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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 8, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Is Carson the male Doris Day by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Nea a one of the better Young actors John David Carson is just Back from Mexico where he shot a the Savage is Loose a with George c. Scott Scott not Only starred in it but he directed the film too. And Carson says he believes Scott would accept a Best director Oscar should it be offered to him. It just could happen Carson says because he feels it s a Good film and Scott has been working on it. Off and on for five years. Carson has become something of Scott s protege. During the filming he stayed with George and wife Irish on their boat the Elegante moored about one half mile off Puerta vallarta. They had worked together first in a Day of the Dolphin a but Carson s part in that film was very Small then Carson did an episode of love Story opposite Kim Darby and answer to today a Puzzle Scott saw it. A i played a retarded youth a Carson says. A it was the first time i think that Scott realized i really could act Halfway Good. I got the part in Savage because of that a that love Story show was also a True love Story a he and Kim fell in love. As of today Carson says a a we re Good friends but we re both so Busy it s hard to be together All the the extremely handsome and likable Young actor whose father by the Way is Johnny Carson Calls himself a the male Doris Day a in a 22 now but they be never let me get the girl in a film in a still a Virgin a a Tell the truth and people hate you. That a the experience of a lot of writers and ifs happening now to Warren Harris who has written a Book about one of Hollywood a great love stories a Gable and Lombard a in it he makes the Point that Clark Gable was not in real life a very Good Lover. A that has Gable s fans up in Harris says. A i do a lot of these Telephone radio shows and i keep getting angry Calls from Little old ladies All saying virtually the same thing a How dare i say Clark Wasny to a very Good Lover he was a great from has been Hick to red hot producer High Point Enterprise sunday september a 1974 15c John David Carson never gets a girl Harris says he got his tip about Gable s weakness from Many different sources including the doctor the actor went to for help. He s also getting some Static from people he mentioned in the Book. Myma Loy told Harris about Gables and Tracey a heavy drinking but now she is reportedly upset that he printed it. And Joan Crawford he says is supposedly angry about the Way Harris treated her Romance with Gable Harris and the rest of us who write books about Hollywood is wondering who Well have to write about among today a crop. Who will we be writing about 20 years from now by Dick Kleiner Hollyw x d Nea a they laughed when Max Baer said he was going to make a movie. Why they laugh after All who was Max Baer just some big dumb joker they thought who figured since he was on a big hit to series a the Beverly Hillbillies a for a few years he was a Genius. Max Baer make a movie that a a hot one. As it turned out it was a hot one. The picture he made a Little something called a Macon county line a is just about the hottest thing in the country at the moment. It s Nice to see a Guy get the last laugh and that s what s happened to Baer. Nobody would give him a Tumble when he said he was going to make his movie they were just waiting for him to take a fall. A now a Baer says a it looks like it will be the biggest grosser in Aipa a american International pictures history. It Cost under a half million to make. So far in the four weeks it s been out ifs done five and a half million. They estimate that the total will be somewhere Between Twenty five and thirty million. That s big Baer is understandably enjoying the turnabout in his fortunes. As a big Man he enjoys in a big Way. He a dressing like a successful producer these Days a Jungle Type jacket with a string of beads White Hunter hat a and he a reveling in the string of High level meetings he has almost daily now with big men in town. Success Breeds Success. He likes to look at the Hollywood Trade papers which virtually every Day now carry headlines about him and his new company. Its All enough to turn anybody a head but Baer says his head is not for turning. A my hat size is 7a,�?� he says a and it s going to stay 7�?~a. My friends Are my friends and my enemies Are my its a Case of the worm doing a Pirouette. Last year at the time Max Baer was in a bad Way. He was finding it Tough just getting a Job. A when the Hillbillies ended a he says a it was Tough. Tough Isnit the word but it la have to do. I get a Job. Who wants an out of work hillbilly a i did two love american styles and a movie of the week that Sall. Three jobs in two and a half years. My income dropped from $200,-000 to $2 000 a Hollywood is no place for compassion. This is a town that loves a Winner but is always delighted to help kick a Man Down the ladder once the momentum starts going that Way. So things got worse and worse for the big Man when he concluded that the Only Way they would get better was if he did it himself he decided to make his own movie. He found the True Story of a Macon county wrote the script himself produced it himself starred in it himself. And he financed it virtually himself. A i borrowed a he says. A i signed a note of it had gone Down the Drain i would have been he had never written a word before he wrote the a Macon county line script. And he admits that he had never really acted before he acted that starring role. Somehow it All worked the picture has something apparently that appeals to today s audience. Now that he shot he a getting offers a offers to act in movies and in to. He a turning them All Down to concentrate on his own productions. Now Max Baer the motion picture executive is busily planning ahead. He a just Back from scouting locations for his next movie a a a. J. Mcculloch a which he describes As a a combination of a giant and a the quiet Man a a he says if you re going to steal steal from the Best. He pulled a yellowed Sheet of paper from his Wallet and unfolded it. This he said was his Credo. It was a quotation from Theodore Roosevelt a a ii not the critic who Counti nor the Man who Point out How the Strong Man Tumble or where the Hoer of heeds could have done better. A the credit belongs to the Man who ii actually in the Arena whose face i marred former a hillbilly Max Baer at the top once again with Hunt and a weat who strives valiantly who err and May fall again and again in a eau a there in no Effort a it Hou i error or Thor i coming but ii to does actually Itrice to do the deeds who Doe i know the great enthusiasm the great Devotion who upend himself in a worthy cause shout beat know in the end the Triumph of High achievement and who at the worst if he Faila at least fails while daring greatly so thai his place Hull never he with the Nae cold or timid souls ii to know neither Victory nor Max Baer is no timid soul. He a known both Victory and defeat. Better he likes Victory your Horoscope by Jeane Dixon monday september 9 your birthday monday it s a Fine year to further your education to learn fresh skills and to try them out in a competitive world. Your own children or those of other people bring continual excitement perhaps occasional crisis. Relationships thrive develop deep emotional ties today a natives have a quiet serious Side to their gregarious sociable nature. Aries March 21 april 19 Cope with issues and people close to you creative ventures Advance slightly. Take inventory be sure nothing is left out or forgotten. Taurus april 20 May 29 what you be Learned at work now brings results present and promote it proudly. Give others plenty of time and space to change their minds adjust schedules. Gemini May 21 june 20 examine your situation and assume nothing about the future. Leave behind incidents in recent past. Resolve to make a fresh Start at least in spirit. Romance beckons the eligible cancer june 21 july 22 you can sell practically anything today if you believe in it. New contracts Promise additional benefits. Home life settles somewhat. Led july 23 a aug. 22 ask for advice discreetly. Check All details against facts but get something going health counselling offers interesting perspective you can Correct something permanently. Virgo aug. 23 sept. 22 unexpected social Opportunity is at hand. Make full use of it. Be willing to replan switch appointments. Work out new ways of adding to your Cash reserves. Libra sept. 23 oct. 22 important people Back you but say very Little finish neglected or by passed obligations Clear your files personal enterprises Prosper encounter fortunate coincidences. Scorpio oct. 23 nov. 21 group or marital resources improve with Little Effort tineral support comes from All sides. People Trust your judgment even though they done to understand the whole situation. Sagittarius nov. 22 dec. 21 associates Are helpful a you distract them with details or Remote considerations. Be receptive to Strong expressions of emotion and willing to declare your own feelings. A pm Sun i of i of i of wok i is only1 Capricorn dec. 22 Jan. Is demonstrate on the Job skills by performance. Not advertisement. Negotiate Subtle turning Points revise goals and take a different direction. Show aquarius Jan. 20 a a feb. In you have lots of Energy today. Done to overdo anything or Force issues among family and friends influential people readily express approval. Take time for thanksgiving. Pisces feb. 19 March 20 be Alert for useful ideas that arrive. Young people generate Challenge and concern. Think in Youthful terms whatever your age. Lait Tumot thurs. Doctor Zhivago Aho i Tuomi of next Billy Jack git so Good to moved la thunderbird to Quot Quot Warmup pm ctr of. Alto Horry in your pocket Quot v. Noil Tho Eitrott no in the barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the magic stage Quot Stagecoach Trail near Airport reservations dial $13-7914 Oren 7 nights each week sunday night special $9.00 per person dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing the fantastic a a musical comedy a Fuqua company the ultimate exercise in controlled terror. It Mug Tift limes wow in Michael Caine. A a the Blach Windmill a coi Tomato Donald Pleasence Delphine Serbio r now showing sat. A Sun. 1 45 3 30 5 20 7.io 9 porn a til shopping Centi inflight Hetre 2coo Westchester on. Bus 44v drive in theatre first run shown at 8 20 amp 11 20 hundreds of ships and planes Are missing $10,800.00 award Vincent Price to any Vul i of this chm who can sol Vith most Civ of to Otth s t Al Angi t i into Mutton ammo m Lac. Stowing j music by King Crimson o -35 All children under 12 admitted Ere re a 4 gospel sing j sunday afternoon september 15 a 2 00 . Until ? i Holly Hill lakes and Camp grounds Iii Dobson n. C. A in cose of rom Surry Central High school Dob son featuring. Inspirations Hopper Brothers amp Connie Dixie echoes Scenic land boys the expressions. Admission $3.50 Advance $4.00 at Gate tickets on sole of a Northwestern Bonks in a Elkin. Yadkinville. Thomas a i Ville it. Any. North Wilks a Boro Fairgrove cloth shop Gin Thomasville a n d $ j wahoos restaurant in Thomasville. Or order from in p o. To 1069, High Point. A in c. Open 24 hours Waitl no 7<vii�eel Quot we specialize in movie ratings for parents and Young people All Ages Admi 11 eds a a a Al au4wnt�i pm Ali Ages admit i up of must a m my not by tot fit in mimetic \j"4e a. A a Quot Quot a a a a a a a a m a4v>< it 40 its v no oni under in a Omi i Iid i aft Tutti Modys of f i u Cut x lie Aam in Asi 4d� a Mumm Niue pm w Sui East Ftp he above is published a a Public service by the High Point Enterprise i in High Point premiere driven a on i. Main to. Vote amp is a amp a of v Sonin have the woe. Solute have hic touch. These girls have it All it Ken town Quot Ohe Wurman pm Rry Siuw Buri Al Lnu. Ikuwo sri win Toyi Atwi Hoorn atm Muir Finman if Mia 11-t wows to 4 45 75 it takes i i k of a Kino to 1111.1. Off. plus Quot Sweet sugar breakfast served anytime. 2207 n. 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