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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather slightly warmer More data on Page a 88th year a no. 306 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon september 12, 1972 42 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads. 8852177 All other departments 885-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25c q. What can i get to clean the scent or odor out of a House i am moving into it is a fairly new House but somebody has been living in it and i want to clean this terrible odor out before i move in. Thank you mrs. . Q. We recently bought an old House and remodeler it. The House has a full basement with Concrete floor. There is a portion of it that is dirt. There is no evidence of anything Down there that would cause an odor but it just stinks Down there. I have cleaned scrubbed and done All i know and have aired it out but this does t seem to eliminate the odor. We can t Tell where it s coming from or what is causing it. Do you know of anything we could do any method we could use to eliminate this odor mrs. W. A. There is a company specializing in odor removal Kirkem a division of air sick industries. Whether the odor is caused by fire and smoke or other sources such As fuel Oil spillage Short circuits sewage flood animal decomposition vegetable matter skunks Amonia fumes chemical escape or must iness they say they can remove All traces of odor. As their flyer says a if you re faced with an odor problem you think you can to resolve a Call them the nearest office is in Greensboro phone 292-2903. A a a limited Driver q. My License was suspended and i was allowed to drive to work or business. Is it Legal to drive in a state other than North Carolina j. W. A. If you were Given a letter from the department of motor vehicles to keep in your Possession allowing you to drive under these circumstances you could do the same in another state a As Long As you can prove it is strictly for business purposes. A a a How bout some numbers o. Why does t High Point have numbers on Street markers people have to look on houses to find out which Block they Are in. Thank you. S. G. A. Since this request pops up periodically a and has not met with any Success in being implemented a we appealed once More with feeling to the City traffic Engineer. Since House numbers Are often missing or painted Over so As to be unreadable we suggested Block numbers would be a great convenience to Drivers trying to search and stay on a straight course at the same time r. V. Moss referred it to Freeman Hill since House mid building numbers Are his a thing a they have discussed this and say that they will take it up with other department Heads who Are also members of the technical review committee. Both agree something should be done and they will says Hill make every Effort toward this end. A a a welfare Home owners 0. I would like to know Why who lives on can buy a Home and be on welfare when there Are so Many people out Here that need help and cannot get it. I know you cannot buy a Home on welfare checks and we Are tired of keeping these people up that can get out and work and the ones that need help they will not help Thorn. Anon. A. There is no policy in Public assistance which forbids ownership of property when used As a residence. When computing the budget social services uses the amount paid on the Home each month instead of the amount paid for rent. However one is not allowed to own property other than the place of residence which has a value above the Public assistance scale. This is based on the number of people in the Home receiving assistance. For example one person receiving Aid to the aged is allowed to have up to 11.000 in Reserve and still remain eligible for assistance. If one person has More than $1,000. He is not eligible. The Reserve scale for two is adding $50 00 for each person Over two. Three persons Are allowed $1,150. Four $1,200. Etc. The Reserve scale is Only one of the Many eligibility factors. If anyone wants to discuss an individual matter they May Contact the department of social services. A a a sound off the subject is sportsmanship the sportsmanship of doves quails and these feathered friends. We would like to Call on All these people who Are Farmers or sportsmen that use farm land to make an Effort to get an organization for the shooting of the blackbirds such As starlings etc., As they Are very destructive and Are now starting in the annual group together. Yesterday we observed probably a half a million and it took approximately five minutes for them to Flash by. They almost darkened the sky. Of you sportsmen want to be a sportsmen to keep these Birds from destroying our food for our other Lovely Birds which they need please make an Effort to Start shooting those Hen you Are in this area. Or. Anon. Soft music for the rhinos lacking the Jungle sounds of South classical music to sooth these two Africa the cotswold wildlife Park in rhinos. Tending the record player is Burford. England has resorted to soft. Jane Heyworth 18. A wire a How out in bugging Case democrats try again to file against stans by Donald m. Rothberg associated press writer Washington i a i lawyers for the democratic party try again today to file allegations that former Commerce Secretary Maurice h. Stans played a key role in the bugging and burglar izing of democratic National committee offices last june. The charges Are contained in an amended complaint to the civil invasion of privacy suit filed by the democratic National committee and Lawrence f. Of Brien its former chairman but when attorneys tried to Green Beret Ballad file the complaint monday the clerk refused to accept it because it was not accompanied by a motion asking . Dill. Court judge Charles Richey a permission to Amend the original filing. The new complaint alleges that stans now finance chairman of the committee for the re election of the president and Hugh Sloan former committee treasurer gave $114,000 in unreported Republican Campaign funds last april la to g. Gordon Liddy a former White House and cop Campaign aide to finance the activities of the quart of tequila inspired Sadler Tucson Ariz. A Barry Sadler a who used to make up dirty marching songs a says a quart of tequila and requests from his army buddies inspired him to write the popular a Ballad of the Green berets a the record when released in january 1966, became an immediate hit. It sold four million single copies and four million albums that year alone said Sadler now 31 and living Here far removed irom the military and show business. A i wrote the original version of the song at it. Sam Houston tex., in 1963. Before i Ever went to a Nam a Sadler said. A it was strictly for myself and tile Guys in my immediate unit. A i was one of the Guys who used to make up dirty marching songs a he said. A and from there. I progressed into Semi legitimate music. A we were just sitting around the Barracks drinking tequila one Day and i was playing my guitar when a Guy said. A Why done to you write a song for the special forces a so i after he wrote the song. Sadler said other members of Hie special forces made tapes of it and eventually it was made the official special forces song. In 1964, Sadler went to Vietnam where he wrote More songs and was wounded in Battle. After six months and unsuccessful operations to remove shrapnel from his leg he returned to the United states and started peddling his songs. Sadler said his Success As a composer and Singer a kind of dried up after i got out of the army in 1966. A i did the Hollywood scene for awhile some television and one feature film a he said. A i tried my hand at film production and that about busted he said he had put his Money into production of a film about a Vietnam prisoner of War along with actor Jeff Chandler. Gop has powwow on election issues Washington a president Nixon charted re election Campaign strategy today at a three hour meeting with his Cabinet. Republican congressional leaders. White House aides and Campaign committee officials. Nixon made Brief comments to his 39 breakfast guests in the state dining room. So did vice president Spiro Agnew and reelection Campaign director Clark Macgregor. White House press Secretary Ronald Ziegler would not disclose what Nixon told the group but said Macgregor and others a outlined efforts planned for the coming Macgregor referred specifically. Ziegler said. To the Gopas Effort to recruit one million volunteers for grassroots canvassing and registering of voters. That local Effort is to be launched saturday. Ziegler responding to questions. Said the alleged bugging of democratic National head quarters was not discussed at the breakfast meeting. Nor was the Issue of Campaign contributions. He said. Ziegler said Nixon planned to Fly later today to his Camp David Retreat in the Maryland mountains where he plans to spend wednesday conferring with aides. At the breakfast meeting the spokesman said Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott and House Gap Leader Gerald Ford talked of pending legislative matters. He left unsaid what Nixon has been saying frequently that too Many of the administrations proposals have been pending before Congress too Long and that this would he an Issue just As if was in Harry Truman s re election Campaign More than two decades ago. Just As Truman did in 1948 when he barnstormer the country berating the a do Noth my Congress a Nixon has indicated he is preparing to mount a Campaign against the current Congress and its a do nothing attitude toward his major proposals. Nixon a plan is to elect More congressmen who Back his programs. Before legislators returned last week to begin their drive for adjournment Nixon told a news conference a this Congress. Is going to have to do four months work in four weeks. A it will be a real Issue in this Campaign the fact that the Congress has not acted on Revenue sharing and on government reorganization and on health and a week ago. He took Congress to task for failing to act on his suggestions for bettering the environment. He declared a the members of the Senate and House Are simply not keeping Pace with the concern of citizens throughout the nation for positive Mcgovern raises Tempo of political Campaign men charged with breaking into the democratic parly offices. The complaint named Jiddy e. Howard Hunt jr., formerly employed As a consultant by the White House and James w. Mccord former Security chief for the presidential Campaign committee As Quot commanding personnel of what it called the a political espionage Clark Macgregor president Nixon s Campaign chairman said the charges against stans and Sloan would he a grossly libellous a if made outside a court complaint he said he has directed attorneys to file civil suit against of Brien and the democrats for a malicious prosecution and abuse of a the allegations Are false and or. Of Brien and his friends Are Well aware they All Are false a said Macgregor. Stans called the accusations a a scurrilous pack of Macgregor called on sen. George Mcgovern democratic presidential candidate to disclose who on the Republican Campaign payroll has fed information to the democrats. Macgregor referred to news reports that information in the amended complaint giving details of the alleged hugging of democratic party telephones had come from a participant in the activities. In addition to adding stans Sloan Liddy and Hunt As defendants the new complaint asked for $3 million in damages instead of the $1 million requested earlier. The complaint named the committee for the re election of the president and its finance committee As defendants. They had been named in the original suit before a judge granted a motion to drop them As defendants. In the Early morning hours of june 17. Police arrested five men including Mccord inside the democratic National committee offices. The democrats charge Liddy and Hunt also were there but got out before police closed in. By Gregg Herrington associated press writer Minneapolis a George Mcgovern a come from behind presidential Campaign is taking on a frantic but rousing roadshow appearance As sen. Edward m. Kennedy joins the Days of rallies across the populous Northeast. The two senators set out on a five Day. 16-hour schedule of appearances from my Neapolis to Pittsburgh today following their premiere monday night before approximately 11.000 people. Who earlier this t u r to e d Down offers to run with party a vice presidential candidate revved up the already enthusiastic crowd of predominantly Young people inside the Minneapolis auditorium the format will he repeated at least a half dozen times this week and probably again later in the fall. A the american people Are going to elect a president whose interests do not lie with Wall Street but with main Street a a the Massachusetts senator said while Mcgovern waited offstage. A i Kennedy summer Mcgovern a him As the stand with George Mcgovern for the rights of All the people and we want All of you bes in us a Kennedy considered a sure Prospect for democratic presidential politics in the future displayed a touch of family humor in a reference to Mcgovern a Runng mate Sargent Shriver a Kennedy in Law. A until Only recently a he quipped. A i was just one member of a Hundred in the United states Senate just doing my Job. And then All of a sudden the selection came for the vice president and it just goes to show what it is to have a famous brother in Law a there was the vigorous leap to the off ice when Kennedy asked the absent president Nixon Quot and what about the watergate bugging scandal or. President Why does t your administration listen to the american people in Public instead of trying to eavesdrop on George Mcgovern awl i Arry of Brien in private a tile crowd Rived it but it loved Mcgovern too and the applause was longer and tile cheers louder when the South Dakota minister s Vin took the stage intoning a thank you Panama Assembly wants canal zone Panama api Panama a new electoral Assembly called monday for a treaty with the United states restoring panamanian sovereignty Over fhe canal zone and recommended that the government demonstrate opposition to the i s. Control of the canal by rejecting the $193 million annual rent. The Assembly of Community representatives has no legislative Powers hut its action was an expression of popular will designed to strengthen the governments hand in negotiation of a new treaty with the United typical voter still unsure by Carl p. Leub Dorf a political writer Albuquerque map a a 43-year-old Chicago area credit manager picked As a typical a Middle american a for a study of voting behaviour Sass he still does t know How he will vote after a rare inside View of sen. George Mcgovern s presidential Campaign. A to be Frank a Richard j. Johnson said in an interview a a in a still undecided at this Point whether hell get my Yote in but he said his View of Mcgovern has gone up from a week of close watching. Johnson was picked by the Public broadcasting National Public affairs Center for television pact for a year Long study. He was first interviewed in january when he described himself As a i it Democrat who might vote in november for president Nixon. A i feel that he a done a commendable Job a Johnson said at the time. But he added that if sen. Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts won the democratic nomination he d certainly vote for him. Married and the father of four Johnson lives in rolling Meadows 111., drives 21 Miles each Day to his Job with National steel service Center inc. In Evanston and is concerned that his income of about $15,000. Including his wife s part time Job wont he enough to pay for his children a College education. Last week he arrived in los Angeles to see the Mcgovern Campaign first hand. 9hsp wednesday be has seen the senator Campaign there in san Diego in Dallas and Houston Tex in Peoria and Rockford Iii. In Superior. Wis. And in Des Moines Iowa. A it s been strenuous a Johnson conceded. A i m tired at night and i m ready for the old sack but what an As for Mcgovern Johnson said his first conclusion was that a the candidate has to be an extraordinary human being to endure the Rigours of he likes a lot of what Mcgovern has said. Finds him a a very congenial honest and religious Many but still has doubts. A i would Luce to see him a Little More dynamic in his speeches in his presentations a Johnson said. He feels Nixon has those qualities plus the experience of four years in office and adds that a in the last year there has Bee improvements in this country Economy another thing that bothers Johnson about Mcgovern is a feeling a there is a lot of indecision he is upset at Mcgovern a a decision to drop sen. Thomas f. Eagleton As his running mate after disclosure of the Missouri senator s medical history. On sept. 20, Public broadcasting stations will carry a followup program to the earlier show this one on Johnson a week with the Mcgovern Campaign. States to replace the 1903 canal pact. The us state department had no immediate comment. The 1903 treaty gave the United states perpetual sovereignty and jurisdiction Over the 647-Square-mile zone talks have been going on since june 1971 on a new treaty but they have Fineen suspended until after the . Presidential election Brig. Gen. Omar Torrijos the National guard chief who Ca me to Power four years ago has made recovering jurisdiction Over the zone his major objective the United states says it is prepared to negotiate the Transfer of control Over certain services in the zone hut will continue maintaining military forces in the Vicinity. The i United states also seeks an option either to expand the existing canal or to build a sea level canal elsewhere in Panama. The 505-member Assembly was chosen aug. 6 in the first elections since Torrijos took Over. It met to elect a new president and vice president and to approve a Constitution sponsored by Torrijos. The presidency will be largely a ceremonial Post with Torrijos retaining control of the government. The Resolution about the canal zone said rejection of the rent would let a the entire world know that this strip of panamanian land known As the Panama canal zone has not been purchased or conquered or annexed or ceded or rented or its sovereignty been transferred by the Republic of Panama to the United states thank you very while the admirers shouted a we want George a his voice More even than Kennedy s and his gestures almost non existent Mcgovern was a contrast popular with the audience in a speech interrupt Tel at least 35 times by applause Mcgovern received one of his biggest ovations on the Issue that made him nationally famous when he said a come Home. America from the cruellest the longest and the stupidest War in our National alter today s engagements in Minneapolis Chicago Detroit Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Mcgovern and Kennedy will spend the rest of their three Days together in Philadelphia Albany by new York City and Waterbury Conn. Europeans discuss one currency Rome a finance ministers of the to european common Market countries announced agreement today to set up a european monetary fund probable forerunner of a Central Hank that eventually might Issue a common currency. Meeting separately foreign ministers of the to mapped Token action against terrorism in a discussion spurred by last weeks massacre of israelis at the Munich olympics and the shooting of an israeli Diplomat in Brussels monday. The ministers agreed that terrorist operations should not lie blamed on the government of any country an italian informant said. This was apparently designed to avoid provoking Arab retaliation against Western Oil interests. Instead they agreed to take a United stand when terrorism comes before the United nations and to step up cooperation among their police forces and Interior ministries the italian said. The monetary fund agreement was announced by Karl Klasen president of the West German Federal Bank. He described the new fund As a a coordinating Organ a to be managed by the countries Central Hanks. What s inside amusements 6b Bridge 12b classified ads mib comics 10a crossword a 12b editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries. .2b sports. 3-5b television. 9a women s news 4-7a weather a

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