Point <>3033 s. Main in Archdale o Westchester mall come in and get your free scouting information Booklet today s youth is this country a greatest resource we have always believed that the Best Way to help our Community is to Quot get scouting is one of the Best projects we know for a getting involved Quot it is a program designed to help our youngsters we have worked with the boy scouts of America to prepare a special inform five Book which answers most of the questions you May have about scouting we re offering this Book to you free just step in and pick up your copy

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