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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper letters to the editor the great school debate is still raging Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Page 4-a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor wednesday sept. 13, 1972 a misshapen loophole a Money made by Money should be taxed at the same rate As Money made by that is the kind of sophistry on which sen. George Mcgovern is relying in his populist approach to the presidential Campaign and one not greatly at variance with All such appeals. On the face of it this is music to the wage earners ears. He has been led into a position of belief that As the Miami Beach Campaign buttons tried to refute profit is a four letter word. The republicans were saying with their convention regalia that it is not. And of course the whole american system of free Enterprise says that it is not. Nevertheless the wage earner who knows that every Dollar he receives for his labors is being duly taxed even before he sees it is envious of any Dollar of income that he thinks is not taxed quite As resolutely. This makes the capital gains tax just As much an ogre in the tax Reform picture As is the big bad Oil depletion allowance. Trouble is. The capital gains tax is subject to distortion of image according to How it is observed. To understand it one must ask Why such a thing As a capital gains tax is allowed to exist. It is the tax that one pays on profits on investments that have been held for More than six months. Roughly speaking the capital gains tax one pays on such profits is levied at one half the taxpayers Normal tax rate. Further simplified one half of any such profit is tax free and the other half is taxed As Ordinary income. What is not so apparent is the fact that investment taxation is hardly a loophole. One analyst said that instead it is a a tacit acknowledgement by the government that As a class no one is subjected to More double taxation than is the on Stock shares for instance when the Holder Sells them the profit he earns if any is subjected to the capital gains formula. Already the corporation has paid taxes on its pro fits. Secondly the leftover profits paid to the shareholder in the form of dividends Are then taxed again As Ordinary income. Thus the capital gains becomes one Way of helping him offset a double taxation. Quite aside from All this if America decides that profit is a dirty word removes the capital gains tax Benefit and any other incentives the system of Public ownership of the nations companies through investment will cease at least for the millions of Small investors. Without some incentive they will avoid the risks that Are inherent in Stock investment. Without that Money Supply Industry a ability to create jobs and profits most of which winds up in the wage earners pay envelope will shrivel away. Well be left with government operated Industry and democracy As we know it will cease. There Are of course other possibilities. The nation can declare an end to such a a loopholes As the capital gains tax and appropriate Federal funds to create a substitute incentive for the one lost. This is simply a robbing Peter to pay Mcgovern a War against the capital Gams tax is like most of the rest of his economic program a not very Well thought out and subject to change once the need for the primary Appeal passes. Solid proof know Why that fellow from California is paddling a surf Board from Massachusetts to Florida he says he is making the trip to show Young people they Don t need drugs for excitement. Lie s the same fellow who got conked with a bottle when he paddled too near a pier at Morehead City last summer. This year he ran into some heavy weather off Cape fear and then found a huge sea Turtle making a pass at him. No. If you re like this fellow you done to need drugs for excitement. On his basis they a be pure tranquil Izer. Come to our Rescue while we Are awash in the heavy seas of economics first editorial let s Angle for some explanation from Duke Power co. About this latest rate increase ploy. Duke along with Carolina Power amp Light and Virginia electric amp Power this week told the state utilities commission that they will file a request for a surcharge on customer rates to finance research and development. This comes fairly close on toe heels of pleas for rate help on the basis of rising fuel costs. The latter is a bit More understandable. Hut for the life of us we done to yet comprehend the reasoning which puts research and development into such a strange Slot on the company balance Sheet that it should have its own rate Niche. Research and development is an internal part of any Industry which Hopes to survive beyond the current projecting the news decade. It is As much a Standard business function As the paving of the receptionists salary. The news Story we read quoted the up amp a president As saving the companies need help in paying for advanced technology in the electric Power production Field. That statement by itself might Lead one to think they Hadnot been doing any of that. Even though every one knows that Duke and up amp a Are both greatly in the throes of creating nuclear Power producing facilities. The ways of business finance and especially these of Public utilities companies which must Deal through regulatory agencies rather than handling their pricing Structure d re Tiv with customers can be heavy going indeed to be sure Duke Power has a ready explanation. Several other people Tell us Thev to would like to hear it. Slaughter season London a dressed in High boots Green jackets and feathered hats i r million italian Hunters Are now blasting away at everything from wild boar to thrushes. Off past performance each Hunter will kill an average of More than too Birds before the season ends in late december a Hunting in Italy has become a the late italian publisher Gian Giacomo Feltrinelli once lamented. Last season two Hunters quarrelled Over which of them had shot a pheasant. Unable to agree they proceeded to shoot each other one was killed the other seriously wounded. There is a joke that italians done to kill flies because they Are the National Bird rut As the Turin daily la Stampa punted out. The country s wildlife May consist almost entirely of flies before Long every year 2 h million Birds and 50 million animals excluding rats Are bagged by italian Hunters. Bowing to International criticism the italian government in 1970 abolished a Law which had permitted the netting of Birds. Even so thousands of Birds were caught in nets last year. The haul included numerous members of endangered species. It should come As no Surprise then that several italian spec ies of Birds Are nearing extinction and that migratory Birds Are giving the Peninsula a wide berth As the world wildlife fund observes a the Only Law in paly that deals with wildlife observation is the Hunting Law itself a there is an ironic aspect to this Seif indulgent Slaughter. The shortage of insect eating Birds forces italian Farmers to rely increasingly on chemical pesticides to protect their crops. As a result italians have around five times As much Dot in their bodies As do englishmen. The Slaughter of Falcons and other predatory Birds has fostered a population Enlo Sion of poisonous snakes. Another contributing Factor is the migration of Rural people to the cities. As peasants abandon farmhouses stables and Fields mice proliferate the mice in turn Are eaten by such deadly snakes As vipers. Recent reports indicate that Italy a vipers Are becoming bigger and More aggressive As Well As More numerous. Unless italian Hunting Laws Are made stricter the situation is bound to grow worse Hunters tend to forget that even the most prolific species of wildlife Are vulnerable to overkill. The classic Case is that of the american passenger Pigeon which probably was the most plentiful bad the world has Ever known. But indiscriminate Slaughter decimated the species and the last passenger Pigeon died in the Cincinnati zoo in 1914. Italian Hunters constitute a powerful Well heeled Force. Lobbyists for Extension of the game season include stores that sell Hunting gear Rifle and ammunition producers and the italian Hunting federation. The federation places advertisements in the press showing virile male models brandishing powerful firearms and inviting the Rea or to a a join the ranks of the National association for free Hunting feels that exiting restrictions such As they Are discriminate against Hunters. It objects for example to Sardinia s Law limiting shooting to thursdays sundays and special holidays. If the italians done to watch out. There soon will be More Hunters than game. Then perhaps they will take to stalking each other. Teacher believes Public unaware to the editor i have followed with interest the Many letters to the editor published thus far having to do with the question of the school Calendar. As i enter my tenth year of teaching i must get All of the pent up anger out of my system about this before i return to the classroom tomorrow. To begin with i Don t feel that the Public realizes that teachers Are wives and mothers too when they discuss the issues. No matter How the letters Are worded. I can still read Between the lines to the fact that the Public schools Are virtually free babysitters or Day care centers. No mention has been made to the child a welfare and How a seven hour Day sitting in one or two rooms affects him. No one has really questioned the Quality of work done in that length of time. Many of us feel rather tired after lunch on our regular for which we Are paid wages. Yet we expect children to put in even longer hours if you include transportation Homework and classroom attendance. All of this we shove Down his Throat with the reasoning of the Law requires it or you must get an education. In ten years there is one definite thing which i have Learned the Job in the classroom is much harder when a child knows that his parents Are very critical of the Call to the faithful to a a �?�7 i v a i 453&> terrorist insider Washington the palestinian guerrillas have deliberately sought to provoke israeli reprisals against Lebanon in the opinion of . Ambassador Bill Buffum in Beirut in order t0 create a an illusion of activity and to encourage a the continued flow of subsidies from the rest of the Arab their forces never a serious threat to Israel have been in disarray since King Hussein drove them out of Jordan in september. 1970. Now congregated largely in Lebanon Thev draw lightning from Israel and keep the Middle East in ferment. Ambassador Buffum sent the state department a secret summary a few months ago of what s going in in the guerrilla Camps in Lebanon. He reported that a a fedayeen strength in South Lebanon despite continual fluctuations is now probably higher than at any time in the past hut that a their fighting spirit seems to have remained at Low he told of a the a edifying spectacle of contusion dissension and bitterness that pervades the fedayeen leadership Quot and described a jealousy and disturbances developing Between Fatah elements Long stationed in South Lebanon and those recently arrived from Jordan and there have even been gunfights he reported Between commandos. A was if ail this were not enough a the ambassador added a the fedayeen have found their main outlet for releasing their frustrations a forays into Israel a blocked almost entirely by Security measures undertaken by the lebanese and israeli time fused rockets he reported that a virtually the Only vestige of fedayeen activity aimed Israel is the practice of launching time fused rockets from behind lebanese army but he suggested that a lebanese army patrols Are now Able to find and defuse about re per cent of these the . Embassy believes cabled Buffum a that current fedayeen activity in South Lebanon is designed to serve two purposes neither of which has much to do with inflicting injury on Israel. A the first seems to be to create an ill Graffiti c 19? Wai so do y a. Amu go round j j. A a or v in Var for j by Jack Anderson Sion of activity that will maintain the fedayeen mystique and ensure the continued flow of subsidies from the rest of the Arab world. A the second would appear to be to provoke israeli retaliation against lebanese Border villages in the Hope of angering the inhabitants and exposing the lebanese army to charges of a do nothing ism in the face of enemy assaults. A achievement of the first aim seems to have met with Only limited Success. While the resistance movement As a whole is certainly not on the verge of bankruptcy Thor Are indications that the payment of salaries and allowances to individual fedayeen is seriously in arrears. A was far As the second aim is concerned its realization seems to have Elu cd the fedayeen thus far. Bitterness against the israelis and the Gol i government of Lebanon of course. Is widespread in South Lebanon. But the populace has not been slow to realize the main cause of their present difficulties. They Are prone to blame the fedayeen for provoking israeli retaliation on their crops and houses without even being Able to claim he slightest damage to Israel thousands with guns while Buffum discounted any serious fedayeen threat to Israel he warned a there still remains for the lebanese the difficult problem of what if anything to do about the growing number of commandos a 6,000 at last count and still rising a camped in Sou a Are supported by an amorphous mass of armed palestinians in refugee Camps throughout the lebanese authorities he reported a have not dared to set food in any of the country a 15 refugee Camps for the past two the solution Buffum observed that some militant Arab leaders believe a lebanese leaders Are Only biding their time hoping a hat future circumstances will Pernik a pm to Deal with the palestinian resistance a a movement in the same manner that King Hiis Sesin was Able to Deal with it. A in our View the lebanese government intends nothing of the kind. Most of its leaders Hope instead that something somehow will happen that will enable the problem to go away and remove the necessity of their having to Cope with what worries the ambassador is mounting fedayeen sentiment a particularly among those elements that make up the Fatah in favor of the concepts of Are wide terrorism and revolutionary activity Long advocated fedayeen he cited intelligence reports that Algeria. Inn. North Korea and South Yemen were providing a financial and material assistance directly to the of of popular front for the liberation of Palestine and other avowedly revolutionary organizations with nary a qualm about the Adverse effects such assistance might have on this country s delicate political schools and the teachers. Believe me i know that there is room for improvement. If i were the first one to be fired and i would if you published my name then i would be thrilled that finally someone cared enough for Quality education to take a stand. The reason for my anger is that i done to feel 4hat John q. Citizen understands that the teachers Are Power less about the school schedules. If we were wealthy enough to take a weeks vacation at easter we surely be in a classroom the rest of the year. At Christmas it is the same. All Many of us get to do for that two weeks is find an extra Job for Christmas gift Money. Starting school before labor Day does disrupt the whole ballgame. For one fleeting weekend everybody gets into the summer routine again. It will take my entire family to get mom out of bed at 5 30 in the morning. But now i must defend the schedule. We need each and every work Day set aside. For any Parent who finds this hard to believe come to school next fall on the first teacher Day and help clean unpack arrange desks count books put up bulletin boards go to faculty meetings and Infin Tum. I am glad that Public concern is finally being shown for what goes on in the schools a but i Issue an open invitation for any Parent in this area to pick a school any school and come for one entire Day and take Complete charge of any one teachers duties for the entire period from the time she goes on bus duty in the morning until the time she completes her plans for the next Day. Of that alone has t enlightened you then you can come on Home with her and help clean House feed the children and pets fix the master of the House his supper when he can manage to get Home. And then when Al Are asleep and the world is at res Grade All of those papers which your students composed that Day being sure to add a personal note to each one so that you won t inhibit their sense of identity. Then if it Isnit Dawn you can do the Homework for the class which you Are taking at unc a at night to renew your certificate. That is the big night of the week. You can drive Over there and get All excited about the new methods of education which really might help Johnny to learn to then Vou realize your school is still trying to scrape together the Money to pay the electric Bill and keep the cafeteria operating of Well whether the Public reads this novel or not. I feel better and know that when i look of those children who belong to someone else tomorrow that i have cleared the cobwebs and love them too. Name withheld a Parent responds to other letters to the editor i should he writing two letters but i will Combine my concerns into one. First about the Calendar a it has changed some but like anything else we dislike changes. When i went to school we had approximately two weeks for Christmas. They have added two Days at easter and evaluation Days which accounts for the week of earlier starting. It has been discussed in the state of using the schools for twelve months and this would necessitate staggering vacations. it be unpleasant to have vacation in the dead of winter0 i think it is very unfair to Lump All teachers into one group a by the same Token it is wrong to do the same to students and parents. I am sure some of the teachers your children have Are Good. At least most of the teachers my children have had were Good. They make my children work hard for their grades but they have Learned. There has been tears Over lessons but we advise and Check but never do we do the work for them. How Are they to learn if we do the work it May be possible that some teachers have less knowledge than some of the students they teach hut More Likely less knowledge than some students think they have. I always thought the teachers were chosen because of their qualifications not in spite of them some of the unemployed teachers with whom i have talked gave a not being qualified As the reason for not being employed. I think mrs. Concerned Mother sept. I stated it Well a time was when parents were intended to support the teachers by seeing that their children were present in the schoolroom obedient at All times clean polite and always doing their this is the Only thing with which i agree have you Ever tried to teach a class of thirty students and have some disobedient children in the class you should try it sometime. It takes Only one to disrupt the whole class of discipline is used a even if it is no More than staying after school a some teachers get Calls notes and yes even threats. I have worked with people from preschool to oldsters and As i said it takes Only one to disrupt everything. Like mrs. Concerned Mother i worked twelve months and for less Money than most teachers. She is Lucky. I get one w Eek vacation plus a few major holidays but if the work Load demands it i am denied some of these. I am a working Mother and have children in school but i would not change places with any teacher for any amount of Money and have to Deal with some of the belligerent students and parents they face. Not one of us is perfect a teacher student or Parent a some us May think so but even in Light of this i believe that working together instead of pulling apart will make for a better system for All. My second concern is the report by Don Forney. Does this report cover the entire City or just the Model cities area who asked for the study and Why was it made i thought there were reasons for studies to be made and that usually recommendations forthcoming. I appreciate the letter mrs. Stackhouse wrote on August 2r. I done to always agree with her. But on this i do. There Are three areas where change could do a great Deal to alleviate some of this. First the Law requires a child to stay in school until the age 16. This could be raised. Second and very important is the concern of the parents for their child s education. As Long As you have unconcerned parents parents who will not insist that children stay in school or parents who Are waiting until a child is 16 so he can quit school to take a Job. A Job to add a few dollars to the family income. An income which stays at a minimum from Lack of education. The third area is employment. As mrs. Stackhouse said until the Industrial Powers that control this City can Sec beyond their own need for relatively Low paid and unskilled labor we will continue to have drop outs. Employers should band together and refuse to hire anyone who does not have a High school diploma. For instance anyone born in 1955 and thereafter should he required to have a diploma before being hired for work. Of course there May be exceptions but these would he few. All drop outs should b e encouraged to return t o school especially by parents and prospective employers. Some employers require a diploma most do not. Hut Thev should. I am not expecting this letter to be published because it is so Long but in the event it should be published please withhold my name for personal reasons. Name withheld Campaign spending stand criticized to the editor during the primary campaigns for the democratic g u b e in atrial nomination Hargrove bowies kept talking about the High costs of running tor Public office. After spending nearly a million dollars in two primaries More than All the other major candidates for the same office put together he said that if elected he would see to it that Legal limits be placed on Campaign spending. Several weeks ago Jim Holshouser made a proposal for a voluntary limit on what the two candidates would spend in their Campaign against each other. After a few Days. Bowles suggested that their Campaign managers negotiate privately and maybe something could be worked out. However weeks after Holshouser a proposal. Bowles refused to do now what he had publicly advocated. Bowles actions seem to say that after he buys his Way into the governor s mansion he believes it ought to be against the Law for anybody else to do it. This seems to create a rather Large credibility Gap evidently or. Bowles does no to think that costs of campaigning Are too High after All. Mrs. Unda Thorburn 836 elder Road

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