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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 8, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ii High Point Enterprise sunday september 8, 1974 sunday crossword Puzzle see Puzzle solution on Page 5c essays by unc cd professors by Herb i. Across i author Albert 6 philosopher Francis la Archer William is biblical Prophet it solitary a to musical work 21 file 22 Miami a county 2-1 eliminated 24 Confederate general 27 poet George 2t or. Gershwin .10 actress Mary to London gallery .12 lilting Lily .14 Small amount .16 reply abbr. .17 popular comedian 41 actor Randall 42 actress Foch 41 love affairs 41 tree trunk 45 laughing 40 shooting Iron 40 locations 50 novelist Herman Quot ii film Star Clark 52 Painter Salvador 5.1 Hill builders 54 separate edited by Margaret Farrar copy i Gen i feature corp kist Cen 55 Law group 56 Avian abode 57 medieval Short Story 58 senator rus sell 59 Corner 60 leaves 62 heat source 64 Ralph of to 67 disown 68 civil War general 71 islets 72 judge learn of 74 sheep sound 77 narratives 78 actress Faye 80 Spanish Painter i essence 82 cloth measures of Yore 81 show Delight 84 Modena Money 85 English Potter 86 greek letter 87 unionist George 88 be carried 80 More just 10 Beatrice till big Book 02 please of gaelic headgear of Bat Wood 07 Paul a companion 08 turkish tribes Man 99 Mountain Nymph 101 cargo unit 102 poet William 107 French author 112 practical old style 113 taking repose 114 River of Russo american meeting 115 Lyric Lena 116 wheel Wise 117 poet Teasdale 118 mexican president 119 fencing tools 120 Small being Down 16 Valletta a Island 17 greek theater 18 prophets 25 Small 26 moroccan port 28 Kennel noises 32 White House James 33 Wallet item 34 phoned 35 British Princess 37 fundamental 38 portents 70 Gridiron Joe 73 vote 75 poet wystan Hugh 76 on the beam 79 wares 80 French novelist 81 roasting device a guide to Black poetry in Chapel Hill for years the Public and scholarly world have ignored the poetry and pros of Black american writers says English professor Blyden 83 meeting abbr. Jackson of the University of 84 Juicy fruit 85 american poet 81 Gettysburg general 88 Seoul Soldier 39 italian Painter 89 duffers by 40 colors 41 Praise highly 42 pen Points 44 versatile Victor 1 panellist Peggy 45 destroyed 2 actress a 46 to personal Zimovan Ity 3 complain 47 came to rest 4 military group 48 fastens 5 Baker and 50 Pale Cook 51 Active Guys 6 scold 52 Singer Martin 7 make up 54 actress Negri 101 music maker 8 Castro country 55 babble 102 unusual 9 literary form 56 was imitative 103 Harrow s rival Ware 91 food fish 92 social divisions 93 roman raiment 94 dutch Island 95 explorer Hans 97 Bandman Vincent 98 English poet too egyptian Skink 10 Saul a Grandfather 11 layers 12 icelandic writing 13 author Wallace 14 pasture 15 does arithmetic 58 takes off 59 double 61 kit zionist Ferber 63 Hematite and Bauxite 65 newspaper 66 Singer Dinah 68 Mast Block 104 climbing Fern 105 ancient kingdom 106 distance prefix it school abbr. 109 Roxer Clay 110 Haggard novel 69 dutch Painter 111 Consolation North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A few slave songs and spirituals a couple of poems and maybe one Short Story were Likely to be the Only Black writing found in Black writing found in american literature textbooks. But. Says Jackson a a there is now a widespread interest in Black american literature among readers in general and in the academic Community. In a new Book. A Black poetry in America. Jackson associate Dean of the inc graduate school and Louis d. Rubin jr., University distinguished professor of English at unc. Explore Black american poetry from its beginnings to the present in two essays a the search for a language 1746-1923�?� by Rubin and a from one a new negro to another. 1923-72. By Jackson. The volume is published by Louisiana state University press. In slightly More than too pages the authors present a summary of Black poetry Mclean novel which May be read in one or two sittings. Quot i saw a great need for a Small rather than big Book a for the person who had no objection to acquiring a knowledge of negro literature but Little time in which to do it a states Jackson referring primarily to Busy school teachers. A i started As a Junior High school teacher a he recalls a so i know what a teachers life is All the school systems in North Carolina Are integrated but a there is hardly a teacher on firm ground when it comes to Black poetry Quot he observes. Jackson and Rubin wanted to give the person with limited time a general knowledge of Black poetry and to provide aids for further study through the 250 bibliographical entries at the end of their Book. In the Early 1900s. Poet James Weldon Johnson ironically noted that Black poets were expected to write a croons and jingles in his essay. Rubin refers to this a local color literature As a a loaded terms a for the Black writer. A when in the years after the civil War a vast literature of local color grew up designed principally to exhibit the quaint pastoral of adventure tale with Good plot of 94 a he too to 113 117 11 Solzhenitsyn tells of soviet cruelty the gulag archipelago 1918-1956 an Experiment in literary investigation. By a. I. Solzhenitsyn. Harper amp Row. 660 pages. $12.50. By an Odd quirk of history Alexander Solzhenitsyn s monumental work on the soviet penal system makes its English language appearance at almost the same time As the late Mikita s. Khrushchev s massive second volume of memoirs. This is the More Odd because in a the gulag archipelago Solzhenitsyn predicts that the first lifting of the curtain on the immense cruelties of the Stalin Era would result some Day in a flood tide of truth. Khrushchev feared precisely the same thing says Solzhenitsyn a if the first tiny Droplet of truth has exploded like a psychological bomb. What will happen in our country when whole waterfalls of truth burst Forth and they will burst Forth. It has to a he is referring to the fact that Khrushchev As soviet chief permitted the writer to publish in the soviet Union As account of life in a Stalin Camp but in enforced retirement. Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that he and his Kremlin colleagues genuinely feared that too much relaxation might a unleash a flood that could drown the leadership and the system. Solzhenitsyn s Quot gulag has been widely excerpted reviewed and commented upon since it first appeared in russian. The author paints a sweeping Panorama of the horror that was Stalin s police system and of the a a archipelago of penal institutions a scattered from the Bering Strait to the it is a documented history of incredible state cruelty citing one Case history after another eerie unworthy unimaginably Savage and All in the name of an ideology that was supposed to base itself on the dignity of Humankind. Solzhenitsyn is free now. Exiled in Europe. The Nobel prize Winner was suddenly deprived of his soviet citizenship and expelled this year. The reasons Are not hard to understand. A Captain on the front Dur ing world War ii. Solzhenitsyn had said something critical about Stalin and for that he was condemned All aboard step right up mystery suspense action fans for one of the wildest bloodiest train rides across the old West that can be jammed into 178 pages by that technician of the form Alistair Maclean. Maclean. Whose previous thrillers include a the guns of a Avarone and a Nice station Zebra sets his latest in the 1870s. Far out in the then wild West where a train is being readied for the Relief of fort Humboldt supposedly infected by a cholera epidemic. When the train sets out there Are gangs of people aboard. When it arrives a almost arrives actually a at the fort Only six remain three bad Guys and two Good Guys and a Good girl. What happened to All the rest of those people it would kill the Story to Tell but keep your eyes on the bolts holding the train cars together and when you re not doing that keep a wary watch on both the a Good Quot and the a a bad Guys. Maclean has written a Dandy adventure Here and the plot is both complicated and compelling enough to keep even the most reluctant Reader going. As for the writing that s another matter. Its purple at times cumbersome at others. Consider a the atmosphere was heavy with suspicion and menace not unmixed with the american regions a says Rubin a the Black Man was an important ingredient. In the works of such Southern White writers As Joel Chandler Harris and Thomas Nelson Page he was depicted As a simple picturesque creature a childlike primitive who talked in colourful dialect exhibited an allegedly racial fondness for unguarded Chicken coops Watermelon and Church meetings and was Given to the considered expression of homely Jackson Points out that no collection of poetry published 10-11 years ago would have included works by Albery Whitman James Weldon Johnson. Jean Toomer Countee Cullen Sterling Brown. Robert Hayden Owen Dodson. Margaret Walker. Melvin Tolson or Gwendolyn Brooks. Most scholars thought Black poetry was interesting As the work of Black americans but of minor significance As poetry. These poets says Jackson have suffered from a Lack of critical acclaim. A none of them Are no entities unless minorities do not matter in America. Black americans Are still America s largest and most challenging the Black american poet was under a Strong mixed compulsion which Jackson describes As a preoccupation with a single major theme the theme of american color caste and had a passion to be a Good artist As Well As a Good propagandist. Rubin s essay focuses on the Black poet s search for a language a search for the appropriate diction through which the poet could represent himself without demeaning his own concept of what he was and still Peculiar bit to it manage to speak persuasive a a Rubin. Writer and Southern literary critic joined the unc faculty in 1967. By to non negroes Many of whom were indifferent if not hostile to any positive picture of a Black. Then followed the search for Quot self which Jackson concentrates on in his article. This search designates not Only what the Black poet has done to find himself As an individualized artist but also what he has done to find himself As a representative for an entire race. A part of the Beauty in recent Black poetry is an inherited Beauty says Jackson in the introduction. A it represents a cumulative process. That process is an american phenomenon. It is not English. European or african but is american Black with its own tradition. A Black poets Are not untouched by White he contends. During their development they have received from and Given to White poets. Poetry is poetry and commands its own inheritance. Jackson states but the Black american poets Are folded too a by their own Black tradition by voices from their own Black past by a sense in Black poet after Black poet of what Black poetry was before each of them came to add his or her songs chinese restaurant 2872 n. Main tel. 869-3915 closed mondays open tues. 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