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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers on Way Moro data on Pago 5a 88th year a no. 311 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning september 17, 1972 132 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores n. State. 43 Syracuse. 20 North Carolina. 31 Maryland 26 Washington. 14 Duke. 6 sum. 56 Wake Forest to far answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. About acupuncture q. Just what is acupuncture As i have heard a lot about it Over radio and to and just wondered what it was. . A. Or. Walter Tkach. President Nixon a physician who accompanied him to China reported on the operations he witnessed there in the july Issue of Quot today a he observed three patients undergoing surgery for a Cataract an ovarian cyst and a thyroid Tomy whose Only anaesthesia had been a few wire thin stainless steel Needles inserted with a twirling motion into soft tissue far from the site of the surgery. The patients were Alert during their operations complained of no discomfort and All walked away from the operating table. He wondered if All might be whisked away to an intensive care unit there to go completely to pieces from the Shock of it All but this was not the Case. All stood around to talk with the visitors had Tea and answered their questions. To the one Quot what did you feel when the surgeons started cutting on you a the response was Quot it Felt like a scratch that a most do not need any pain medication afterwards when some do. Acupuncture is used again. Patients usually enter the Hospital two Days before surgery. The surgeons who will operate act As the patients guide and care for him through his entire Hospital stay. They explain beforehand what the acupuncturist will do show him in the surgical suite How they will operate let him talk to other patients who have had the same procedure and leave the decision to him. In 95 per cent of the cases patients choose acupuncture Over conventional anaesthetics. The chinese doctors said the Only disadvantages were the fact it does not relax Muscles so they have difficulty cutting through taut muscle tissue it does not work with open heart surgery when a heart lung machine is attached and also if a surgeon pulls too vigorously on an Organ such As when removing a kidney the patients complain that Quot they do not like even the chinese admit they do not understand How or Why acupuncture works All they know is that it does work. Where once they thought Many Needles were required in Many parts of the body they have found Only a relatively few or even one will sometimes do. The Needles touch no nerves or blood vessels. The charts showing the hundreds of acupuncture Points Bear no relationship to the pathways of the nervous system. The patient with the ovarian cyst for example had a Long Needle inserted on each Side of the nose where Bone and cartilage meet and passed downward parallel to the nose. A Short Needle was pressed twirling As always straight into the flesh Between the nose and upper lip. The thyroid and Cataract patients had Needles inserted in places by and in their ears. The Cataract patient was Only asked to look steadily Down at his feet neither his head nor eyeball was anchored As the surgeon deftly removed the Cataract with a Loop Scalpel then gently quickly and artistically stitched the Eye. The surgeons operating were attractive women and Young men in their late 20s and Early 30s. Besides its use in surgery acupuncture is used together with ancient chinese herbal medicines and Western antibiotics to treat illnesses. He talked to three Active and vigorous patients who had been admitted the week before with deadly peritonitis and were cured by these methods without surgery. Or. Tkach Hopes that physicians surgeons and Anaesthesiologist in our country can be sent to China for study so their techniques can be adopted in our practices. Quot to any Western doctor a he says Quot these things stagger the Why Jerry s gone q. What happened to Jerry Merritt i am anxious to know where he i. . A. According to a Gap tvs Michael Styer Jerry Merritt decided to leave television to pursue a career in Public relations a decision he made several months before leaving Channel eight. He remained with the station until a replacement could be found. My . Pilots to be freed i. To a Gartley Charles Elias Jap wire photo pow escorts run for cover Hanoi a the two american women who flew into Hanoi saturday to escort Home their captured loved ones were sent scurrying into Roadside bunkers and Concrete basements during four air raid alerts in their first five hours in North Vietnam. Quot and i was silly enough to think that Washington would Stop bombing while we were Here a Olga Charles said. She sat hunched in the basement of the Hoa Binh hotel in downtown Hanoi As antiaircraft guns spluttered into the sky. Mrs. Charles of san Diego Calif., is Here to reunite with her husband. Navy it. Norris Charles 27. Hanoi also has announced plans to release two other captured pilots air Force maj. Edward k. Elias 34. And Navy it. Mark l. Gartley 28. Minnie Lee Gartley of Dunedin fla., is Here to get her son Mark. Elias is from Valdosta. A. His father had planned to make the trip to Hanoi then changed his mind. North vietnamese officials visited the women at the hotel and said plans were going ahead to release the three american prisoners possibly on sunday. Quot we want to be certain you Are healthy enough and psychologically ready to. Receive them a an official said. Quot in Mas ready now As ill Ever be a mrs. Charles said. Mrs. Gartley said Quot please let me see my son the officials said the released american prisoners could live with the visiting delegation at the hotel until they depart. Mrs. Charles was about to step into a Bath after an arduous Day of travelling when sirens screamed outside her room and hotel staff members hurried her downstairs. Gray haired mrs. Gartley joined her on the stairway and both made their Way through a labyrinth of Back rooms and corridors to a Concrete basement room. This was the fourth time the american women and four peace activists escorting them had run for safety and the Strain was beginning to Tell. The first time was at Cia Lam Airport at noon when a polite delegation of welcomes quietly escorted the arriving americans to an underground Bunker. The vietnamese waited outside under Trees. No sounds of bombing or shooting could be heard then but an hour later on the two mile drive through farming land to Hanoi a crowd of peasants waiting at a checkpoint began to run As antiaircraft flak blossomed in distance and explosions were heard. The motorcade screeched to a Stop and mrs. Charles was half dragged along the Road by american Antiwar activist David Dellinger to a Bunker inside a Small military Post. President discloses personal finances Washington a president Nixon reported saturday his net Worth has increased $168,218 since he took office and now totals $765,118�?or about three times that of democratic nominee George Mcgovern. Vice president Spiro Agnew in a statement issued simultaneously said his net Worth grew by $87,166 since 1969 and stands now at $198,250. Most of Nixon a $1,283,256 in assets Are in California and Florida real estate holdings and in savings accounts. The bulk of his $518,138 in liabilities is in mortgages and Trust deed notes payable on the land holdings. The one Page statement prepared by White House counsel John Wesley Dean Iii said the increase in Nixon a net Worth since his latest prior statement. May 12, 1969, Quot is attributable to income from his salary which has been used for improvements to his Home or deposited in the Quot with the exception of Small sums of interest paid on his savings accounts the statement said Quot the presidents total income is derived from a yearly salary of $200,000 and by Early expense allowance of $50.000.�?� the statement disclosed that Nixon still owns two building lots in key Biscayne fla., As Well As two houses there. In addition he owns a lot in his old Hometown of Whittier Calif., plus his oceanfront Home at san Clemente Calif. No breakdown on the value of the lots was Given but in 1969 the Florida lots were listed at $37,000 and the one in Whittier at $75,000. The Florida and California property was valued at $809,747, with outstanding mortgages of $518,038 a or an equity of $291,709 in the parcels. This compares with a real estate equity of $107,900 reported in his 1969 statement. The president has $363,585 in Cash savings certificates and . Savings Bonds the statement said As Well As personal property such As furniture valued at $55,113 and life insurance with a Cash surrender value of $54 811. Mcgovern reported a net Worth of $271,600 on Jan. 28. Most of it was equity in Homes in the Washington area and in South Dakota. Mcgovern a running mate Sargent Shriver is expected to disclose his net Worth within the next few Days shrivers office said. Agnews office said the vice president s net Worth consisted mainly of savings and checking accounts Money held in Trust and equity in real estate agnews statement broke Down this Way Cash in savings and checking accounts $67,250 Cash surrender value of life insurance and civil service retirement $25,000 real estate in Baltimore county md., $ 1 5 ,000 equity in a condominium at St. Croix Virgin islands $14,000 Trust with attorney George w. White $62,000 and furniture and personal property $15,000. Israelis Battle with lebanese . Pilots reportedly healthy St. Louis a three american pilots to be released by North Vietnam this weekend say they have been treated Well and Are in Good health the St. Louis Post dispatch reported in its sunday editions. The newspaper carried excerpts from a half hour interview obtained with the men by reporter Richard Dudman in Hanoi. Dudman said in a copyright Story the Only formality for release of the men was a a that they make a request of the government of North Vietnam asking for their release a a in a probably in better physical shape than i was before i got shot Down a Navy it. Norris Charles 27, san Diego Calif., told Dudman. Quot i do 30 pushups 40 Side straddle hops and run about 200 morning but its enough to keep in air Force maj. Edward k. Elias 34. Whose family lives in Jacksonville 111., said he was treated with restraint by his captors. Quot they did no to mistreat me at All. They put me on a truck and started up Here. It was natural that they thought i might try to escape so they had a guard on me All the time. But they did no to tie me up a he said. The third prisoner Navy it. Mark l. Gartley 28, Dunedin fla., told Dudman he observed conditions of about 50 other american prisoners of War in his four years of Captivity. By the associated press israeli forces invaded Southern Lebanon saturday clashed with lebanese troops and palestinian guerrillas then prepared to spend the night in the Battle area. A senior officer of israelis general staff said the air and land invasion killed at least 40 guerrillas and 17 lebanese soldiers destroyed 130 houses and flushed palestinian commandos from 16 villages. Lebanon a resistance was surprising since its forces usually have stood aside during israeli moves to wipe out guerrilla bases. The lebanese ambassador to the United nations edouard Ghorra lodged a written protest with the . Security Council against the Quot massive land and air attack against Ghorra said two israeli infantry and armoured brigades penetrated 15 Miles into Lebanon and 24 planes participated in the assault. He said three lebanese army positions were attacked. The israeli staff officer said the size of the Israel infantry and armoured Force was secret but it was a a not very the officer said that before considering withdrawal of the invading task Force Quot we will see How the situation looks tomorrow he said is Rael has no intention of leaving the forces inside Lebanon As occupiers to control anti israeli guerrilla action. Pointing to a map and tracing a Row of villages 12 Miles or More inside the Frontier the officer said Quot our operation was and still is to take care of these bases not to take ground and hold the israelis contend that the villages harboured 300 to 400 guerrilla marauders. They said Many guerrillas and several lebanese soldiers were taken prisoner. Israelis losses in the attack that began at Sunrise saturday were three soldiers killed and six wounded the military command said. Mcgovern bugging probe a Whitewash by Don Mcleod a political writer Washington a George Mcgovern accused the Nixon administration saturday of whitewashing the democratic Headquarters bugging Case and a congressional Leader indicated Congress May probe further into Tho financial aspects of the Case if the Justice department does no to. Quot i charge that the Nixon administration commanded that the democratic bugging Case be whitewashed by the Justice department and the grand jury under its control a Mcgovern said in a news conference on the front porch of his Washington Home. Quot i charge that the failure of the grand jury to determine who ordered and paid for this act of political espionage a and who received the stolen information a was engineered by the White House through its attorney general or. Richard Klindienst a Mcgovern added. A Federal grand jury in Washington returned indictments Friday against seven men in connection with the break in at the democratic National Headquarters in the capitals watergate being reviewed by a separate Branch at Justice not directly involved in the watergate Many Public hearings while the criminal proceedings Are incomplete. Quot wed be glad to forego hearings if they move on it a Pat Man said. Hut he said if he thought the criminal proceedings were being stalled Quot wed go ahead and have our own investigation probably open to the meanwhile the Baltimore Sun reported in saturday editions it had Learned from a top Mcgovern Campaign aide that the Mcgovern Camp wants sen. Edward m. Kennedy to launch a Senate investigation into the bugging Case. The staff officer said there were no civilians killed Quot As far As we israeli air Force jets blasted a Cluster of guerrilla Headquarters buildings with rockets and hit eight other commando emplacements but no villages were attacked by air he said. The israeli forces were goaded by two recent guerrilla attacks at the Israel Lebanon Border and by the massacre of israeli athletes in Munich on sept. 5, when palestinian commandos raided the olympic Village. South Viets re enter Quang tri Saigon apr government marines raised their country a yellow and red Flag saturday Over the Quang tri Citadel symbolizing the recapture of the northernmost provincial capital after 4vfc-months of North vietnamese occupation. President Nguyen Van Thieu hailed it As a a a Brilliant the claim of Victory by the South vietnamese at Quang tri Marks their biggest gain since the Start of the North vietnamese offensive March 30. Quang tri fell May i and was the Only provincial capital lost to the North vietnamese in the offensive. Associated press correspondent Holger Jensen reported from the bomb and artillery levelled City that South vietnamese marines cleaned out the last North vietnamese suicide squads. While the government forces were celebrating Shell fire hit them from enemy held territory Northwest of the City. The North vietnamese still control nearly All of Quang tri province from 19 Miles northward to the demilitarized zone and 40 Miles Westward to the Laos Border. Kissinger reports on Russia War Washington a presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger reported substantial pro Complex three months ago and Gress saturday in a Range of electronic eavesdropping o n democratic Telephone Calls. However the grand jury did not get into the areas of who ordered the break in and bugging who financed it and whether Republican officials knew of it. Rep. Wright Patman d-tex., chairman of the House banking committee said in Milwaukee saturday the Justice department investigation did not go far enough. Quot they just handled the watergate Case a Patman said in a news conference. Quot they did t touch the Money the Justice department said Nixon a Campaign funds Are vesti gation. Patman said he had been asked by attorneys for the watergate defendants not to hold inside it a dins prison Reform Page id Square dancing Page 4d sickle cell tests Page 14c editorial. Page 4a women a news. Section b sports. Section c television. Page ish entertainment. Pages 17-19b obituaries. Page 14a classified. Pages 4-20d important negotiations with the soviet Union. But he showed no similar optimism about his secret talks on ending the Vietnam War. Kissinger gave this account at a news conference following a private report to president Nixon on his three Days of discussions with k r e in i i n leaders and his 17th secret Paris Parley with North vietnamese envoys. On Vietnam Kissinger said soviets want . Nuclear discussions United nations by. Apr the soviet Union has proposed that the . General Assembly discuss the permanent prohibition of nuclear weapons and the renunciation of Force in International relations. Soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko in a letter to Secretary general Kurt Waldheim. Released saturday suggested that two issues be included on the Agenda of the general Assembly when it reconvenes tuesday. Quot renunciation of the use of Force in International relations and permanent prohibition of the use of nuclear weapons would constitute an important moral and political obligation of states whose implementation would bring about major positive changes in the International situation a Gromyko said in the letter. The Hanoi delegates had indicated a a a certain seriousness in the negotiations. But without going into detail on his meeting Friday with Hanoi sle due Tho and Xuan Thuy he took a dim View of the enemy a latest proposal last monday for a coalition government in Saigon. He said it appears to be weighed in favor of the communists and the United states will not Quot impose a particular form of government that gives dominance to one Kissinger said Vietnam was discussed too in his 21 hours of talks with soviet communist party Leader Leonid i. Brezhnev sept. 10-13. But he added that the United states still believes the path to a negotiated settlement of the Indochina conflict lies through direct talks among the warring parties. But on the other items in his Moscow Agenda the White House aide reported significant Progress on such current issues As .-soviet Trade Hie proposed europen Security conference and talks on Mutual Force cuts in Europe and preliminary on the next round of .-soviet strategic arms limitation talks. In these areas Kissinger said a three russian groups will come to Washington next week to discuss agreement on settling the soviet world War ii lend lease debt to the United states an Accord for shipping Between the United states and the soviet Union and a Broad Trade pact. A he voiced Confidence that remaining differences can be worked out within a few weeks. A Nixon is approaching .-soviet economic relationships on a global basis and a comprehensive economic agreement should be completed before the end of this year. It will be submitted to Congress for its approval

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