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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny Days Cool nights More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 307 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon september 13, 1972 72 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c 0 to. 88 0@sb ancient gunnery q. Could you Tell me where you could order a Catalon on the value or prices on old guns. Thank you. . A. A gun traders guide and a red Book of used guns Are two. You May find others in bookstores or Newsstands where sporting magazines Are sold. A sound off this morning september 6 while comme to work As an ambulance was coming Down s. Wrenn Street toward Green drive a gentleman probably saved lives by waving Down a lady going West on Green. Had he not she would have hit the ambulance at a combined Good rate of Speed. Little did she fully realize that he probably saved her life. And the ambulance did no to realize at All what had happened. The gentleman went on his Way without any thanks but his Quick action and thinking were Superb. He deserves a sincere thank you. It might be interesting to note that it is very difficult to hear an ambulance while driving with windows up and possibly the radio on even Low. Could be that the ambulance Drivers should slow Down to a much greater degree especially at Stop lights and not take for granted that every one will hear them. It could save lives in itself. I feel this deserves Quick mention. Shelba , Mcmillan Defeated for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every foul up q whom should you Contact about negligence on the part of a pharmacist on four different occasions i have had prescriptions filled at drug store in City by druggist and i have used it one time and it had the wrong number on it. The Medicine was wrong and i had to take it Back to be changed. I contacted the manager of the store at that time mr.-, and was merely shoved off. On this last occasion my doctor called in a pain prescription for me and since i had never taken it before i had no idea what it should look like and when i had taken some i noticed it did not have the name of my doctor on it. I Don t know if i had the right Medicine or not or even if it was dangerous. Or. Has a girl behind the counter helping him and they got prescriptions and she did not even finish High school. This is Well known in City and Many other people have the same problem and what should we do about it thank you. . A. This is we confess the kind of question that evokes a profound response like a ooh dear with no identification of the caller there is no Way to prove or disprove the allegations. Add to this when anyone is sick and taking a lot of medicines we May feel so Rotten that everything and everybody is suspect. On the other hand it does seem to indicate laxity of the wrong number was used and if the pain prescription did not have the doctor s name on it which it should have unless it was just aspirin he was prescribing. Since Many druggists have High school help unless you actually observed the Young lady filling prescriptions there is nothing amiss there. If a wrong number or no name appears on future prescriptions you can discuss it with your doctor first he May have forgotten to sign the prescription pad if a Many other people have the same problem a you can All write the full facts and dates being sure to give your names and addresses. And Send the complaints to the n. C. Board of pharmacy. P. 0. Box 471, Chapel Hill. N. C. 27514, attention of h. C. Mcallister Secretary treasurer. Mcallister says their Field staff can make an investigation to determine whether and Laws rules or regulations have been violated of this is found to be the Case the Board will take appropriate action to Correct any deficiencies found. Workmen s comp 0. How Many employees does a company or a corporation Havo to have before they pay the workmen s compensation thank you. Mrs. H. A. A company with five or More employees is required to have it. They May carry it with fewer employees if they wish. They have permission 0. Out at Carson upholstery there Are a Bunch of Toon agora climbing on top of Tho building on weekends and on top of the trucks and they have knocked out some of the lights Down there on the Yard and the Bushes have grown up so at the lot where this Light was and they just knocked it out for meanness and then they run on top of the building. They carry on so much Over the weekends at night and they play Ball in the Yard and i thought they were supposed to have somebody Thoro to guard that but surely they Don t. They have in the past but i Haven t seen anyone and i Don t live too far from it. Mrs. Anon. A. The police department contacted or. Odell Jones maintenance supervisor of Carson upholstery who advised them he gave permission for the boys to play Ball at night and on weekends. There has been no damage he says to the trucks or the building. The Bushes belong to the City whose responsibility it is to have them trimmed. A a watergate affair by Walter r. Mears a political writer two elders of the House of representatives both of them committee chairmen have been Defeated in democratic primary elections. Rep. Wayne n. Aspinall chairman of the House Interior and insular affairs committee lost in Colorado a 4th District to Alan Merson a University of Denver Law professor just half his age. John Jenrette 36, a member of the state legislature narrowly beat rep. John Mcmillan in a Runoff primary in the 6th Dis Triet of South Carolina tuesday. Mcmillan is chairman of the House District of Columbia committee. A recount of that race seems certain. Jenrette a margin was less than 600 votes. In new Hampshire conservative challenger Meldrim Thompson Defeated gov. Walter Peterson in a neck and neck Republican primary. With returns from All the states towns and wards counted the vote was 43.396 for Thompson and 41,231 for the governor. Roger Crowley the democratic nominee for governor two years ago won that nomination again in a three Way race. Next door in Vermont Luther Hackett 39, an insurance agent a former state legislator and the evident preference of retiring gov. Deane c. Davis won the Republican nomination for governor. He Defeated James m. Jeffords the state attorney general and will face Democrat Thomas Salmon As the heavy favorite in remains in Moscow Moscow a Henry a. Kissinger remained in Moscow today for an extra Day of secret talks with Kremlin leaders before flying to London and Paris. The . Presidential adviser had been scheduled to spend today sightseeing in Leningrad. The . Embassy announced tuesday that Kissinger would continue his talks in Moscow until his departure for London thursday no reason for the change was Given and no information was provided on Kissinger stalks with the russians who presumably included communist party Leader Leonid Brezhnev. It was assumed that the War in Vietnam As Well As european and soviet american issues were under discussion. The soviet press gave prominent coverage tuesday to the vie Cong peace statement this week asserting once again that a South vietnamese coalition government could be formed which neither the communists nor the Saigon regime would dominate. Both Saigon and . Officials said they found nothing new in the statement. There was speculation that after his talks with the russians and with British and French officials Kissinger would meet in Paris Friday with be due Tho the North vietnamese politburo member who is his governments chief peace negotiator. The White House announced that Kissinger will be received in London by prime minister Edward Heath and in Paris by president Georges Pompidou. Report ties Cash bugging by Dick Barnes and h. L. Schwartz Iii associated press writers Washington a Money from Mexico linked to the watergate affair was part of $700,000 in secret Nixon Campaign gifts stuffed into a suitcase and rushed to Washington in an Oil company plane last Spring according to a confidential House staff report. The document distributed tuesday night to members of the House banking committee also said a southwestern fund Raiser for the presidents Campaign had contradicted denials of involvement with the mexican transactions by chief Nixon fund Raiser Maurice h. Stans. Committee investigators said they were unable to determine if the money�?$100,000 in ally actually came from mexicans or from . Citizens living in that country. But they said that on the surface it appeared the Money was from foreign nationals and. If that is True accepting it is a violation of . Banking Laws. The 58-Page report compiled during the past several weeks both adds to the bizarre developments in the democratic Headquarters bugging Case and vividly describes last minute efforts by Nixon fund raisers to beat the april 7 deadline of a new elections Law requiring full disclosure of Campaign donors. Despite a Stern warning by committee chairman Wright Batman d-tex., against releasing the report to newsmen a copy was obtained by columnist Lack Anderson who made it available to the associated press. A new disclosure in the report is that a total of $100,000 came from Mexico. Previously it was known that $89,000 linked to the watergate affair was made up of four checks drawn on a mexican Bank Patman told committee members in a covering letter a the $89,000 of mexican Bank checks which went into the Republican Campaign and then into the account of Bernard Barker one of the suspects in the watergate burglary raises tremendous questions for the committee. A it appears that the committee to re elect the president and its Allied groups Are willing to go to any lengths to conceal the identity and the origins of these it has previously been Learned that the four checks drawn on the mexican Bank passed through the hands of stans and other Nixon committee officials then wound up in barkers Miami Bank account. But the report provides the first account to Challenge the original Contention of stans that he knew nothing about Transfer of the funds which came from or passed through Mexico. The report gives this account in late March and Early april a group of Nixon fund raisers in Texas headed by William Liedtke president of the Pennzoil corp., were collecting contributions in he Southwest. Liedtke told committee investigators he was approached by Robert Allen president of Gulf resources and chemical co. In Houston and Texas fund raising chairman for Nixon who told Liedtke he could a raise United states Money in Mexico for the Campaign. Ice Duke told investigators he talked by Telephone april 3 with stans to find out if there were any Legal problems with obtaining such funds of Mexico. Liedtke said stans told him he would Check. That afternoon or the following morning stans told Liedtke it was a Okay to bring the Money to Washington a Liedtke told the investigators. On april 5, a messenger brought a Large Pouch to Liedtke a Pennzoil office in Houston and opened it in the presence of Liedtke and Roy set report on 2-a will it swamp us officials in a Small motor boat scout the Minnesota River ahead of a Barge carrying a 106-year-old methodist Church that was being moved from Bloomington minn., to a Scott county historical site near Shakopee minn., tuesday. The 50-ton building made its watery journey of about 7 Miles in 3 hours. A tug pushed the Barge from the other Side. Up a try pm a of Nixon plans raids on Democrat votes Mideast tension increases Waldheim Calls for action by the associated press Lebanon s Premier expressed fear tuesday of a new israeli attack As . Secretary general Kurt Waldheim called for general Assembly action against terrorism. A from an evaluation of the situation we cannot say that last weeks israeli attack would be the last a Premier Saab Salami told the lebanese parliament. His fears apparently were based on reports of continuing israeli troop concentrations along Lebanon a Southern Borders and of new israeli threats to strike at the Arab terrorists. Salem said the lebanese army has Clear orders a to do the utmost to repel any israeli aggression at any israeli War planes attacked palestinian positions in Lebanon and Syria last Friday in retaliation for the olympics massacre in Munich tuesday in which la israelis five Arab terrorists and a West German policeman were killed. Premier Golda Meir told the israeli parliament tuesday that Israel will strike against Arab terrorists with All its strength and skill. With Only the communists abstaining the legislators supported a the governments right to defend its emis creasing acts of terror in the world. Acting on his own initiative the submitted a proposal last Friday that the 132-nation Assembly take action. The soviet Union and Olina vetoed attempts in the 15-nation Security Council sunday to link the Munich is lying to the reprisal strikes Israel conducted against Syria and Lebanon. The United states then vetoed a Resolution calling for a Middle East cease fire but making no mention of terrorism. With Kennedy Thurmont my. A president Nixon invited some of his top Campaign aides to join him for a discussion of politics Over dinner tonight at his nearby Camp David Retreat. In Washington the White House said Nixon would hold the pow wow with Clark Macgregor his Campaign chairman former chairman John n. Mitchell chief of staff h. R. Haldeman and John b. Con Nally head of democrats for Nixon. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said the men would discuss plans for the eight Campaign weeks remaining before the nov. 7 election. Nixon flew from Washington by helicopter tuesday night. Before leaving the White House Nixon held a series of private political sessions with groups ranging from Cabinet Kurt Waldheim Saries and citizens wherever they May the . Chief told a news conference in new York that the United nations a cannot be a mute Spectator a to increasing violence. But he acknowledged that any antiterrorism Resolution will face difficulties in the 27th general Assembly convening tuesday. Waldheim said it is up to the Assembly to find measures to Deal with the kidnapping and killing of diplomats and in Mcgovern sees tide As turning Revenue sharing passed by Senate Washington a a Bill one of the landmark measures of the 92nd Congress has passed the Senate 63 to 20 despite the misgivings of Many members. The Bill was approved tuesday night after a 12-hour session and sent to conference with the House to Iron out major differences in the versions passed by the two branches. Sen. Russell b. Long d-la., Senate manager of the Bill said he Hopes the conference can begin thursday and can Reaca Quick agreement. If that happens the first payments to 39.000 eligible states cities counties and townships could be sent out by the Federal Treasury in october. Several senators said they could not conscientiously vote for the Bill at a time when Federal deficits have mounted to $100 billion in four years. But in an election year the majority took the Opportunity to help put into effect the first Broad program to turn Back Federal tax revenues to state and local governments on a no strings basis. The major difference Between the Senate and House Bills involves the formula for distributing the funds. Set Revenue on 2-a by Gregg Herrington associated Prest writer Pittsburgh a with sen. Edward m. Kennedy at his Side and his most hectic Day of campaigning just completed George Mcgovern said he has turned the Comer and is climbing in his bid to replace Richard Nixon in the White House. Despite the presidents efforts to wind Down the War in Southeast Asia Mcgovern said tuesday night a i continue to be amazed at How Strong the reaction is against the War. It remains a dominant worry to people Mcgovern and Kennedy were scheduled to address rallies in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia today following tuesdays grueling five City 16-hour schedule. The Day said Mcgovern was the most hectic so far in the Campaign a but the most productive too and one of the most he talked with newsmen before boarding his plane Jet for the flight from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. A sen. Kennedy was just observing that ordinarily you done to see crowds of that magnitude and enthusiasm this Early in the Campaign a Mcgovern said. A so i think its a Good sign. I kind of have the feeling that we re turning the Corner in the last few Days and Are on the Way the South Dakotan and his Massachusetts colleague started the Day in Minneapolis and before it ended they had appeared in person before More people than Mcgovern has in any other single Day in his Campaign. According to newsmen a estimates Mcgovern and Kennedy spoke to As Many As 46.000 in downtown Chicago during the noon hour 10,000-15,000 in Detroit a Kennedy Square in late afternoon and about 7,000-8,000 in the Cleveland Arena tuesday night. What s inside amusement .8-9b Bridge. 4-e classified ads. 4-9d comics .6e crossword 4e editorials .4a financial .2a obituaries .4d sports .1-5c television .8b women s news .1-7b weather .3a officers to state Campaign chairmen. First there was a three hour breakfast with 39 guests including such diverse advisers As Secretary of state William p. Rogers and Campaign director Clark Macgregor. Macgregor told the group in the state dining room of plans to Send thousands of volunteers into the Field saturday to Register new voters and conduct a canvass to identify Nixon supporters. Special targets of the Effort Are democrats unhappy Over their party a nomination of George Mcgovern. The morning meeting was followed by a noon time Oval office Chat with Walter j. Hickel the former Alaska governor ired by Nixon As Interior Secretary two years ago. Aides said Nixon wanted Hickels views on the Campaign. Then there was a late after noon reception for 200 Republican National committeemen and committee women state Republican chairmen and state re election Campaign chairmen. Meanwhile the White House confirmed Nixon plans a Texas trip sept. 22 to visit the ranch of former Treasury Secretary John b. Connally who now Heads the democrats for Nixon organization. Pos ask Mcgovern donations Hong Kong a another american prisoner of War asked his wife in a Hanoi radio broadcast today to Send a $25 donation to sen. Gerge Mcgovern a presidential Campaign. One pow asked his wife tuesday to Send Mcgovern a $25 pledge and the Mother of another pow delivered $25 at her songs request to Mcgovern monday. The latest message from 1st la Richard Joseph Fulton 25, an air Force navigator from Mesa ariz., was the eighth from a pow broadcast by Hanoi radio in the last nine Days. Five of the eight urged support for Mcgovern a Honey a Fulton said in his message to his wife a you can do something for me if you would. Send sen. Mcgovern $25 for me will you i think he has the right idea concerning this

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