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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Enterprise political analysis lamp school busing fades As an Issue by Robert Marks primary Battle with Lim Carfo schools had opened across a amusing is Way Down As an Are not getting our share of cd and expressed or by Forrest Cates its those darned atomic bomb tests that a got everything All screwed up. Look what happened just last week a Over in Honolulu a Guy named Kirby Lewellen tried to get a Job As a stenographer because he works nights As an actor and does no to want to do anything in the daytime that will tire him out a and if that inspires All you real lady stenographers out there to write angry letters Send them to Lewellen. Not me because he said it i did t. Anyway he reports that none of the men who interviewed him would give him a Job. They even say Why they give him a Job. Of course i can to believe that or Kirk really does no to know Why those Guys hire him a that is of he had just stopped and thought about a few of the things lady stenographers have that men stenographers done to. I mean that was kind of had about old Kirb. But really nothing to what was happening in the bully old armed forces. There is this Magazine called a a soldiers which is published by the army. The editors started putting in a monthly color pinup of a lady in As near nothing As the general would allow. They figured it would increase circulation both of the soldiers and the Magazine but it was quickly evident that something bad has happened to our fighting men. Letters started coming in protesting the display of female nudity in the Magazine. A a in a amazed a the general in charge of the Magazine was quoted As saving probably translated by his . Man from a what the swinging hell is wrong with those sissies a anyway the army said that Reader response was 48 cent to 87 rent against cheesecake the remaining of cent who wrote in asked for an occasional male pinup. Possible these were requests from awes the army said. Rut the Way things have been going i would t bet on it. While All this was taking place the ladies were pressing their i Quot it for Equality when everybody knows they already have a whole lot More Equality than men. The women keen Savin Quot Ltha they done to want to to designated As miss or mrs. Because it hears the a tar Tina of marriage or a de Hood with nothing in Between they we ant to be called is which could stand for mrs. Or miss or just about anything you wanted it to. I done to really see anything wrong with it. Except von give in this time and the next thin Quot von know women will be wanting to spit on the sidewalk. In my own Home i detected last week this growing Lack of respect for the Superior male. It started with my no. 2 daughter netting a Candle shaped like a Green Apple for her birthday. I spent a half hour in the embers store fin1&Quot a real Green Apple the same size and shape of that Candle. I substituted the real Apple for the fake on the table beside my easy chair. When the family was gathered. I casually picked tip the Apple and took a big bite out of it. Nary an Eyebrow was raised Over my feat. I a Hought at first that the kids had caught on to my Little ruse. But. That was t it. My family think i am dumb enough to eat a really hurts. By Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer the candidates Are wondering where the school bus went. Democrats and republicans alike report that school busing has dropped Down the list of issues on the minds r4 voters in North Carolina this fall. Taxes education roads and crime Are subjects the voters Are talking the most about to gubernatorial and legislative candidates. The candidates Are puzzled hut relieved. The situation now contrasts sharply with the campaigning in the primaries last Spring. Then school busing loomed As a major Issue in the elections this year. The change is especially apparent in the Campaign of Republican Jim a Holshouser for governor. During his primary Battle with Jim Gardner for toe Republican gubernatorial nomination a Holshouser made a trip to Washington to talk with atty. Gen. John Mitchell rep. Gerald Ford the minority Leader in the House and the four Republican congressmen from North Carolina. A Holshouser returned t o Winston Salem and on feb. 25, in a statement about a a major Issue a expressed his opposition to a the forced busing of school in High Point last week however a Holshouser admitted that busing was no longer a major Issue. He said he did not know Why and did not offer even to credit president Nixon with bringing about the change a Holshouser did Point out that schools had opened across North Carolina this fall with a minimum of problems. This could be a Factor in the drop of busing As an Issue he commented. A education roads taxes Are what the people Are talking about the most a a Holshouser said. A similar assessment came from democratic candidates who gathered near High Point on wednesday night for a Campaign strategy session with their gubernatorial candidate Hargrove skipper Bowles. Bowles touched gingerly on school busing during his primary campaigns against la gov. Pat. Taylor. The Issue has not surfaced in his Campaign against Holshouser. A abusing is Way Down As an Issue for the voters a Walter Devries the pollster with the Bowles organization said. A your polls show that taxes education and crime Are the major concerns of the voters the democratic candidates for the general Assembly agreed. Comments by several from both the Eastern and the Western sections of the state indicated a Lack of voter concern Over busing. A voters up my Way want to talk about roads and taxes a said Glenn Morris of Marion who is a candidate for the House from the District that includes Mcdowell and Yancey counties. A they Are talking a lot about roads in particular a Morris continued. A we feel what we Are not getting our share of Road Money in the showing agreement with the assessment expressed b y Holshouser the democrats said they Felt the Normal opening of school this fall had done much to quiet voter concern Over busing. The different Campaign strategies of the democrats and republicans were apparent however in other activities in High Point. During his visit to High Point Republican party Headquarters at 112 s. Main St., Holshouser acknowledged that the polls show him trailing Bowles. He stressed that the margin was Only nine cent however when the undecided vote was consider the High Point Enterprise sunday morning september 17, 1072. Page 2-a first font condominium units being och pied in Point staff Cholo by Arf Richardton condominiums break ice Here cd. And expressed Confidence that the coat tails of president Nixon would help overcome this before the election on nov. 7. Holshouser indicated that financing his Campaign is a problem. At one Point during an interview he commented a it takes about $38,000 to mount a state wide billboard in a Brief talk to party workers Holshouser said a we need to get a lot of support from the Little people let them know we have no vested interests backing our High Point republicans Are particularly pleased at the announcement that de Mendenhall and Sloan Gibson Are heading a finance committee in the area for the Holshouser Campaign. Most of the Money raised by the committee will go to the Holshouser Campaign state wide a portion will go toward the Holshouser Campaign Effort locally. A this Means that for the first time we May have As much Money As the democrats locally a one Republican worker said. As Holshouser is reaching out for president Nixon a coat tails the democrats Are still keeping their distance from sen. George Mcgovern their presidential candidate. In his Campaign Bowles continues to keep Mcgovern at arms length on one Side and the established party organization on the other. The democratic legislative candidates Are following suit in regards to Mcgovern. A we just done to talk about him up my Way a said Morris in a comment typical of the reaction from other candidates. The state wide democratic concern is confirmed by Devries. His last poll shows Bowles ahead of Holshouser 58 cent to 42 cent Devries said. A but ticket splitting is going to occur a Devries said. A about half the democratic vote in North Carolina will probably go to president Nixon. That makes for a volatile situation for the rest of the that is the situation Holshouser finds so encouraging in his Campaign to become North Carolinas first Republican governor in 72 years. Just he non to Candle and that by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer something new in gracious living without much bother has come to High Point and promises to lie at least one of the Ripples of the future. 46 in race Model cities commission election set for saturday Model cities third election moved into its final week of campaigning today As Over 41 candidates seek the votes of their fellow Model neighbourhood residents before saturdays balloting. Orientation and training sessions for the candidates to acquaint them with the Model cities process is scheduled for tuesday and wednesday at the Model cities citizen participation office Campaign Headquarters. On thursday a meet the candidates sessions will be held in each of the five target neighbourhoods from which a total of 18 representatives will be elected to serve for the next two years on the Model City commission. The candidates in the Brocket neighbourhood will assemble from 7 30 to 9 p m. At j. C. Morgan court in Harrison at Daniel Brooks Center in Spring Valley at Astor dowdy auditorium in Macedonia at Clara Cox Center and in Southside at Hillside recreation Center. Individual campaigning will take place throughout the neighbor Rwoods during the entire week. Residents from the Model neighbourhood Are not required to be registered in order to vote. They must however be 18 years old or older and must reside within the Model cities target area persons May vote Only for representatives from that a own neighbourhood. Polls will be open from 8 30 a in to 5 p a at the following Sites on saturday sept. 21 blocked a 1012 blocked Street Harrison a a first Baptist Church on f Washington Street Washington Terrace Park and Daniel Brooks Center Spring Valley a Campaign Headquarters at 1305 Franklin St., arum the Entrance of the Spring Valley apartments on k. Commerce Macedonia a Clara Cox Center Wise Street office of concentrated social services and Gethsemane Baptist Hurch and Southside a Fairview Street school and Hillside recreation Center. Potential candidates were required to obtain 2a signatures of their fellow neighbor Hood residents to enable them to seek the office the Model City commission is made up of 18 persons from the Model neighbourhood 18 mayoral appointees from the Public and private sector of High Point and four youth members. Commissioners Are responsible for approving the expenditure of Model cities $3.5 million average annual budget. Ail projects must he endorsed by the body before being sent to City Council for final adoption. The citizen participation project of Model cities directed by Milton Stallings is Iii charge of the election. Transportation to and from the elec Tion rallies or the polls will be provided by contacting his office. Climaxing the Campaign for commissioner will lie a banquet Friday night at the Mary Bethune Owca on fourth Street to which present commissioners candidates City arid Model City officials and project Heads Are being invited following is file candidates listed by neighbourhood Southside a mrs. Onley Thompson mrs Ruth Melton mrs Kula Amaker mrs. Clara Stricklin. Mrs. Hazel Starr miss Mary Browne mrs Dorothy Moore Walter Moore mrs. Lula Berry Nathaniel Waden jr., Emmanuel Rucker mrs. Margaret Baldwin and Thomas o. Moore Macedonia a mrs. Lillian Harris Billy Collins sr., mrs. Helen Spencer William Blue. Mrs. Louvenia Woods. Earl Brown. Mrs. Gloria Talley mrs. Mary Dockery mrs. Bene Mccrimmon. Mrs. Gloria Mcduffie mrs. Lillian Brown and mrs. Vickie Zell Spring Valley a Benjamin Brockman James rouser mrs. Guthrine Timberlake Theodore Autry mrs. Ida Strickland mrs. Carrie Bennett mrs. Johnnie Quick and mrs. Sandra Roberts Harrison a mrs. Lillian Martin mrs. Ida Covington Thurman Marie a f. L. Andrews mrs. Jessie Black Jerry Mingo Larry Barr and mrs. Mary Mccullough blocked a mrs. Macle Fairley mrs. Connie barrino mrs Frances Blackman mrs. Louise Mcleon and Joe Daughtridge. Or. Hay Williams recently became the first condominium Dweller in High Point a in All Guilford county in fact a when she moved into Lier new Home at 1115 Gatehouse re Oft Wickcliff Avenue and just across the sire t from Wickcliff apartments. Here is the first of four units developed by Security development co. To be occupied. Eventually 20 two and three bedroom luxury residences will be built on the seven acre tract called Emery Wood Forest Manor All of the first four have Lieen do by Mendenhall Moore and work has begun on the next six units. The condominium is another variation of the cooperative and townhouse Home ownership concepts designed to provide most of the advantages of proprietorship while shucking the responsibilities and Luther of property Upkeep. In a condominium tile resident purchases tile dwelling a share in tile land and facilities common to Hie entire development sikh As open space swimming Pool com Mon parking areas and All land. The owner is responsible for the Upkeep of the Interior of his unit Only. Ile must pay a fee for maintenance of Hie outside on his unit and As a share of the Cost of tile Upkeep of All common property. In a cooperative such As Wickcliff apartments o r Springfield Homes Herp. Tile owner buys a share in the entire cooperation. All maintenance costs Are shared by tin owners who Are. In effect shareholders in a cooperation. The township concept is very nearly the same As the condominium. The major difference is that the Homeowner also owns the land on which his unit sits and Small p a t i o -1 i k e areas. City ordinances providing for townhouse development have never Lieen passed in High Point. Emery Wood Forest Manor units Are Prid d from $50,000 to 80.000. The two bedroom units have 1,656 Square feet of Interior living space and the three bedroom units 1.934 Square eel of space. Savings and Linns institutions will finance up to 90 cent of tile costs of the units. One of tin bedrooms in both tile two and three bedroom units Are constructed for adaption for use As a Den. Tin Basic single Story Structure consists of Kitchen and breakfast area living room and dining room Cor bin . State enrolment now 13,800 action and bedroom areas. All units have two Baths and kitchens Are furnished with stove refrigerator and garbage compacted. All Are furnished with electric Furnace heat air conditioning and attic television Antenna. Charles Mendenhall o f Mendenhall my kit re who is one of the principals in the development said that he Raleigh a North believes t h e condominium Carolina state University Chan concept will steadily grow in cellar John t. Caldwell report popularity Here As More and Ltd a saturday that the Campus More people become has reached an All time High acquainted with the idea. Enrolment of 13,800 students. Lie said he thinks it is Caldwell said this is an infeasible to develop crease of about 300 Over the in condominium units in the Rollent at the beginning of the $30,000 Price Range and he i fall semester. The enrolment is not quite double that of to years ago possible lower. Greensboro has town House developments in this Range. The cooperative concept already has been used Here in the Low and moderate Cost Range. Sunday youth columnists named one four Veteran is among the youth writers whose columns will run in the sunday edition of the Enterprise during this school year. Harriet Fesperman will write the news about Thomasville senior High school for the third year. Other columnists this year Are Jan Garner for the High Point youth Council Vicki Walker for t. Wingate Andrews align school and David Haworth for Central High school. Miss Fesperman is the daughter of or. And mrs. Harry Fesperman of 904 Lake drive West in Thomasville. She is a senior at Thomas columns on Page inc Ville High where she is Secretary for the student Council and a school marshal. She is a member of the National Honor society the Dar a Good citizens for tins year and we a s a representative to girls state during the past summer. She has been a writer for a facts and fun a the Thomasville Iii h student newspaper. She expects to become a nurse through the College route. Miss Garner is the daughter of or. And mrs. Fletcher Garner of boo Copeland ave. She is a Junior at Allen Jay High school where she is a member of the National forensic league unit and class representative to the student Council. She also has worked on the staff of her schools student newspaper a the she plans to attend College hut has not derided on a course of study. Miss Walker is the daughter of or. And mrs. Fred Walker of 525 Ashburn St. She is a senior at Andrews where she is a Junioretta and member of the yearbook staff. She has been a cheerleader at Andrews for three years she intends to attend Central University at Durham and major in English. Haworth is the son of judge and mrs. Byron Haworth of 902 Fairway or. He is a senior at Central High where he is editor of that Pointer Hie student newspaper. He is an Eagle scout and disc jockey by Hie youth Council s radio sum and is a member of the school orchestra. Haworth is undecided As to where he will attend College or his major but has keen interests in music and journalism. Miss Fesperman a a Haworth miss Garner miss Walker when state had 7.200 students. Or Tom Stafford director of student research said the number of women students set a new record also increasing about 400 to 3.120. New freshmen enrolment did not increase substantially Over 1971, Caldwell said and the increased undergraduate enrolment was primarily the result of an increase in entering Transfer students. The High Point Entz a prism established 1884 published wry afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc 2 to Church Avenue High Point . 2z261 of mfr of the associated press rates by Mau payable in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to. Doily and sunday s31.20 s15.60 7.80 2.60 sunday Only 0 3 00 6.50 1.13 daily Only 23.40 11.70 5.85 0.93 by Carrier wkly 60 monthly 60 or. $31.20 mail subscription m . Subject to 3% a a let Tai. The associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well is All a news dispatches. Entered at second clots matter at the Post office High Point . Under act of March 3, 1879. Second e lass postage paid at High Point . All carriers dealers and distributors Ore Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible tor Advance subscription payments Mode to them or their representatives. For Home delivery Rote Contact your local Carrier. Word Griffith company notional advertising representatives

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