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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile miss Carolyn Frye of High Point by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer As High Point memorial Hospital has expanded so has miss Carolyn Frye grown in her profession As a nurse. A graduate of the school of nursing at memorial Hospital miss Frye has worked at the facility As a staff nurse head nurse supervisor associate director of nurses and now As the director of nursing services. She is responsible for the 115 full time nurses 30 part time nurses and the 30 practical nurses who Are employed at memorial Hospital. Quot we still do not have enough nurses a said miss Frye. But she Hopes to achieve one goal for nurses at the Hospital. Quot we Are trying to get the nurse Back to the bedside to the primary care of the patient. The role of the nurse has expanded i know but that is where she ought to miss Frye who is a native of Pilot Mountain decided when she was a Junior in High school that she wanted to be a nurse. She does not recall exactly what motivated her at that time except that the feeling grew that nursing was what she wanted to do. The youngest in a family of nine children she has a sister who is a practical nurse in West Virginia. Her Mother mrs. Mattie Frye is a resident at Maryfield nursing Home. Sam j. Frye the father who was construction worker is dead. Graduating from High school in Pilot Mountain miss Frye came to the school of nursing at memorial Hospital for her training. She has been miss Carolyn Frye in High Point since except for one year in California and a year at Margaret Hague maternity Hospital in Jersey City n j. Her favorite Field of nursing she explained is in obstetric s and in maternity wards. Miss Frye is a member of the alumni association of the school of nursing District nine of the North Carolina nurses Assn. And the american nurses Assn. She has been director of nursing services at the Hospital since july i when she was chosen to succeed Paul Cory. H e resigned to accept a position with a Hospital in Charleston w. A. Miss Frye who makes her Home in High Point at 402-a w. Lexington ave., enjoys trips to the Beach. Quot i love to walk along the Beach Early in the morning and late in the evening a she said. One thing she does not like Are those medical drama shows about doctors nurses and hospitals on television. Quot they Are too far fetched a said miss Frye. I i an editor s notebook i a nil Fol lev few my i Luv Wix ii blk Oil and Gas Serai by in in i i Oyd Jones Inuvik n.w.t., can. Beneath the Canadian Arctic lies one of the great question Marks of the worlds growing Energy crisis. How much Oil does it have How much Gas the answer to these questions has much to do with other q u e s t i on How soon will we pay $1 a Gollon for gasoline How soon must we develop expensive alternatives to liquid Petroleum like tar Sands and Oil Shales How soon must we ration electricity or turn in desperation to High Sulphur coals that will either require costly smoke scrubbing or further pollute the atmosphere when the great Prudhoe Bav Oil strike was made on the Alaska coast four years ago canadians and Oil prospectors alike looked North with new enthusiasm. Unlike the Petroleum sterile precambrian rocks of the Canadian shield which can be Rich in hard Mineral the Western Side of the Arctic islands and the Broad Mackenzie Valley Are composed of sedimentary Beds with Many formations that could Overlie reefs domes and tapes. Halfway Down the Mackenzie at Norman Wells there is a 50-year-old Field that has produced 15 million barrels and May have a potential of 60 million More. The Little Imperial Oil refinery there is a Peculiar one. It processes Only 3.000 barrels a Day. It cannot economically ship its gasoline and fuel Oil into populated Canada but it is the Gas pump for the nearly deserted Western Arctic and planes Fly a Hundred Miles out of their Way for a bargain filius about 40 wildcats Are being or have been drilled along the Beaufort sea and on the islands. No Prudhoe has been found or anything remotely resembling it. But three Gas Wells Are completed one As High As latitude 78, and there have been a number of Oil shows. What Canada would like is a largely american financed pipeline from Prudhoe Bay up the Mackenzie to Alberta. It would be two and a half times As Long As the proposed prud Hoe Valdez pipeline but it would serve As a gathering line for future Canadian production and would obviate the Tanker run from Valdez to the West coast refineries. Some canadians make much of the danger of Oil spills from tankers off British Columbia. What is not often mentioned is that tankers come into Portland me., to fill the pipeline to the refineries in Montreal. Gas can be refrigerated for pipeline transmission and will do Little damage to the permafrost which is 1,000 feet deep at Inuvik. But it must be hot lest it grow too viscous to be pumped. How to move it without ruining the ecology pipes on stilts pipes on gravel berms the Canadian government has wisely set up an Experiment station Here. In the meantime Prudhoe Sio billion barrel potential has been lacked up in the courts for four years by action of militant ecologists who have expressed concern Over earthquakes and the welfare of the Caribou. Now is the time for these ecologists to answer this question unless controlled Hydrogen fusion is achieved far ahead of the most optimistic Hopes How Long before elevators Stop air conditioners quit lights go dim and we All take the bus a 1172 of Nea he. Quot lot s Hopo that a and Bobby Fischer Ort just going through a photo jobs Are few for teachers by or. Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Valliant new York Are you a teacher looking for a Job Well if you Are trained for and experienced in Early childhood training Day care centers adult Basic education High school equivalency and bilingual programs vocational education and education for the handicapped do not despair. There Are jobs for you this year. If you be been trained for elementary school teaching or such High school level courses As English foreign languages history and the sciences forget it. The Market is glutted. The jobs just Arentt there. Even More distressing than the Lack of jobs this year however is the growing list of teachers who thought they had jobs Only to find that their services were no longer required. Two chief reasons lie behind the teacher unemployment problem. One is the general economic slowdown which has caused unemployment in a number of Fields. Teaching is no exception to the High unemployment rate that exists in our country. The other Factor is the change in our population growth. Fewer children Are entering the Public schools or at any rate at a much lower proportion than in the past when the trend was consistently upward. The number of persons in All types of professional work who Are unemployed has risen by 58 per cent this past year. What has happened to Job openings i n engineering scientific research and other professional occupations has also occurred in education. As far As teachers Are concerned a major problem is the Money Pinch that most school districts across the country Are facing. The second factors dwindling birth rates keeps Down the demand for additional teachers. Tie High rate of increase in Public elementary and High schools that started to zoom upwards after world War ii has slowed Down. It wont be Long before the school population will level off thus ending the tremendous need for additional teachers that we have seen during the last two decades. An expected 4 2 million men and women will be seeking teaching jobs Between now and 1980, according to the . Bureau of labor statistics. Meanwhile it will take Only 2.1 million teachers to replace those who retire die or leave the profession during that period. If conditions do not improve there will be 850,000 teachers out of work by 1975�?Only three years away. However the . Education office warns that there is a severe shortage in several important subject areas at some Grade Levels and in certain geographic areas. Schools in Low income districts continue to be manned in Many cases by personnel emotionally unprepared and academically untrained t o work effectively with youngsters. The National education Assn. Estimates that even if Only minimum standards of Quality in staffing were achieved there would be Little if any surplus of teachers this fall. To meet these standards the nation would have needed 159,000 additional beginning teachers enough to absorb last Falls surplus and to eliminate the surplus this fall. More teachers Are needed to reduce the size of classes and for an enrichment program. Because of the current Money Pinch school districts have increased class size and Cut Back on programs such As Art music and speech. If the class size were reduced to a maximum of 24 pupils in elementary schools and a Pupil Load of 124 in High school an additional 500.000 teachers would be needed. At the same time the Nea is stepping up efforts to protect Basic Job rights for teachers and help those who have been dismissed. Every Effort is taking place to enact and improve state Laws that would guarantee teachers a fair Deal when dismissal becomes necessary and to create adequate Job tenure rights. In Many communities and states a determined Effort is under Way by Legislatures and school boards to weaken or eliminate tenure. The teachers appears to be caught in the Middle of an unhappy financial squeeze. However it will be the children who in the Short As Well As Long run will suffer. High Point Enterprise sunday sept. To 1972 5a sunday accent a til ii pol in % p \ nil Tho Phi i ii i my rum i Filiti inc Lui Mui Root a by Robert Marks City Council backed its Way last thursday into its Call for an outside investigation of the High Point police department. It was an astounding performance. On one hand Council prodded itself into an endorsement of a Resolution expressing dismay at a fall those who have brought disgrace upon the department a calling for support of the department and urging the department itself to Quot regain the respect Confidence and cooperation of our on the other hand. Council then divided on a five to two vote for an outside investigation of the police department. The reason Given for the motion for an outside investigation was to Clear Quot the doubt and confusion that exist among our no mention was made of the nearly total collapse in the last two months of the police department Case against six former officers who were allegedly involved in a Quot theft ring operating within the department. Quot lets Deal with facts Ani not rumours a said councilman j i m Pearce who made the motion for the outside investigation. It is Good advice for everyone. Here Are a few facts. On May 26, chief of police Laurie Pritchett announced the discovery of the Quot theft ring in the department. He described it As the darkest Day in his career in Law enforcement. In the aftermath six officers were charged with criminal offences six others were dismissed for alleged misconduct and knowledge of wrong doing by other officers. Four of the six who were dismissed appealed to the civil service commission. All were ordered reinstated to duty. In one instance the commission directed the demotion of one officer Back to the rank of patrolman in another it marked the dismissal As suspension without pay. In the third Case the officer was exonerated completely and returned to duty forthwith. In its rulings the commission found that the chief of police acted arbitrarily and with an absence of discretion in one instance and without sufficient evidence in the other two. In the fourth Case the dismissal was withdrawn by the chief himself. Then came the court hearings against five of the six officers facing criminal charges. All of the charges were dismissed by District court judge Elreta Alexander. At one Point during the hearings she referred to police testimony As the Quot most irregular thing i have Ever in another instance she cited examples of making deals of allowing officers to Quot pick charges to be brought against them of violations of their rights. Quot there was never a departmental investigation a judge Alexander said. Quot they Felt one Man was guilty of wrongdoing and that made everybody he had been associated with the Case against the sixth officer faced with criminal charges is yet to be heard in court. But in the hearings already held before the civil service commission and in District court there is a curious pattern. Initially chief Pritchett appeared As the major witness for the prosecution. Then this role fell to maj. Stewart Harley and capt. George Leverett and finally to sergeants. At first police department testimony was offered rather straightforwardly. Then it began to falter. Information was not readily at hand it was in the records someone else could give the answers. Dates and events became hazy memories failed. Much has been made of the Point that alleged theft ring was uncovered by the police department itself. But the key to the discovery of the Quot ring was an Quot outside this outside information came to the department on a monday chief Pritchett announced the discovery of the Quot theft ring that Friday the darkest Day in his life As a police officer. One wonders then Why the investigation was not conducted More thoroughly and completely. One wonders As did judge Alexander about deals violations or rights and in several instances the serving of warrants without evidence of a crime having been committed. These sequences of events and the questions they raise Are at the Crux of the concern Over the police department. Now. Its corollary has risen and that is concern As to Why City Council let Hie situation Drift so disastrously. Neither rumours nor have created the Public doubt and confusion but the evidence visible in tile Public record of leadership disarray in the police department and increasingly among the mayor and members of City Council the Piedmont the Green Archer rides All i needed the other Day As i watched some of the construction going on on main Street was to see some horses and wagons in the space that English Road will soon occupy North of main. Back in an earlier Day a vacant lot there was the hitching up place for a lot of Rural families who drove their wagons to town on saturday for their weekly shopping and visiting. As i recall. That plot of ground was pretty covered with Hay left overs from when the draft animals had been fed. There was a horse trough and ofttimes when i see old time movies of someone being dunked in one of those items i wonder Why some of us smart Aleck town boys did no to get that treatment from our country cousins. On the Way to the saturday movies wed pass that lot and sometimes there were some rather sarcastic remarks from the country lads who happened to be near their family wagons. Saturday in those Days was the shopping time of the week stores which normally closed before supper time stayed open until to 30 and later but this is not to imply that the Rural people were still in town at that time. No they had Long gone figuring on being Back at the someplace before Sunset. But sometimes for one reason or another they might get a late Start. Anyhow most of the wagons i recall by Braxton Younts had a kerosene lantern in the event they would be out after dark. Those saturday movies were something again As i remember them. I done to think that there was a self respecting theater manager who would Book anything other than a movie to be shown on saturday. And to be sure there always was the serial. This was the thing that Drew the kids out in Large groups. Always the weekly episode would end on a note of great peril for the hero or heroine. That worthy was hound to be a gone Gosling from the ending yet. The next weeks opening scenes would show him or her extricating self from the horrible predicament Only to become involved in another bizarre ending for that chapter but you could bet your Bottom Dollar that goodness would Triumph in the end of the serial because there was no other Way in those Days. And an observant person could always tells the current serials heroes name because All us boys would emulate him. The Only serial i can recall by name at the present was Quot the Green guess the main reason i remember Hie name is that the hero in the action wore a cloak Type outer garment which was supposed to be Green. Anyhow after that serial started its run there were a lot of bows and arrows that suddenly appeared. And Many of us fashioned a cloak of sorts to Wear while we were playing. Those bows and arrows we put together were far from the real thing but we had a whale of a time with them in our Green Archer games. The wonder is yet that All escaped with the Correct number of eyes. Because arrows certainly flew thick and fast around us in the heat of our play acting. Another serial i recall had something to do with the Pony express. During its tenure locally our pastime was Pony express bicycle Riding through the old Rock Quarry. We Laid trails out through the place and some of them were along some pretty narrow ridges none of us were scared to ride our wheels there then but it would take something like what a in fort Knox to get me along such a Trail these Days and i mean crawling not Riding. All in the family department one of the enterprises motor carriers said that he always carries a Bunch of Bubble gum along with him when he goes collecting he hands the gum out to the kids who come out to the car to pay for the paper. The other Day he said a Little girl approached him and asked for some gum. Noting that she was working her jaws he asked if she did not already have some. Quot yes a she replied Quot but its my brother a and i got to give it Back to Davidson dateline safely nixed far safely is Thomasville a Nineteen people died on North Carolina highways Over the recent labor Day weekend. Quoting unpleasant statistics has become so common in journalism that most readers ignore them. A Federal debt of umpteen billion dollars. Millions unemployed. Who a going to notice a Story about 19 Highway fatalities besides even if somebody does take the trouble to consider the statistics what Good would it do fortunately there Are a few concerned enough to do something about the problem. For the past three years during summer holidays volunteers from the Thomasville Rescue squad have maintained a safety rest Stop for motorists on interstate Highway 85. Now however the future of the project is in jeopardy. Ironically theby Ven Carver state Highway commission is responsible for the Rescue s squad s plight. Because of an Adverse ruling by the commission patronage at the squad s facility was 90 per cent below Normal during the recent labor Day weekend. At first Blush the decision by the commission appears ludicrous assuming that a state Agency responsible for highways should emphasize automotive saftey. But it must be remembered that the Highway commission is a bureaucracy and that bureaucratic reasoning does no to always add up. Actually the decision by the commission involves state rights of Way during the Independence Day weekend an official from the Highway District that includes Davidson county ordered signs advertising the safety Stop removed from the Road shoulder. Since the volunteers from the Rescue squad were caught completely unprepared they closed Down for the remainder of that Holiday weekend about a Day ahead of schedule. Between the fourth of july and labor Day squad members got ready to resume their project for the final summer Holiday. First of All they had to find property owners near the Highway willing to permit the advertisements. Additional lighting was also deemed necessary since the signs would be out of nighttime Drivers Fields of vision. The efforts however were largely in vain. Only 250 people bothered to Stop for free refreshments Over the labor Day Holiday compared to an average of 2.500 on the same weekend in past years. Naturally squad members attribute the Sharp drop off to the Highway commissions ruling

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