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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. . Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Page 4a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor tuesday sept. 12, 1972 making up our minds in addition to choosing among candidates North Carolina voters in november will have to make some decisions on Public issues. Among them Are constitutional amendments which would i require state judges to retire at the age of 70 and 2 establish a commission which would have the Power to censure or remove judges from their posts whether for incapacity or misconduct. Recent Days have brought seme pretty powerful arguments against both propositions. From Washington sen. Sam j. Ervin who was an eminent Jurist before he became an eminent u. S. Senator declared his personal opposition to both. In doing so he took pains to Point out that he attempts to keep hands off internal state affairs. Speaking to a local audience on sunday District judge e i r e t a Alexander was quite As vehemently opposed to the review commission proposal. Their outspoken opposition should serve to promote More detailed study of the measures As it will in our Case. Heretofore we had seen instances which gave Merit to a mandatory retirement system and we had watched with interest events in other states in which review boards had been Able to remove obviously unqualified jurists. As proposed by the n. C. Courts commission in the words of its chairman. State sen. J. Ruffin Bailey of Raleigh the latter is Quot an Effort to submit the judiciary to enforcement of certain codes of conduct. It would in no Way inhibit a judge from the exercise of his judicial sen. Ervin who has conducted hearings on the Federal level on the subject of Independence of judges believes that Independence i s endangered by a review commission. Judge Alexander sees the Specter of special interest politics in the creation of such a commission and feels that the state s judges need no Raleigh supervision. Something like half the states in the nation do have judicial standards commissions and our casual Reading has turned up no cases of abuse. This is not to say that there Haven to been any and both sen. Ervin and judge Alexander May be aware of those which have been confined to publications for the Legal fraternity. Even in the greatly honoured profession of the judiciary there have been notable instances in which judges have held on to their appointments beyond the Point of maximum mental acuity and just As often beyond their own ability to recognize the slowing of mental processes. It had seemed to us a matter of reasonable proposal. We Are. However so deeply respectful of the two individuals who have announced serious opposition that our inclination is certainly to seek out More intelligence on the subject. That is a task too for every North carolinian who plans to go to the polls in november. The voter will make the decision. On leaving Munich the games of the xxx olympiad go into the history books today. It might be said of them that they were the Best of games the worst of games. From a Back Home standpoint it was about the Best television show since the astronauts first walked on the Moon. Yet. How can anything so glorious survive the gloom on Howard cosello a countenance the mourn ulness in his voice in so Many instances there were examples of the most flagrant misuse of judging Power apparent to the most casual viewer there were others As reported by the television commentators which were less apparent and which conceivably could be coloured by their own partisanship. Runners late for their trial heats team mismanagement Over t h e asthmatic swimmers medication. Americans who confess to something less than total loyalty to their nation basketball officiating that produces tearful frustration these things take some of the glory away from such projecting the news Superior performances such As that of Mark Spitz. These events have caused Many americans to question what this nations approach to future olympics might be. Is there sufficient cause to expect National allegiance from sports figures financed by Public subscription have we. As a Quot big Quot nation tended to Back off from our full rights just because we Are big and done to like to appear bullying frankly we applaud the basketball teams refusal of the Silver medal. For once it looked like America standing up for its own rights and let those w to boo do so As they will. One must Hope that t h e International olympic committee will do some self searching of rules and judge selections before we go at it again in 1976. Even barring repeats of the terrible tragedy in the olympic Village this great spectacle May have trouble surviving another round of problems of the magnitude of those of 1972. The ache of aging the Institute of gerontology will hold its 25th anniversary conference on aging Sopt. Imset the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The inevitability of aging is More difficult for Many pc it ple to accept than the inevitability of death. It is axiomatic that declining health and income and increasing loneliness await most persons who live beyond retirement age. As Simone de Beauvoir observed in her new Book. The coming of age Quot a limited future and a Frozen past such is the situation that the elderly have to face up though some old people Are wealthy and Many Are reasonably Well off by and Large the aged represent a relatively poor segment of the population. Virtually every study of the aged comes Back to a fundamental Handicap they suffer a Lack of Money. Roughly one out of four old people in the United states live below the federally defined poverty level. The callousness of the Young compounds the problems of the old. A in the . We have become selfish self entered and acquisitive and negligent of aging parents if they Cost us Money a a Nada Skerlev of the Cincinnati Post and times Star recently wrote Quot of you ask some americans who can afford a second car if they had thought of contributing the Money to a Parent s Comfort or Joy instead they will look at you blankly and if honest say they Hadnot thought of social Security. Medicare and other Federal programs designed to Benefit old people have done Little to dispel the impression that the elderly Are surplus persons whose value to society abruptly ceased at age 65 of 70. The prevalence of this attitude can cast a pall Over the so called Golden years and Render Joyless the abundant Leisure time they bring. If a person retires at 60. He or she faces 45.000 hours of Leisure before age 70�? the equivalent of 20 years of workdays. Small wonder then that numerous old people lapse prematurely into senility. The condition can arise from such organic causes As malnutrition congestive heart failure or pneumonia. In some cases. Though it results from severe depression. This kind of senility Washington. Itc., psychiatrist Robert n. Butler says represents a a Way to not have to think too much about How horrible it All is. I see this. I swear in adolescents they can t seem to think about anything or remember anything and if they had Gray hair. We d Call them hid age need not be so devastating a Burden. However. In the autonomous soviet Republic of Abkhazia. Where an extraordinary number of people live past 80. 90. And even Rhi years retirement is unheard of. Aged ask asians continue to work until virtually the time of death. Gerontologists attribute part of their vigor and longevity to an almost per fee by balanced diet and to abstention from tobacco alcohol Tea and Coffee. But another Factor a Hunter College anthropoid professor suggested May be Quot the High degree of integration in their lives the sense of group identity that gives each individual an unshaken feeling of personal Security and it hardly needs saying that those qualities Are in Short Supply in the United states these Days. Americans aged need More Money and better housing and medical care. But what they need most of All is simply to be cared about. A Stop the world. I want to Tell Eer body where to get off a remedies studied Washington senator Gaylord Nelson. A wis is quietly investigating cough and cold remedies which earn $1 billion a year for their producers from the nations sneezes sniffles and wheezes. He will concentrate on Alverest Benze Drex inhalers Contact Coric Idin a dristan Novah Stine. Sin tabs. Tria Minicino. Vicks inhalers Vicks Vatro nol and similar Over the counters concoctions. All of them contain substances which Nelsons staff has found to be dubious if not dangerous. Their findings Are based upon a study of medical literature. Many of the capsules sprays pills inhalers and drops featured in to commercial which shows a husband happily dangerous for those suffering from diabetes heart trouble High blood pressure and thyroid disease. Even for people with the simple sniffles too heavy a drug store dosage May cause irregular heart beats nervousness skin eruptions and urinary problems. Nelson is particularly critical of the cold cure Industry a failure to provide adequate information to sufferers. The same to commercial. Which shows a husband happily Awakening with cleared sinuses might Well show him not Awakening at All if he were a heart patient. While the commercial May advise that the Medicine be taken a Only As there is Seldom and specific warning what the drug May do besides temporarily drying up nasal passages. Indeed Nelson has found that there May be a Quot congestion rebound a from the anti contestants which leave the nose More stopped up than Ever of this is followed by indiscriminate use of nose drops and sprays to Clear the nose again the mucous tissues can be damaged so As to invite infections of the sinuses and Middle ear. The Federal communications commission which could compel tvs to give specific warnings on medicines has left the cold commercials largely unregulated. Nelson plans to invite the acc to explain the laxness on various drug commercials. He expects to open the cold remedy hearings a with a flair for timing a at the beginning of the sniffles season in november or december. Government officials doctors and scientists will be called to testify. The a Quot us makers of course will be invited to respond coded messages at the height of the olympic drama when the Black Cir Afflit merry go round by Jack Anderson september terrorists were moving their israeli hostages to the Munich Airport for the unexpected shootout guerrilla radio transmitters in Syria broadcast a number of coded messages. Quot from Samir to the Eagle Quot began a typical message. Quot we await your gift. The sky is Clear and the Job Well there is other evidence that the terrorists May have received orders from a Clandestine Headquarters in Syria. However the syrian authorities while paying lip service to the palestinian cause have kept tight control Over guerrilla operations within their Borders. The Central intelligence Agency has reported from Damascus that the syrian authorities reached an agreement with Yasir Arafat Leader of the largest palestinian guerrilla organization Asfe Atah Quot to rein in the extremist organizations and not allow them either to cause any further troubles inside Syria or to cause troubles with the Cia quoting the private remarks of Strain army chief of staff Mustafa Talas added Quot he could not guarantee too per cent that there would be no further provocations by the fedayeen against Jordan As neither Syria nor Fatah had full control Over the extremist elements in the Radical fedayeen organizations and an accidents sponsored by one of these organizations was always a possibility. Quot he added however that Syria and Fatah were fully agreed on a policy of no further provocations against Jordan and that Arafat had promised to Force the Radical organization in Syria into it May be significant that the emphasis was on avoiding trouble with syrians Arab neighbor Jordan not on preventing provocative acts against Israel. Talas was quoted by the Cia As saying Quot we have had enough of arabs shedding Arab blood. The enemy is Israel and when the time for Battle comes then they can fight As much As they like against the the syrian army chief recalled the military showdown Between Jordan and the palestinian guerrillas in september. 1970. Which spawned the Black september movement. Jordan smashed the guerrillas and drove Back syrian tanks that had been sent to help the guerrillas. Quot we fought the jordanians in september. 1970,&Quot Talas is quoted by the Cia. Quot we lost some tanks and men they lost some tanks and men nobody won. And for what purpose0 we were taken in by the fedayeen in 1970. But we Are absolutely determined we will not allow such a thing to happen again. Senator soaper a Bill in Congress would require All candidates to reveal their medical records who gets elected the Man with the most interesting symptoms recent statistics show a correlation Between health and income. The list of things that Money can to buy seems to be getting Shorter All the time. a j Vernoon by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus a City that Dies at Midnight then bursts Back into noisy existence next evening for this whole week is being visited by thousands at its site Northeast of High Point. Come saturday night and this mushroom City will disappear except for the permanent structures just As suddenly As it sprang up the past weekend. Such has happened to this Aladdin s lamp City for the past 40 years since the High Point agricultural fair came into existence. Man made this is an Atlantis of the Earth boasting for a week a festival that old and Young flock to alike. There Are buyers and Sellers competitive exhibition of wares livestock and Swine Citron preserves Corn tobacco gourds and pumpkins and there Are Many strangers present a some colourfully so As though they might have come from foreign lands. In Early Day. The City sleeps looking almost As deserted As a cemetery following a funeral. The rides in the amusement area Are Idle and the Canvas flaps Are Down in front of the stands that will come brightly lighted with night. The strip tease girls Hap on frock and sock. Bovines a some of them Blue ribbon winners Moo for Alfalfa the Swine Grunt for their Slop the cock crows a contented cock a Doodle Doo scattered Folk some of them Odd in appearance a sip Coffee and eat sandwiches at Little stands erected along the Midway that is the principal Thor oii2hfare of the tinsel City. The fair like the Region it serves so distinctively Isnit As bucolic As it was 40 years ago. And yet the show Bam 160 feet Long and 40 feet wide a is More modern than Ever and the smells from the cattle Section testify to the fact that cattle still flourish hereabouts. For the past nine years the fair has belonged to and been a major project of the High Point Jaycees. Its profits Hae been mostly slowed Back into improving the facilities this time there is added paving and a new stage for the free acts Whilt h make the $1 admission charge the Best bargain for a Bink in these parts a with such As May be left Over going into com Munith service work of that Fine Bunch of lads who work so hard to make the fair a Success that will turn a profit. Jerry Watson president takes Pride in the fairs having won a state a rating last year. The Thomas Joyland shows Back for their 8th year feature the Midway. The old rebel will be on hand wednesday for the children a afternoon feature together with an Indian dance group from Quot unto these officials Are expecting More than 40.000 visitors a it could run to 50.000 with favourable weather conditions a for the week. There Are two Girlie shows that draw Well. But no gambling Quot to speak some $11,000 will be distributed in prizes to those competing with exhibits in the various categories. President Watson is hopeful that horse racing May be added in years to come As negotiations Are under Way with the Lions to Combine their annual horse show with the fair itself. That could Lead to horse racing even earlier than otherwise Likely to develop. Alma do a company hat moved its offices into the recently purchased Burlington yarn divisional offices at 1301 Lincoln drive. The need for increased office space to serve growing needs of the firm necessitated breaking out into More commodious quarters which a sufficient for further needs of a firm very much on the grow. Death of or. F. C. Sharp at 87 years of age. While not unanticipated. Takes one of the kind Liest practitioners of osteopathy this Community knew and revered through 54 years of his service in that Field he a. He studied for a career in business but turned to osteopathy which he practice characterful and effectively to enjoy an acceptance few such practitioners command. His Fine nature and skillful hands will be missed. High port becomes an increasingly important geographical part of skipper Bowles Campaign for the governorship. Tomorrow to is inviting some 150 democratic legislator candidates statewide to attend a get together with him at Clr Cie m ranch. It is an important group that will come Here coincidentally with the opening of local democratic party Headquarters at 113 West Washington tomorrow morning. Party chairman Herman Burrows is hopeful that Bowles and some of the visiting democratic bigwigs will favor the Headquarters with a visit in course of their two Day sojourn Here talking politics. Meanwhile both Republican and Democrat precinct workers Are striving to aet voters on the books be fore the october a deadline for registration. Activity esp Dally among Tho Young is reported feverish but the big guns Haven t been called up much As yet a the republicans a confident and the democrats Ere hopeful that by working from the Bottom Thoy can undergird their party ticket sufficiently to Mako it a Winner. Of. Gov. David e. Maas of the Virgin islands which includes the is and of St. Roix where senseless slayings occurred last week in connection with robbery at a Swank Golf club is spending a few Davs at his Home Here after handling the difficult task of Clearing up those murders he credits first rate police work with nabbing two suspects being held for $1.74 million Hail and he Hopes that rewards totalling $26,000 will encourage information on which to base arrests of perhaps As Many As four other suspects mail came Bere to take his son to Randolph Macon to enter for the school Vear. He hones to be Able to remain a few Days inasmuch As police on St. Croix appear to have that crime under control. Lee j. Heer who retires Nev. I is Secretary Trees scr of the Southern furniture exposition building Here is the sub Lect of a two Page spread in Quot the North Carolina Magazine Quot which Bills him As Quot furniture showman of Tho world. Word from Moscow is that Arthela Davit the a ofsted communist it too Gung to for Tho soviets who according to Prate reports find her so pre Riteful of soviet policies and the soviet system that so is arousing scepticism oven among Loyal russians familiar with realities of life behind the Iron old Railroad stations a being out to Bright now uses which suggests that High Point s Southern station is a prime subject for better Community us. By time you read this. My lady of the Pink red apron and i will be in Brussels Belgium to join my brother and his wife on their european travels. For years he had planned for us to join them on a months tour of Scotland another month in Europe which he has not previously visited and then a month in Southeast Asia and on into Australia but the mid portion of Europe seems All we can take of it where Well have the help of our longtime guide and Friend. Al Van Den dries to assist us. We Hope to look into several things and keep these columns flowing with information. Including common Market developments the Centennial of the Spanish Riding school at Vienna the Billi machine works at Florence As Well As the celebrated Golden doors again we be seen most of the places we re going several times on previous trips but there s a continuing fascination about the old world that keeps on thrilling the visitor. It seems that fall vacationers undeterred by rising costs Are heading overseas in droves. Folks who have been Over there this summer say that prices have gone sky High with some increases As High Asio to 15 per cent. It still costs less to travel in the fall but prices Are up so much from last year that they eat up what would otherwise be savings. I i

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