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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina My High Point enter prism sunday. September 12, 1976.new justices acquire designation Nixon court Fage 13c society to have a criminal Justice system that is effective As Well As in another area the court has tended to diminish the Warren court s expansion of the procedural rights of citizens affected by government actions. Take for example the cases of Norma Trace Constantineau and Edward Charles Davis Iii mrs Constantineau lived in Hartford. Wis on Jan 23, 1969 the police chief had notices posted in All retail liquor outlets in the City forbidding them to sell mrs Constantineau any Beer or liquor because of her a excessive drinking a she was not warned that her name was to be posted nor was she Given a hearing the supreme court ruled in 1970 that this violated a constitutional obligation to provide notice and a hearing a where a person s Good name reputation Honor or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him a Davis Story began in somewhat the same Way. But ended differently Davis was a photographer for the Louisville. Ky., courier Roumal and times in june 1971, he was arrested by a department store House de elective on a shoplifting charge he pleaded innocent and the charge was placed in an inactive file. In december. 1972, Louisville police included Davis name and picture in a flyer they distributed to storekeepers identifying a Active shoplifters a shortly after this the charge against Davis was dismissed he sued charging a violation of his constitutional rights because of damage to his reputation last March 23, the supreme court ruled 5 to 3 that Davis had not been entitled to a hearing or notification before the police included him on a list of shoplifters. The court said that unlike mrs Constantineau. Who had lost the right to buy liquor in Hartford. Davis was not deprived of any right be previously had although he could sue in state courts for libel the justices said. The Constitution did not protect him harm to his reputation the dissenters called the decision a frightening for a free people Only two of the Nixon justices had been appointed when the Constantineau Case was decided they dissented. All four of them were on the court for the Davis Case and they voted in the majority. Joining them was Justice Potter Stewart like White a swing Justice whose vote often makes the difference in close cases Stewart. 61. Was named to the court in 1958 by president Eisenhower in the Davis Case the court did not overrule its earlier decision but simply a distinguished a the two cases a arguing that the old Rule did not apply now became the circumstances were different. In two other cases during the past term the justices overruled decisions of the Warren Era they did so in holding that there is no constitutional right to picket in a privately owned shopping mall the court also struck Down the Extension of Federal wage and hour standards to state and local government employees the latter ruling dramatically demonstrated the courts increased Reliance on the 10th and Lith parents rent Wurlitzer piano for Only can Conwi 273-4907 amp a nth re 745 1730 we Tom Sauni Al to it a a a i a a Eassi a music month Mem Laim Ohhi co. A 224 in Elm St. Greensboro Hanes mall Winston Salem Zaurs revolving charge a Banka Encard master charge a american express a diners club carte Blanche a layaway Zales the Diamond store Huft ration end aged amendments to the Constitution. Which limit the Powers of the Federal government in relation to the states a it has generated immense consternation As to How far it May reach a a said Van Alstyne commenting on that decision in an opinion in another Case. Chief Justice Burger summed up a major trend of the court a we took Steps a he said a to arrest the denigration of states to a role comparable to the departments of France governed entirely out of the National capital a a not All of the courts actions. However run counter to the rulings of the Warren Era the court has desegregated private schools struck Down restrictions on news reporting of criminal cases overruled abortion regulations and imposed stiff penalties for Job discrimination any of these decisions could have come As easily the Warren court. But the general trend is unmistakably conservative and appears Likely to continue so. Leaving aside the court s two Veteran liberals. William Joseph Brennanjr. And Thurgood Marshall the average age of the justices is Only 61 Brennan. 70, the court s senior member in both years and service Eisenhower named him in 1956is the court s leading dissenter since the retirement last november of the contentious William o. Douglas noting his colleagues conservative Bent he has urged lawyers and state judges to rely on state constitutional grounds for the Protection of citizens rights since such rulings cannot be overturned by the supreme court. Marshall. 68 and suffering a heart condition usually dissents with Brennan on court decisions he was appointed by Lyndon Johnson in 1967. Stewart and White have been joined in the Center or swing segment of the court by Justice John Paul Stevens. 56, appointed by president Ford to succeed Douglas Stevens has proven neither a Liberal reformer like his predecessor nor a consistent conservative like relinquish elect Marceline Burton Democrat for county commissioner Why because she Chesi inter ailed Lnu list eng to Cit ii it and looking for on Iwert to problem a All program in old ing children Ond youth pea to my Merceine Murten a in i than you Quot Quot Lehigh pointers carried 18 of the 21 High Point precincts in the aug. 17 primary. Asks for your continued support in the sept. 14 Runoff for District court judge Spencer White Spencer White Spencer White the thes Coupon specials these clips a save coupons Good at any Columbia food Market monday sept. 13 thru wednesday sept. 15 Only m Columbia Coupon Reg. Grind or elect. Perk Chase and Sanborn Coffee i.69 i la. 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