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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Fit High Point Enterprise thursday. September Lei. 1976 All Yod got to do bask Murray Olderman we fit like Jigsaw pieces chemistry makes doubles stars the Tipoff if you need any clue for Walter Alston s eventual successor As manager of the los Angeles dodgers please note that at a recent baseball fest Over which owner Walter o Malley presided a and with Alston seated at his Elbow a a feature film was shown of coach Tom Lasorda and his vocal antics at third base. Lasorda has already turned Down one Chance to manage another National league club. Q. Exactly what surgery was performed on Nolan Ryan s Arm. Will it affect his pitching future a n.h., Corsicana Tex. Four Bone chips in his Elbow irritating the ulnar nerve were removed from the right hander of the California Angels and preliminary reports showed that his fireball was not affected. However you can to predict what will happen to delicate pitching machinery after surgery. The prognosis right now is favourable. Q. Where does Joe Dimaggio live when he s not Selling Coffee on television a l. C. Cleveland Ohio dimag still Calls san Francisco Home though he has been a peripatetic soul for years. On mornings when he s at Home he will still show up for leisurely Coffee and cigarettes at Dimaggio a a restaurant on Fisherman s wharf though he no longer has proprietary interest. A q. Who do you think will win the world series of 1976? a Michael Thayer North Highlands Calif. That s asking me to Crystal Ball it a Little Early. It d be easier if i knew for sure who the two main participants will be. My Long Range guess is that the Philadelphia Phillies will be triumphant in the Bicentennial year of 76. 0. In the boxing ring Why must there always be a Winner if the fight is even Why can to it be called a draw is it to please the gamblers a . Enholm Milpitas Calif. I Don t know where you got the idea there Are no draws declared in boxing. Some fights Are still scored even. If it happens to be a title bout however a draw enables the defending Champion to retain his Crown. Q. Who do you think was the first Black who tried to get out of the White Many a Mold of athletes do you know of any individual who has suffered racial discrimination in a doing a panel report for my sociology class on racial discrimination in athletics. A Phil Brown Walnut Creek Calif. My own Choice for the pioneering Black in this area would be Jack Johnson the heavyweight Champion of the world from 1908 to 1915. His problems for insistence on dignity in a White Many a world have been Well chronicled. As for discrimination i could Start with Jackie Robinson who opened up baseball and subsequently other sports for Blacks and had to endure Many slurs at the Start. Q. A runner is standing on the bag at third base. A line drive hits him while he is on the bag. What is the Call the Rule Book says a runner is out if hit by a Ball in Lair territory but it also states that a runner is entitled to the bag. A Earl Hoeft Charles City Iowa. Under rule7.08. Paragraph Ifan exception is listed which states that the runner in the above Case remains on base while the Batter is called out. Q. W whatever became of Wilt Chamberlain is he going to the kicks a d.f., pleasant Hill Calif. Wilt As a potential Knick is ancient history. His lawyer could t even get him to show up for a scheduled meeting last year with kicks officials. Wilt simply lives in his million Dollar Mullholland drive manse opening the roof to the sky. Playing volleyball. Who Cage see Olderman on 7c Oakland Calinea a in Tennis there has been a simplistic belief that pairing the Best two players available automatically creates a championship doubles team that a not the Way it necessarily works even if Jimmy Connors and Hie Nastase did win at Forest Hills last year. Among the doubles cognoscenti the familiar names Are Wojtek Fibak and Karl Meiler Fred Mcnair in and Sherwood Stewart Frew Mcmillan and Bob Hewitt you never heard of them Fibak of Poland and Meiler of West Germany won the act doubles title Worth $20,000 apiece at Kansas City in Early May. Mcnair and Stewart Are the no. 2 ranked team in the United states although neither will make the top 50 in singles ratings. A we fit together like two pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle explains Mcnair a Stewart has a very Strong first serve and return of serve but he s a Little slow reacting at the net my quickness at the net Volley and overhead Are my greatest strengths. I tend to be very volatile. He is even tempered a a among the top to doubles players listed in the grand prix circuit standings Only haul Ramirez of Mexico who teams with Brian Gottfried is ranked among the singles leaders too. A doubles is an entirely different game a says Roy Emerson the Veteran australian who was perhaps the most versatile doubles player in history a you Don t win by blasting the Ball ifs a game of position and finesse you done to serve As hard you Don t try for As Many outright winners and you lob a lot More. Its More interesting when played right a and More the big breakthrough for doubles As a dramatic Tennis form came in Montreal three years ago when Frew Mcmillan and Bob Hewitt won the act championship. The $40,000 first place Money was an unprecedented sum for doubles which is generally anti climactic in tournament Tennis. Although they had won at Wimbledon in 1967 and again in 72. No one figured them to be there when the big Money was on the line. As singles players they have never ranked among the top to Mcmillan is a slender studious articulate South african who always wears a White Cap when playing Hewitt is a balding blustering australian with a bombastic temper and a paunch to match he married a South african girl and moved to that country neither has Ever won a major individual Tennis title. Mcmillan has a unique two listed style grasping the Tennis Racket with both hands whether he is swinging from the right or left Side and even volleying at the net that Way. He lets his left hand slip from the grip Only on the serve and same year 1967 we won Wimbledon by beating Hie Nastase and Ion Siriac of w hat makes two players without individual greatness pair up so successfully a one has to have a love of the doubles says Mcmillan. A a As much As people Admire doubles play there still remains with some players an individualistic attitude and they done to study it As much. Hewitt and i have studied the doubles game from a players Point of View. We study opponents weaknesses and ways to exploit Mcmillan has spent the last two years As the player coach of the Golden gaters in world team Tennis concentrating his own efforts on doubles play. A we have a commodity which Many people would prefer to buy a he claims a and yet the Tennis promoters Are Selling singles. People want to buy because most identify More with doubles and enjoy a doubles match More than they do a singles match it s More applicable to their own play and also More exciting a one of the reasons Tennis does t have a very Good imbalance of interest is suggested. Also an imbalanced payoff. The doubles winners at Forest Hills will split $12,000 up from $4,500 a year ago. The singles winners both men and women will get $40,000 each wedding Bells Montreal a second baseman Pete Mackanin of the Montreal expos plans to marry Nancy Quinn after the 1976 National league season. She will be the fifth Montreal miss to marry an expo. However Over the years soon after they married three Montreal players wound up with other teams a Al or any size Premium 4-ply polyester Coro thie 78-13 078-1 f78-1 h78-1 878-13 818-15 c78-1 e78-1 g78-1 h78-15 g78-15 1.78-15 on overhead smashes. His rating on television is that Hii Walls Only reach is limited but he is cat Quick at the net. Hewitt is Strong with heavy strokes and a dependable return of service but one of the slowest men in big league Tennis together they have achieved startling chemistry As a doubles team a we were asked to team together by our National says Mcmillan a and we won 44 straight matches. Our first loss was in the Quarter finals of the French Amateur but in that most of the singles matches tend to be Flat. There s not quite As much sustained action. It s very spasmodic. In doubles you have far More sustained action a with four people covering he court there Aren t As Many empty spaces and the Ball is struck across the court Many More times. It is struck with authority and Speed and reflexes mixed with guile it makes a great spectacle a since Tennis players in America have proliferated to a total of 33.949,000 according to a Nielsen report and most of then play doubles an new Charity test old Westbury n y apr a new Golf tournament. Called the metropolitan club managers pro am Charity tournament will be held next fall according to manager Egon Jorgensen of the old Westbury Golf and country club. It will be held at the Rideway and Westchester Hills courses in White Plains n y. Sept 27 a Premium is our designation no Industry wide standards exist Tor Premium tires is 74 to s3 of f e i Whitewall tit s3 inv size listed new Falcon Regency 30 6 of 13. 6 50-13. 7 35 14. 7.75 14, 8 ?5 14. 8.25 15 i 4� to a 16 f i i wails add 13 by size Golden Falcon radial Whitewall br78 13. Dr78 14, er78 14. Fr78 14. Gr78 14, gr78 15, hr78 14 hr78 15. Jr7815. Lr78 15 >2 03 to j 3 34 f i 7 free mounting free rotation no Trade in needed de one Price tire stores feat Uhing famous Quality Falcon tires Solo coast to coast 1301 South main Street . 8-6 phone 882-5111 Wilbur Martin mgr. 3 locations in Greensboro . Television schedule Carlton the Doorman on talk music circuit Frew Mcmillan one has to love the game. I a wire photo Beeson s sport shop announces a special one time Speedo so it Sale now 50% off list on a limited Quantity of men s and women s Nylon and Lycra Speedo swim suits suppliers of swim suits for the . Olympic team m autism now 15% off list on All Speedo team suits. Beeson s says Quot thanks Quot to All the area swim teams. Free parking in Back Call 8854492 or come by Beeson hardware retail store a 214 n. Main a 885-2151 building supplies a 309 e. Broad St. A 885-2673 serving High Point for 93 years use our Wrenn St. Entrance by Jay Sharbutt a television writer los Angeles a Lorenzo a Carlton the Doorman music and his wife this week joined the syndicated talk an music circuit now travelled by the better known Dinah Shore Here Griffin Anu Mike Douglas shows. But whether the daily on hour a Lorenzo and Henrietta music show can make it in this league remains to be seen the initial seeing is occurring via 40 stations says a spokesman for the bankrolled of the series Mary Tyler Moore s production firm the first edition we saw Here showed Promise sly humor and a Flash or two of inspiration starting with word that we interrupt these commercials to Brinl you this important program a but it also had sagging segments particularly a too Long gag woodworking course by announcer Dave Willock. Who used part of the time to Tell music the right Way to Bow following a song an interview with miss Moore the sole guest took up the last half of the show it also seemed too Long it occasionally got downright cloying when Henrietta queried her about her life and future plans. Fortunately Lorenzo helped Salvage this Chat at times such As the time the two ladies wondered How miss Moore who says this is the last season for the Mary Tyler Moore show a would end the series. A what do you think of just getting blown he inquired the first half was the Best half during it. Music candidly admitted there was no studio audience when he a a Accident tally showed a technician playing the Yocks and applause machine he also offhandedly noted the show is taped in Advance by observing that a it s a Bright sunshiny morning about a month ago a a winning segment Henrietta s interview with Carlton the Doorman of the atm made Rhoda series. Carlton talked via a speaker put in a chair he said he could t leave his Post in the Bronx she asked How he trained to be a Doorman he said he got into it because his Uncle a Doorman a had emphysema and he could t blow his whistle so i blew it for him Channel converter Channel station High Point Cable Davidson county Cable 2 a my Greensboro 9 2 3 a Btu Charlotte a 3 4 Wunch Chapel Hill 4 4 5 who washing ton 5 a 5 a Gap High Point 13 7 9 soc cd Orloffe a 9 12 will Winston Salem to 12 to wac a washing ton 11 _ 36 Wrt it tha Lofte 7 to program schedules listed in to Schedl be Are furnished by the television stations and networks and arc subject to change without addresses add nit i Ltd Helow lot to m Hudi read Rev who want to mile unroll to Hie new Oil for question. Crick ism or pro Tuin Luke request Volt in lip inn in 4 Viva York in iwo a my ,1 Visi ,2nd Street be. York in i Iii in Mil ii Moi a Elella i i i i irk n y pm a my cd 2 Greensboro a Btu cd. 3 Charlotte Wuntch. 4 Chapel Hill a tag cd. 5 Washington a Gap cd 8 High Point soc cd 9 Charlotte Xii cd 12 w Salem wac a cd. 20 Washington wretch. 36 Charlotte /00 q30 news lbs news news zoom captioned vision on my three sons family affair news Abc news news Abc news news Abc news Star trek i love Lucy Beverly Hillbillies o o o co Liers club wild world of animals lbs news Waltons Art in n Carolina news conference Andy Griffith Brady Bunch let s make a Deal Price is right Cross wits let s make a Deal to Tell the truth candid camera Adam-12 Andy Griffith Comer Pyle q00 q30 Waltons Bobby Vinton firing line Lorenzo amp Henrietta music Welcome Back hotter Barney Miller Billy Graham Pacific Northwest crusade trial by wilderness Ironside Marcus Welby m d a00 j 30 Hawaii five-0 Hawaii five-0 Hollywood television theatre Merv Griffin streets of san Francisco Tea movie crawlspace movie quest quest continued movie pretty Poison movie me and the colonel Ion a news a Quot a a ii news lbs late movie news lbs late movies a off Odd couple love american style news Manx and the magician news tonight show news tonight show Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Burns and Allen Mary Hartman Mary Hartman love american style 12 Best of Groucho honeymooners David Niven s world movie Samar

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