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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Supreme court becoming More conservative. By Vav. Dale Nelson associated press writer Washington Apas Fie Small band of tourists trooped up the sunlit Marble Steps a Middle aged Man in a conservative Gray suit walked Down a few feet from them they paid him no attention they had Rome to see the supreme court of the United states and had just let one ninth of it slip by them unnoticed the Man was Justice Harry Andrew Blackmun. Like his Brethren on the a lion s highest court Blackmun is not known to the Public in the Way senators and Cabinet members Are the justices do not appear regularly on television they Seldom give press conferences their speeches usually Deal with arcane Legal subjects yet As much As anyone they shape the pattern of life in America and. Because of a shift in the court a shift that Harry Blackmun has helped to bring about the justices Are shaping America far differently than the court did less than a decade ago when former president Richard m. Nixon was elected in 1968. The supreme court under the leadership of chief Justice Earl Warren was expanding Hill of rights protections for both accused criminals and Law abiding citizens now. Many Legal scholars believe there has been not just a slowing Down of this process but a change in direction under Chiel Justice Warren Burger particularly in the court s last term during that term the justices upheld capital punishment As a penalty for murder ruled that defendants Mas be sentenced to jail by judges not trained in the Law permitted arrests in Public place without a warrant approved zoning Laws that single out a rated Heaters and bookstores for special restrictions permitted military commanders to bar political campaigning on their bases and ruled that Laws May not be struck Down As discriminatory merely because they have a disproportionate Impact on members of one race the justices also handed Down decisions that make it More difficult in various ways. For persons claiming violations of their constitutional rights to sue in Federal courts in the term beginning get 4. The court will consider a number of other cases involving an individual s rights one is that of a convicted Iowa murderer. Robert Andrew Williams the court has been asked to overturn or sharply curtail its 10-year-old Rule that a confession by a suspect in police custody losing May not be used against him unless the suspect had been warned in Advance of his constitutional rights the Case illustrates the tendency of this court unlike the Warren court to accept for review criminal cases in which the defendant prevailed in the lower court and the state is appealing the Warren court More often chose to listen to appeals by defendants Williams was convicted of the sex slaying of 10-Vear-old Pamela Powers of Des Moines Iowa. On the Day before Christmas. 1968 the eighth . Circuit court of appeals overturned his conviction because remarks made to him by a policeman in an automobile without an attorney present led Williams to show officers where the girl was buried Iowa officials Are asking the court to Rule that the Only test for omission of a statement As evidence should be whether or not it was Given voluntarily during his presidency. Nixon said the court had gone too far in weakening the peace forces As against the criminal forces a he called for strict construction of the Constitution and he appointed four men to the court who agreed with him. In retrospect. President Nixon s staffing of the supreme court has probably been More effective in terms of his own claims getting the decisions he wanted than any other single act of that prof William Van Alstyne of the Duke University school said in an interview Van Alstyne said the processes followed by Nixon in selecting his supreme court appointees Quot correctly identified people of a very different ram of mind than prevailed in the latter Vears of the Warren other experts on the supreme court agree that a Burger court or As some prefer to Call it a Nixon court has emerged Quot in Many areas of the court s work criminal procedure the first amendment equal Protection and others a the need Helf cod answers our Crayon we with Pray Tor you no strings attached it it our Way of serving the lord no one will Contact you Inlet you specially request it lust do this phone 454 45ll a recorder will respond you Don t need to give your name just state your need and we will Pray a of you then watch your life Tor the hand of god to move phone 4544511 or write prayers answered to be 154. Jamestown. No 27282 to in ebb s hair specialists Jones will explain hair problems free at Holiday inn West 1-85 amp w. Groan tuesday sept. 14 hours i . To 8 30 difference Between where we Are today and where we were at the close of the Warren Era is marked and says prof a e Howard of the University of Virginia Law school. The change began with the appointment in 1969 of chief Justice Burger then a Federal appeals court judge in Washington. Do Nixon was attracted to Burger because of his Strong Law and order decisions and his off the Bench criticism of the Liberal Warren court a White haired dignified looking Man a his critics Call him pompous a Burger 68. Is described by an admiring colleague As Quot a self made Man trying to run a team of Prima burgers personal background was similar in Many ways to that of his predecessor As chief Justice both men grew up in modest circumstances. Warren the son of a norwegian born Railroad car inspector and Burger the son of a sometime truck Farmer and Salesman who. Oddly enough also worked As a Railroad inspector. As a prosecuting attorney in California Warren. Like Burger As a lower court judge earned a reputation for being Tough on criminals but by the time they reached the nation s highest court their experience had led them to sharply differing judicial philosophies Warren asked continually Quot is it fair Quot Burger has asked Quot if it does t make Good sense How can it make Good Law a Quot the second Justice named was Blackmun. A College math major who considered studying Medicine but he chose Law and eventually Rose to the Bench of the court of appeals before his appointment to the High court in 1970 self effacing by nature Blackmun once told a luncheon audience that after four years on the supreme court he still found himself Quot mildly ill at ease Quot on being introduced at Public functions he is 67 Nixon rounded out his court appointments in 1972 with the selection of justices Lewis Franklin Powell jr., 68. And William Hubbs Rehn quist 51. Powell a wealthy virginian and former president of the american bar association is perhaps the most moderate or centrist. Of the four Rehnquist. Who was an assistant attorney general when appointed to the court is the most conservative of the justices until the last term he was frequently isolated As a Lone dissenter at the conservative end of the court spectrum brately however. He has gained a reputation As a team player among the Nixon appointees who have become More cohesive Rehnquist is from Arizona the turning Point in the development of the Burger court occurred on May 22, 1972 the Date of the first major criminal decision in which All four Nixon appointees participated in that ruling the court held 5 to 4 that states May let less than unanimous juries convict persons of crime joining the four Nixon appointees in the majority was Justice Byron Raymond White 59. Who has continued to Side with them frequently in criminal cases perhaps reflecting his experience As Deputy attorney general before going on the Bench White a former All american football player and Rhodes scholar was appointed by president John f Kennedy in 1962 since 1972. The court has expanded the authority of police to search people without warrants narrowed the circumstances in which a criminal suspect must be warned of his Legal rights and restricted the Power of state prisoners to Challenge the Way evidence used in their trials was obtained the court seems to be More in line now with the thinking of says i oms p. Bergna. District attorney of Santa Tiara county. Calif. And president of the National District attorneys Assn Powell recently made the unusual move of speaking out publicly on the trend of the court in criminal Law in a speech at an american bar association meeting he said the court was evolving Quot a sounder balance Between the rights of accused persons and the right of a civilized i see new on my Chicks transmissions 2922 s main St. It tit it transmission specialists it in Mirn a a a a 6 month or 6 too Milos Guarani wrecker service Tel 431-351 i free Complete pries before Job started a a general Auto repairs Sun electronic tune up service revival sept. 12-17 7 30 Nursery provided special singers Rev. Paul Brooks Vicksburg is. Hillcrest Baptist Church off Hwy 66 on Mcneil drive Raleigh Homes pastor a building a new House or just remodelling Lowe s is your. 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