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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - September 15, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaArrangements for crib had been made from Page 6c unfed. After the baby was born Joanne was interviewed in the Hospital by a social worker who asked if she needed anything. At first she said no but then thought a bit and told the woman Well i could use a crib for the arrangements were launched to obtain a crib through Catholic charities. A Hospital spokesman said the baby appeared to have jaundice an interruption of the body s Normal production and distribution of bile. But medical experts said this is common in new born infants due to immaturity in liver function. It is a condition said to Correct itself usually during the first week of life. By last sunday Bellevue spokesman James Walsh said Joanne was getting itchy to he said the baby was being tested to determine if the jaundice might present a serious problem and that the results still were being processed at ., nor Mally the deadline for Dis charge of patients. Joanne was asked to leave the baby overnight Walsh said but insisted on taking it Home with her sunday. He said she was told she would have to wait for the jaundice test results when they came Back negative she was told she could leave with the baby. By the time the 5 Closing hour for the property room had passed. Joanne s possessions were locked up for the night. Among them according to Walsh was in Cash. Joanne said she d come Back next Day and retrieve them. Joanne breast fed her baby at the Hospital then had dinner herself. An aide got her a cab and Walsh said the Hospital gave her for fare. The infant was wrapped in Hospital clothing and a Blanket. The nurses described Joanne As a shy withdrawn girl but she appeared very Walsh said. If we suspect a woman will not take care of her baby or will neglect her baby we Are in constant Contact with the Bureau of child welfare. Joanne was eager to care for her a Legal Aid source presented a different picture saying Joanne expected to stay in the Hospital until at least tuesday. At 5 Sunday she was told she would be leaving the Hospital. They said they had no reason to keep her but she could t get her property. Joanne never once indicated that she wanted to leave the Hospital. When she left she had ?6 with her her Why would anyone want to leave a place where they had Good care a bed to sleep in food and go Back to an empty tenement with no food or furniture knowing she and her baby would have to sleep on the floor Joanne was told to leave the at any rate Mother and baby went Back to East 105th Street and that night slept on the Rug on the floor. Nearby starving without food for six Days its ribs clearly visible the German Shepherd spent a restless night. At 7 . Labor Day Joanne told police she set out for Bellevue to pick up her possessions. She said she left the baby behind because it was a Cool morning and she was mindful of the child s jaundiced condition. She put the infant on the Rug on the floor with the dog nearby. From everything i be heard i really believe that she left the baby with the dog for said Bellevue s Walsh. But Manhattan dist. Atty. Robert Morgenthau was to say later she could have taken the baby to the Hospital with her. Other parents take their Chil Dren with them when they Don t have someone to watch the Joanne said the Bellevue property office had not opened when she got there and that she returned Home arriving about . After borrowing 50 cents in bus fare from a policeman she inside the apartment Joanne was confronted with a scene of horror. The baby s mutilated body Lay on the floor parts of its missing and blood dripped from the dog s muzzle. The Mother ran Down the six flights of stairs and located a Telephone. The first response was a police radio signal 10-54. Denoting a person in need of medical attention this was followed by the terse report that a child had been eaten by a dog. One of the first officers on the scene was Bill Connolly a big red haired freckled cop with Bright eyes and a Quick smile. What Connolly and his partner Al Dwyer asked Joanne when they met her outside the apartment. Dutch believe All not told on Lockheed the Hague the Netherlands a sixty two per cent of dutch citizens believe an inquiry failed to reveal fully the facts on Prince Bernhard s involvement in the Lockheed bribe scandal. An opinion poll conducted by the dutch Institute for Public research Nipo for Elsevier Magazine showed that Only 27 per cent of the respondents thought everything had been revealed. Nine Hundred persons were polled four Days after the aug. 26 publication of the report on Bernhard s dealings with Lockheed. An Independent three Man tribunal appointed by the government spent six months probing allegations that Queen Juliana s husband look million dollars in Lockheed payouts. The probe failed to establish that the 65 year old Prince received such funds but found enough embarrassing evidence to Force his resignation from Public office. One Portal that never gets jammed is the door to Success. The dog ate my she replied. Is the baby Joanne told them. I saw the baby s insides that s How i Why did you leave the baby there i left the baby on the floor with the dog to protect was the answer. The dog Doc Lely allowed it self to be taken away. After it was destroyed an examination of its stomach contents confirmed that it had partially eaten the baby. Joanne was charged with criminal negligence. She appeared in criminal court tuesday and was released without bail pending grand jury action. A Cousin Christine Hahn 24, took her Home to a lower East Side artists Section housing her there for the time being. Said dist. Atty. Morgenthau we have asked for a psychiatric examination. If it shows she did not know what she was doing at the time we might not prosecute. But our concern is to protect other children from criminal neg i officer Connolly hoping some Day to practice Law said ill die with this on my mind and i still think about it. I be dreamt about this.7 and Back at the Grimy tenement on East 105th Street Good neighbor cookie Kissam said i wish she d Given the baby to me. I d have taken it in. I would have kept the baby for but it was not Joanne Bashold s nature to impose on others. Proctor Silex save 234 on Maxwell House . One Coffee All three recommend High Point Enterprise wednesday september 15, 1976 1c perfect Coffee is Here. 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