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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Share a Supply of Champagne and caviar with his visitor. A i m treating myself a Segal said exuberantly. A after All when you have a splendid boudoir scene you should live it up a Champagne and caviar a we actors have it better today a sex on the set. Poor Errol Flynn and All those Chaste Little kisses from Olivia dehavilland a he was kidding one must believe. Upon reflection he admitted there is no thrill in before the camera passion. A it s All very controlled a he said. A i remember when i did my first kiss in a movie it was the new interns a and the girl was Lnger Stevens. A i was terrified. Her hair was beautifully done and i did no to know whether to put my hands under it or on it. Did my nose go on the right Side or the left would our noses hit a it s always that Way a simply a matter of hitting your Marks. You re uncomfortable and the actress is just As uncomfortable. Through your Mutual discomfort you get to be friends. That Sall. first pensioner observes 100th Brattleboro it. Apr Ida Fuller the first person to receive a social Security Check has celebrated her 100th birthday. Miss Fuller whose birthday was on Friday received the $22.54 Check from the social Security administration on Jan. 31, 1940. Since then her Niece said miss f Oiler has received a total of $20,000. Television log 2 wf>1v.c�rimmisboro it it rim i nit. Station cd hot Lothario in in he. High to Al Ltd Harlan to , Roanoke 12 to Vii we fatten male it a wednesday premieres Are duds by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new Youk apr six premiere shows of As Many series Are coming up tonight on the three networks. As previously doted three of the sagas Are on our dog Alert Advance warning list of wretched opening show s. These Are programs you can miss without undue harm to mind or spirit. They Are cd so a sons and daughters and a the Man Hunter a and Abc s a get Christie love a on the vaguely brighter Side you might find some Good moments in a blk so Little House on Hie Prairie a and a third a blk show tonight a Lucas Tanner a was t available for Advance screenings until after deadline time. It will be mulled Over later if the mull is working. A Little House a based on the classic collection of childhood memories by Laura Ingalls Wilder stars Michael Landen As the head of a Kansas family which has moved to Rural Minnesota in the 1870s to Start life anew tonight s Effort dealing with that Start is a simple straightforward and unexciting yarn emphasizing All of the positive Virtues of Rural America a hard work honesty attendance at Church and neighbourly ways. It centers on How an impoverished Charles Ingalls Landen begins from scratch first building a Home for his wife and three daughters and then striking a cashless bargain with a hard hearted local merchant to buy seed and a plow for the Ingalls farm. The show is beautifully photographed and London co Star Karen Grassle and their colleagues All turn in sympathetic Low key performances. But several things seem wrong with this Effort. The Ingalls family appears neat too Well scrubbed to convince me they live and work on a farm where one does get dirty at times. And the show seems excessively virtuous almost As if the producers rounded up a 19th Century version of a a apples Way and told the cast a now Dang it get out there and be starring Barry Newman As a pinstriped big City lawyer who sets up his Shingle in a southwestern town called san remo has a different kind of problem that eventually does it in. The first 30 minutes Are fairly Lively and involve a murder a frightened millionaires wife charged with the murder and the arrest of Petrocelli a wife Susan Howard on trumped up prostitution charges. The millionaire is properly Power mad and evil and the local Lawman who makes the prostitution arrest appropriately corrupt and sinister. But the plot thins later on. Newman a performance is wholly believable despite the feeble Chance the script gives him. And the other mummers Are equally Good. But if tonight s show is any indication a Perry Mason a is still with us even if under a new name and in a new setting. The Only difference is that Petrocelli got in a fistfight in the show Perry would never do that premiere tonight 7 30 life around us 10 00 get Christie love wimp to i capsule views of today s evening programs of pm 2,3.8,18 news 5.9.11 news weather sports 10 action news 12 triad today 3$ Beverly Hillbillies 30 2,3,11 lbs news 5,8 Abc news 9,10,12 a blk news 18 Nanny and the professor 38 Goober Pyle of t beat the clock 3 lbs news 4 it utilisation 5 Raymond Burr 8.9.11 truth or consequences 11 family affair 12 what a my line 18 concentration 38 any Griffith 7 30 2 name that tune 3 new treasure Hunt 4 electric co. 81 life around us 9 Adam 12 10.12 to Tell the truth la Price is Hight 18 what s my line 38 Hogan s heroes 8.0 1 2,3,11 sons and daughters 4 zoom 5.8.18 that s my mama 9.10.12 Rule House on the Prairie 36 braves baseball 8 30 4 great american dream machine 1.8.18 movie of the week 9 00 2,3,11 Cannon 9 soc movie 10.12 Lucas Tanner 9 30 4 hoarding House to of 2,3,11 Man Hunter 4 festival films 5.8.18 get Christie love 10.12 Petrocelli 10 30 4 video Vission uries 38 Star trek 11 00 2.3,1,8,9,10,11,12 news weather sports 4 sign off 11 30 2,3,11 lbs Ute show 5.8.18 wide world special 9.10.12 tonight show 38 movie 1 00 9,10,12 show tomorrow High Point Enterprise. Wednesday september la 1974 9b Segal succeeds Bogie veterans in Falcon revisited by Bob Thomas associated press writer los Angeles apr George Segal son of Humphrey Bogart it is happening on the stages of the Burbank studio with the fourth film flight of the maltese Falcon. Dashiell Hammett a mystery novel which set the Standard for two generations of detective Story writers was filmed by Warner Brothers in 1931, with Ricardo Cortez As Sam Spade and Bebe Daniels As the Femme Fatale. In 1936, the plot was refurbished As a satan met a lady a with Warren William and Bette Davis As stars. A the maltese Falcon was Given the classic treatment in 1941 by John Huston in his debut As a director. Humphrey Bogart played the definitive Sam Spade supported superbly by Mary Astor Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. Now Columbia pictures is making a the Black Bird. Or the maltese Falcon flies but it is not quite the same. George Segal is Sam Spade or. In contemporary san Francisco. He inherits his fathers private Eye business along with the longtime office Secretary Effie. The role is again being played 33 years later by Lee Patrick. Another Holdover from the 1941 cast is Elisha Cookjr. A but this Isnit a remake of a the maltese Falcon a a said director writer David Giler who is making his own directorial debut. A a it a More of a comedy treatment of the same it is a dream assignment for actor Segal and he is enjoying himself immensely. When interviewed he had just finished a bedroom scene with the sultry leading lady Stephane audran. In his dressing room he offered to a wire photo a i a ii save it 15t with this Coupon on your 1 nest Purchase of Kellogg country morning1 either flavor Uii Ocier we redeem int Coupon oui j4 tor handling Whan Atma at Mug Olla Haw Jiaan Tompie ii with t. Jet fews vow and tha cont Umar. I i i,s8f in a payment mail com we Lair Ai poll to of i k. Jef Binl a r o ooh a it in is cd in i on Iowa s out coup sub rep a a 7? run any a a submit Tao i a i atry a tata Ilai of my by our Mai Thanita Juja of a Ettaann Shouta Hysi for. In Quot i i Quot a Al Italy Quot a u company Stori Coupon Gretat Steof Kelloggs country morning. All natural. Crunchy. Countrified. Well give you 15 to try us loin natural ingredients. Nothing artificial added. It comes in two flavors. One with raisins and dates. One without both with tasty Crunchy nuggets of Oats Brown sugar bits of chopped almonds and Honey. By approved by it and a tar. And at tha in Kut. A Uch a rata at. Jai invoice proving Pur of la i. Of Vulli Tiant lot ii b to Lover Coupon i a Fen tented tor ii x Dainz Tiofio Mutt i a i Home upon Caquet any tale Quot it to inuit by Pai l try the Iller Vood univ in Otter Good Only in la United Blate and void where precut Tad. Beamed lated or re United a Law Coupon twine i to con vacation when Lamia it utter have not bean complied with. Cavil Valoe i to j$4 to Daw get a taste of country morning once again. Hit i too Saka company utter limited to one Coupon Poi package pulsate from 1898 genesis Law nullified Convene Philadelphia a their number dwindles every year they Are ail Over 90 years old and 76 years ago they charged up san Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt. A a they Are the remaining veterans of the Spanish amen can War who convened Here on monday for their annual convention. Two years ago the convention Drew 36 veterans. Last year 23 showed up. On monday Only 16 of the 1,352 Spanish american War veterans alive throughout the country were in attendance a two thirds of the men arc in Veteran s administration hospitals or in nursing Homes a said Beulah Cope who runs the groups Washington office and serves As adjutant general. The veterans of the nation s shortest War it lasted Only eight months a Parenty have not lost their fighting spirit. A a in a having cataracts removed from my eyes. After that 1 11 be of a said col. . Thomas 93, who served in the Philippines As a bugler with the Utah Battery. A i Drew $13 a month As a bugler Drew it every two months a Thomas said while reminiscing about the poor food and Low pay soldiers received. Nashville Tenn apr Tennessee a 1973 a genesis Law a which rekindled memories of the John Scopes Monkey trial and decreed that the it it Adam and eve theory of Man s origin be spelled out in textbooks alongside the theory of evolution has been held unconstitutional. Nashville Chancellor Ben Cantrell ruled monday that the celebrated Law is an act a respecting the establishment of religion and thus runs counter to the constitutional doctrine of separation of state and Church the Tennessee legislature passed the ballyhooed Bill in 1973, specifying that All biology textbooks in the state s Public schools must give equal consideration to All theories of creation of Man. Cantrell ruled that the legislature attempted to place the biblical account of Man s creation and the world above other theories. By so doing he said. The Law gives a preference to religion and violates article i Secton 3 of the Tennessee Constitution. Nashville attorneys Gary Blackburn and Malcolm Mccune filed the lawsuit on behalf of Harold Steele president of a citizens group called americans United for the separation of Church and state. It was not immediately known if the state would Appeal the ruling Cantrell held that to make textbooks include All theories of Man s creation would be he said full compliance with the Law would result in a a significant body of scientific thought and knowledge being a effectively excluded from Basic school Light of the administrative impossibility of including All other theories a Cantrell said a it seems to the court that the general Assembly by this provision is saying to the textbook commission in rather Clear terms a we done to care what other theories Are included just be sure the genesis account gets equal watch for him soon Money Man Lis returning to tv-121 a a he May Call you a Iii

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