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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Writing speeding ticket is easier than scraping up body dear Ann occasionally you print something of value sent in by a Reader. The enclosed is called a so you got a ticket mister. You break my it was written by w. 0. Newman. Commissioner Kentucky department of Public safety. A Are you one of those people who Call me on the Telephone or write and complain that my trooper stopped you and handed you a ticket for no reason at All you break my heart. You Tell me you re a Good citizen and a Safe Driver and a dumb cop gave you a ticket for going a Little faster than the Law allows. Well i Hope the next time you get caught breaking the Speed limit he gives you another ticket and the traffic judge takes your License away. I Pray that he nails you before you crash into a Concrete abutment and he has to pull Jour lifeless body out of a demolished Speed machine. A i wish you could spend a few Days with me and watch a teen Ager writhe in agony on the gravel near a Highway while he Waits for an ambulance that will come too late to take him to a Hospital so instead he goes straight to the morgue. I wish i could make you help scrape the bits of Bone and flesh of a whole family off the Asphalt into baskets. You a vomit a just As we have done. But you a think a Little differently the next time you climbed into that car of yours and opened it up on a stretch of Highway to see what it could do. So you got a ticket mister you break my dear Ann recently you printed a letter from a Man who wanted to know How to make the transition from Friendship to Romance. He said he had known the girl for four years a it had started out As a brother sister relationship and suddenly he found himself looking at her with different eyes. You said a faint heart never won fair mind a or anything else a and advised him to take a deep breath and Tell her that the Friendship had become deeper and More meaningful and before he fell crazy pet show draws unusual entries Taylorsville children in Alexander county did no to need a pedigreed dog to enter a recent a crazy pet sponsored by the local 4-h club. Instead youngsters were encouraged to bring unusual pets rarely seen in specialized shows. Among the entries a miniature Trout a Guinea pig. A Dove and some Bantam chickens. Judging categories include the Best groomed the Best dressed the cutest the most unusual. The Best trained opposing sides Are merged Kurre France Wensi a mile. Daniele Willemin. A school teacher and Celestin Breyton a Farmer Are members of opposing political parties who fought each other bitterly until they were both elected to the municipal Council last year. Mayor Michel Tortel worked hard All Winter to turn them into Friendly coworkers. A i never expected Friendship to go this far a said the Mavor last week when he officiated at the wedding of mile. Willemin and Monsieur Brewton. And the grand trophy we inner deemed the Best All around pet. Purpose of the a crazy pet show a was Many fold observes mrs. Linda Best Home economics Extension agent. Not Only was it meant to entertain the show was also planned to encourage children to give attention to the care and feeding of their animals. Next year plans Are being made for 4-h ers to carry the pet show to the county fair where it May become a permanent part of that event the agent adds. N done to be Skinny it fun Rizii to Don t i thin my us it la a vow Tom due to poor Hilt habit. Von ran quickly look better by Aib Lins desired pounds and Inch of Welcome weight Writh nut ural soy bean Oil fortified with vitamins minerals. Iron. Quick Energy Rumini Mil Wilder needed nutrient. Tri super Iti Elln leu print of i Pound and More reported i Keek Bun line Kip it pm. 11 the Indi humid de i e i of. St Don i Kedmi it net super m to on in Al sir St or Opp,.i. I a purr est fee or return lot refund. Wate on tablets emulsion. Powder Eckerdt drug stores layaway a Diamond now for Christmas off any Diamond purchased or put in layaway in september come in and choose that special Diamond Christmas gift now. Buy or put in layaway and Well hold As Fate As Christmas eve. Sketched below just a Sample of the dazzling Diamond buy in our collection at tha 20% Wise shopper savings. See More in Diamond rings pendants watches and jewelry for men and ladies. Save $95.00 f it Carat Diamond 6-prong Tiffany your Reg. $425.00 5330 jewel Box my. Or 139 s. Main st., High Point phone 883-0827 use our custom charge plan head Over heels he should ask if she could possibly feel the same Way about him. Then you added a Don t b e surprised if she says she already now Ann Landers How would you have answered that letter if the writer had been a woman instead of a Man a there now dear there the same Way. Dear Ann i must take exception to the answer you gave to the girl who wanted to know Why she spent the better part of every evening fighting for her Honor. She said her last Date argued with her about the importance of virginity until 2 30 . And she had a terrible time getting out of his apartment. You asked her what she was doing in a Guy s apartment until 2 30 . Anyway Ann. Its apparent that it s been a Long time since you played the dating game. Gone Are the gentle seducers of yesteryear. Now the attitude is a they babe hot pants Are in. Virginity is out. Let s get on with i d like to pass along my counter philosophy. It goes like this a look. Buster this is my body and in a going to decide who gets his hands on it and when of you Are one of the Lucky few ill let you this approach saves a lot of time and Energy. Sign me a surrounded and Happy dear s and h Green Stamps your counter philosophy sounds very much like something you read in my column. I can t see that you and i have any differences whatever. Thanks for writing. Whole 5-7 la. Average fresh lean it ground Chuck fresh fish old fashion country hams and Side meat half whole suced country Side meat fresh milk All brands m a a. 1.16 Ballard biscuits 6 Mck 49 Jesse Jones sausage Franks Bologna i 69 f a la. -39 -12 of. -59 1 Bamby Apple Jelly Apple Blackberry Apple grape Apple Strawberry 18 of. Jars Ole South cobblers 79 Frozen All flavors cold Power detergent 69 nescafe instant Coffee Shur Fine granulated sugar 5 la. Limit i with $5 Purchase 6 of. Jar Shu fresh bread 4 i it la. Loaves giant size old fashioned regular a tomatoes i 9 in. Ii a Sam Tom w v1 i j lettuce fresh 9rq Crisp flu head Chiquita bananas russet la. Potatoes to okra la. Master charge Banka Dericard or layaway Cloverleaf super Market guarantees freshness or your Money Back your a g m. Store More food for less Money a always ample free off Street parking in our Large lot Telephone 886-4453 i Quot we guarantee fresh Well trimmed meats every Day Quot my

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