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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - September 5, 1976, High Point, North Carolina18b High Point Enterprise sunday september 5, 1976 nonaligned nations have less and less in common by economist service Colombo wider still and wider Are the Bounds set for attendance at non aligned Summit meetings. At the most recent in Colombo 85 countries were represented although Only 43 of the delegations were led by Heads of state. Angola and a sprinkling of Indian Ocean islands the Comoros maldives and Seychelles were the latest members admitted to the group. The Philippines por Tugal and Rumania after much wrangling were refused observer status which would have allowed them to speak and seated As silent guests alongside the willingly silent austrians finns swedes and Swiss. The non aligned movement s purity has been preserved to the extent that full membership is still denied to states that Are full members of alliances with major Powers. But by providing guest seats for american Allied Portugal and the Philippines and for soviet Allied Rumania the movement has created formal links with allies of great Powers for the first time. It might have moved farther in this direction but for India s Strong resistance. Yugoslavia a founder member of the movement and Host to its initial 1961 Summit meeting had backed the portuguese and rumanian approaches. India had specific reasons for opposing them. If Portugal found favor so might Pakistan and if the movement looked kindly on Rumania it would create a precedent for Pakistan to cite and at the same time annoy Russia. Since the previous non aligned Summit held at Algiers in 1973. The movement s communist membership has been strengthened particularly by the outcome of the War in Indochina. There is a certain amount of near ally status in an array that now includes Cuba Yugoslavia North Korea Vietnam and Cam Bodia. But soviet influence among the whole membership has not been strengthened by such developments in the past few years As Moscow s open quarrel with Cairo and its new coolness towards Damascus or the breach Between Bangladesh and India which has weakened Dacca s links with Moscow and possibly strengthened its links with peking. The truth is that As the non aligned club has grown it has inevitably developed More internal fissures and at each meeting there is a visible struggle to suppress particular quarrels and to rally the ranks in support of some appealing common cause. The quarrels vented in Colombo Range from the Western Sahara to East timor by Way of Lebanon Eritrea and the troubled India Bangladesh Border. Mrs. Gandhi and the indonesian foreign minister Adam Malik have urged the con Ference not to pursue such j matters. Too late. The i i Golf Woods Westbury . Think you have an unusual set of Golf clubs Pat Siniscalchi says the business he started in a local garage in 1952 keeps him Busy six Days a week. He has made Many sets of Woods from the Driver no. One All the up to a 10 Wood which has the loft of a pitching wedge. Some people feel comfor table Only with a Wood on the Golf course so years ago i got the idea of making Only wooo. Says Siniscalchi. He says he has made clubs for Bing Crosby Jackie Gleason Ben Hogan Fred Waring Bob Hope pro Claude Harmon pro Chi Chi Rodriguez of puerto Rico and the late new York Yankee owner Dan Topping. He Calls his firm hand Craft Golf co. His wife Ann. Was his first employee. Now he has eight. Bangladesh delegates had already stated their Case against India. Mozambique and Senegal appeared Bent on arraign ing Indonesia for its occupation of East timor. Algeria s president Henri Boum Dienne who addressed the opening session in his capacity As retiring chair Man referred to the Sahara in words guaranteed to provoke a moroccan retort. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt did not accuse Syria by name when he demanded an end to meddling in Lebanon but he meant it. Separate threads of preoccupation can get badly entangled on these _ occasions. Yugoslavia had proposed an Agenda item in which it suggested that the non aligned Stales new York based coordinating committee should meet at once and discuss com Mon action if a member state was invaded or threatened. In several governments eyes this would come dangerously close to turning the whole anti Alliance movement into an Alliance. In the syrians eyes any Resolution along these lines might be used to convict them for invading Lebanon. They put up an amendment arguing that intervention was sometimes permissible an argument against which Bangladesh fearful of Possi ble Indian intervention sharply. What of the search for the common causes colonialism is no longer much More than a marginal according to a sri lankan draft for the Colombo communique. The delegates from Southern Africa in particular May not be easily won Over to this kind of wording but there is clearly wide support for the theme stressed in mrs. Siri Mavo Bandaranaike s inaugural speech in which she argued that the member states main struggle now must be against imperialism in its economic this Colombo meeting is the first of its kind to be held since the arabs discovery of the Power of the Oil weapon in 1973 and the opening of the Campaign for a new inter National economic into this continuing debate mrs. Bandaranaike injected two proposals. The third world she urged should create a new genuine com Mercial and a new Reserve currency which could eventually free it from the grip of the existing ones. The Colombo Summit has also been invited to endorse the plan worked out at a meeting held in India in july for the formation of a news Agency Pool through which the third world states would to redress a balance they regard As still tilted by the in fluence of the big Western agencies. Their wish to reduce their dependence on news mechanisms based in America and Europe is understandable enough but the fact that most of the 85 governments represented at Colombo already exercise tight control Over their Media has aroused fears about the implications of the new plan that Are equally understandable. Sears shop monday 922 hurry Only 15% to 50% off All furniture and bedding. 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