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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 12c High Point Enterprise sunday september 12, 1976 House of the week Home features modern exterior by Andy Lang i of new features q i plan to build a couple of Long Wood benches for our Patio. I d like to make benches that have 2 x 4s going the Long Way of the Bench a the kind that have openings Between the 2 by 4s so that the rain can go through what i d like to know is How to space the Wood to get them even and neat. A a the trick is to build the Frame of the Bench seat first after it has been completed. Insert the 2 x 4s inside the Frame. Space them properly by placing Quarter Inch slats Between them at both ends of the Frame. After the 2 by 4s have been nailed to the Frame at the ends remove the Quarter Inch slats All the spaces then will be equal q a i am constantly confused by the terms terrazzo Ceramic tile Terra Cotta and slate in reference to flooring materials can you straighten it out for me1 a a terrazzo is made mostly from Marble chips imbedded in Cement which is ground and polished to a smooth finish Ceramic tile is baked Clay which can be either glazed or unglazed. Terra Cotta is hard baked Clay tile in Reddish or red Vellow colors the Brick Type used for flooring is usually glazed slate is a dense Fine grained Rock produced by compression of clays and Shales. Q a we stored a Large bag of Portland Cement in our garage when i checked it the other Day there were a lot of lumps in it can the Cement still be used a a if the remainder of the Cement is Loose it probably can still be used As for the lumps if they can be readily pulverized Between the thumb and forefinger the Cement will be workable. If it requires a lot of pressure to break them throw them away. Q. A i have read about Nail guns. Can they be used to attack 4x8 plywood panels0 a. A yes the nails should be placed 8 inches apart around All edges it the panels and 12 inches apart on the intermediate supports Start the nailing from one Edge of the panel and work across to the other Edge or you can Start at the Center and work toward the edges. The main thing to remember is not to Nail the intermediate supports if you do that the panel May buckle. Follow carefully the instructions on the use of the Nail gun they will show you How to handle the tool so that the nails will countersink automatically. Q a How Clin i Tell whether the pipes in an old House we have been looking at Are really copper0 the owner says they Are. But my husband says they May have been painted to resemble Copper a a a use a Magnet it will be attracted loan Iron or steel pipe. But not to Copper or Bronze. Q i understand that it is possible to make flagstones for a Walkway without buying he read made stones can you Tell me How this is done % a a what you actually will be making Are Concrete stones that can be used for walking on dig to about 4 inches the size and shape of the Stone depends on your preference but make sure the excavation is level. Pour in a Concrete mix and level it off with a wooden float. Hepcat this operation As Many tunes As necessary to Complete the Walkway there s no need to try to make All the stones the same size in fact variations will make the Walkway More interesting alter about five or six hours wet Down each Stone. Do this a couple of times u Day for several Days this curing process will keep the Concrete from drying out too quickly. For either of Andy Lang s helpful booklets. Quot simple plumbing repairs Quot or Wood finishing in the Home. Send 30 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to know How. P o. Box 477. Huntington n j. 11743 questions can not be answered individually. I by Andy Lang vacation houses lend themselves to distinctive designs not Only because an Effort is made to achieve an atmosphere of casual living but because architects Are not hampered by confining building restrictions. This vacation House has an unusual and interesting exterior an effect achieved by placing the siding at an Angle add to this the striking window treatment and the use of clean angles and you have a Structure that shouts informal Comfort. Inside an immediate atmosphere of spacious Tess begins with the Cathedral ceiling sheathed in attractive a joint decking. A Quot Bulkhead Quot stairway divides the living room with its massive Stone veneered fireplace and the lining room on the opposite Side. Many windows and sliding Glass doors Are spread out to capture the View and breezes in ajl directions three wooden decks extend space outdoors. Adjoining the dining room is the Stop saving Kitchen designed to satisfy the most demanding of homemakers containing More than ample counter and Cabinet space including a clothes Washer and dryer completing the first floor is a bedroom with a full Bath and two closets. For those who might want a House of this Type for year round living provision is made for air conditioning or heating equipment in the closet where indicated although this plan of architect William g. Chirgotis is of basement less tiie Hoise of the week High Point Enterprise i High Point n. C. Enclosed is $1ach for baby Blue prints of design k-185. Realty transfers bedroom or Den and bathroom on the first floor totalling 816 Square feet. There Are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs totalling 528 Square feet. The outside decks add 342 Square feet of living space to the House. The bowl 12 la -6 contemporary styling takes Over in this vacation House design a full basement is possible with the basement Stair located under the main stairway. The second floor which May be finished at a later Date if so desired consists of the main bathroom and two bedrooms with Jross ventilation. Each has twin closets. Both bedrooms Lead onto the Balcony overlooking the living room should the second floor be finished at the time of the original construction. The extra room downstairs can be used As a Den or in any Way desired note that it is a a dead end room and thus can be closed off to Ordinary household traffic. This distinctive design is tailored to suit a family s needs for enjoyment of Leisure time or year round casual living Over All dimensions of 38 by 32 Are such that the House could be placed on a fairly Small lot if necessary. In Oun to living no a Clow to by 12 14-6 a second floor plan fr/85 38 0 r-185 statistics design r-185 has a living room dining room Kitchen. 4 in i Quot i a i Bdrm cd 1 i deck Den cd i Quot jul 5 6 sri enclosed is $1.50 16r ranch Homes Booklet enclosed is $1.50 for your Home Booklet. Enclosed is $1.50 for practical Home repairs name dining pm. I4 a Roll living pm. T3� 17 l Street City. State zip j deck is $-6 first floor plan time to Start Post summer cleanup Mich Point township Jour b Purvis or amp to Tir h Johnson x to Dennis m Hall. Pro Ohn s purrs or amp Wile William h Jones amp Wile. Lot Dennis h Hall a a soft Purvis or a . To James k Clary a. Wife lot Dennis h Hall a property _ John b Purvis or a a of Raymond l Stamen amp lot Dennis i Hail property Larry c Wrightt amp . To Marion h Gibson or lot. Heyworth property peace Baptist Church to Greta Baptist Mission of High Point inc. Lot j w Johnson property a o Arnold Craven % to Craven development co 3 tracts Hillcrest drive Geraldine c Harpster Etal to Edward d hard Ster a Wile. 2 tracts Edward d hardier to Edward d hardier a property High Point Kenneth l de posse Ora , to housing authority of the City of High Point lot j c Elliott division 02 adm veterans affairs to Larry Massey amp lot Eastwood Subid i Sion Donald of fat third a to Roscoe j arg or a lot Woodcrest Park Doffice o Rogers v to Darrell l Parker lots Lindale property Terry i co s. Wife. To Julius c Boyles a lot. S s Gibson or property John c Turner a Wilt to b Gray Bowman amp lot. E ast f Arris ave. Craven Johnson Pollock inc to Jack o Reece a lot Emerywood Forest North William g Causey a to Clydr a i Donald s. Wife lot Oak View estates William l h Ward x i e. To Tnomas m Wiley a lots John Vav Johnson lands Greenwood and Charles inc to Robert j Mcginn 3rd a lot. Colony Park Louise p Smithson to James r Creech or a lot Lee Street a Barton ave of Tyson Diro Quot inc to Marvin g Miller a lot Fiji Crest Martha m Edens o i Tabern w shouted lot Northwood acres Liviston i Claude Kimrey Etal to Jonathan c Kimrey a property Gordon re Frederic c Freeman 8. Wife to Theima h Mcdaniel tot Brentwood lands Charles m Mendenhall or a to Mendenhall Moore realtors lot. Wade a Newton lands a mendelian Etal to Mendenhall Moore realtors property Church St Douglas h Ownby amp w in to Joseph p Long a lots Park place r James Cumby Etal to Allan h Fuhr. J tracts Jamestown township Roger a Oun Kiey a to Browning Home builders int lots Ridgecrest development Peggy s Miner to Jerry m Shoat a lot Wildwood Heights Robert l Stephenson a 0 Johnnie Locklear a property Hwy 6? Frank h Crawford a to Elizebeth e Crawford of Brock Wood subdivision t other r Medlin a to Barry Siegal a lot Forestdale North subdivision Meadowview inc of Greensboro to Shirley d Long builders in Forest Dale East Billy d Davis a to to Phil p l Pressley lot Florence develop men Frank e Dills a . To David g Frank a others lots Nev Parr Dewey l Potto a to Jet k h Jennings a tot. Forest Dale East deep River township William f Whitman a to Richard p Thompson a i Jis acres Leonard h Nuckles or a to f Garland Wear s acres state re 159 Wesley w Gordon or a to Vera v j Gordon a husband lot Hwy 68 Barrow Oil co inc to a a Brame ii acres Hwy 68 Thomas m Auman a in Donald p Everhart a Wile. Lot. Hunter Woods by Vivian Brown a new features sometimes it is the Little chores that drive us to distraction especially when we be let the jobs lag during the vacation season Copper carving boards tile Marble plastic Wood floors need care. Short cuts May be taken by giving these things More frequent care which May seem a bore but in the Long run it will pay off if you let a Copper Hood in the Kitchen get very tarnished and Greasy it becomes a super cleaning Job. But if it is washed regularly and shined by Andy Lang a new features since an Extension ladder is a necessity when doing any work on the upper part of the outside of your House it is Well to learn How to use it properly. But any information on usage should be prefaced wit the warning that some persons simply done to belong on High ladders and should stay away from them no matter How tempted they Are to prove they can conquer their fears or disabilities or Ages. An Extension ladder is really two ladders with the sections fitted together so that one part can be moved separately to attain the desired height. It takes a Little practice to get the Knack of raising and lowering the top Section but this testing period can not be undertaken until the ladder has been raised into position a Man Euver which requires a Little practice of its own. Begin by placing the ladder on the ground at right angles to the House with the Bottom end against the foundation grasp the ladders top rung and raise it to about shoulder height now walk towards the House changing the position of your hands on the rungs As you move Forward As you do this the ladder will be moving higher into the air. Be certain always that you have a tight grip on the next rung of the ladder As you remove the other hand from the previous rung when the ladder has reached a vertical position rest the top against the House now. Gently and carefully move the foot of the ladder away from of the ladder away from the House Little by Little. Row far9 about one fourth the height of the ladder. Thus with a 20-foot ladder the feet should be about 5 feet from the House. This distance ratio assures the ladder will remain stable while someone is on it. Once you get the hang of ladder placement practice How to raise the ladder to its desired height this should be done when the ladder is in a vertical position but leaning slightly toward the House at the top the top Section will move upwards when the rope attached to it is pulled Down. Once you get the proper height lock the top Section in place with the special Hooks or other gadgets that Are attached to the ladder and Are clearly visible in setting the ladder to the right height remember that the Bottom and top sections should overlap at least 2 feet instructions on the ladder will Tell you How much. When you want to move the ladder a few feet to one Side move the top slightly then the Bottom. Do this Little by Little and with a firm grasp on the ladder Don t try to cover ail the territory in a single of movement. Be sure the feet of the ladder Are resting on solid ground before you do any climbing most come with some kind of attachments to the feet to prevent slipping this is especially important when using a Metal ladder. Always work on areas you can reach easily without stretching. And forget about the whole thing if it s a Windy Day. Thirty five do it yourself problems Are tackled in Andy Lang s handbook a practical Home repairs Quot available by sending it to this newspaper at Box 5, Teaneck n. J. 07666 it s a fact that Economy is never really fashionable with a soft cloth it is a Small chore a neglected Hood must be scrubbed with soap and water and dried before it is polished non tarnish Copper cleaners will keep a Hood clean for a Long time and Are great time savers if there is a Large expanse of Metal Wood cutting boards May Warp to the dismay of Many housewives that May be controlled by turning the Board every once in a while in fact the underside should be scrubbed dried and lightly oiled cooking Oil has been tried successfully. It just happened to be at hand and it worked of the Board warps a bit scrub the underside Well let it dry a if you can put it outdoors All the better a and then apply a Little Oil if it is mildewed in spots it May require a Light sanding before you apply Oil then it should be reversed for use sometimes a Board will get beyond the turnover stage with Many mildewed stains and you will want to use Only one Side of it. Even then the underside must always be kept clean no matter How careful you Are liquid and specks of food May be found under the Board so it should be tilted each Day and the area underneath wiped with a dry cloth wiping it with a wet cloth will merely increase the chances of mildew unless it is dried thoroughly each time As for Ceramic tile on counter tops you May need to use an abrasive cleaning powder some people clean the Grout lines with a Toothbrush making a paste of the cleaner. A mixture of chlorinated bleach and a Little water can be used on the Grout and blotted quickly one woman advises. There Are special tile cleaners in paint stores and these work Well although some women use Little soap pads As they do on bathroom tiles advice on the care of Clear plastic May be obtained from Craft shops where the material is carried. It has been said that acrylics respond Well to automobile polish which is rubbed on with a soft cloth. Scratches can be smoothed with a Little buffing tool and pumice a which Are available in the Craft shops Many methods Are used for cleaning Marble. Some work. Some done to. Knowing what made the stains makes the Job easier. Light stains and rings May be removed with a mixture of Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia which should then be removed with Clear water advise experts at the Weiman co., makers of Marble polish they claim Fine scratches on Marble May be sanded lightly and the entire surface re polished whenever necessary with Putty powder applied on a Damp cloth by hand or with an electric polisher More serious stains should be treated with a poultice made of White blotting paper paper napkins or cleansing tissues which May be soaked in the solution that is needed for the particular stain organic stains a , Coffee soft drinks that have no citric acid wet bark and Flowers a should have a poultice of the peroxide and ammonia Oil stains a butter milk Cream hand Cream modelling Clay and the like a should be wiped with a cloth dampened with ammonia and a poultice of equal parts of amyl acetate and acetone and then a poultice of the Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia Ive on the Shady Side of the Street Check with us before you buy hihi06s a Dye nets a lot bogs a Canvas bags a a siding a building repairs a camper awnings a furniture pads a additions or Bein i. I instill storms Al. _ no we install storm doors and windows. For a warm Winter. Capps j awning amp bag company hours formerly Kearns tent amp awning co . 2227 s. Main St. Pm 882-1313 8-5 a Bill i cd kitchens remodeler free estimates phone 882-0722 Marsh kitchens. Inc. Insulates weatherproof protects decorates seals and stops roof leaks tops for every roof a line coat heavy duty aluminized roof coating that saves you Money and gives your Home new look. Before you ror oof Call us for Recomb nations Huffman Nini to hmm Pei co 762 in main Call 882-8147

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