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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 9, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Save $3 on Sears spreaders your Choice h99 Friday and saturday i Garden shop specials Sears honouring c a Mer Tea s a thee Nten n to i Sears celebrating our h he anniversary year shop at Shah Ano save ski Siitia in Hon Catmint or t our Monos Hai l St 11 or Miuji Munday a Ken my Fiji an in fled i Bura Nat ski Ai Voo pin i Auto Tenter open a hour Henn Ltd m in i daily Al a 111 a a ai., shop i him a i Iii i commune children is coming up hard the Best in rents no longer think the traditional two Parent editors note a this second of three articles on the new communes focuses on commune children. Dolores Barclay associated press writer they Are children who sometimes know several adults As their parents. They Are children who at an Early age perform household and Community chores. They Are children who take part in decisions Long before others their age. Commune kids youngsters who live with their parents Brothers and Sisters and other adults and children under one roof much in the tradition of an extended family. Some Are the sons and daughters of the counterculture generation of the past decade. Others Are offspring of very straight Middle class parents. But they All share one thing in common they Are being raised in an unconventional Way because their a household works. And though communal living May seem fraught with Pitfalls especially to those raised in the classic nuclear family some social scientists say the commune youngsters Are developing Well. They believe these children often Are More self sufficient realistic and better behaved than children raised in traditional ways. Commune parents agree More. A the commune has been really Good for her a said Tilda the Mother of 2-year-old Shana. A she gets a lot of different things from different people a things George and i give her. She already has a Broad background not because she a a Genius child but because of the diverse people in her Shana and her parents live with four other adults in a 20-room House in a new York suburb. The House members like Many commune dwellers shun publicity and did not want their entire names used. Matthew Harris is the 6v2-Vear-old son of a social worker and a University chaplain. They live on a 100 sear old farm overlooking Orchards and Fields in Maryland. Three other adults and a boy Matthews age also live in the 10-room, victorian farmhouse. Matthew is puzzled when he visits his grandparents because they done to share chores Arouna the House As his group does. A the s had a Chance to experience very broadly and test skills with a variety of people a said Kathryn Harris his Mother. A a he a self confident and knows it and can explore new situations with a Confidence i never had. A a Matthew a a very self sufficient child. He usually has something to say about decisions regarding him and his opinion is taken with varying degrees of part of the reason it May be surprising that commune children seem to be thriving is the free love and drug image the word a a commune evokes from the general Public. Certainly ifs a unconventional Way of life and the number of youngsters being raised this was is Small. 6ut the a drug Freak image of communes is a hangover from the 1960s. It no longer applies to most. Some have developed into Homes for everyone from banking executives and ordained ministers to schoolteachers and dress designers. At the farm an agrarian commune of 800 or so in the rolling Foothills of southwestern Tennessee children Are raised in a rather old fashioned Way respect your parents and walk the straight and narrow. A we Tell our kids where its at a says Stephen Gaskin the bearded san Francisco dropout who founded the 1,800-acre Community Over six years ago. A i think the idea of letting kids go crazy until they re 6 years old and then putting them in Public school where they have to snap to right now is a funny Way to treat a children on the farm when not in the communes state accredited school Are free to play most of the Day if they re tiny tots. They work with the groups Many Crews if they Are older. Mail is delivered daily by 16-year-old Barbara Macqueen on horseback. A it takes me a couple of hours to deliver All the mail a she said. A there usually Are stacks and stacks of she lives in a Large compound with others her age. Two married couples live there to help guide the Young adults. A a lot of teens come there from the outside who done to have parents so we really need the presence of a family a she said. Over at the stables Katherine Moore 13, gently coaxed a Mare from a stall so her Day old foal could be fed. A we lived in Berkeley calif., before we moved Here a said Katherine who has warm Brown eyes and a ready smile. A i never even touched a horse that was three years ago. Now she can shoe a horse and helps give Riding lessons to other farm members. This is not to say that there Arentt problems for commune children. Some commune observers report children living in such isolation they barely know what plumbing or electricity Are have never watched television or heard a radio and done to know How to shop with Money because they be never been to a store. And there Are even a few celebrated horror stories. John Rothchild and Susan Wolf authors of a the children of the counterculture a Tell of children who experience sex before age 12, either with an adult or each other take drugs and become bored and listless from too much time and too much Freedom with none of the limits or. Keniston and other psychologists say children must have. But adds author Wolf a in the Many communes we visited we saw no skirt clutches or thumb suckers no leg biters or Couch hiders no victims of stage fright no children for whom parents gave the apology a it a a a Kes them time to warm up to strangers. Ill re Are few limits for the children of Yea god a spiritual commune of 40 in the Lush Hills of new Yorkus Southern tier. Yea god children May wander around the 70 acres of mostly undeveloped land swim in the Large fresh water Pond or sit in the san pile near the great communal dome. They do not read books listen to music or watch television. A i like it Here a said 6-year-old Sunshine who lives in a Teepee with her Mother. A i can stay outside As Long As i want. But i like the Pond Best. A Sunshine a name Given to her when she joined the commune does not use her real name. She said she sometimes pulls weeds from the Large vegetable Garden near the front Gate or goes exploring in the Woods with other children her age. She wore a Long Cotton Floral dress that almost reached her Bare feet. Large red Marks from insect bites dotted exposed parts of her body. A ifs fun Here. The people Are fun a she said. There also Are few limits for Iphi an 8-year-old who lives with two other children and seven adults in a House not far from fort Lauderdale. Fla. He shares a bedroom and a toy area near the Kitchen with the other boy and girl. His parents share a bedroom with another woman. When asked about this alphi shrugged his shoulders and returned to a junk Heap not far from his House where he spends most of his time alone idling. But there Are limits for 5-year-old Murray Richards and 6-year-old Corly Stein who live with their parents and another family in a Middle class commune in Northern new Jersey. These children participate in All household chores. Their parents As a group designate mealtime and bedtime. The children Are allowed to create their own playtime once chores Are finished. Both children can Cook Complete meals and shop with ease in any store. Many commune youngsters do not stand in Awe of naked bodies because their Shower and Bath sessions Are communal either All men All women or both. Many others particularly those living in Rural areas know about birth and death because they very often see farm animals dying or giving birth to their Young. In some communes they Are also permitted to be present during a human birth. A lot of parents in the communal situation say that children Are primarily people a perhaps less sophisticated and less competent said Bennett Berger a sociologist at the University of California. A and if they want to smoke dope and if there s no demonstrable harm that s Okay. If they want to have sex and there s no demonstrable harm that s Okay. Ii they fight then they must Settle their own disputes because that a what life is All about. Next one commune Dawn to dusk where the music starts Harris music co. 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