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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly sunny warmer More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 301 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon september 7, 1972 32 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. T medical info q. Is there a clinic or place in the triad where one can have a child tested for brain injury anon. A. We Trust your child did t fall out of a tree and is lying unconscious while you re waiting to hear from us. Your own physician or the Hospital emergency room staff if you have no family doctor can refer you to specialists if it appears necessary. High Point neurosurgical associates listed in the phone Book could be consulted. A a matter of Choice q. How Corno some policemen will give you a ticket for not stopping at a Stop sign and then i know others have seen me yet they will not. I cannot understand this because some will and some won t. I would appreciate it if you would answer this As i need it desperately. G. H. A. And other motorists equally desperately Hope you la Stop at Stop signs from now on and not Plav a will he or wont he cat and mouse game with police officers. A police department spokesman said the police officer is the first judge As to whether an offence has been committed. Some officers choose to enforce the Stop sign Law in the same manner motorists obey or fail to obey the Law. That is Somes officers enforce Stop sign violations in a strict manner and will give a citation in any Case when a Motorist fails to come to a Complete Stop. While other officers consider any danger created apparent indifference or even recklessness on the part of the Driver before issuing a citation. Since police officers Are individuals As Are motorists there is no Way to explain their individual actions concerning Stop sign violations. Their Best advice would be to come to a Complete Stop at a Stop sign thereby leaving no option for a police officer to give or not to give a ticket. H in it Teddie repairs o. I have three Teddy bears and the eyes have come off. How can i get them Back on girl. A. To make sure they stay on you a better take them to a lady who repairs old dolls and teddies. One who does this is mrs. Bessie Sweet who lives at 500 Sunset drive. You missed the plate 0. Is it lawful or unlawful to drive a car without License plates in the state of North Carolina in the City of High Point As we have a neighbor that lives Down the Street from us and she drives her car All Over town and up and Down the Road without License plates on her car i have called the police but they Don t seem to do anything about it and i Don t think it is fair for her to have the advantage Over All the other Drivers driving without plates and the rest of us have to have a plate on our car. I thank you very much if this could be attended to and this is up on Road and she drives her car without a plate and have noticed several times to see if she had a plate displayed any place on her car and she does t even in the window or any other place. Thank you. Or. Anon. A. When the car was checked it did have North Carolina License plates on it. It Ieie hanging directions 0. You printed not Long ago directions for hanging a tapestry and please print this again. Thank you. G. S. A. Tapestry rings Are sewn to the top of the tapestry spaced on about four Inch centers. A Board penetrated with Hooks coinciding with the four Inch centers on the tapestry is then suspended by wires from the picture molding the rings Are Ihen simply hooked Over each Hook allowing the tapestry to hang free at the sides and Bottom. It in it family weekly fan q. Is there any Way i could get some Back issues of family weekly for about 2�?~/a years Back As it is very important mrs. A. C. A. You could try writing family weekly <405 Park Avenue new York n. 10022 to see if they still have extra copies of the issues you need. A a sound off q. Monday August 28th, 1972, someone was complaining of Moth eaten mailboxes where the mailboxes should be painted. I think the mailboxes where the Carrier picks the mail Are in very Good shape compared to the customers or some of them where we deliver mail you can to find the House or Box number on the Street especially the substitute carriers at the Post office. I happen to be a mailman and i would like this put in sound off so people might help the mailman a whole lot if they would put numbers on the mailboxes or the houses or name All would help considerably. I would appreciate a whole lot if they would do All they can to help the mailman he has a hard enough time out there trying to find the right houses and deliver the mail. The people would get better service if they have a name and Nurry Ber on their mailboxes now. I would appreciate it a lot if you would print this in the Enterprise concerning Quot Moth eaten mailboxes. Red offensive renewed enemy tanks attack below que son Valley Saigon api the 5>2-month communist offensive surged to a new High Point today with a tank led assault on a District town South of the que son Valley and a sapper assault on a South vietnamese divisional Headquarters in the Mekong Delta Only 40 Miles below Saigon. F held reports said 22 South vietnamese soldiers were killed and la wounded in the sapper attack carried out by a Small Viet Cong and North vietnamese unit at the Vinh Nhi base Camp near Highway 4. Which connects the Delta with Saigon. At Tien Phuoc District town Only 12 Miles West of the vital North South Highway i and to Miles South of que son Battles Justice interviewed raged in the streets throughout the Day. It was the first time enemy tanks were used in the area which is also 40 Miles South of Danang. Reports from the embattled town were confused and contradictory. But at one Point in the afternoon Contact was lost Between the District Headquarters in Tien Phuoc and the province Headquarters in tam by 12 Miles Northeast of the town. Officers in the Field said an estimated five enemy battalions a More than 1.000 troops a supported by tanks were attacking Tien Phuoc from the Northwest and the Northeast. They said mortar and recoilless Rifle fire was hitting government positions at the rate of four rounds a minute. The South vietnamese threw hundreds of reinforcements into the Battle for the town which had been defended by one battalion of militiamen and one regular infantry battalion a about 1.000 men in All. However. Field informants said not All the reinforcements had been Able to link up. Low Cloud cover limited Allied air support but american helicopter gunships destroyed two soviet built pt76 tanks that were spotted wednesday about two Miles Northwest of the town sources reported. Fierce fighting was reported earlier at the Airstrip on the outskirts of Tien Phuoc. Which has been under heavy pressure. The sources said heavy enemy fire was hitting Tien Phuoc from Hill 211, a 600-foot Promontory overlooking the town from the Northeast. It was captured by communist forces on wednesday. Que son itself was reported quiet today although two Small attacks were launched against South vietnamese positions at the Mouth of the Valley a one against the District town of thang Binh and the other against an outpost a mile South of nearby Landing zone Baldy. The outpost was lost and regained by the government troops Field reports said but there were no other details. Meanwhile. . Navy jets ignited two Supply depots on the Western Edge of Haiphong wednesday but at least two planes were downed Over North Vietnam and two More airmen Are missing the command announced. Gunmen kill eight americans at resort Charlotte amalie. St. Thomas . It apr police hunted today for four or five gunmen wearing Green fatigues who machine gunned eight americans to death during a robbery in the Golf clubhouse of a Rockefeller resort in the Virgin islands. Officials would not release the names of four of the victims but it. Gov. David Maas said they were believed to be tourists from the . Mainland. A spokesman for the Rockefeller family in new York said two of the victims were tentatively identified As Pat Tarbert a girl who worked in the club s Golf shop and John Gulliver a groundskeeper. He said the other two victims were electricians. The gunmen opened fire late wednesday afternoon at the Fountain Valley Golf club on the Island of St. Croix about 50 Miles South of St. Thomas Maas said. Seven persons died at the scene arid another at a Hospital. Ronald Tonkin the territory s attorney general said there were four or five men in Green fatigues using automatic weapons. The killers looted their victims pockets Ani cleaned out the clubhouse Cash drawer before escaping into the overgrown Hills around tile course. Gov. Melvin h. Evans was called Back to the islands from Hilton head s c., where he had been named vice chairman of the Southern governors conference. This is absolutely the worst thing that has Ever happened in the Virgin islands a said Maas who was acting governor until Evans return Quot these men will be about 50 police were searching for the gunmen. Douglas feels court is not overworked tax change remaining members of israeli olympic team wait to Board Beane today for Home a wife Pototo bombs by mail feared what s inside by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington it a Ever since Warren Burger became chief Justice he has sounded one persistent theme the supreme court is overloaded with work and something must be done about it. From Justice William o. Douglas wednesday night came a dissent Calm soft with a smile but a characteristically Independent disagreement with the predominant View burgers plea sounded before bar and judicial groups and the Public at Large has won for the court a handful of additional Law clerks and administrators olympic bulletins Munich a Rod Milburn of Opelousas la., won the Gold medal in the 110 meters High hurdles equalling the world record of 13.2 seconds. Guy Drut of France was second and Tom Hill of Jonesboro ark., was third. Munich a . Light welterweight Ray Seales of Tacoma wash., weathered two first round knockdowns and came Back to win a split decision Over Andres Molina of Cuba today assuring the United states of at least a third olympic boxing Bronze medal. Munich a Vince Matthews of Brooklyn n. Y., won the Gold medal in t h e olympic men s 400 meters in 44.7 seconds with Wayne Collett of Santa Monica Calif second and Julius Sang of Kenya third. Munich a world Champion John Williams of the United states led the men s division and Iron Szydlowska of Poland led the women s after the first Day of the olympic Archery competitions the first since 1920. Munich apr Monika Zehrt of East Germany won the Gold medal in the olympic women s 400 meters thursday in olympic record time of 5108 seconds. Rita Wilden of West Germany won the Silver medal in 51.20. Kathy Hammond of Carmichael calif., took the Bronze in 51.64. Amusements 6-7b Bridge. 7b classified ads 2-7d comics 7c crossword 7b editorials. 4a financial 2a obituaries. 2b sports. 4-6c television. 6b women s news. I so weather. 3a an extra few dollars from a sometimes sceptical Congress but is the court overworked Douglas in a rare lbs to interview suggested it is not. He agreed with Burger that the actual number of cases reaching the High court is on the Rise from 1,800 a year three decades ago up to about 4.200 currently. The More important Point Douglas went on. Is that Quot we re actually hearing and deciding fewer cases now than we were when i went on the this Means More appeals than Ever before Are being tossed out without full consideration Douglas the senior Justice who took his seat upon appointment of president Franklin d. Roosevelt in 1939. Said the court still has nine men. But the selective process has changed. And that a not All. He said. Quot the judges have changed the idea of what is important has changed in the minds of the judges a highly selective consideration. A is this Case fit to take should we take it and so on and we take fewer and fewer. Quot when i went on the court we sat six Days a week. Under former chief Justice Earl Warren we sat five Days a week a conference on Friday. Quot and now it looks As if our trend will be to three Days a week. With a conference on saturday. The Job takes about four Days a Burger has signalled Congress that he would Welcome legislative action to Cut Down the kinds of cases that can be brought to the court. Douglas went along to a Point. One of the reasons courts Are congested he said Quot is that we As a people had a great propensity to make everything that somebody objects to on some moral ground a crime. And a lot of the stuff that s going on in our courts involve Only people but no by this he said he meant crimes like vagrancy drunkenness and prostitution Quot ton much minutia of the lower judges Douglas said Quot should save their energies for the big and he added Quot on the big things the problem has been greatly and this is where Douglas see Douglas on 2-a Nixon leaves Washington a the White House said today president Nixon does no plan a request for tax increases should he win a second term but the possibility for changes in the tax system was left open. Presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler told newsmen Quot we plan no tax increases and we contemplate no tax asked what time period his assertion covered Ziegler replied a a in the second the press Secretary a assertion followed an appearance at the White House by House re publican Leader Gerald Ford of Michigan and Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania. Their message following a two hour meeting with the president and other Republican leaders was that no tax increases would be asked through the next Congress. Ziegler appeared in a later press briefing where he was queried on the tax Issue asked whether the president might not propose yet a tax program that did not involve increases Ziegler said it was Quot something i can to Ziegler said changes in the Arab attitude throughout the Munich in Israel the military command reported that a patrol entered Lebanon Early today after killing an Arab guerrilla inside israeli territory. German police continued their interrogation of three terrorists captured after the Airport shootout tuesday night. The three captives were identified As Ibrahim Badran. 20, Abdel Kadir Al Nawy and Samer Mohamed Abdulah. Both 22. They claimed to be students and said they last lived in Jordan and Syria a bavarian court official said they faced multiple charges of murder. They were being interrogated at an undisclosed location. The court had until thursday Ibrahim Badran option open he suggested that no tax increase would result if the Overall collection of tax dollars were to be readjusted. In the Scott Ford discussion there was a suggestion that Nixon might require As a condition for no tax increase that Congress go along with his request for a $250 billion spending ceiling. House speaker Carl Albert took the ceiling reference As a threat and said a Congress is going to run the Hill and the president can run the White House. Night to Issue formal charges. The maximum penalty for premeditated murder is life imprisonment there being no death penalty in West Germany. The olympic Competition suspended 12 hours after the first israeli was killed in the olympic Village resumed late wednesday with big crowds. But at least four dutch and 12 norwegian team members decided to abandon further Competition. They said they were shaken by the killings of the israelis. An israeli jetliner flew to of i he bodies Home to Israel today along with the surviving members of the israeli to amp in. The . Air Force was bringing the body of the Lith victim weightlifter David Berger Back to Cleveland. Ohio his former Home for burial Friday. The first two israelis were killed when the terrorists invaded their quarters at the olympic Village before Dawn tuesday. Late tuesday night the arabs and their nine hostages were taken to Fuersten Feld Bruck military Airfield in two helicopters where a Boeing 727 was waiting ostensibly to Fly them to the Middle East. The arabs said they would free the hostages if Israel released 200 guerrillas jailed in Israel. But the Interior ministry said German authorities were convinced that Quot a flight out of this country would have meant certain death for the afterwards Premier Golda Meir of Israel expressed approval of the decision to try to kill the terrorists and free the hostages. The circumstances of the shootout at Ferstenfeld Bruck were still unclear and the West German government said it was investigating. The Munich police initially said the first shots were fired by one of the arabs who reacted hysterically when he saw police waiting at the Airfield. But the police later retracted this and said further investigation showed police sharpshooters opened fire when two of the guerrillas showed themselves in an especially favourable position. Munich api West German police hunted today for 15 arabs suspected of complicity in the olympics massacre and the government expressed fear that jews in West Germany May be the targets of mailed bombs during the jewish new year this weekend Quot possible attacks May be directed against jewish associations As Well As european associations connected with Israel a the Interior ministry said. A spokesman said t h e government had information that packages May be sent from various places in Europe. Two Days ago Arab terrorists killed two israelis at the olympics and fought a gun Battle with police that left nine others dead among the israeli olympic team. Abdel Kadir Al Nawy tax system might be proposed Quot if there Are ways to bring further equity into the tax Ziegler said he could not speak of any specifics of such tax changes because such decisions have not been made. Ziegler acknowledged that the administration was still studying. Among other proposals a value added tax. He was asked if this was still under study How the Prospect of a tax increase could be ruled out. A value added tax Ziegler replied Quot does not equate to tax the government said the 15 palestinian arabs being sought were feared to be seeking revenge for the Munich Airport shootout which killed five Arab terrorists As Well As their nine jewish hostages in another repercussion the egyptian government declared West Germany acted unwisely in the Munich affair and must Bear full responsibility for any consequences a Cairo spoils Man said Quot the commandos and the israeli hostages were killed in a German ambush by germ n bullets and in a . Base in he did not amplify on what action Egypt might take. Libyan newspapers also accused the Bonn government of being criminally responsible and of taking a Quot totally anti Samer Mohamed Abdulah

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