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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 21 High Point Enterprise. Sunday september 12, 1978east German olympic stars produced scientifically by Hugh a. Mulligan a special correspondent East Berlin a Back behind the floodlit Fence in her communist fatherland super Mermaid Kornelia Ender is a Star without a billboard or even a fan club her value to the state like her role in society is not As a teenage heroine of the masses but As a factory proven product of the socialist system designed almost exclusively for the Export Market. The average Comrade ambling along the Alexander Platz East Berlin s main thoroughfare has no idea How this fabulous 17-Vear-old Fraulein lives where she trains what National resources were harnessed to Pluck her out of a neighbourhood swimming Pool in Halle a decade ago and set her on a computerized course to olympic Gold the Comrade in the Street does t seem to care he May know from the press and to that his country won 40 Gold. 25 Silver and 25 Bronze medals at the Montreal olympics second Only to the soviet Union in Gold medals and six More than the United states. He May even know that Ender won four Gold medals a two within less than a half hour a and a Silver. But he feels no personal identification with her or the other athletes nor does the state encourage any even from the party faithful the German democratic Republic guards its athletes and its athletic secrets As closely As its Mig bases and missile Sites. Kornelia Ender and her teammates live in another world a world As walled off from the everyday masses As the glittering capitalist shops along the Kurfuerst Tendam on the opposite Side of checkpoint Charlie it is a world of goals and graphs and special diets of trainers with stopwatches and heavy Quot performance bibles Quot of White coated doctors taking blood tests and injecting hormones of training Camps in the bulgarian mountains and a computer in Leipzig and a committee of High commissars ruling the Jock Roost from a ministry in Berlin privilege and status dwell Here a Chance for a bigger apartment a higher place on the waiting list to buy a car a better Job for father an assured place at the University opportunities to travel even go on vacation in another bloc country and sometimes for a Fine performance an envelope full of Marks that no one will admit Ever existed. Occasionally prying Western eyes Are Given a guarded glimpse of the East German sports scene the sports University at Leipzig some of the 691 gym centers or 890 track and Field complexes the new Pool at Rostow or the sports club at hark Marx Stadt. But always on a carefully guided tour that divulges no secrets of the latter Day alchemists transmuting raw muscle into olympic Gold. But secrets will out As Long As there is a Berlin Wall to vault or an electrified Fence to hurdle it is now known How East Germany with a population of 17 5 million managed to select 292 athletes for the trip to Montreal and have 159 of them return wearing medals. The secret of the system is the system itself. Quot it was Clear in 1973 when i took blood samples from her ear lobes that Kornelia Ender could swim the 100-meter freestyle in 56 seconds Flat a said Alois murder a sports doctor who was a key part of the system until he defected to the West two years ago. Quot it was statistically proven that she was going to do this by monitoring her performance charts and her metabolism on the basis of blood tests it was determined what she was capable of achieving and How much training was needed for her to reach a world for to years Marder was department chief of research into High performance athletes at the Cherie sports club in Halle where Fraulien Ender came to be trained As a world class swimmer the system had decreed that this unknown 13-year-old would soon swim at the Speed that brought Johnny Weissmuller a world record and a Gold medal at the 1924 Paris olympics catching up with Tarzan. Five decades later was the goal set by the system for this gifted girl swimmer to attain the Che Mic club is one of 18 sports clubs that serve As laboratories for the new Breed of alchemists bubbling up olympic Gold for was Germany. Located in each of the 15 counties or sports districts plus three run by the army the clubs concentrate on High performance athletes attending their specialized sports schools at both elementary and High school level. Each club and school Complex specializes in certain sports rowing and weight lifting at one. Skiing and figure skating at another Etc. Children Are selected at age 9 or to on the basis of Talent size and expected body growth after they have been watched for two years at a local sports Center or have distinguished themselves at a spor Cakiades Quot youth competitions held on a regional and National basis. Last year 3.5 million children took part in the East German sports program except for those who live in the town. Children Board at the sports school sometimes in the Case of a very talented Prospect the whole family is moved to an apartment near the club and the father is Given a suitable and usually better Job than the one he had Kornelia Ender was sent to the Cherie club which specializes in rowers swimmers and Middle distance runners at age 8, after she had been swimming in the Halle Public Pool for three years. When or. Marder was there Cherie had a staff of 70, including la doctors and for its 150 swimmers eight trainers. His medical speciality was researching the effects of hard training on bodily functions. Quot if Only three or four Are world class swimmers Why bother to train the other 147?�?� Marder asks then answers his own question Quot because the system has determined statistically that you need to train at least too top swimmers to get one or two of world the sports schools follow a Normal curriculum but training takes precedence and dictates the daily schedule. Swimmers turn up at the Pool at 8 30 each morning train for 21/ hours attend class for two hours break for lunch return to class for three hours then go Back to the Pool for another two hour session the training programs Are not devised by the individual coaches who May know their swimmers Best but by the Quot scientific Center for swim at Leipzig University s research Center for physical culture in sport experiences of the various trainers with High performance athletes and data from blood samples taken by the club doctors Are collected studied and fed into the computer at 1/eipzig on a weekly and monthly basis. Every cough cramp and Kink is duly reported to Leipzig. Graphs and charts Tell the athlete what he has to achieve at two year intervals the training programs Are completely overhauled on the basis of the data fed into the computer and a new Quot performance Bible is issued it dictates every detail of the care feeding and massaging of future medal winners even Down to the number of laps they should do each morning in the Pool. At Montreal one of the East German girls revealed that the training Bible now requires beginning swimmers the 10-year-Olds, to swim a minimum of 800 Kilometres <500 Miles a year this is roughly the distance from Berlin to Stockholm Quot each child is Given a minimum and maximum goal a or Marder explained Quot if at the end of the year he or she is not inside the figures the option is Given of staying on for another year i a Al it a Kornelia Ender 17. Typical of state produced athletes it u a wire photo City s first police chief memorialized at museum High Points first police chief and the founder of the City s first Telephone system has been memorialized at the High Point museum the memorial for Joseph Filson Hoffman who served As head of the police dept. During the last two decades of the 19th Century has been established by his great granddaughter. Elizabeth Hoffman Hagan. Hoffman was born in Pennsylvania on May 5, 1842. The son of Thomas and Rebecca Edson Hoffman and the great grandson of Francis Hoffman sr., who came with his wife to America in 1727 Hoffman was born on the 32-room someplace first established by his great Grandfather and known As a in september of 1862, Hoffman enlisted in company e of the 124th Pennsylvania infantry which went before Sherman s army and built and repaired Bridges for the Union army a use he Wasja ent to Susan Ford moves out Washington a Susan Ford has moved out of the White House and is sharing a rented suburban townhouse with three female College friends a and a retinue of secret service agents in the basement. President and mrs Ford reportedly had no objection to their 19-year-old daughter s making the move which is costing her $118 in monthly rent of that a what she wanted then it was Fine with them a was the parental reaction according to first i Ady Betty Ford s press Secretary three friends of miss Ford s from mount Vernon College found the House in Alexandria va., and asked Susan to join them. Sheila Rabb Weidenfeld the press Secretary said. Joseph Hoffman Nashville Tenn. And then to new Bern North Carolina at the time of surrender in 1865, he was near Raleigh although Hoffman returned to Pennsylvania after the War he liked the North Carolina Piedmont so much he told friends he wanted to live there after marrying Alice Jane Foucht daughter of Peter and Mary Sossaman Foucht in february of 1868, Hoffman retained his desire to live in this state and gave such glowing reports of the Region that his father in Law and unmarried Cousin James Thompson Skiles became interested. The pair eventually purchased Glenanna a former female College two Miles South of Thomasville Glenanna is the oldest House now standing in that town and currently faces Southgate shopping Center in the fall of 1870, Hoffman took his wife and year old daughter Emma Camelia line to live with their relatives at Glenanna it was there that son Harry Foucht Hoffman and daughter Mary Alice Rebecca Hoffman were born and it was there thai Hoffman a Young wife died in 1873, to Days after the birth of her second daughter. Hoffman married a second time in 1878, this time taking Sallie f Keene of Danville Vaas his wife on january to 1878. Hoffman and his new wife then moved to Trinity and finally to High Point. It was there March la 1887, that Hoffman was first listed in the High Point Enterprise As chief of police in May of that year according to the Enterprise. Hoffman was Quot unanimously re elected no better selection could be he was again re elected in 1888 Hoffman a duties As chief of police included serving As City tax collector superintendent of streets keeper of the Ca Laboose firehouse and City Pound and other jobs As Well Hoffman was described by Jack Fields an Enterprise columnist As Quot a most kindhearted Man who commanded the respect of All classes and conditions of people. He kept the peace in an easy going yet positive Hoffman continued to serve As police chief until 1893 he was re elected in that year too. But his service was opposed by the elected mayor Captain Snow who proceeded to appoint his own police chief Ezekiel Paschal. The Board of commissioners continued to support Hoffman and for a time the City had two police chiefs while the mayor and the Board argued Over which one was valid one night according to Paschal Hoffman a attempted to arrest Joe Jackson Jackson told Hoffman that he could not put his hands on him because he was not the officer of the town Hoffman proceeded to the arrest but Jackson resisted and used his knife. It was first thought that Hoffman had been Cut to death but he finally Hoffman retired from the police Force after that and he and e d Steele established the first Telephone system in High Point known As the High Point Telephone Exchange in november of 1899, j e Hayden and . Finch bought the 60-phone Exchange which later became North state Telephone co. Hoffman died on March 17, 1917 and is buried in the Oakwood cemetery in High Point or going Home a swimmer who grows too fast or gets too heavy May be switched to another sport like rowing when a child has reached full growth and still does not meet performance Levels the decision is automatic there is no purpose in continuing a during training. Marder and the other club doctors Monitor the athlete s metabolism by taking blood samples from the ear lobes and sending the data on to Leipzig for the computer to determine How hard they should train or How fast they should be growing. The computer has decreed that at age 14 to 15 single Scull rowers must be at least 1.85 meters six feet tall. Weigh 77 Kilos 1170 pounds have at least three full years of growth ahead of them and have no spine or Back defects lesser physical specimens need not apply at the medal factory. The Leipzig Center devises menus and diets for the centralized club kitchens to Cook for the different sports disciplines weight lifters and rowers chomp into 5.000 calories a Day gymnasts figure skaters and other weight watchers have their calories counted for them by the computer at the Cherie sports club the future medallists often Dine on steaks oranges eggs and other items not always seen in the markets of Halle. Quot three years recalls or. Marder. Quot it was difficult to meet the menu standards the food was not always available bananas were always hard to come by. And sometimes eggs. But the club always had a priority on available food and were Given what the Public never saw Quot the entire system of turning out world class athletes is administered from Berlin by the High performance sports commission the ministry a chief commissar is Manfred a Wald who also serves As chairman of East Germany a olympic committee Berlin monitors the Leipzig Center and its computer and Calls the tune on matters of procedure and protocol athletes below the age of 16 Are forbidden to smoke after that it is merely frowned upon until 1972, the sexes were rigidly separated at the training Camps and schools. Now boys and girls train together often meeting the same goals As California swimming coaches knew they could years ago. Sex relations used to be strictly forbidden for athletes under 19, but now Quot partner relations Are allowed and sometimes even Quot steered by the commissars. Kornelia Ender at 17. Is engaged to 25-year-old Roland Matthes a world class swimmer who did t fare too Well against the americans this time at Montreal s olympic Pool. Kornelia demurely handed her engagement ring to a judge before entering the water with her famous explosive dive. Top swimmers like Ender May train to pop music a she prefers soft Rock but a warning is Given if such Western diversions become habitual. At age 14 a never earlier but More often at 15 a the athlete destined for Gold first encounters the most controversial part of the system where needed according to Marder the men in the White Coats begin administering steroids sex hormones daily Over a period of four to five weeks to build up the Arm and Back Muscles. First used in America steroids have been in common use for several years among a number of olympic teams. Quot East and West Are pretty Well balanced on manipulating their athletes with steroids a says or. Adolf Metzner a West German sports doctor who specializes in the problems and detection of doped athletes Quot discus throwers and shot putters with those herculean builds have Anabo Lika German for steroids to thank a Metzner has no doubt that male hormones helped the East German girls win Gold medals in la of 13 swimming events and nine of 14 track and Field events at Montreal Quot anyone who watched on to was shocked by the sight of those enormous muscle bound women with huge shoulders and arms that a furniture mover would be proud of. Weight lifting alone would never account for such massive Back development a East German officials at Montreal angrily and adamantly denied that biochemistry had a hand in the medal sweep. A Canadian broadcaster who asked a Trainer about the deep voices emanating from some of the strapping water sprites was Duffily told Quot they have come Here to swim not to sing Why do you concern yourself with their voices Quot Many devotees of the olympic code look upon the Advent of steroids stabilizers and other medical aides As the most devious development in the alchemist s Art a the greatest danger to the games today is the manipulation of athletes with biochemistry a said Willi Dauryne head of the West Herman olympic committee and father of the Munich olympics Quot modern laboratories have been turned into alchemists kitchens with the unscrupulous aim of dehumanizing athletes to improve performance doctors no longer believe that the health of athletes is their highest objective but rather the manipulation of athletes a or Marder. Who now works As a research assistant in sports Medicine at the German sports University in Cologne is certain that steroids were widely used at Montreal Quot its nonsense to think controls can be set up to detect them from my viewpoint few shot putters can reach 19 meters 62 3 feet without steroids. And i am too per cent convinced it is not possible to exceed 21 meters 68.9 feet without now . 9.31% annual percentage rate new �?T76 Auto Loans it Central example amount of Cash needed 2000.00 3000.00 4000.00 total finance charge for 36 months 300.00 450.00 600.00 total amount of loan 2300.00 3450.00 4600.00 centrals annual percentage rate 9.31 % 9.31% 9.31 % number of instalments 36 36 36 monthly payments 63.89 95.84 127.78 rates Are on All new 76 and 77 autos give us a Call for exact figures too n. Main. Call 882-2576

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