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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 4e High Point Enterprise wednesday sept. 13, 1972 anther to previous Punk feminine touch across i wife to be 6 american Indian woman la withdraw 13 Onward movement 14 places of action 15 writ of execution 16 droning sounds 17 craggy Hill is not so much 20 half Ems 21 soap opera for example 23 most dreadful 24 collide with 27 Mamed women 30 cenozoic Era 32 wards off 34 sick Many a Helper 35 perched 36 Kite 39 Steps in a scale 40 escape Slang 43 by Mouth 46 spigot 47 mothers Darling 48 French feminine title 50 Western state 52 astonishes 53 Spanish feminine title 54 appellations 55 surpasses Down 1 astronomer Tycho a 2 to fare 3 entries in an account 4 noises 5 period of time 6 the Sun 7 extinguish 8 exhort 9 Sale sign 2 words to moisten to your Good health wow 12 natural fat 13 Cherr like color 18 natural resource 21 family member 22 expiate 23 German article 2 4-Royal majesty 25 insurance a 26 Golf Mound 27 existed 28 yellow Bugle Plant 29 sex Soldier Coll 31 curtail 33 lists of candidates 37 Ohio town 38 roman historian. 39 Glossy coating 40 capital of Nigeria 41 come to nothing 42 Oriental Birds 43 coastal Region in Arabia 44 incarnation of Vishnu 45 first husband 47 nou 49 in the Middle comb form 51 rebel Coll i 2 3 4 5 i Quot 7 r 9 loll 12 13 14 is 16 i 17 18 a a a it _ a 21 22 23 mar 25 26 27 28 29 m it 32 a 34 35 36 j a 40 41 42 43 44 -45 i 46 i a 47 46 49 56 by 52 53 54 55 13 whether to have a smallpox vaccination by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson i have heard that the Chance of death from smallpox vaccine is greater than the Chance of contracting the disease. I have Pat off having my 10-month-old son vaccinated for that reason. Our paediatrician does not give a personal opinion but says it is entirely our decision. I done to have enough information to make a Wise decision. Can you help is the vaccination harder on an adult or older child than for an infant0 a mrs. . Here a the background. Well within my lifetime we were still having smallpox epidemics. By virtually Universal vaccination we have reached the Point at which smallpox is virtually unknown in this country. To is True that a few individuals have a severe reaction from the vaccine and some of them die. The number is Small a a few in Mary millions. But it is a fact that / vaccinating is a greater risk a now a than the risk of encountering the disease because the amount of smallpox Here is very close to Zero today. The Success of giving up vaccinating for smallpox will rest. I would judge on our Success in eradicating the disease everywhere else in the world. If a few decades from now most of our Young people were without vaccination and then the disease crept in from somewhere from anywhere new epidemics would be possible. Can we achieve a smallpox free world0 let us Hope so. I dare say that it will take to to 25 years before we will be Able to judge what the future holds. I presume also that if we did find smallpox creeping in we would resort once More to vaccination a and in a hurry. We could i Trust manage to Stop the spread before it became too disastrous. The Long term Wisdom of giving up vaccination depends. When you need therefore on what happens in the future. Present policy is to make vaccination optional instead of mandatory. However smallpox vaccination remains mandatory for travellers coming from parts of the world where smallpox still is known to exist. It is As your paediatrician says up to you to decide. For the few who May lose a child from vaccination there can be no adequate Consolation. For the Many who decide to vaccinate and All goes Well there is no harm done. And if a if a in some future year smallpox begins to return there will be thankfulness on the part of those who have been vaccinated. There is you see no Way. Now to be certain of what the future holds but the decision to Stop mandatory vaccination was thought out carefully and not made lightly. As for me i May be Overly conservative but if i had healthy Young children now t would have them vaccinated As a precaution against what the future May hold. That s just my opinion. I cannot criticize anyone who decides not to have it done. And i am sure that the smallpox situation will be very closely watched in the years to come to take instant protective measures if there Are signs of resurgent danger. Men who peddle their troubles find their burdens increasing. Notice receivership Sale . Fowler motor line property 4.671 ack is Ltd a a a a it on Westchester or. Whatever the size. Hodgin Streit w Jacoby on Bridge Rule for doubling a Force in Spade whatever the purpose. A a a a see us whenever and wherever you need Glass. Rely on us. Serving Home business and Industry expertly. North d a akq4 �73 a a1082 a 953 West a j 98 5 a q109 65 a kq75 a void 13 East a 103 2 �4 a 64 a akj10872 South a 76 a a j82 a j93 a q64 both vulnerable went North of Jet South 14 2 a 2 a Dale pass pass pass opening Lead a k by Oswald a James Jacoby there is a very Good Rule of bidding which is that you done to double a forcing bid unless you Are sure of two things. The first is that you can defeat that contract the second that the information Given by your double will help your partner not your opponents. West a player in our rubber Bridge game really thought that his opponents were in trouble and it never occurred to him that South was going to make his two heart contract. Thus when everyone passed his double he opened the King of diamonds and sat Hack to watch South try to wriggle off the Hook. South did quite a Job of wriggling he took the first trick with Dummy Sace of diamonds led a heart to his Ace took a Short look at the ceiling came to the conclusion that West held either 5-5-3-0 or 5-4-4-0 distribution and proceeded to give West the full treatment. He led the Jack of diamonds. West took his Queen and led a space. South cashed Dummy Stop Spades and diamonds to get of two clubs. Then he inspector quits electrical Job Asheboro Archdale Trinity residents who need an electrical inspector will have a new procedure to follow now. After the recent resignation of the electrical inspector who served the area. Harold Holmes Randolph county manager reported today. Holmes said those people in the area who needed an inspector should go to the Archdale sheriffs office and pick up an application form. He said the person can then mail or carry the application to the county electrical inspectors office in the Randolph county court House i n Asheboro. One Day service is hoped for said Holmes. The county manager said at the present time there Are no plans to name a new inspector to serve just the Archdale Trinity area. Ruffed Dummy a last and led his last club. West had to Trump his partners trick and Lead away from his Queen of hearts to let South make two Over tricks. What would have happened if West Hadnot doubled North would have bid something. If North and South reached a no Trump game they would make it but they would probably wind up playing some sort of part score. 883-6719 421 feet mrs building specialities 123 it. 1107 Greensboro re. Westchester drive time to am saturday september 16, 1972 place on premises 2702 Westchester or. High Point . Next to Dvon inc terms 10% Cash at Sale balance on delivery of deed. Sold Clear of a cab mortgage and taxes. This valuable property sold subject to confirmation of court. For information and inspection of recent Survey Contact Louis j. Fisherjr. Court receiver 302 first Union Bank a High Point . To or. Retailer we d like to invite you to a Beautiful. Double ring it s a simple ceremony. Short inexpensive and unpretentious. But it s a Happy mutually beneficial experience. The second ring is that of your Cash Register bringing response to the want and which has been printed in the classified pages of the Enterprise. And that second ring brings you Cash in Exchange for the item you be listed. There s just one thing we can t Promise your Cash Register will Only ring once. You see there s something unique about the people who read the classified pages. They re already in a buying Frame of mind. They turned to the classified pages looking for something to buy. 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