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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Piggott named to Aat Hall Greensboro no. Apr or. Bert Piggott who coached North Carolina a amp to state University to three football championships is one of four per sons who have been nominated for induction into the schools sports Hall of Fame. Other nominees Are Edward Martin Tennessee state basketball coach Julius Martin former a amp to Tennis Star and Thomas e. A spec Kyd Conway former aggie basketball and football Star. The four will be inducted in ceremonies to be held oct. 29 in connection with a4t s Homecoming. Piggott a teams won Central intercollegiate athletic association football titles in 1958, 1959 and 1960. He coached football la years and track 12 years for the aggie and now teaches physical education. De Martin a native of Allentown pa., starred in baseball and basketball at a amp to in the late 1940�?Ts and pitched on three Ciao championship baseball teams. He has compiled a 348-119 record in his 19 years As a basketball coach. Julius Martin a native of Wilmington captained the aggie Tennis team for four years and won the Ciao singles title and shared the doubles title in 1952 and 1954. Conway retired school principal in Louisburg was Captain of the a amp to football and basketball teams in 1937 he played 36 consecutive football games for a amp to on offence and defense. Major league leaders by the associated press National league batting 350 at Tats Madlock Chi 345. . Phi 334 Griffey. Cin. 334. A Oliver. Ugh 330. Morgan. Cin .326. Runs Rose. Pm. 121, Morgan. Pm 107. Griffey. Cin 103, monday Chi. 102, Schmidt. Phi 101 runs batted i . In. 115. Morgan Cin. 107 Schmidt. Phi 95 Watson. Hon. 95. Murcer of 86 hits Rose Cin. 197 Montanez. A 186. Garvey la 179 Griffey. Cin. 173 Buckner. La 171. Doubles g Maddox. Phi. 36 Madlock. Chi 35, Rose. Pm 34. Johnstone. Phi. 33, Simmons. St. 33 triples Cash. Phi la Geronimo cell , ugh 9. Tyson. St. 9 Griffey. In. 9, w Davis so. 9 Home runs a Schmidt Phi. 35 Kingman by 34. Monday. Chi 30. G Foster pm. 29. Morgan pm 27 stolen bases Morgan. Pm. 56 Taveras. Ugh. 53 Lopes. La 53. Brock St 52 Cedeno. Hon. 51. Pitching 13 decisions a Metzger sell 2, 846. 2 41 Rhoden. La. 12-3. 800. 2 98 Alcala pm. 11-3. 786, 4.53 Carlton. Phi 17-6, 739, 3 25 Zachry Cin 13-5, 722, 2 83 Candelaria. Ugh 15-6 714, 3.13 Norman. Cin 12-5. 706. 2 68 Koosman by 19-8, 704. 2 83 strikeouts Seaver by. 221. J Richard Hon. 179, Montefusco of 166, Koosman. By. 161, Carlton Phi 154 american league batting 350 at bats Mcrae pc. 337. G Brett pc. 336. Arew min .332, Bostock min. 329, Leflore. Det .316. Runs a Leflore det. 93. White by 93 Rivers by 92, Arew min 90 Otis pc 89 runs batted in l May bal. Too. Munson by 97 Chambliss. By 93 Mayberry. Pc 92 str Zemsky bin 90 hits g Brett. Pc 197, Arew min 183, Rivers by. 182, Munson by 174 Chambliss by 173. Doubles Otis pc 40 Mcrae. Pc 32 Carty Cle. 31 Rivers by is Lynn bin 30 Chambliss by 30. Triples g Brett pc 14 Garner Oak 12 Carew min to 6 tied with 8 Home runs j Nettles by 26 re Jackson bal 25 l May bal 25, Hendrick Cle 25, Bando. Oak 24 stolen bases North. Oak 70 Lek lore det 58 Cam Paneris Oak 53 patek pc 48 Baylor. Oak 48 pitching 13 decisions Garland bal 18-6, .750. 2 59 w Campbell min 15-5, .750, 3.24 Bibby Cle. 12-5, 706, 3.27 e Figueroa by 18-8, 6922 88 d Ellis by 15-7, .682, 3.19 Fidrych det 16-8, 667, 2.24 Leonard pc 16-8, 667 3.39 Tanana Cal 16-9, 640, 2 66 strikeouts Ryan Cal 287 Tanana Cal 227, Blyleven Rex 194 Eckersley Cle 163 Hunter by 159 Quayle from Page in tigers but Grimsley holds the Edge. Grimsley 21, Ragsdale 19. Andrews at Central would really rather avoid this one but that is impossible on a Mission impossible. Both Are 1-1 for right now. Central will get into the win column. Bison 26, Andrews 23. Asheboro at Thomasville on my trip around the area i stopped Here where All local folks were gathered around the big chair. Some of the old timers were talking about the Days when Asheboro considered Thomasville a Warmup for the season remembering scores like 60-0 and so on. A Little Elf told me however those were the Days of Lee Stone at Asheboro. This year he said Thomasville would win. I ii buy that a bulldogs 34, Asheboro 14. Trinity at Ledford the panthers Are rolling Trinity is better but the panthers have the deck loaded this week. Ledford 20, Trinity 19 East Davidson at Randleman what i really need to do Here is give half a Point in one direction or the other but i m going with the tigers by a full Point. Randleman 14. East Davidson 13. Stoneville at Allen Jay if there is an easy one on the schedule this week i Haven to found it. Allen Jay has been hit by injuries everybody is getting better but still 1 11 go with Stoneville Over the Jaybird 7-0 Olderman from Page 6c is into big and thriving off past profits like the half million which he got for not playing in san Diego. Forget about him for basketball. Hell be 40 years old this year. Q. How do you rate to Pepitone s Book whereas Pepitone and what she doing now a . And j.m., Reidsville . Pepitone a autobiography done with Berry stain Back is probably the most honest sports Book Ever written even delving into Joe a impotence it s about to come out in paper Back. But the Book did t sell Well a one reason being that Peppy s second wife had a warrant out for his arrest so he did no to dare come into new York to hit the talk shows he sneaked in and out for one currently he a living in Chicago running a Saloon and contemplating bankruptcy. He has t played baseball since an abortive stint in Japan in 1973. Boating from Page 4c Central Davidson Southwest Randolph at the spartans will Roll and win Over Southwest. The score will be Central Davidson 19, Southwest 7. Patterson at Denton close yes but the Edge will go to Patterson. The raiders will lose Patterson 12, Denton 8. East Rowan at North Davidson a real zip Zapper this one. Some say a our expert in this Field a that the game will determine the conference Champ East Rowan is roaring but North Davidson will Knock some of the steam out. North Davidson 21, East Rowan 19 Southern Guilford at Davidson West West Davidson by a hair maybe a Point or so West Davidson 19. Southern 14. Weeks special u. S. Main Over Carrier pigeons a slightly. After i cleaned it i was Back in business. If you find the plugs wet the engine is flooded. The automatic choke May need adjustment or the manual choke has been left out too Long the engine out by putting the choke in the a off position and opening the throttle wide and with the ignition on turn the engine Over several times. Of the Battery is fully charged and the starter motor functioning but the engine will not Start or is running irregularly the ignition system is suspect. Remove the wire leading from the High tension terminal of the Coil to the distributor. Hold the engine Over and test for Sparks. Of there is a weak spark or no spark the trouble might be in the Coil or in the distributor if the spark from new from Page in of the sonics for having depreciated All but $150,000 of the $1.75 million paid for the franchise and the players drafted in 1967. It could Cost the sonics upwards of $220,000 and expansion teams in general a All of whom use similar accounting procedures a vast sums Marsh from Page 4c hidden Hole or a Creek is an Ever present risk regulars recommend not taking along a Hunting coat or Vest for this reason. Both hold water in their Bulky pockets it s far better to carry shells and whatever in the pockets of the trousers. Because there is so Little pressure on the Birds Marsh Hen bag limits Are rather Liberal. Daily restrictions Are 15 Fang and Clapper rails and 25 Virginia and Sora rails. Shooting hours Are one half hour before Legal Sunrise to Sunset the . Season is sept. 1-nov. 9 in s c., its sept. 18-nov. 26. Peak High tides a and thus the Best Marsh Hen Hunting a Are due sept 24-27, oct. 22-27 and nov. 20-24 along the Carolina coast. Announcing family night every Friday night. From 5 to 8 30 featuring a Barb que a Southern Fried Chicken a country style Steak a Batter Fried fillet of fish a Down Home prices Home style cooking with plenty of vegetables. Deserts. Salads for carry outs Call 886-5927 Amos lunch 408 e. Russell plenty of parking on each Side. Operated by the Moore s buy a bargain soda shop special. Phone orders Welcome. 431-2813 tax included. 2 hot dogs French Fries 9 of. Fountain drink. Archdale soda shop 3313 s. Main St. Pm. 431 -2113 curb service 4 to . A Sun All Day the Coil is weak after the distributor has been checked the Coil May be defective. Examine the distributor Cap and the breaker Points. Look for a Small microscopic crack in the distributor Cap. I had one last year and it took me at least an hour before i could find it. I replaced the Cap i always have a couple of spares on Board and was on my Way. A weak spark or no spark nay be caused by a bad condenser which could result in the Points being pitted or even welded together. Also Check the inside of the distributor Cap and the Rotor for moisture. Dry them out since moisture can cause a Short. If the distributor and Coil Are found to be Okay individual spark plugs should be tested. Starting with one Cylinder at a time disconnect the spark plug Cable and hold the end of the Cable about 3/16 of an Inch from the Cylinder head turn the ignition on. A Good Strong spark should be evident As the engine turns Over. If the spark is Good the plug May be cracked or fouled Check carefully and replace it if there is any doubt. Just a word of caution done to allow gasoline to spill into the boat. Be particularly careful when checking the fuel pump. Keep a Small Container Handy to catch the fuel when checking the fuel line from the outlet Side of the fuel pump when finished take the Container on deck out of the engine compartment. Orioles talking contracts Baltimore a general manager Hank Peters of the Baltimore orioles has signed Pitcher Ross Grimsley through the 1977 season and apparently has made significant Progress in his contract talks with Reggie Jackson. In addition to Jackson Allstar second baseman Bobby Grich and Pitcher Wayne Garland an 18-game Winner remain unsigned and eligible to play out their options with the american league club. A i would say we have a Chance to get close a Jackson said prior to wednesday night s game against the Detroit tigers after conferring for one hour with Peters a nobody gave anybody a lot of said the 30-year-old outfielder. A we both talked and we both listened. We had a very Nice talk and we Are still Jackson playing this season without a contract would become a free agent unless signed before Early november. He reportedly is seeking a multiyear pact Worth Between $1.5 million and $2 5 million. A we have been talking about a five year agreement a Peters said a and we talked dollars today. Also we discussed some of the things his agent had discussed with me last a this is the first time i have Ever really talked with said Jackson who has been represented in previous negotiations by his Arizona business partner and adviser. Gary Walker. Jackson was involved in Baltimore a eight player Trade with the Oakland a a april 2, but held out one month before agreeing to play for a raise Over his 1975 salary. Despite the late Start the slugger is tied with Lee May for the club Home run leadership with 25. And is second to May with 87 runs batted in he also leads the orioles with a 283 batting average. High Point Enterprise thursday september 16, 1976 7c Penn state awaits Woody co. State College a. Apr coach Joe Emo preaches to his Penn state players that they must prepare for each game As if it were the most important one of the season. He won t have to lecture too Long this week. His seventh ranked Kittany Lions Host powerhouse Ohio state the nations second ranked team in a televised College football game saturday. A no use saying this Isnit something special a admitted offensive tackle Brad Benson. A you can feel it on the Campus. Everyone is buzzing. It s hard not to feel the pressure of the student interest. They want to see us beat Ohio state. Its the most spirit around the Campus in a number of Benson a 6-foot-3, 260-Pounder, thinks the great interest will be an advantage to Penn state. He says it gives the team a great Outlook on the game. A a even my professors have let me know they re thinking about the and Benson a native of Altoona. Pa., also admits that he is getting edgy. A that was a Good game last week Stanford but this is the one we have been waiting for a Benson says. Emo praised everyone but the offensive linemen following a 15-12 win Over Stanford in the opener his criticism hit Home a your offensive line did a poor Job of handling their defensive stunts a a Paterno said a we did not have Good Protection for our Benson Wasny to Happy with the criticism but he agreed. A what we re doing this week is polishing things Benson said before a practice session. A your pass Protection broke Down against Stanford. So we re working on the Little things the Basic things to Correct that an aggressive Blocker Benson tried to explain the lacklustre performance of the offensive line against Stanford. A we let up after we got that Lead 15-0 in the first period and then when we had to pick up the Pace again it was hard we could t do it. So this week we re working on maintaining our intensity throughout the Penn state Hasni to forgotten a 17-9 loss to the buckeyes last fall. The Kittany Lions were trailing Only 10-9 late in the final period when a penalty killed a big Opportunity to pull the game out. Ohio state was bottled up deep in its own territory with a third Down and Long yardage. Penn state was guilty of pass interference on a Ball that sailed out of Bounds 15 feet Over the intended receivers hands so. Instead of kicking into a stiff wind and turning the Ball Over at Midfield or closer to the Ohio state goal line the buckeyes kept Possession they drove for the clinching score. Suns Cut Phoenix a the Phoenix suns have trimmed their Rookie roster by one More by placing 6-foot-8 Paul Miller on waivers. Miller of Oregon state was the National basketball association teams fourth round pick in last Spring s College draft. The cutback started tuesday with the release of 6-3 Ralph Walker of St Mary s calif., 6-6 Brad warble of Eastern Illinois 6-5 Gary Jackson of Arizona state and 6-5 Tom Deberry of Northern Arizona University. 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