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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny warm More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 308 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon september 14, 1972 48 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads. 8852177 All other departments 8852141 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. The Price of suds q. I purchased a Box of super suds detergent from and the Price on the Box was 27 cents and on the Bottom was stamped 39 cents and i had to pay 39. I Don t believe this is fair and can t something be done about these prices anon. A. The food store name indicates a Small retailer. In this Case if annual sales Are less than $100,000, the store is exempt from Price controls including any posting requirements. Retail stores with annual sales of More than $100,000 but less than $200,000 must Post signs stating the availability of base Price information while the $200.000-plus retailers Are required to prominently Post All base prices except for those items exempt. Even these larger stores subject to controls have what Are termed a a football items because their prices go up and Down. Price variations May be due to the fact an item was sold for a time at a lower figure than the base Price and then returned to the maximum allowed that is the Selling Price permitted during the freeze from August 16 to november 13, 1971. Manufacturers can pass on increases in the Cost of production and when a storekeeper has to pay More for the product he is Selling he can charge his customers the new and higher costs to him plus his Normal percentage Mark up. Tie economic stabilization program also relics in the Workings of the Market place to control prices. Price commission chairman Grayson lays a a the smaller businesses Are fiercely competitive with the big ones and the More we hold Down the big ones the More the Little to follow suit to if your present grocer is not fierce enough in his competitive spirit to suit you you la have to take your super suds business to another. Anyone who does have reason to believe tire has been a violation can request an a alleged violation report form by calling the toll free internal Revenue service number. 1-800-822-8600, or by writing . Box 20541, Greensboro . 27420 attention stabilization. Table Tennis tourney o. When will there be a table Tennis tournament or games for 13-year-old boys and other Ages t. P. A. The playground program this summer had a citywide table Tennis tournament in july. Boys and girls from to to 15 were Able to enter in one of six categories. In March the Parks amp recreation department conducts a City wide tournament for girls and boys men and women in singles and doubles. The winners from each of the twelve categories go to the District tournament. Any High pointers who emerge As winners then Advance to the state tournament according to Brenda Hoover. You must buy two o. Of a child receives an invitation to a birthday party for two children that Are different families at the same party Are you supposed to get both children a gift or just the one please answer As quickly As possible As i need to know the first of Tho week. Thank you. A. A gift for each. It would be a pretty sorry birthday party for one if the other child got All the presents. Re action recently two ladies were complaining about not receiving support payments from their spouse and wanted them picked up one in 24 hours. With All the women a lib and rights to work what Are they crying about0 ninety nine times out of a Hundred women leave their husbands for their own selfish desires just to get out and then they want to punish their husbands for their own shortcomings. These kinds of archaic Laws for support should be abolished and some of the government Ridden judges that uphold them replaced. I have been paying for 13 years. I feel that i have been discriminated against As my sex makes More Money than i. Or. W. Q. With reference to sound off in the Issue today August 21st. I have been in position to Sec both sides of a divorce Case or cases Many times and i agree in All cases that the children should be helped but in Many Many cases when the father pays support through court it never reaches the children As it seems to Stop at Good old mom. I have seen the Man have to give up certain percentage of his Check every week for support and that per cent at times leaves him with $30 to take Home in one week. How is he going to live he has food Home and car payments too. I am not a member of the women lib a lot of these suffering children their mothers would get off of their you know what and go to work these kids would be a Little bit better off. Please print this so everyone can hear both sides. Anonymous woman. Pow escorts mrs. Cora Weiss left Speaks at a news conference at Kennedy Airport in new York wednesday night before leaving with a delegation that plans to escort three american pos from North Vietnam Back to the . Accompany ing the group on the trip Are mrs. Gerald Gartley Cente Mother of one of the prisoners and mrs. Olga Charles wife of another of the prisoners. See Story on Page 2-a. Up wire photo Sterns hurls counter charges files suit against o Brien Washington a president Nixon a chief fund Raiser Maurice h. Stans has struck Back on two fronts at democrats who he says Are trying to make political capital out of Republican Campaign Money controversies and the break in at democratic Headquarters. Stans accused the House banking and currency committee of a partisan Misbehaviour and discourtesy after its staff report questioned his denials of involvement in a transaction linked to the demo cratic Headquarters bugging affair. And wednesday stans joined in filing a $2 5-million civil suit against Lawrence f. Of Brien former democratic chairman and now chairman of sen. George Mcgovern a presidential Campaign. The suit charged of Brien with abusing the Feder Al court process in connection with of Briens a million suit stemming from the break in and alleged bugging of democratic National Headquarters. A spokesman for of Brien said the gop suit was frivolous and a an attempt to intimidate us from pursuing our own suit against the republicans. We will not intimidated by such desperate the democratic National committee meanwhile said a War fund cutoff proposal doomed Washington a the proposal to Cut off . Money for the Indochina War in four months appeared headed for certain defeat today in House action on a $74.6-billion defense Bill. Other amendments to the biggest military Money Bill since world War ii included one to override the House appropriations committee and let the army Navy and air Force turn Over Gist up duty to civilians. A this May be the last Chance of this Congress to speak out and end the said rep. Joseph p. Addabbo d-n.y., author of the end the War amendment in the opening debate wednesday. A the loss of one More life cannot be but Addabbo acknowledged off the floor that his amendment identical to the one being pressed by sen. Edward Brooke r-mass., had almost no Chance of approval in the House. It would Cut off ail Money except the amount needed to withdraw . Forces from the Indochina War in four months if Hanoi released american prisoners and gave an accounting of missing gis. The House on aug to rejected an amendment setting an oct. I troop withdrawal deadline the 228-178 vote showed that the House cannot Muster the votes for a policy stand against the War much less the votes to Cut off Money for the War. In his opening statement. Appropriations chairman George h. Mahon. D-tex., described the Bill As a the largest Money Bill that has Ever been presented to any legislative body in the history of the what s inside amusement 10-11a Bridge so classified ads mid comics .3d crossword. A editorials. 4a financial 2a obituaries. 4d sports. In television 10a women s news. In weather. 3a new soviet Trade agreement Likely Small Black Gadget described As a listening device was found in a Telephone wednesday at party Headquarters. Committee officials said the device was removed by the Fri after a Secretary reported that the phone line was not functioning properly. Newsmen were not allowed to see the device. The Fri would not comment on the incident. Stans attack on the House committee report and the gop suit further escalated the political Battle which has developed since five men equipped a it the eavesdropping and photographic equipment were arrested in the democratic offices june 17. Stans former Commerce Secretary. Has been drawn into the controversy because $114,000 in Republican Campaign funds was held for a time in the Miami Bank account of one of the men charged in the breaking. High level officials say neither the White House nor the Gap was involved in the burglary. A confidential banking committee staff report issued to committee members tuesday night said stans had approved the Transfer of at least $89,000 of the Money from Mexico to Nixon a committee in Washington hours before a new Federal Law would have required disclosure of the contributors. By Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger is returning from Moscow with Good prospects for signing of a Broad .-soviet Trade agreement within a month or less administration sources say. At the same time tile sources cautioned against a report from Moscow forecasting the pact would produce $4 8 billion Worth of .-soviet Trade by 1877. Writer Victor Louis a soviet citizen who has had an inside track on some major or Civilin stories in the past gave the multimillion Dollar figure in reporting on Kissinger a three Days of talks with soviet leaders Kissinger said As he was leaving Moscow today that i Thiis report was a fall the results of his talks a will be announced in due course a he said. Kissinger said he had talked mostly with communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev and was a very satisfied with the results of the he is due Back in Washington Friday after Brief stops in London and Paris. The administration sources said Kissinger is bringing president Nixon several options but reached no final agreements. Stating that it is too Early to place a Dollar value on prospective .-soviet Trade the sources said the Moscow report apparently assumed agreement on some major projects in which the soviets Are interested. Rating High among these is proposed joint .-soviet development of Oil and Gas deposits in the soviet Union. The soviets Are interested in a joint venture in Siberia which would bombing conflict Washington a Gen. Creighton w. Abrams and Gen. John d. Lavelle have told conflicting accounts of the circumstances surrounding air strikes ordered against North Vietnam says the chairman of a Senate committee which has questioned both behind closed doors. Armed service committee chairman John Stennis said the conflict a concerns the knowledge and extent of knowledge each had about those raids. A a in a not surprised but its inconclusive yet a Stennis said after the third Day of the hearing wednesday As details of tile testimony continued to emerge piecemeal. Sen. Peter Domnick a Colo said Abrams was Una ire of the exact character of 28 raids ordered by Lavelle last Winter and Spring before president Nixon renewed heavy bombing of North Vietnam. Abrams himself had nothing to say to reporters As he strode briskly from the committee session after four hours interrogation and explanation. His nomination As army chief of staff has been Beld up for this inquiry. Include japanese and american companies and also in one in Western Russia the sources said. But the United states was said to he taking a cautious Goslow approach because of financing and other problems involved. Kissinger was reported to have made substantial Progress toward final Resolution of the lend lease dispute which has stood in the Way of expanding .-soviet Trade. Negotiation on settling the Post world War ii soviet i o u. For . Lend lease shipments is said to be at a stage where both sides agree Moscow will pay $590 million Over the next 30 Vears. A lend lease settlement in turn would open the Way toward application of most favored nation Tariff treatment by the United states towards the soviet Union. Progress also was made the sources said toward a .-soviet maritime agreement for ships of each country to carry Trade to the other. This would apply particularly to the Large soviet purchases of . Grain. Other matters on Kissinger a Moscow Agenda were said to include the proposed european Security conference talks on Mutual Force cuts in Europe and Vietnam. There was no immediate indication of any dramatic development in these areas. End of War during 1972 now doubtful by Spencer Davis associated press writer Washington a some . Officials Are privately expressing doubt that a negotiated settlement to the Vietnam War can be expected before january despite a possible flurry of diplomatic activity in the weeks ahead. Until now the private assessment had been that no settlement could be seen before nov. 7, the . Presidential election. The new Date apparently stems mainly from he belief that it will take the North Viet stories Stennis a what he Abrams said was that of course he knew of the raids but did no to know they were conducted outside the rules of engagement a Dominick said. As to whether Abrams or others above Lavelle knew of the circumstances Dominick said a nobody had the foggiest idea the strikes were outside the sen. William Saxbe. A Ohia addressed the War rules question involving tile 28 protective read Ion raids ordered by Lavelle before he was relieved of his 7th air pm Ore command. Namese the Viet Cong and their supporters about two months to assess the situation after the Ledion. . Officials say the hard line approach by the North vietnamese will continue until after the election despite the expanded . Bombing. The assessment comes on the heels of or. Henry Kissinger a meetings with soviet leaders. And there Are hints that Kissinger the presidents National Security adviser May meet privately with i due Tho Hanoi a special politburo envoy to the Paris peace talks it is possible that Between now and the Ledion the Nixon administration could drop hints and indications that the negotiating process is building up to a Climax. This line of Adion would be easy for voters anxious for peace to accept the new appraisal however is that Hanoi is not Likely even though it May make statements to the contrary to change from the hard line that has marked the North vietnamese Public position throughout the War. Soviet sources say it is Safe to assume that Kissinger was told that american proposals to establish a cease fire and halt the War have meant the National liberation front would have to surrender to toe government of South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu. The russians have ignored Thieu a offer to step Down before new elections Anc insist that present proposals would be suicide for the National liberation front and the Viet Cong. Cancer takes life of hop along Cassidy As general Assembly meets u. N. Faces problems by George Bria associated press writer United nations. By. Apr terrorism big Power struggles Over Korea and Bangladesh and purse tightening by the United states Promise to dominate the 27th general Assembly which convenes tuesday. What to do about pollution also looms As a controversial Issue at the three month meeting of delegates from 132 member nations. Outraged by the Munich killing of israelis olympic athletes. Secretary general Kurt Waldheim has urged the Assembly to find a measures to prevent terrorism and other forms of violence which endanger or take innocent human lives or jeopardize fundamental a preview of the difficulties in the path of this debate was seen in three superpower vetoes in the Security Council last sunday. The United states blocked a cease fire Call on Israel that failed to mention the Munich massacre. The soviet Union and China barred language that would have linked israelis reprisal raids to the olympics tragedy. Waldheim 53-Yearr-old austrian serving his first year As Secretary general submitted a Broad request that that would cover Tup Amaro style Kidnap Ings of diplomats and other attacks. Jousting for influence on the Indian subcontinent. China and the soviet Union Are expected to clash violently Over a renewed attempt by Bangladesh to gain u n membership peking vetoed the first try in the Security Council on aug. 25. Diplomats expect no change in China s opposition unless there is a breakthrough in relations Between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Pakistan has not recognized Bangladesh which was created out of East Pakistan in last years India Pakistan War. China supported Pakistan diplomatically in the War while the soviet Union aided India. Divided on Bangladesh China and the soviet Union Are United in an Effort to get . Troops out of South Korea. The two communist superpowers have joined with 24 other communist and nonaligned countries in the drive a to accelerate the Independent and peaceful reunification of Korea a the United states will seek to get Korea put Over until next year arguing that a debate now would interfere with efforts North and South Korea have been making by themselves toward unification. Some Lively debate is expected on a renewed american drive for a Cut in the . Assessment. This year the United states paid 31.5 per cent amounting to $64 million of the regular u n. Budget. The . Delegation is seeking a Cut to 25 per cent contending it is a a unhealthy for the United nation a to be excessively dependent on one country. . Spokesmen deny the purse tightening reflects . Pique at such u n. Actions As the expulsion of nationalist China. Hollywood apr a in a not the Man people remember As hop along Cassidy a actor William Boyd often said in turning Down interview after bouts with cancer and Parkinson s disease. A a they a be shocked at the Boyd who achieved International Fame As the Silver haired floppy in 92 motion picture and television films died tuesday night a few months after he entered a South Laguna Beach calif., Hospital. He was 77. Complications from Parkinson s disease and congestive heart failure were reported As the immediate cause of death. Funeral services which were expected to be private were being arranged. Boyd who became interested in children preached the homely Virtues to them. A they Way i figure it a he said a if it weren t for the kids id be a bum today. They re the ones who be made my Success possible. They re the ones that should Benefit from Boyd donated part of his Fortune to children a hospitals and Homes. He founded a club called Hoppy a troopers that had an idealistic code of conduct. High ethics were a part of the hop along Cassidy characterization which ran for 25 William Boyd at height of career years in movies and on television and radio. Hop along pursued bad Guys relentlessly but he tried to bring them Back alive. If forced into a showdown he let the villain draw first. Smoking drinking swearing or romantic involvement were taboo for Hoppy. This insistence on clean living came rather suddenly for Boyd and he credited his fifth wife Grace whom he married in 1937, with reforming him

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