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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Colf notebook Junior High schedules added to tender turf new stadium open to All City teams by Jim Pettit j you Settle into your stance sinking your Golf spikes deep into the tee area turf. Lyes Are riveted to that dimpled White sphere. The Takeaway is Nice and smooth Tempo is right the club head moving backward in its arc and then Forward with increasing Speed. A Clicks and Contact is made. There it goes straight Down the Middle except that its starting to Bend a Little to the right. The Bend becomes a banana and pretty soon you re looking for a Ball so deep in the Woods that missionaries Haven to even been through the territory. If you can to find the Ball you never dots Back to the tee with a stroke and distance penalty. Revolt fellow duffers. The domination of the United states Golf association has continued too Long. Its time we had our own set of Golf rules. Why should we have to play by the same rules Jack Nicklaus does when he hits the Ball a Hundred Yards farther and 90 degrees straighter ifs positively in american. What we need is a United states duffers association with rules like these 1 lost balls obviously there is no such thing As a lost Ball As evidenced by the numerous kids at Blair Park who sell used balls. The Ball eventually will be found and picked up by someone other than the original owner. At such time the Ball is no longer lost but stolen. A player suffering a stolen Ball will receive sympathy from his playing partners no penalty and restitution of the stolen article by the resident Golf professional. 2 out of Bounds this term is obviously illogical since boundaries must necessarily be based on the distance a Golf Ball can travel. Should a Ball contrary to the wishes of its owner land in territory of alien nature the Ball shall be returned to the tee area at no penalty. 3 in the rough shots that curve into the rough either right or left shall be returned to the Fairway at the maximum Point of Roll or flight. Since the phenomenon of curvature is solely caused by friction resulting from Contact Between the cover of the Ball and the face of the club no penalty shall be incurred. 4 Sand traps balls coming to rest in Sand traps or bunkers May be played if the player feels in need of practice. If the player elects to practice no strokes shall be counted. If the Ball fails to exit the trap after execution of the first shot the faulty design of the trap is in evidence and the player shall not be penalized for a construction defeat Over which he has no control. 5 putts that lip out balls that rim the cup and stay out do so in Defiance of the Laws of Gravity which supersede the rules of Golf. Therefore any such putt is deemed to have dropped. The same Rule applies to putts that pass directly Over the Hole and do not drop for it is a physical fact that any object attempting to maintain position in an atmosphere without support must fall. 6 ground under repair ground under repair is often difficult to determine. In judging whether or not a Ball May be lifted from an unsportsmanlike position see Pettu s col on 5c by Paul Shinn associate sports editor talk about Good land becoming scarce. The High Point City school system has found that problem to be acute this late summer As far As its Junior High school football program is concerned. After numerous discussions among school officials and other interested parties the latest decision As of wednesday afternoon has All City football games scheduled for the new a. J. Simeon stadium on the North end of town. The agreement was worked out among the Junior High school principals and senior High principals As Well As City athletic director Tony Simeon and school superintendent or. Dean Pruette in a lengthy meeting to discuss the pros and cons of playing at the newly grassed stadium. The original idea had been for Only senior High schools Andrews and Central to play games in the stadium this year along with one Junior varsity game Between those two schools. The Junior highs were pretty much left to fend for themselves among the three locations at the schools involved. First one problem and then another cropped up and caused a full scale debate about what was going to happen to the Junior High program. Unless another unexpected problem arises the Junior High season will begin next week on tuesday at Simeon stadium. As late As wednesday morning the plan was to have the Junior High teams play at the practice Fields of Andrews and Central on thursday and Friday afternoons when the senior High teams would be doing their least work in preparation for their Friday night games. But a late morning meeting with the Junior High principals making Strong Points resulted in yet another switch in sties for games. A apparently the key to the matter of playing games at the senior High Fields revolved around the Lack of closed in facilities. A we done to have a barricade around Central and Andrews and that would cause problems a said Simeon a so we decided to go to the new stadium with All games. We Hope we done to tear up the grass. A we want to do what is right. We want to save the turf but we want to have a place for the children to play. We Are hoping the sprinkler system will be Able to take care of the extra Wear on the stadium with the most recent decision games will be played tuesday through Friday leaving Little time for the new Sod to Settle. That had been the main concern of Simeon and other members of the official school body. Some Felt the extra use of the stadium at this time would cause harm to the growth of the grass. It was for that reason that several other possibilities were tried. One of those was the use of Albion Millis stadium for Junior High games. The contract with High Point College for the facility ran out last year. The Best agreement to be worked out for this fall was a one Day a week allowance by the College. The reason for that is the colleges own expanding program of menus and women a athletics required the use of Albion Millis stadium. After several meetings with College officials City school officials were Able to gain one Day a week for their sports. As it turned out however one Day a week was not enough to make a Dent in the Overall program so that idea was scratched. After that an idea was advanced to play All Junior High games at Griffin Junior High because it did no to have a senior High near. But Griffin had other problems namely a Lack of Security for teams and spectators no facilities for taking up Gate receipts and a poor Field for organized play. The next idea was to play the games at each of the senior High schools but after a meeting it was determined that proper fencing for taking care of spectators was not up to state standards. That took care of that idea. So instead of having la games this year at the new stadium More than 35 will be played and nobody knows exactly what the result on the new Field will be. A it was just a Case of running out of space a Simeon said. A we had planned to go to the new stadium with All teams next year after the grass was deep enough. But we have no other c Hoice than to play All the games there this Jim Pearce a former member of the High Point City Council and close Follower of the developments of the new stadium Over the couple of years it took to build said a it bothers me that they Are going to play the other games there. I done to see any Way that it would be Good for the grass especially if they have a Muddy thursday. I done to see How they can play so Many games there this year. I would Hope other arrangements could be unless somebody comes up with another idea Between now and next week however there will be the cleats of Young legs romping from one end of the new stadium to the other. For some it will be the Way things should be since most of High Points residents have a stake in the football Field. For others it will be a crossed Finger exercise in Hopes the Field will survive for a brighter season in 1975. Tbs Mon Point enter pms sports thursday september 12, 1974. Section c golfers enter Hall of Fame pointing things out to the president Gene Sarazen one of 13 Hall of Farmers shows Way Thomasville to win raiders to recover by s. Q. Quayle spread the mercy around acts of mercy have Lecome All the rage in cer Ain parts of the country and while i Uke to be a Leader Ather than a someone who age along i just can to resist jumping on the Pardon bandwagon. It seems to me however hat All the wrong people Are letting the pardons. Draft dodgers sex presidents and watergate conspirators have ill been mentioned As a Eli pints while the one Guy who really needs to be let off s still on the Hook. Why can to president Ford throw a Little mercy in Lou Brocks direction i mean there the poor Guy is getting his name smeared from coast to coast in headlines almost As big As Richard Nixon a for being a thief and a Good one at that. All Ford has to do is Call a press conference this week and announce to the assembled Media types that he can to let Brock off because the people wont stand for it. Then on sunday afternoon about a month from now or maybe 30 Days he can Call everyone away from Church and their Golf games to say that Brock is absolutely free from the threat of prosecution. There would be several advantages to the waiting period. First it would give Brock ume to finish swiping All the bases he wants this year and thus All his offences would be covered. Secondly it would give Ford a Chance to talk things Quayle scoreboard last week. 7 2 .777 Overall la 5 .678 Over with the Cardinal coaches and decide what kind of statement he would make and How Brock would reply. Of course there would have to be certain conditions to the Pardon. Brock would definitely have to make a statement of guilt and remorse. And to show he is truly sorry for what he has done for the bad example he has set for the children of America they should make him give the bases Back. All 105 of Mem. Speaking of things that ought to be taken Back Here Are my predictions for the week. . Besides a Pardon fetish. President Ford and i have something else in common. Like our distinguished Leader from grand rapids i have gotten a threat on my life. It came from a very polite Allen Jay fan who told me if i did t give the Jaybird another look he would come out to deep River and dump my Canoe on its open Side. Judging from this weeks review next weeks predictions could be All wet. Central at Thomasville the bulldogs looked awfully Good against Smith while Central Well the Bison Are having their troubles. Most of those Are offensive woes and having to face a Tough Thomasville defense in t going to make things any easier. Because it is an intercity rivalry though the game should be close. Expect the defending South Piedmont champs to Blank Central 13-0. New Hanover at Andrews the bed raiders were less than Sharp against Page in their opener but its too Early in the season to be forecasting a Down year for Andrews. New Hanover was Tough last year against perhaps the Best Raider team Ever and should be a rugged foe again in 1974. But look for Andrews to recover from a false Start and eke out a 7-6 win. Lexington at Trinity the bulldogs snapped an 11-game losing Streak by tying Ledford monday and that shows some Progress in the right direction. However Trinity does not appear to have made the kind of Progress necessary to win the rugged South Piedmont. Expect a less than sensational Lexington Victory 22-13. Allen Jay at Ragsdale the flying tigers flexed their offensive muscle against Central monday night and it stands to reason the Ragsdale running game will continue to dominate opponents. Allen Jay served noticed against Western Guilford however that the Jaybird Are not to be trifled with. Last seasons contest was a close Battle and this years will be too. Go with Ragsdale to stretch a Lead in the late going and come out on top 27-14. West Montgomery at Randleman the tigers got their potent a wire photo Pinehurst no. Apr Gene Sarazen at 72 the oldest of the living inductees to the new world Golf Hall of Fame stood on the Steps of the White $2.5 million Complex in the Carolina Sandhill country. Jack Nicklaus had just kidded Arnold Palmer during the induction ceremonies wednesday and Sam Snead had kidded Ben Hogan. A was i stand Here and look about me a said Sarazen the Little Squire from upstate new York who won the first of his major titles More than a half Century ago a i become very lonely. A none of my friends arc Here. A a they Veall gone to another higher Hall of Fame. And i have a feeling they re up there now waiting for me on the first tee to make up the foursome. A but i keep telling them you a better play away Fellows. I la clutch you on the Back those five a Sarazen Snead Hogan Nicklaus and Palmer a were among the 13 men and women formally installed As the charter members of the new Hall of Fame. The others selected by the Golf writers association of America Are Francis Ouimet Bobby Jones Harry Vardon Walter Hagan Byron Nelson Gary player and two women pros Patty Berg and babe Didrickson Zaharias. All living inductees a those dead Are Jones Hagan Zaharias Ouimet and Vardon a attended the ceremonies at which president Gerald Ford was the principal speaker. Ford told a Black tie dinner wednesday night that Golf is a game where Honor is More important than rules. A without Good sportsmanship Golf could not exist. Without Trust another name for Good sportsmanship governments could not exist either a Ford said. Ford also made several jokes about his golfing ability claiming that because of his wild swing the players done to shout a a fore As a warning on his Home course but rather shout earlier in the Day Ford played nine holes of Golf playing a few holes with Nicklaus Palmer player Snead Berg Sarazen and Nelson the president shot a 48 Over what would be a Par 35 course and said his game was a passable. In be got to work on whant Quot four Jeter word for Small car at dig year end savings do a of offence unt racked against East Montgomery monday and ii they can keep it going against the West Montgomery team the Randleman record could stand at 2-1. Should the tigers fall Back into the offensive mistake troubles that plagued them earlier however those figures could be reversed. All of which is to say that the game could go either Way. I personally am going a Andleman a Way by a 27-20 margin. Ledford at Piedmont the panthers made their mistakes monday night against Trinity which eventually Cost them a Victory. While the Young Letord squad will probably continue to make a few errors a solid Panther defense should hold and the offence should produce enough scoring to Stop the Rocky River conference member 14-6. East Davidson at East Wilkes this will be another offensive exercise for the Golden eagles while it will Likely be another she lacking for East Wilkes who last week lost to Forbush 44-0, the Central Carolina conference favourites will get to take turns scoring touchdowns in rolling up a 41-6 win. Southern Guilford at Western Guilford there Are a lot of extraneous factors at work in this game. The hornets Are coming off of a 6-6 tie with the cd cd a Jaybird and will be Haking the indians quite seriously. Southern has already fought a close Battle a Thomasville on so Dodge Dar a i even before we Ftp a a car Deal Detore we clearance priced Mem Page Dart go Fqy Dart gives for Sucre stores a or the Money. Compare who own nobody you know no owns a Dart. With a on6 the ,500,0h00 compact dads know a ,0 Yuri owner or two and out what Dodge depend about and 6x, room i re Swinon l e n�?T8et0urm0ney-saving Dodge Dart dead Page Dart six can s i Tou better mileage than a Nova or Maverick. A better mileage than Buick Apollo Olds Omega re Quot inc Ventura or Mercury Comet. Of course then he we get depends on Many actors including How and honefoety0uclr ,h9c0nd-lion of your vehicle Dodge Dart g you big year i savings and we mean big Sav can t repeat again that Are even nicer in t of the 1975 Model n creases. But Don t a Tonger to come in and a your present car will nch7n h to6 in Rad it fight now switch to Dart this week the Best place Osho for a a a it nue eur year end a scr Quot Hal tips Autho filieo de Al t is Ilderton Dodge a

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