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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Boundary lines Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Page4-a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor sunday sept. To 1972 thoughts for today therefore you have no excuse 0 Man whoever you Are when you judge another for in passing judgment upon him you condemn yourself because you the judge Are doing the very same 2 1. One Cool judgment is Worth a thousand Hasty councils. The thing to do is to Supply Light and not Wilson 28th . President. The school Exchange the letters which have flowed into the Enterprise Mailbox and thence onto this Page Over the past two weeks indicate that some raw nerves were rubbed by our initial comments on the subject of the school Calendar. With some trepidation we wrote then that the Early Start of school raised some questions about who was benefiting most from the 1972 versions of the school Calendar. Since that time the pros and cons have been in full cry. Every letter with signature received has been published. Quite a Large number without signatures have not been. The fact that we have acceded to requests of some parents to withhold names has been questioned in some educational circles at least one official suggesting that there is no logical reason for a person holding such firm opinions to be fearful of being identified. It really makes no particular difference whether such people have any absolute reason to fear exposure the fact that there exists a feeling that criticism will result in any of various types of retribution against children is a very real thing. In All cases it has been made Clear that such letters May not be published Here if the attaching of the name is required. Our feeling on the subject generally is that the Exchange has had its healthy aspects. Some bitterness has crept into the letters along with some negative individual experiences and this sometimes causes the letter writers to paint with Broad Brush when a More narrow application is clearly indicated. The Enterprise opened the Case with the purest of intentions a not to cause Hurt to any individual but to raise a Point that was in the Public interest and a if the conversations we hear Are accurate a one in which there was considerable local feeling. If As a result there is a genuine Effort to Widen participation when such matters As school calendars Are being drawn it will have served its purpose. Even if not the Exchange has allowed a number of thinkers to get their ideas organized and perhaps to get others to thinking. Any residue of unpleasantness ought to quickly disappear if All can recall the exhortation that we not take ourselves so seriously. Not dead yet Mark Twain upon hearing of the publication of his obituary cabled from Europe a the reports of my death Are greatly happily enough the same appears to be True both of the Chowan River in this state and of Florida a Everglades. Scientists recently announced a and the press duly chronicled a that Industrial pollution had increased unwanted Marine growth to a Point that the Chowan River in Northeast North Carolina was now irrevocably that it was not now possible to reverse the course to make it possible for the delicate balance which nature provides to be restored. We now hear reports that this Isnit so. That the River can be restored that nature is perhaps less delicate than had been thought. It also now becomes apparent one environmental expert says that the great Everglades a unique subtropical wilderness in South Florida also has Power to recover from what Man has done to it. J. Walter Dineen chief of the environmental services divison of the Central and Southern Florida flood control District now says that it is not the fact that Man has Cut off the flow of water from Lake Okeechobee to the North but the Low Cycle in rainfall that has Given the Glades a temporary change in appearance. His verdict a the Everglades is an extremely Tough dynamic wide open free swinging ecosystem that has been subject to much abuse in recent years. The Glades Are not dead they Are alive and Well in South we Hope his judgment is Correct. But assuredly Man has the capacity to kill his world and has come dangerously close to doing so in that closely watched spot. It can still happen unless there is unending vigilance of mindless the sin of Low aim Quot and he could do no mighty work Thoro because of their Mark 4 5. Bruce Barton author of a the Man nobody knows a declared that this verse As quoted above is the Saddest line in All literature. The very thought that the incarnate of god was helpless at times in his labors is almost beyond our reasoning. Failure is a word As we believe that should not be in the vocabulary of Jesus. But Many Many times we look upon his failures from Day to Day As he goes about his blessed ministry. Jesus failed when he attempted to visit a certain Samaritan Village and a they shut their Gates against he failed in his dealing with the Young Rich ruler and a the was sad and went away grieved because he had great he failed in his ministry to Simon Peter saying a though Shalt deny me he failed when he gave himself with All his love to Judas Iscariot and a Judas went out and hanged he failed when he prayed so devoutly in Gethsemane a father let this cup pass from he failed with Philip when that disciple spoke so Faith Lessly a a show us the father at this time a and Jesus answered a have i been so Long with you Philip and thou Hast not known me a on and on these cases go when failure seemed so oftentimes in the labors of our lord. But we must All remember the words of some Wise Man who once gave utterance to the statement a not failure but Low aim is failure is not an unusual circumstance in any Many a life. From the Cradle to the grave every individual is faced daily with this matter of frustration when his plans Are crushed to the ground and he is left bitterly with his own Lack of Success. To the Good Man As Well As to the bad there come Many Days when he is tempted to give up and quit the fast race of life to abandon the whole thing and to say a what s the use a but let us All remember that the worst failure of All is to Stop All Effort and not to continue our labors at All. Not to try again and again and again is the worst of All our human blundering. Joachin Miller in his dramatic poem entitled a Colum Bush gave us the first inspiration concerning failure in american literature. Picture the great explorer on the Little Santa Maria sailing for the first time the unknown Atlantic and his Crew fearful of tomorrow and what might happen to ships and men in that boundless sea. The second in command scared in the Inch of his life Falls before Columbus begging him to turn Back and give up a the Good mate cried a now must we Pray for to. The very stars Are gone Brave Admiral speak what shall i say Why say sail on and on. Sail on. A thus Pale and wan he paced the deck. And peered through the darkness that dark night of All dark nights. And then a Light a Light a Light a Light a the gained a world he gave that world its grandest lesson sail on sail on sail on and on. Yes not failure but Low aim is the real crime against the immortal spirit within you. Woodrow Wilson failed in his noblest efforts toward world peace by Means of the league of nations but he will live forever in the hearts of All peace Loving men because his ideals were High and lifted up and his soul was True to the holy aim of his broken life. He died with heartache but he died with his face toward the rising Sun of a world without a War. He really did not fail within his Nobleman a heart. So it goes with All men who plan wisely and for the Good of Mankind. They Are not failures. Their souls go marching on. Jesus of Galilee made no Money. He had no place to Lay his head. He held no High office. He died an outcast from Church and society. He perished As a criminal on a roman Cross. Yet in his glorious death he forgave his enemies and thereby gave his undying love to All the world. He went out in Triumph and left us All an immortal heritage that is life a admission into the kingdom of heaven than which there is no Sublime destiny for any Man. Ceh by capes Waynick not Many years ago efforts were made in some quarters to break through established political Boundary lines. There was talk of reduction of political units in the process. In the first fifth of the Century a movement originated in High Point to set up a new county composed of fragments of the other counties touching our Corner of Guilford. A major part to be wrested from Guilford was frowned upon. So a a Piedmont county died a Borning and High Point lost its gambit seeking to become a seat of a county a government. In fighting further political subdivision in our area much emphasis was Laid on economics to be served by consolidation. There was some talk of consolidating City and county units in the interest of the theoretical saving of costs of operation. Now the Long standing Pride in old boundaries still is effective in staving off consolidation. High Point is limited in expansion by county lines of Randolph Davidson and Forsyth while Greensboro continues occasionally to Edge towards us on the Side where our own county of Guilford lies. Boundary jealousies once caused famous feuds they now promote Community schisms. It would be Fine i have thought if High Point were United with the Fine Archdale and Trinity communities but our Boundary neighbors want no Union. They desire to preserve their separateness. All the advantages of Union in providing an adequate water Supply and other essential municipal services do not outweigh the Pride in identity and the resolve to keep it. Those Are Fine neighbors on the outskirts of High Point and perhaps the barriers to Union May some Day somehow to general satisfaction be removed. K. And still i wonder w by. The worst of men must fight. And the Best of men must die. A a Oody Guthrie t Folk Tong a a Reuben Jomn our cause is just Washington it is enlightening if somewhat frightening to look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of enemy prisoners. Captured officers noncom and privates alike have been telling their american interrogators that they Are willing to die and let their sons fight on after them for a communist Victory. The Rand corporation conducted exhaustive in depth interviews with 22 typical prisoners in 1970. The findings have been corroborated by hundreds of prisoner interrogations Over the years. A of those reported the Rand researchers in a study intended for Pentagon eyes Only a fall said that the sacrifices had been worthwhile and All said that in one Way or another the War would have to continue through future generations if they themselves should be unable to achieve their the Rand study Drew a lesson from world War ii a toward the end of we orld War ii there were Many men in the wehrmacht on various Levels who. No matter How great the urging on the part of propaganda minister Goebbels did not think that an american Victory Over Germany was the end of the world. A thus next to the question a will we win the War a the question a is this War really necessary a will play a great role in the psychological make up and fighting capacity of a in Vietnam the communist troops believe their cause is right and Worth any sacrifice. Ifs the americans who have been asking a is this War really necessary a draftees Defiance a tam for instance was a simple Farmer with a sixth Grade education when he was drafted into the North vietnamese army in april 1963. A resourceful Soldier he Rose in rank to first lieutenant and became commander of the third company 14th battalion. His company infiltrated into South Vietnam on May 4. 1968. He was captured five months later after a furious firefight. A i would rather die in the struggle for Independence than live under the domination of foreigners a he told the Rand researchers without emotion. A we still have to fight even if the War is prolonged for five More years to More years or 20 More years. If fathers cannot achieve victories sons will succeed commented the Rand study a what seems noteworthy in this statement from a Man. Who was a draftee rather than a Volunteer is the clarity and simplicity with which he enunciates the line As imposed by his Side. Anyone who has listened to the aimless merry go roundly Jack Anderson ramblings of captured nazi soldiers in world War ii cannot but be impressed by the the least belligerent statement came from a private Nguyen Van an barely literate who said he did no to care whether Saigon or Hanoi won the War. If the South vietnamese should Triumph he said a i will join the gun Saigon government and my family will enjoy happiness. There would be no More bombs and shells. Whether the gun or the front gains Victory my family will enjoy a peaceful and Happy but his indifference Over the outcome of the War significantly did no to extend to the americans. A the americans came Here to cause death and destruction wretchedness to All the country a he said. A therefore those who fight for the front will keep on fighting till the end. If the americans Are still present our children must also continue to fight this big fish a a Tough North vietnamese cadre. Pham bang cd who fought for three years in the South vietnamese Jungles before he was captured told his interrogators what had kept him going. A regardless of How Many More years the War will go on a he said a the vietnamese people will keep on fighting till All the americans leave. The War has been going on for Many years. The United states has been using All kinds of modern weapons a air planes jets tanks and has sent a great number of troops to Vietnam. But it always suffered defeats. A unless All the vietnamese people die the americans will never win. The big fish can eat up the Small fish but the american people cannot use Strong arms to eliminate weak people if they have no just pleaded Nguyen Ngoc dung a student who had fought in South Vietnam for a year As a private before his capture a we North vietnamese people never did anything to Hurt the americans in their country. We never dropped bombs on America so Why would the americans bomb our country killing our people and damaging our factories a Farjood v morn is by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus about the time he was taking the Helm of the alcohol Tion Center at Jamestown a Little More than a decade ago i a tor Ben f. Garner wrote Good afternoon to say he was convince that if we Are to have any permanent improvement n the Aico Noi problem everyone must know the facts about alcohol and a co o ism. In the intervening years he has done quite a Job of Dove Opma that Center from the 35 served in the opening year to 346 this past year with the first two months in its Lith year continuing at a1 even higher level than the record High of last year. In that letter ten years ago director Garner said that All he could do or say would become Only words and deeds of utter futility unless he could receive the full cooperation of Christian leaders of the Community. A dlr my opinion a he continued a christianity is not a fantasy to be used to blot out reality instead it is a solid Rock on which to build the strength and Wisdom that Are needed to face reality. And when we Are Able to face reality we will find that none of us is so Good that he can place himself upon our own Little Pedestal thus becoming a traffic cop directing gods will in every direction that we in our finite minds think it ought to to that he added he would strive to Merit the Confidence of All the people in this area knowing it to be a controversial Issue in which he would fail in Many instances. But director garners successes far outnumber the failures he anticipated for hundreds of people by his efforts have been reclaimed from alcoholism and Homes and lives brightened. The budget under which he operates has been increased three and a half fold in the past ten years providing five different programs in which ten times As Many people were served. Through knowledge and experience he has been Able to expand enlarge and put into written words information in a dozen or More pamphlets and booklets concerning the problems and the nature of alcoholism. Its Gratifying to see the Fine Way the alcohol education Center is helping with a major problem of these times and we wish it continued Success under the dedicated direction of Ben Garner. Greater emphasis is being placed on the importance of the local newspaper in this year s Observance of National newspaper week set for october -14. That i As important As it is significant at a time when newspapers Are being assailed for their efforts to keep the people informed when so Many would misuse a and abuse a the press for its intense efforts to inform the people about what those entrusted with authority to govern Are doing about it. Too few really understand the significance of the thousands of local newspapers on guard throughout the land against abuse of authority and misuse of governmental operations. There is really Only one distinction Between Quot our Way of life and that of oppression Ridden counties a Independence of expression. Local newspapers stand As physical proof that Independence of expression is a living fact in this country. It will continue being so As Long As the local newspaper remains an unrestricted medium of opinion and comment. The Public hearing on improvement of deep River Road was deferred for two weeks when held thursday morning after some residents raised questions which officials Felt required time for further study. It developed that some residents along that increasingly used thoroughfare prefer to keep it the 18-foot Lane that has served for years but growing traffic loads a a plus a quite dangerous narrow Bridge at the Creek which feeds into deep River a Short distance beyond where a wider Bridge has been built in anticipation of serving present and future needs More safely necessitate the widening to 60 feet from Greensboro Road to where the new Highway 311 will Cross it with a 24-foot Roadway from there to deep River. Recent additions of 140 apartments already in service plus As Many More under construction by the same builder and 112 More just across Suffolk Street impose such added traffic As to require Relief that by All rights needs Extension in the interest of safety to deep River. President Fred Lambeth and vice president James p. Mrsh of the High Point College educational foundation a or Quot Panther club Quot for Short a foresee a Banner sports year for High Point College As they solicit support for the school s athletic program. The popular Panther club which enthusiastically supports the panthers each season conducts its activities with purely voluntary assistance and cooperation of its membership. Prospects Are excellent for the basketball team under j. D. Barnett s second year of coaching it coach Chuck Hartman is due for yet another outstanding performance by the championship baseball team Ray Allen promises another Stellar Tennis team and there will be a Well balanced highly competitive track team coached by Bob David son. Women s lib entered the athletic scene at the College last year with a willing women s basketball team and increased interest in that program is foreseen in the coming season. Busy doings Are under Way at the North state Telephone offices where Long distance direct dealing equipment is so overloaded that additional facilities Are having to be rushed into position to ease unanticipated growth. At the same time Cut overs Are being made on lines serving the new Randleman Exchange office which will swing into service on nov. 4, effective Date of the new directory for phones operating through that Exchange. At the same time extensive Cut overs Are being made into the new North main Street office preparatory to bringing it into service feb. 25. When new High Point directories will take effect. Additions Are being made to equipment in the Jamestown and Archdale Branch area offices As Well to equalize facilities and expedite regular service As Well As the Burden of direct Distant dealing which is literally burning up lines with unexpected volume. Well of Long last that metro Park operating under the hollow sounding name of Oak hollow opened yesterday. It is All quite pretty if one does t look at the poor coordination the costliness of it Alt the needless delays that prevented its opening in time for this summer season. What began on an economical basis a dozen years ago under then mayor Jess Washburn s driving efforts to acquire the 354 acres of land at an average Cost of Only $300 an acre after the Timber was Cut off has run with All the delays into such astronomical Cost that Only god Ani Harold Cheek know what it is and neither of them Are talking. It s As closely guarded a secret As what this City is paying its numerous executives who Are after All employees of taxpayers who have Little idea of the expense of it All and Little Way of finding a Clear Cut dependable absolute statement of what that development Cost there s untold More Money than budgeted in that hollow. It ranks next to Westchester As the worst bungled badly coordinated Over expensive project this City has dragged so expensively across the past dozen years. When we think 0f the sacrifices Good people made to get that metro Park and additional City Lake conceived and under Way Only to see it dragged out in such costly a even wasteful a manner it is to think that City Council needs to establish better coordination More expeditious handling of its projects and some rigid economies together with open handed dealing with taxpayers on where the Money goes. That investigation of the police department might better Start in the executive suite where the real responsibility rests. Meanwhile let s enjoy that Park we All have paid handsomely for it i

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